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MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside: nofish/zeronet, the one that is linked on the github repo of zeronet or is dockerhub wrong? or just nothing updated in 2 months?
MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside: which docker images is not updated or which image i created?
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`ZeroNet dev.`
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opensource / devops / ultrarunning / cats
MrMadpat · mrmadpat@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019

sadly its empty in here

Pexo · pexo@zeroid.biton Jun 23, 2019Reply

I wouldn't say empty, but rather people not really knowing what to talk about, I guess.

@caryoscelus: +1
@SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: +1

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Jun 23, 2019Reply

Even a vacuum is not empty.

System Anomaly · lostsoul@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

Emptiness is the source.

SSDifnskdjfnsdjk · ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

people does not have anything to say? people are on different sites? gfwtalk, millchan, zerotalk?

caryoscelus · caryoscelus@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

Yeah. Most new users come, see emptiness and go away..

MrMadpat · mrmadpat@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019

Is there any site on 0Net that allows to share files like for instance dropbox?

Hamsterchat2099 · hamsterchat2099@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply

@Deliriumgoddess6: how to upload there? thanks in advance

MrMadpat · mrmadpat@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply

@SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: nice, thanks

SSDifnskdjfnsdjk · ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply

unsure if you mean private storage, i think you mean public. quite easy to work with is ZeroUp, though better if you browse more file sharing sites to select right one, check File sharing zites page of the ZeroWiki.

Pubg · pubg@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply

zihu.bit ?

MrMadpat · mrmadpat@zeroid.biton Mar 28, 2019

I just found out about 0Net and learned how to build docker images with ci thanks to @eyenx

eyenx · eyenx@zeroid.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply


Lostfile · lostfile@kaffie.biton Mar 29, 2019Reply


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