A post-life-sciences student, lerne Deutsch, learning various things about Internet and others. In future like to focus on research esp. on Artificial Life.

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Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: Thx! Have sth else to care about and probably won't be active on ZeroNet now, but nice to see it's still so lively~
Binchan commented on leftside's post: Happig new year ^(00)^ and thx for the detailed explanation! BTW my animal sign is horse ^_~
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: I don't know much about both, too :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Nowadays u're interested in ASM? @Leftside: not yet :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: that's cool, though guess it's not Turing complete :P Also I found this on wiki: > Actual computers have to operate on limited memory and are not Turing complete in the mathematical sense. ... Informally, however, calling a computer Turing complete means that it can execute any algorithm. --- --- Just discovered a cool asm project :D [disassembly of Pokémon Crystal](, wonder how the Pokémon Company would take action when they saw such a project XD
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Binchan commented on Erinlalouve's post: ` siteSign $zite_address --inner_path data/users/$user_address/content.json`, btw, you can do it in the "0" config panel, simply change `content.json` to `data/users/$user_address/content.json` then sign it.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Manual updated 0-share site and it works fine. Thanks! @Leftside: my pleasure :D Looks like my system time (ntp) is a bit earlier XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I have synchronized the file to a vps at (probably Italy's largest cloud provider), so.. maybe your network has issue to connect to Italy.. you can try to manually update the zite first
Binchan commented on Lola's post: [Tutorial of packing APK for ZeroNet](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:11_13Z7XxTa7JuFat3KzzMWu3onwM6biLuurJ). Btw, [LBRY Android]( is packed by kivy/Buildozer and looks awesome..
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @leftside: yep, the word is exaggerated but still in long term improving space tech is probably the only way to go, because the history study of the earth proved it: [when-will-the-earth-try-to-kill-us-again](
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: Occupy [a large section]( on (former The Changer)
Binchan commented on leftside's post: Imo ZeroNet is a perfect place for learning and practising webdev, btw it's better to seperate/modulize code related to ZeroNet API if a dev wanted her/his code to be more reuseable
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @leftside: from another view the Earth is a prison.
Binchan commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Imo they should be regarded as contribution to ZeroNet/decentralized network. You may also like to use [ZeroExchange](/ZeroExchange.bit/). Google, Stackoverflow, Quora, etc are great, but we need useful, transparent and decentralized version of them (like Yacy), to prevent all kinds of bad things..
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: you're welcome ;)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Musickiller: Not my work though :P Uploading by using sakana.bit, it lacks a mobile UI btw..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Styromaniac: the light box is linked to a compressed image, the url is linked to a raw image, so uploading an image in this way will create two files.. one as thumbnail, maybe not necessary, it will help increase page loading speed and reduce cache size though.
Binchan commented on leftside's post: > How did u upload the original image to ZeroMe without compromising its quality? @leftside: u can [check this link for introduction](?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/18fLf6bqfzvGLvMA2DrEmDxiqvnAWyN6dv/1519809991), and here are [the zite link](/sakana.bit) and [config panel link](/sakana.bit/?/config/raw), I also wrote [an article](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:64) about it before > That's why we need the recommended uploadable and viewable image size as I mentioned in the above post....? I wrote my solution in my first comment to this post if I'm not mistaken..
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: ~~it still converts image to jpg format~~ it just renames it to jpg.. I forgot that [gif works](?Post/1Mf7JmunnJXvvPospsw85GoZP5ZRxMNKi5/1CC9pMzxP3CEuJLmkK1GBgGMHZdh1Zj9Fv/1520918271) > User not found or muted Then try to add [my hub](/1Mf7JmunnJXvvPospsw85GoZP5ZRxMNKi5) first, it probably takes some time to sync the database
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: it still converts image to jpg format, but at least texts are pretty clear to view, you can take a look at [my another ZeroMe account on my own hub](?Profile/1Mf7JmunnJXvvPospsw85GoZP5ZRxMNKi5/1CC9pMzxP3CEuJLmkK1GBgGMHZdh1Zj9Fv/1CC9pMzxP3CEu@0ch.anonymous), click "image 1 - original" for the original image
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: Sorry for the late reply. Yep, guess resizing by limiting width*length will get better balence, still for large picture, an option to upload in original size is probably the only solution. Did you try sakana.bit?
Binchan commented on leftside's post: Related code is in `js/`: ``` @upload.resize_width = 900 @upload.resize_height = 700 ``` And the solution is pretty easy: Add a tooltip to the submit button by adding `title: "Tip: the width and height of image will be respectively resized up to 900px and 700px."` inside `h("div.image", {style: "background-image: url(#{@image.base64uri}); ...` @Nofish though I don't know if he will view this comment. Also sakana.bit [supports submittng original image](?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/18fLf6bqfzvGLvMA2DrEmDxiqvnAWyN6dv/1519809991), but the optional file limit of some official ZeroMe hubs is 100MB.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: anieyo :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I don't investigate it yet, if you're interested, here is [the related wiki]( Afaik Dat is a hot topic on [SSB](, there is also [a project]( to implement the protocol in Rust
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Sikelia is the name in latin alphabet, as you can find above. I did a search and in English it's Sicily :o
Binchan commented on leftside's post: You might be interested in Finland, [the summer there has only 1 day](?Post/1SunAWK2VUT9GQK32MpwRfFPVgcBSJN9a/195oGGXB8AhwWSoXFHpbVT4TL4wLi1Af5e/1527613089) :3
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: Thx for reporting, I use 0-Gallery for picture collection sharing and don't use that site anymore.. so let's ignore it :3
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: thx for reporting! Fixed. Hope no more bug..
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: thx for the suggestion, it's fixed now. Nofish used only css for the icon, guess that's better than using an image. The color was overwriten by my own dark theme css, and I only needed to overwrite it back~ `.icon-magnifier { border: 1.5px solid currentColor }` to `.icon-magnifier { border: 1.5px solid currentColor !important; }`
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: @Musickiller: if your master seed is still the same with your old one (and why didn't you lose your ZeroID?), you can try this: > Recover cloned site's private key without users.json file using only your master seed: cryptGetPrivatekey 219e...061 25650465 will print the site's private key. > Where 219e...061 is your master_seed (64 char long) and 25650465 is your address_index can be found in the cloned site's content.json file. [[src]](/Blog.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post:128)
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: Done ;) Change log is available [on Git Center](/1DjFq5aHgM7vRZqP3mB4dWH8RAh6us8nHb).
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: Thx for mentioning my name :D I can find Musickiller's Blog and Musickiller's Site on Kaffiene, I'm already seeding them, and.. ~~they haven't been updated longer than Kaffiene :P~~ (mistake)
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: @nofish: me too, doesn't work on Torbrowser (same with Icecat, Firefox 52 ESR), `SyntaxError: invalid regexp group all.js:2260:26`. But it works for Chromium.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: hi, long time no see! And thx for the tip, saved.
Binchan commented on Sameer's post: @Sameer: surely not. Thanks for sharing your opinions. it's cool if a person can keep doing things s/he likes and seeking her/his dream.
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: that's fine, but when a webdev came to ZeroNet and tried Kiwipedia, then the problem would be solved quickly :D
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: nah, take a try then you will know if it works, or read the f*cking doc :P
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: it's for ZeroID, if you use other ID for your account, then you need to add your ID cert signer too, keep ZeroID so other visitors can post message on ZeroMessage
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: Oh, I forgot that part, it has been a long time for me to change the code, I really can't recall more, if after adding your account and it works for you, then it's fine I guess
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: Just related code in `/path/to/zeronet/data/YOUR_ADDRESS/index.html` iirc
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: they are those unknown templates, just need someone to check the related format, add a little code and make a PR
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: Great! I should have tried to do a search by myself, but sometimes I just get used to a not-so-good solution XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: thx for pointing it out, fixed with un-URL-izing it, looks like the only solution if no source code fix X(
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: Oops, face blindness.. or guess I'm very bad at staying concentrated when watching videos.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Sameer: because I'm an old user for about 1.5 years? Also I don't bookmark or categorize them, but somehow I'm good at memorize things I guess. > Does IIRC also help ... That's probably a misunderstanding, IIRC is short for "If I recall correctly" ;)
Binchan commented on Orbit's post: > But I don't think all this is necessary. @Realjohndoe: well, but there is also no reason to help seeding them :P
Binchan commented on Sameer's post: @Sameer: Welcome to ZeroNet! Nice to meet you here :D I haven't studied the network tech details, but afaik, different user has different amount of peers, and it's affected by your location, seeding sites amount, online time (ZeroNet cleans bad peers periodically), etc. [Here](?Post/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/1527089718) is a post about my peer stats on different machine before. And I saw some ZeroNet sites on [clearnet proxies](/138R53t3ZW7KDfSfxVpWUsMXgwUnsDNXLP/?Page:proxies) had more than 10000 peers. Also, ZeroNet isn't that popular and no a lots of active users like some big websites I guess.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: :o you dig such an old post! Nope, I'm not interested in creating video tutorial. Sometimes I feel videos are a bit time cosuming and too directly-perceivable, and watching too many video is not good for brain and mental health..
Binchan commented on Sameer's post: Thx for sharing this, pretty like this explanation: > ... It means that, surprise, Sweden, just like any human society ever, has crime, has small segments of its population that feels alienated and disenfrachised, and has problem areas in its larger cities. ... And remind me of this TED talk: Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia | TEDxOslo
Binchan commented on Orbit's post: @Glightstar: yep, ZeroMe is already with thoughtful design, not loading image by default is a pretty good way to avoid downloading illegal image unconsciously
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: One related Arxiv paper - [Dynamic Routing Between Capsules](
Binchan commented on Orbit's post: Adding blur to image is pretty easy: ``` .post .img.downloaded .fullsize { filter: blur(5px); } ``` You can try it with dev tools or Stylus addon, but don't know if someone want to implement it to ZeroMe UI
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: Find you in Tag 2, wearing big black sunglasses, if I'm not mistaken :D
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: I even found some commercial products by the related company, by using 3D-printer, and have the ability to turn that map into a ball! --- --- Sorry, I saw it only in a 3rd party description of a product, after I searched more things about Autography, pretty sure now that product doesn't use 3D-printing techique >< and just a misdescription. Nothing important, so just footnote it here.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Glightstar: In German the universe = das Weltall = das All, I was really impressed when the first time I knew it :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: I was not focusing on the problem actually, but on why a programming language with such bad design and so many problems can become successful, mainstream and before even the most popular coding language..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: now I have an idea that adapting js was a compromise, for the lock-in based IT market and traditional (content) market (music, film, media, etc) at the time to accept a transparent and free platform and for the possibility to make it profitable. But time after time now those old industries are losing the trend and struggling to promote DRM, break net-neutrality, as well as trolling public domain stuff.. [Bill to extend copyright to 144 years..](
Binchan commented on Zorke's post: @Chandelier: guess `clean` means no dirty trick/backdoor/logger/tracker in the code
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: And this time found out that the token to my profile took too long to decode, the server side gave it up and showed me only part of the profile and missed some extra features like visitor stats and my interests.. F5 didn't help, except then I opened another link without the token
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: yep, さすがJAVASCREEPT..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: ``` $ pacman -Ss cuda libre/arrayfire 3.5.1-1.parabola1 High performance software library for parallel computing with an easy-to-use API, without nonfree cuda and nvidia-utils support and nonfree SIFT algorithm libre/blender 17:2.79.b-5.parabola1 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite, without nonfree CUDA support libre/pyrit 0.5.0-2.parabola1 The famous WPA precomputed cracker, without nonfree cpyrit-cuda recommendation ``` @Lxpz: :3
Binchan commented on Thunder33345's post: @Thunder: that's quite a detailed solution, totally agree, actually "Shared user mute and site blacklist" is [in Nofish's todo-list](/Blog.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post:125:Moving+to+2018), maybe he will implement it with some trust and flagging features, though it seems he prefers discussing implemention on Github, I can't find an issue there, you may like to create one
Binchan commented on Thunder33345's post: @Thunder: the idea from styromaniac is somehow a reputation system, just like ZeroMe timeline, you only follow user that you like or that is doing good behavior, or from trusted users' following list and spammers have little chance spamming it. It will be hard for new users who has no old friends on ZeroNet though Also, maybe we don't need a strong global site, which means every ZeroNet user must have an account on a zite like ZeroMe or ZeroTalk, community can simply create/clone their own zite/version and have more peace.
Binchan commented on Thunder33345's post: @Thunder: the war between spamming and anti-spamming probably never ends.. some solutions are: make spamming expensive, authorization (moderation), reputation system (reward good behavior), make everyone happy so no one is interested in spamming.. --- --- > I trust Nekololi. If Nekololi shares a blacklist, I would append it to my own, by individual entries, categories or the whole list. The source of the appended entries can remain as long as I'm not altering the entries, in which case would be myself adding my two cents, thus becoming my own copy of my authorship, so then my authored entry lists me as a source. A good idea by styromaniac from the discussion in your link
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: @ZeroLSTN: Awesome work! Static hub list (by years) works very well!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ScrubTheSecond: [The requirement list]( is actually pretty long, I checked it and yep no a requirement similar to your description XD
Binchan commented on Thunder33345's post: Maybe we can^TM create another zite that reads ZeroMe hubs but is only for storing tag data, and add features of showing tags and editing tag cross-site in the ZeroMe frontend (there is also sakana.bit btw) Then volunteers can add tags to posts s/he viewed and users can have an option displaying them
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Fine, thx for your reply.
Binchan commented on Billager's post: Welcome to 0net :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @z97x: looks like there was a bug in the database: when I added GNU and removed Biotechnology label, the timeline showed no sense related posts for GNU, when I removed all my interest labels, the timeline still showed no sense posts for Biotechnology.. Finally I added GNU back, and now the timeline shows meaningful related posts for GNU \o/
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Polar: [Happy New Year in 12 Mastodon Instance](/12MVkvYGcRW6u2NYbpfwVad1oQeyG4s9Er/index.html?view:item+id:1Mz1_1G27nKed7YQPtNxhH7DXoEKkmjj7Yq5D1x_item_22+type:video) by Иagi
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: > 1. Your skills won’t be wasted > Most people have multiple skills and talents. In my view, it’s a pity that you only use your intelligence and skills within one sector. > 2. You get fulfilment > Banking is a cutthroat and political business, especially since the financial crisis when a lot of the ‘fun’ was taken out of the industry and redundancies became more commonplace. You may get a high salary and bonus, but you probably don’t get fulfilment from your job. Having a side gig – in an area you’re passionate about – allows you to get some more meaning in your life. > 3. You mix with different people > One of the main advantages of an additional career is that you get to talk to people who you wouldn’t come across in banking. I always found it fascinating to have conversations about non-finance topics – for example, I would frequently mix with marketing people to talk about digital marketing. > 4. Your banking career improves > Your side gig can help you become a better banker. Because of my work at Renmin University, clients regarded me not just as a banker but as a teacher, which is a respected position in China. Some of my students even referred their bosses to me. Your second job can get you a foot in the door with people who would otherwise be tricky to meet. If you own a restaurant on the side, for example, host special meals for potential clients. > 5. Extra income > It shouldn’t be your primary objective, but some additional income is always welcome.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: It's an Android tablet with E-ink Screen, and if you treat android as a computer system, then yes :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: it's with 10.3" HD eink screen + Android 6 + Bluetooth keyboard support + 2 GB RAM + Wacom stylus + ..., [here]( is a detailed wiki page about this device on It has a pretty buggy system btw..
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: > one can simply stop using bad services. > ... > Unfortunately i still need at least one service that wanted me to reconfirm my agreement. @caryoscelus: looks like these two opinions are a nice couple..
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: > any "serious" problems. @caryoscelus: one is about large scale opinion manipulation (though media (esp. TV-media) has been doing this kind of things for a long time already), like the recent scandal about Cambridge Analytica manipulated US election -> Psychology, Neuroscience, Social engineering (political science). If an individual can't control her/his data, s/he probably won't have real freedom, by what s/he is doing online, from what s/he views to what s/he dis/likes. The statement about [creating a class acton against gafam]( is also a piece of solid opinion: > However, European law is now crystal clear: monetized, sold-off consent has no value, and is no longer enough to make their mass surveillance legal. Zuckerberg and his friends can no longer use this worthless agreement as their alibi to claim we're responsible for the loss of our privacy, or for the destruction of our social bonds. --- --- Correction: I think it isn't the free network is causing sth, but the profit/busniess model behind the free network is causing the problem, and it seems the time has come to reshape that business model..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Thunder33345: "a European career-oriented social networking site for enabling a small-world network for professionals.", I use German as my system and browser default language for learning it :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > The problem with twitter-facebook is not only a technical one (centralization, censorship, tracking) but also a cultural one: Clan forming, digital tribalism, filter bubbles, content obsolescence, attention grabbing, "coolness", exclusion, and social based free speech censorship. Sorry to say, but unless you are a refugee far away from home looking for a single gateway (a central service) to connect back with people you know across the whole globe (yeah there is something good to every shitting invention), facebook-twitter just feels like a massive cultural disaster, a generation (10 years) of life time wasted on digital shit. > ... > All the bad stuff that evolved around facebook/twitter, such as the obsolesce oriented timeline tweeting/liking/sharing could be a side effect but it should not be the primary goal of a communications medium I'd want to invest user time (and potentially money and/or developer time) on.
Binchan commented on Chandelier's post: ["It's on the blockchain. This will never disappear."]( Awesome!
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: debug info near `ConnServer Internet offline`, the debug logging was still running without a halt after it and there were many kinds of info.. ``` ... [2018-05-26 17:28:00,483] DEBUG ConnServer Conn#34856 [v2] > Closing connection: [Cleanup] Ping timeout, waiting_requests: 1, sites: 7, buff: 0... [2018-05-26 17:28:00,486] DEBUG ConnServer Connection cleanup in 10.005s [2018-05-26 17:28:15,489] INFO ConnServer Internet offline [2018-05-26 17:28:49,095] DEBUG Db:ContentDb Optional size: 4803.3MB/37253.3MB, Need delete: -33891.0MB [2018-05-26 17:30:55,503] DEBUG ConnServer Conn#35327 [v2] > Closing connection: [Cleanup] Ping timeout, waiting_requests: 1, sites: 2, buff: 0... [2018-05-26 17:30:55,506] DEBUG ConnServer Connection cleanup in 10.005s [2018-05-26 17:33:50,500] DEBUG SiteManager Saved sites in 2.49s (generate: 1.25s, write: 2.49s) [2018-05-26 17:33:50,892] DEBUG SiteManager Updated merger sites in 0.391s [2018-05-26 17:33:50,896] DEBUG - Gevent block detected: 3.70949816704 ... ... ```
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: ``` $ cat log/debug.log | grep "Need connections:" --- --- [2018-05-26 16:57:47,403] DEBUG Site:1GrtBs..LoPj Need connections: 6, Current: 9, Total: 99 [2018-05-26 16:58:19,420] DEBUG Site:16wLgG..ke8A Need connections: 6, Current: 4, Total: 7 [2018-05-26 19:07:50,456] DEBUG Site:1SiTEs..tdwB Need connections: 6, Current: 20, Total: 376 [2018-05-26 19:07:52,468] DEBUG Site:1PLAYg..Xvfp Need connections: 6, Current: 33, Total: 337 ... ``` As you see there is a big time gap in the middle, looks like it is unrelated because after I start `update all sites` there are still lots of messages of this kind
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Git Center: I prefer not to submit such an issue, imo creating a project doesn't mean the dev must complete it or make it successful, some can just use it for practising, some may really like the project and finally make a great product, also later some other devs may pick it up and make some great progress. There are still many devs coding in C, so for JS in future imo.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: And what about `ConnServer Internet offline`? My local pi goes offline if I don't keep ZeroHello page on and usually I hit `Update all sites` to sync zites. When I roll back to Rev3417 and use the proxy solution in my previous comment, the problem is gone, but looks like GFW can easily detect ZeroNet traffic and several days later slowed my proxy down to ~16 KB/s.. removed the proxy setting and later it recovered.. Btw, it's a rare case and I can live with it.
Binchan commented on 🐲J🐍a🐰d🐒's post: @Eaglex: @jad: That ZeroMessage widget is a Pandora's box :3 F12 -> console, then open it and you will understand what I say ;)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > also same here the charts ie weird sometimes it dosent even log it @Thunder33345: you can check the log of ZeroNet for the possible cause, maybe it's because the same bug I'm suffering
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: I just viewed your profile, I'm an Archlinux user too :D If you are in China, you can use proxy to help downloading site ;) Like using Shadowsocks, starting ZeroNet with `$ python2 --proxy --tor disable --disable_udp`, but you need to roll ZeroNet back to < Rev3417 because the meek plugin update forces ZeroNet to use Tor for trackerlist (Is that a bug? @Nofish). I've tested it, worked perfect, but please don't use this method too often, or your proxy may be banned, because the traffic of ZeroNet seems easily get detected by GFW.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: that's unfortunate..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eaglex: well.. once I saw it reach 13, and the traffic was higher than 1TB/month, [here is a screenshot](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:70) about the traffic stats in my blog
Binchan commented on 西木野真姬's post: @Leafsharp: ``` >>> hex(0x1fc3 ^ 0xff80) '0xe043' ``` But it may be.. ``` >>> hex(int.from_bytes(b"\x1fc3" + b"\xb55a", byteorder='big') ^ int.from_bytes(b"\xff80" + b"\x4321", byteorder='big')) '0xe05b03f60750' ``` So A xor B = E05B,03F6,0750 If the byte is in little order: A xor B = 5007,F603,5BE0 --- --- My mistake, ignore it.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: Nice timing.. I'm just starting using Linkedin after 3 years without a login, nice to see that some old friends are still using it and my life sciences schoolmates are now working in every field in every location.. (joke)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Glightstar: maybe.. but iirc ZeroNet auto-cleans bad peers periodically, so a ZeroNet node may have more ghost peers if it doesn't keep online for enough time. @Thunder33345: currently no, but you can implement it and create a PR to ZeroNet repo :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Thunder33345: no name, just a screenshot of the documentary "AlphaGo (2017)". They're the results of all 5 matches from AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol in 2016
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: Avtomat is interesting.. Internet (and smartphone) is a big competitor of it though XD
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: @Thunder: yep, we can at least try to create some turnbase chess games or card games first. Chess/card games on a decentralized platform, that will be cool! Isn't it :D
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: @Thunder: but we are talking about creating multi-player game, and we need to make the game fair or at least enjoyable to play, or it will fail..
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: @Thunder: and yep, avoiding/preventing cheating is hard, since a user can easily use scripts, bot and even AI in the game..
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: > maybe like a dedicated space that's suppose to be allocated in ram(lost when node switch off assuming data isnt important) to deal with the oops i killed my ssd ... @Thunder: that's a good idea! Again the problem becomes "who wants to implement it" :3 --- --- > yeah i can see now why i was running out of dataspace on zerotalk Unluckily @Nofish the main dev and ZeroTalk maintainer is taking a vacation (about 1 week left), he may use an automatic script to check and increase user limit, but his computer is probably off.
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: @Thunder: XD, did you check my previous comment that is 5 minutes before yours, I found that we are somehow talking the same problems. > say when b see broadcast a moves, it adds that signed move into his "file" same viceversa Guess it will be used in the time consensus feature. > i dont really know how to solve invalid moves unless the other declare self victory or give opponent a retry/undo ... Yep, blockchain isn't ideal, do you think "every player only stores other players' data in a specific local file, and every player has a different version of game" is acceptable?
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: Oh, and we need to implement time consensus, a related commit: [Add current timestamp to handshake for future time consensus feature ](, or in a dungeon game a player may hit another player or claim a treature in the future. Hmm, maybe it's ok that every player only stores other players' data in a specific local file, and every player has a different version of game, i.e. if a player felt unhappy, s/he could change the data and claimed s/he is the winner. But s/he can't modify another player' game data and change his result X)
Binchan commented on Git Center's post: For multiplayer game, guess we need to remove 30 sec publishing limit first, instead adding a receiving limit setting (30 sec as default, because frequent writing are harmful to HDD, even Nofish broke a SSD..), and some nodes can set the limit to 0 and become a real-time game server
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Binchan commented on Geekless's post: @Thunder: oh, that's true! I didn't realize it before..
Binchan commented on Geekless's post: @Thunder: that is "data/users/content.json", not "data/users/$USER/content.json"
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: Your worry is reasonable.. I try to seed your homepage with my clearnet proxy (port is opened) but it's hard to download for the first time, now there are 29 files failed to download, then.. in my local node (port is close) I open your homepage, claim it's my site and publish it, now I can view your blog on my clearnet proxy \o/ Also.. I add your homepage to the left panel of my ZeroBlog ;D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: yep, I will merge the code of ZeroBlog++ (actually I'm already reviewing the diff) to ZeroBlog+ later XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Piloth: Nope, what Git Center means is that you need to resize the window to less than 450px, or the window in the screenshot won't show up
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Thunder33345: congrats!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Piloth: oops, I can't find any useful info with "how to use stylus addon" keywords, too XD here is the brief tutorial: Hit the add-on icon in the toolbar -> choose write style for this URL -> paste the code above and add a title -> Save
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Piloth: yep, you can try it yourself first (with help from search engine, I would recommend [Searx]( ;), if it doesn't work, feel free to ask question here
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Piloth: by using [Stylus add-on](, also currently the Firefox version doesn't work because of a bug
Binchan commented on 486543187931585's post: Yep, ZeroMusic has file type limit setting in `$site/data/user/content.json` and `msgpack` is not allowed, you may like to use (ZeroLSTN](/ZeroLSTN.bit), a modern music sharing site ;) And here is [multi-upload solution](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:68) > [Signierung des Inhalts fehlgeschlagen Include too large 51217B > 50000B] This means on ZeroMusic a user has only 50000B space (text, not including optional file like mp3) and you reached your storage limit, so you need to contact the site admin to raise your limit or delete some of your old content.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: test a notif, works \o/
Binchan commented on Piloth The Mack's post: @Git Center: Yep, Nofish (and some good ZeroNet app developers ;) deserves that as an award XD In contrast, bad businessman may be able to pack ZeroNet, claim it a novel proprietary technology, bad market it and earn that money..
Binchan commented on Mv00🐰🐶💡's post: Nice speech. Though he probably forgot to mention the problems of copyright and patent system (esp. the enforcement part), and.. the contributions from and :3
Binchan commented on Deepstrelok's post: > i prefer zerome because it's a rulefree* site (*people might mute you if they dont want to see your content) diaspora still applies by laws, mastodon is just between do you want a free speech zone or be federated @Deepstrelok: agree! Diaspora is probably the oldest decentrailzed social network, from wiki: > The Diaspora project was founded in 2010 by four students at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Dan Grippi, Max Salzberg, and Raphael Sofaer. The word diaspora is Greek in origin and refers to a scattered or dispersed population. I have been there for more than 5 years and it's quite a nice (or civilized) place, lots of interesting and inspring content from my perspective. > ... all there is, is just bots... I mute all bots I encounter there :3
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Binchan commented on Laurenwutang's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: Nice list, @Laurenwutang: besides ZeroSites and Search engine, you can also discover interesting sites on Important Zites [[new]](/1MiS3ud9JogSQpd1QVmM6ETHRmk5RgJn6E) [[old]](/15Pf9VVuDT8NSWj1qUBh4V89yPmrmzRw6a) and [0list](/0list.bit) :D
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Binchan commented on Mv00🐰🐶💡's post: @Mv00🐰🐶💡: Thanks for sharing these articles :D Unfortunately not only Sanders was sucked by bureucracy inside Democratic Party, but Sweden was also sucked by evil cats and masterminds behind them: [Sweden Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly All Citizens](
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: And [from gitlab issue]( > Seems like the description of fennec hasn't been changed from when it was only in the archive repo. It still says it can be removed at any time, which I don't think we intend to do anymore now it's in the main repo. XD
Binchan commented on Mv00🐰🐶💡's post: A good read! Thanks for sharing.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > JsOS lacks of developers probably, and if you want to contribute, you may help us! ...rather good advertisement, right? @Git Center: Yep, ZeroNet lacks developers, too. Such a project is marvelous, I can't promise I will be helpful, as I'm not a decent dev either. But I will pay attention to it. @空澄砂夜: is senpai interested in a project like this? > Unfortunately I can't open that page, was that post deleted or is it just me who can't donwload it? I can open it, maybe your ZeroTalk is not updated. You can also try to open [the game zite](/19Nj3Wwknp5vQXzP657gUANDCQRdTczeAz/) directly
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: @Eibriel: Discover another nice Godot game :D [minilens](, it's reshared by [official F-droid Mastodon account]( btw
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: thanks for the tip!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Thanks for the explanation, and sorry that I made a mistake >< "|><||> only downscales", but at that time I only checked the image downloaded from ZeroMe and considered that sakana also scaled the image..
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: it should be enough to just set up a specific domain name for your project, then if a server is taken down, you can bind the domain name to another server and ip, so you don't need to ask the organizer to change the address ;)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: btw, welcome back :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Nah, timezone in many other places are also insane..
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: Send you a ZeroMail ;)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: oh.. that's why Javascript on clearnet may lead to a horrible future :( Maybe there is an extension for doing this kind of stuff, sorry that I can't help more ><
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: That's a nice idea! I also wonder why @Nofish used CSS zoom animation instead of Lightbox for viewing a larger image.. Anyway, he is having fun with GFW, so currently he probably has no time dealing with this.. I don't like to touch Javascript when not necessary.. also we can view the raw image by opening a new tab (click the image -> right-click it -> ctrl + show background), guess that's enough.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: Where to add a lightbox and view picture? Could you explain it in more detail?
Binchan commented on Baos's post: @Eibriel: looks like it's a bot account
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Jetten: Yep, the algorithm from ZeroMe prefers to make the image sharper but creates quite some noices. Using GIMP is not very convenient imo, and ZeroMe will also convert image type to jpg for reducing size. Sakana.bit supports uploading original image, but the limit of optional files of official ZeroMe hubs is 100M.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Jetten: thanks for the tip! I uploaded a new image with 803x438 px, this time and it is scaled to 900x495 px, but the quality is much better. And I also try to scale it locally by imagemagick, it looks a bit blur. So the algorithm of ~~ZeroMe~~ sakana.bit image processing is better at scaling, but what's the point scaling an image to decrease its quality? >< @空澄砂夜 and from ZeroMe, too @Nofish
Binchan commented on FraYoshi's post: @Chandelier: probably you didn't finish download the whole site like lacking `dbschema.json`. You can try update/check file or delete and re-add the blog.
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: ah, miss the context and bad assumption.. thx, guess I should take it as a praise :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > And there i wanted to complain that you've made other 0net zites look plain and boring ;) @caryoscelus: well.. actually I try my best to respect the original color choice and design. But yep, I still overwrited and unified the color (especially color font) of many things, and make different sites look less different XD
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: @Eibriel: decent imo, my fav game on F-droid is [Anuto TD]( and Pixel Dungeon, only available in archive repo, there is [ Shattered Pixel Dungeon ](, but I prefer the origin ver.
Binchan commented on Mv00🐰🐶💡's post: @Glightstar: I played the German ver. :3 Quite an interesting game. And blockchain will probably solve this issue..
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: Good luck! There are [5 results]( in F-droid, but they look like just some toy games ><
Binchan commented on Balancer73's post: @Balancer73: you can try to add this when starting ZeroNet --optional_limit GB or free space % Limit total size of optional files (default: 10%) @Nofish: bug? --- --- Probably a related bug: [Bigfile does not obey filesize limit after Rebuild and Check #1379](
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: High quality and inspiring! Thx :D --- --- Instant Memory is also a cool piece of work! Illustrating music by 3D graphics video, Like it!
Binchan commented on Dextro's post: @Dextro: @Eibriel: [The Ultimate ZeroNet Mobile Guide](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:7_1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h) ;)
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: my pleasure ;)
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: sorry for the late reply again :P You may like to try and
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Instead of blaming them, I prefer to focus on how we can intelligently deal with them :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Polar: If I translate them correctly.. C艹 -> C f*ck,C井 -> C trap! Fantastic XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: pleasure!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: Yep, 8.04 is called hardy heron, it was not my first ubuntu version though :P It's shipped together with my Dell laptop, but I didn't use it, my first linux system was ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, at that time Linux was sharing around schoolmates in the dorm.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: [EuroPython 2014] Pieter Hintjens - Our decentralized future --- --- Uploaded to my Zeroshare: [[EuroPython 2014] Pieter Hintjens - Our decentralized future.ogv](/1Dphm8Mth9WYN9fPm1yxj8Y4WhcKRhYXJJ/data/users/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/[EuroPython%202014]%20Pieter%20Hintjens%20-%20Our%20decentralized%20future.ogv) (205 MB)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: XD, yep, when I found sth interesting
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Ah, don't know, I haven't tried to access clipboard by ssh. What about doing it in client and then using scp and copy the file to server? A shell script can simplify the process
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: sure. Just `echo newalias >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bahsrc`, then you can use the alias, some system may prefer `.bash_alias` or `.bash_profile`, but they should all work. There is also a wiki page for it: `` (damn parenthese..)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: I see, VPS and VPN are quite similar, just that: 1 user -> 1 VPS -> any software is possible -> 1 IP lots of users -> lots of VPN accounts -> 1 or several VPS -> ...
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: and an alias beats them all: `~/.bashrc` -> `alias g0='gpaste-client get 0'`
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: XD but I have TAB ``` $ gpas gpasswd gpaste-client ``` So mine is `echo -n 'gpast\t get 0' | wc -c; -> 13`, actually 12 :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: That should be true, too.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: Maybe more are just VPN.. then blocking them all is easier ;_;
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: I think so. But it has nothing to do with the peer count. I guess it's because many users in China use ZeroNet by VPS from US, and GFW suddenly blocks a lot of VPS, and..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I sometimes take screenshots as record, and this stats feature is available in ZeroHello -> STATS.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: My pleasure :D And thank you for sharing so many treasurable things. > Chinese government once announced that his books are Opium of the people Actually the situation for his novels was more complicated XD From his wiki page: > A number of them were outlawed in the People's Republic of China in the 1970s as they were thought to be satires of Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution; others were banned in the Republic of China (Taiwan) as they were thought to be in support of the Communist Party of China. --- --- > If u haven't finished any books of his, u'd better not start any. :) I'm a rebel child :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: A bit ashamed to say, but I never finished one of his books.. In my childhood my elder brother rented and read quite some WuXia novels but I did't pay attention to them. Besides some scenes I can still remember from TV shows esp. like <神雕侠侣> and <笑傲江湖>, my best memory was actually the game [Heroes of Jin Yong](, and the poem 飛雪連天射白鹿,笑書神俠倚碧鴛, joined by the first characters of his 14 novels. Btw, Jin Yong is still alive, 94 old :o And there is already an asteroid "10930 Jinyong" named after him XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: The stats is done in the local, so "Top Country" should have results. Maybe it takes some time for your computer to calculate the result, so you need to wait a little longer.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > They're all about fortunes @Leftside: Ok.. guess I need to give in about that part. > For ur reference, TCC or even comic books could be used as fortune-telling medium like I Ching by choosing random page number with bamboo fortune sticks. LOL Exactly, I agree with this, especially about the comic books!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Quite many UI features can be directly implemented by css, like using library [Picnicss](, but it needs some supports from HTML
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: sure, here is [the code in Nullpaste](/1MgHVPCE1ve6QfKrgsqCURzRj72HrRWioz/?1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h_71), I use :hover and z-index to trigger different tab by mouse
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: ZeroHello -> left panel -> Stats
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > But unfortunately I Ching of today is not what it originally was before Congzi. @Leftside: Yep, especially about the explanation. Actually some original versions were recorded in [Oracle bone script]( and today [there are still some records]( - From I Ching wiki page. And its true that it's widely used for fortune. But from the wiki page: > the I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, business, literature, and art. Even Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz had [a copy of the diagram of I Ching](,_1701.jpg)!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: sorry to hear that XD Let me see.. US (~21:00) 452 China (~11:00) 333 \o/ --- --- Guess it'll be more meaningful if someone does some statistics to it. Firebox did it and had some instructions in his blog before, but I just found that he reset his blog ><
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: At least [I Ching]( (The Book of Changes) is still popular, some of my friends talked about it with me before. And I guess it's also very popular in Korea :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: as you see the UI is pretty ugly (as well as the official ZeroMe mobile UI) because of the "0" button. it would be nice if ZeroNet gave zite devs some ability to modify the style of "0" button (by an API?), or at least provided some alternative styles (to prevent zite devs from hiding it)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Thanks for the detailed explanation. Yep, history easily, and often purposely, get/got exaggerated. And surely it's not limited to history told by Buddhist. Historian may help correct some history, but I prefer scientific methods, like: is it theoretically possible? Falsifiable? Reproducable? > Must be a side effect of the Cultural Revolution and education system under the socialism.. T_T Yep ;_; > The more amazing fact ... Are you sure it's a fact? Imho it's probably another historical exaggeration X( I also know some other similar history (stories), like [Wu_Zixu]( > According to legend, Donggao Gong gave refuge to Wu Zixu in his home for a week. Under enormous stress, Wu Zixu's hair turned completely white and his facial features aged greatly. The change was a blessing in disguise as Wu Zixu’s changed appearance helped him to escape and head to the state of Wu.
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: I discovered an ancient Japanese poem [Iroha](, which is a perfect pangram, containing each character of the Japanese syllabary exactly once! (sic except the !) For Kanji, as there are too many.. so no one created a pangram ;_; But there is [Thousand Character Classic](, exactly 1000 different Kanji, thank @Leftside for mentioning it.
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: well.. for "Lawrence of Arabia", I found this [in a blog]( > There is a lot of interesting material here for an open-minded reader to digest. Mousa makes a good case that Lawrence, at the very least, overstated his importance as a military leader. It's nice to see a version of the story where the Arabs are actors in their right, rather than mere imperial pawns.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: Nope, just sakana.bit with hacky css in a small window in a pc monitor, it probably won't be useful, sorry for raising your attention..
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: Yep XD I also found > National Basketball Association Sues National Blockchain Agency > > The NBA has filed a trademark infringement suit against the National Blockchain Agency (previously known as the NSA). Sources within the NBA say the move was precipitated by the organization’s plans to rename itself the National Blockchain Association.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: Catching up now \o/ US (~11:00) 357, China (~1:00) 252. Maybe it's because peer differs a lot in different time
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Koolkidkristi: Just saw a good example: [Be careful what you copy: Invisibly inserting usernames into text with Zero-Width Characters]( But using that toy from the author I need to enable iframe from a different source.. so I even don't need to play that game :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Koolkidkristi: Y not? Sacrifice some convenience for privacy and understanding the truth of clearnet
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: Hmm, allowing 1st-party frame is probably not a good idea, it's the default setting by uMatrix and I didn't check it before..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: my ZeroNet instance is running in a VPS, for the peer count now, US (~17:00) is 293, China (~7:00) is 131, looks like it won't recover soon ><
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > What's funny in Korea nowadays is that some mothers are preventing their kids from learning Hangul. They try to postpone it as long as possible. Why? There's a study that learning written language (characters) too early rather decreases the growth of a certain part of the brain. @Leftside: reading [wiki of Hanyu](, who is described as "comparable in stature to Dante, Shakespeare or Goethe" for his influence on the Chinese literary tradition", from the Chinese wiki page, because of chaos of the society at that time, he only started learning and reading at age 7 :o
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: Cool learning method! Kana was [simplified/developed from Kanji](, you may like to use the chart as a cheatsheet
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: 以前僕もfcitx-mozcをインストールした、しかしグーグルのモノが好きじゃないので、fcitx-kkc見つかたからmozcをアンインストールしました :P > カタカナオーヴァードーズ:O たしかに XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Mv00: My pleasure! Nothing important, just some random screenshots :D
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: > An unjust state is more dangerous than terrorism, and too much security encourages an unjust state. Surely it's all about terrorism.. giving the national surveillance agency (NSA) superpower, corruption and finally disaster for citizen. --- --- And this will give authority a perfect excuse: > So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in a hundred battles. > If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. > If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. From [The Art of War](
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: おめでとう!どうなんインプットメスッド(メソッド :)をお使いですか?僕は[fcitx-kkc](を使います。しかし使うのはほとんどない;_;
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Ulrichard: good luck for the rally :D I'm already seeding them.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: I simply told some of my close friends there is an opensource project named ZeroNet I'm participating in, if one asked me back what kind of project it is, I answered that it's a decentralized network platform, has high ability of anti-censorship and actually quite some illegal content there, and I participate it mostly for technology. That's all.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > With an official debian package, ZeroNet could also be much easier to use than any centralized system. No need to decide between insecure passwords or a secure one and stick it to the monitor @ulrichard: Agree. Still thanks to anti-censorship and censorship, ZeroNet probably will stay wild and chaotic for a long time and scares most good citizens who have a weak heart.. [[example- I launch Zeronet from time to time… Then I close it quickly.]]( or from [[origin hub]]( > Religion is a difficult topic. It has its merits in bringing people together, sure. But it is more often misused as a political instrument of power. Yep, actually there are probably many different religions in my local culture (like in Japan and Taiwan I guess), e.g. celebrity [Han Yu]( from Tang dynasty once got exiled by the government and became an official here, he helped a lot the local civilization development and thus became a celebrity here, even today there are still lots of buildings and ceremonies related to him and such things probably can be treated as a religion. But most outsiders will simply treat them as superstition, for Christian or Muslim they will even be treated as paganism.. Talking too much about religion publicly is probably not a good idea and improper, so you don't need to reply to this :)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: better mobile supporting is a must. Android and iOS suck at supporting Python, so need to wait for better Python transpilation, like [Briefcase Pybee](, or [ZeroNetJS](, or Linux phone like [Librem 5](, [Postmarket OS]( ZeroNet becoming more popular doesn't mean we can easily find friends though.. I don't have friends or any decent interaction with others on Twitter after using it for several years.. --- Here is [another approarch](?Post/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/1517801198) which I totally agree, so need better mesh network support and efforts from local community.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Eibriel: yep.. don't insert your AI in the middle when it happened btw :P @ulrichard: Thanks! Not being discouraged is a bit hard, but anyway it won't become a reason that may drive me leave ZeroNet. > Sometimes I wonder where people go when they leave zeronet. ... Imo most people are busy with their jobs and daily life, so Internet is just a place for shitposting or looking for some funny stuff. So they don't care about which platform is better as long as it can provide such simple need. New tech/platform/site can attract a lot of attention, but usually it won't last long if it can't give user a long term reason. I guess one of Nofish's main goal is anti-censorship, which provides a long term reason for politicians on revolution, sub-culture enthusiasts or others who simply suffer ridiculous censorship from the authority/administration, ZeroNet will surely become a safe harbor/refugee shell/haven for them. But still revolution politics is dangerous, I wonder if Nofish already received quite some blackmails, anyway he is an IT expert and lives in Hungary, so probably he is safe. Profitability is probably another long term reason, but people usually can't make/become true friends (or have long term relationship as mentioned by Eibriel) if they care too much about profit imo. I don't like viewing too many posts that are directly related to profit reason/intention, it's just like many people are simply advertisement media. Btw, I saw someone on ZeroTalk tried to advertise the good of religion like it can bring people together. I will simply stay unrelated to these things because the bad part of religion scares me to the deep (like sacrifice and assassination). Local community/culture is a better choice imho, I like my local culture so I'm not that lonely actually. I agree that religion still has its position in modern society as many social/society problems can be easily solved by it though..
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Everybody join Pleroma™, a social network exclusively for cool people. Don't join if you're not cool, though. lol
Binchan commented on Jetten's post: No one was holding **smart**phone, nice scene!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Yep, if you looks at the quote above more carefully: "Generally speaking, they are completely unusable for programming even in theory, trivial and less interesting variations on existing esoteric languages", Whitespace is still usable, so it doesn't belong to that list
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: From [Whitespace page]( in that website: > Most people took it as an April Fool's joke, which it wasn't. So it's esoeric but not a joke XD > learning assembly language rules everything in the universe. Yep, unfortunately life is short, so I prefer to use language like Python :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: 감사합니다 :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Thx for your concern! I'm definitely not in trouble :D Sometimes I just like to stay (half-)offline. For reasons like focusing on sth less fragmental, talking too much sometimes also means doing too little.. Also I had a small travel so I was not with my computer recently. Btw, I'm still playing Hangul, I found [a table of all possible Hangul characters]( and I almost finished creating a Rime schema for Teochew with it. Part of my design is a bit tricky (I use final consonant for tones) and currently it's not useful though >< --- --- And I discovered a writing script called [Nüshu]( > syllabic script derived from Chinese characters that was used exclusively among women in Jiangyong County in Hunan province of southern China. > ... > "the most revolutionary and thorough simplification of Chinese characters ever attempted". Hangul is much more simplified imo XD
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: You can check [the official website](, mainly for Chinese input and the website is only in Chinese. It supports all pc and mobile (including iOS, and [the Android version]( doesn't require Internet access permission!) platforms. Also Archlinux Wiki has [a English wiki page]( for it. Btw, I have tried the Korean schema, looks like there is still room for improvement
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: yep, sound/word samples are necessary
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I'm very glad that I can find someone to talk about these topics, too!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: It's not my idea, one guy from my region, who studied Linguistics in University, created a Teochew IME project and some systematic tutorials to teach Teochew people how to type in Teochew, because currently only Mandarin is allowed to teach in school, and many local people can't speak their dialect (native tongue) very well. Now looks like there is a backslash happening!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I see, nice to hear that! Actually I can fluently speak Mandarin (with local accent), but I almost only share stuff and talk in English because quite some Chinese people here are aggressive and rude, therefore, I simply use English as a gateway so that I won't get disturbed by them :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > you can literally speak like singing~! @Leftside: Found out that in Wujiang, Suzhou some regions even have 12 tones! [research paper in Chinese](, the dialect belongs to a language group called [Wu]( (wiki)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: @caryoscelus: I find out an ultimate approach: directly conquer [the whole IPA](! IPA systematically categorizes vowels and consonants, and we can assign them to the relative vowels and consonants in every language (theoretically, if can't, then we will have one more element in IPA). So learning IPA directly can help a lot distinguish any word correctly.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Done! This is how I decoded the secret code :3 sepering isu kvming. wue(ai)dvr isu g(k)e(vi)ding ho(a)tvr. Spring is coming. Weather is getting hotter.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: I'm checking the visitor messages of the website. Guess what I find~ > Hi, My name is andrea saputra from Indonesia. I am teochew from Indonesia. I could speak teochew language a bit but I am not really good at it. however i could understand daily life conversation in teochew language since my parents always used teochew language everyday. > currently i am studying korean linguistic as my master degree in korea. and I have decided to write my thesis about comparison of korean and teochew language in kinship term of address. ... > as a teochew i am happy I could bring my language here to korea and introduce them about teochew language. I am really hope I could make this happen. > ...
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: And here are (standard) [Teochew 8+3 tones](/12MVkvYGcRW6u2NYbpfwVad1oQeyG4s9Er/index.html?view:item+id:1Mz1_1G27nKed7YQPtNxhH7DXoEKkmjj7Yq5D1x_item_15+type:audio), [list of consonants and vowels](/12MVkvYGcRW6u2NYbpfwVad1oQeyG4s9Er/index.html?view:item+id:1Mz1_1G27nKed7YQPtNxhH7DXoEKkmjj7Yq5D1x_item_14+type:image) on IFS, if you're interested :3 --- --- Wow! I also discover that Teochew now [has IME]( for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android :O It's even opensource [on Github](! But I will keep on using Hangul for some creative work :D
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: Also Hangul is already implemented in Unicode and has quite large blocks, check wiki for details: Hangul Jamo (Unicode_block) Hangul Compatibility Jamo (Unicode block) Hangul Jamo Extended-A (Unicode block) Hangul Jamo Extended-B (Unicode block) [Hangul Syllables]( (Unicode block)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: Actually I'm not learning Korean, but more interested in using Hangul to create my own constructed language :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: Thanks for sharing! That video is quite a nice explanation! Especially if the current online banking/payment system needs more energy than bitcoin, then it's totally a different story.. It's hard to prove and probably no one will investigate it though. > Bitcoin’s total electricity consumption is believed to be around 15 TWh. But from [Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity a year than Ireland]( > According to Digiconomist the estimated power use of the bitcoin network, which is responsible for verifying transactions made with the cryptocurrency, is 30.14TWh a year, which exceeds that of 19 other European countries. China may have the highest ability for Bitcoin mining. But it's illegal (or is banned) and thus risky. Promoting a new tech by encourging corruption and bribe is a bad joke imho (but I agree that in reality it may happen..). And just a fresh rumor [from]( .. > Gerade steht ja der G20 Gipfel an und auch Kryptowährungen sind dort ein Thema. Für den Bitcoin, Litecoin oder andere pseudonyme Kryptocoins dürfte sich nicht viel ändern, jedenfalls nicht für deutsche oder europäische Handelsplätze da hier ja eigentlich schon alles recht ordentlich geregelt ist, siehe Ohne sich zu verifizieren kann man dort sowieso schon lange nicht mehr handeln.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Try to read this :) 스프링 이즈 커밍. 왜더r 이즈 게팅 하터r. @Leftside: Thanks! There are also quite some infos in the comments o f this topic I need to digest XD and reply if I find sth worth sharing. Also I guess I need to take a rest and do sth else. So sorry that it will take some time for me to finish the homework you give me :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > you can literally speak like singing~! @leftside: Yep, Tang poetry is still popular here and there are FM-radio for it
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: Teochew has 八聲, but it varies in different regions and probably there are more..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: Let's encrypt by using Hangul~
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Loopback: I don't know. My bandwidth is 20 Mbps, and I can download Youtube video in 2 MB/s sometimes by my VPS. I guess it has sth to do with xyz domain ~~or Let's Encrypt ssl~~ (I can visit some websites under Let's Encrypt ssl very fast), some middle man attack..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Loopback: It's for setting `proxy_read_timeout 1h; #for long live websocket connetion` only for websocket but not other resources
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Loopback: Sorry I made a mistake for the link, fixed, does it work for you now?
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Loopback: Personal VPS in some places of the haven. Aka it's running in proxy mode. Here are [some instructions](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:44) in my blog
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: @Loopback: Ah.. Sure! That is a very good idea!!
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: @Loopback: but packages in AUR are not security-hardened, many are even non-free either not opensource.. therefore they can't make into official repo (Arch is not totally free either though)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: Btw, in ancient Chinese there was even not punctuation, sentences are not separated either, question mark was expressed by using yes no, much little, etc as a word, exclamation mark used a word instead. I guess in English it can be called as stream-of-consciousness, from novel Ulysses (Correction: ancient Chinese doesn't write directly by consciousness, but sentences are heavily crafted, and the grammar is very hard to master for Chinese people today.) One class lesson for learning ancient Chinese is to learn how to correctly separate sentences..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: Nice finding! I already know it though :3 I remember before @Flyman complained that Japanese has no space between words. But anyway it works as a language XD
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: @ulrichard: Yep, it's a medium and "help wanted" issue in the official repo: [issue #241](
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: @Loopback: You're welcome. I'm not a network security expert so I don't know much about this kind of things actually.
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: > ZeroNet still able to access localhost service, e.g. 80/443 port if running nginx, or even socks proxy that allow escape of outgoing firewall @Loopback: how is that possible? Because of tracker and something like uPnP (aka ZeroNet can keep scanning other port)? ZeroNet need trackers to discover peer, but afaik on router only 15441 port is opened for ZeroNet.
Binchan commented on Loopback's post: Awesome practice! Thanks! @ulrichard: you may be interested in this
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: sure, but I'm not sure that the language is the same with ancient Teochew, because no audio recorder at that time, and no efficient writing script like Hangul focus on sound instead of image.
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @ulrichard: For ZeroMe there is an unofficial [0hub.bit](, I don't recommend hitting the "Check me and unlock All hub.." button because the required permission can read and write your own data, some hubs may be spam, too. For the limited user space of those hub, you can check [this page](/138R53t3ZW7KDfSfxVpWUsMXgwUnsDNXLP/?Page:hubs) on ZeroWiki For 0-Gallery there isn't. I'm only seeding three hubs, mine, yours, and the one from the author of 0-Gallery..
Binchan commented on leftside's post: > I was too quick to blame nofish's code for it. @空澄砂夜: take a look at the comment below.. @leftside: @Nofish: Obviously it's a bug, the image process lib can't downscale image with extreme ratio
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Binchan commented on leftside's post: It's the same for ZeroMe and ZeroMe hub. 0gallery.bit is equal to Me.ZeroNetwork.bit. Probably you opened my 0-gallery hub first so it's a bit weird, compare to ZeroMe, a user opened ZeroMe first, downloaded a hub next.
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: I didn't research my family lineage, I study science so I'm not conservative in most conditions and prefer not to talk too much about identity either. Anyway, from [the wiki page](, Teochew population has estimated 25–30 million worldwide. So I'm not one of an almost extinct species :)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: > If proof by something else worked, it would be like perpetual motion: highly desirable, but very hard to achieve. Yes, only time can tell. > If somebody considers Bitcoin unethical, he either works for a bank, or feels he was too late to the game. I understand. It's also possble because of negative opinions from all kinds of media > Thinking about ethics, I collected some stories here: Why I prefer Bitcoin I already viewed the site before and are seeding. Iirc I didn't see an article gives some positive explanations about energy. Btw, I know little about the banking system, but I feel disgusting that most of mainstream media simply ignore Bitcoin or shitposting Bitcoin when its price suddenly goes down.
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: Thanks! My progress probably won't be very intensive and therefore slow, but I will share my experience if I have some good results. > Anyway, are you a Hokkien? Nope, a Teochew, probably live in the mainland, probably live in an unknown country on some Pacific islands :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: Agree. That's why I also posted the opinions from Torvalds and Eric Raymond in the comment. Their reasons are quite solid.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: LOL Thanks for finding the exact characters! I don't know how to pronounce them, I will try and tell you the result after I finish my Hangul lesson
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: As a personal hobby of creating a constructed language and writing my thought in my native language. For various causes many words of Teochew don't have a Kanzi (or Hanzi in Mandarin), using Hanzi can't 100% preserve a language, which is also mentioned in the video above. One of my close friends is a phD graduate, and when we are chating online, he writes in Teochew mixing with broken Hanzi and Latin.. Hokkien (Taiwanese), a relative of Teochew, can be written in [Pe̍h-ōe-jī]( But it has heavy religious background and I guess it was not voluntary. And currently Taiwan is a conflict zone in politics, I'm even worried that if a war began, it might affect the place I live.. I traveled there before and I know quite some ridiculous examples of religion activities there (it's kind of big business btw).
Binchan commented on leftside's post: @leftside: I think "to see all of it." is the problem, which is not very possible, but "want to see all of it" is quite a good attitude for life :) Btw, I'm starting learning Hangul, I know some classmates was learning Korean when I was a high school student, but I didn't pay attention at that time. I also know a Korean foreign student who studied the same speciality with me in the university, once I saw him using the presentation computer in the classroom before the lecture began and surfing online in Korean XD My speciality is Biotechnology, btw.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @leftside: Yep, but still hardware industry needs a profitable business model. Raspberry Pi promises free hardware design and is very successful, but still contains quite some software blobs. I guess Sony enjoys a lot from fan power and collaboration by openning Playstation ecosystem, but it doesn't work well for Sony phone
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Most poetically, Amazon once remotely deleted purchased—but unauthorized—copies of George Orwell’s 1984 from customers’ Kindles (or, says Stallman, “Swindles”). --- --- > “One of the reasons I don’t use the name ‘free software,’” Torvalds told me, is that “that whole ‘freedom’ thing comes with too much emotional baggage. You can’t discuss things rationally.” Eric Raymond, who cofounded the Open Source Initiative in 1998, says, “The free software crowd sound like moralists.” He argues that the best way to change most people’s behavior is “not to try to mess with their value premises,” but to offer practical incentives; they’ll then self-supply new values to rationalize their new behavior.
Binchan commented on leftside's post: Thanks! Awesome research and explanation! And learn something new: Middle Chinese
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: topic-prominent is quite interesting.. And it amazed me that Singaporean English and Hungarian are in the list
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > which makes it harder to apply to different languages. @Leftside: @caryoscelus: Here is [a related story]( > The Hunminjeongeum Society in Seoul attempts to spread the use of Hangul to unwritten languages of Asia.[34] In 2009, Hangul was unofficially adopted by the town of Bau-Bau, in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, to write the Cia-Cia language.[35][36][37] A number of Indonesian Cia-Cia speakers who visited Seoul generated large media attention in South Korea, and they were greeted on their arrival by Oh Se-hoon, the mayor of Seoul.[38] It was confirmed in October 2012 that the attempts to disseminate Hangul in Indonesia failed.[39] But there are still some people that use Hangul at home or co-officially.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Yep, I learnt Japanese with the textbook "minna no nihongo"(みんなの日本語), and from the beginning it presents some differences between the language spoken in Osaka and Tokyo. And when I search Osaka dialect, the first result is actually Kansei dialect (from Wikipedia)..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Yet another difference is that you used "з" (z) instead of either "э" or "е". @caryoscelus: They are so small and look so similar in the virtual keyboard, and I picked the wrong one :P
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Although Teochew (region) belongs to Guangdong province, for the old generation, all Chinese except Teochew are called foreigner lol
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > A dialect of Jaeju Island in Korea was used as an encrypt verbal language for radio transmission during Korean War.. lol. @Leftside: Yep, heard some similar things before. Actually I prefer not to consider Teochew as a dialect because it's even not mutually intelligible with its relative Hokkien. It's not suggested in the English wiki, but it's suggested in the German wiki about [Min Nan]( > Wie auch bei anderen Sprachen der chinesischen Sprachfamilie ist der offizielle Standpunkt der Volksrepublik China, dass Minnan ein Dialekt und keine Sprache ist. Jedoch überlappt sich Minnan lexikalisch nur zu 15,1 % mit Hochchinesisch, und die Sprachen sind gegenseitig nicht verständlich. Selbst zwischen verschiedenen geographischen Ausprägungen von Minnan ist die gegenseitige Verständlichkeit sehr gering.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Thanks for the detailed explaination! > When Japanese alphabet Hiragana invented? From [Hiragana wiki page]( "a practice that started in the 5th century." > But regarding language itself, maybe one of the hardest languages in the world to learn, listen and speak. Ever heard of [Teochew]( :3 Promised to be the hardest Chinese dialect to understand
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: Thanks!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: Kanji characters is quite similiar to Hangul from the first impression, but yes some Kanji changed too much in history, becomes too unique and needs to remember seperately, English vocabulary either ;_;
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: What does it mean? :) For Korean before I saw a net friend gave such [a praise]( > Turns out that hangul is one of the most straightforward writing systems in the world. Unbelievable! From [wiki page]( > Some linguists consider Hangul the most logical writing system in the world, partly because the shapes of its consonants mimic the shapes of the speaker's mouth when pronouncing each consonant.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: my pleasure! I have created [an issue]( to the official repo, if you're concerned about it, you can track the progress there
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @ulrichard: We all know that scalability is an issue for Bitcoin. Segwit and Lightning Network are getting promoted for solving this issue. I still know little about Lightning Network, but afaik a large part of the community is pretty conservative about adding Segwit support. Another issue I'm concerned about is energy. Do we really need to keep maintaining such an energy-intensive system? And when there is a better replacement (Like Proof of Capacity, Monero without expensive ASIC devices)? Because of this some of my net friends consider Bitcoin not ethical..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: yep! They looks so different O_O I'm shocked when my copy-paste becomes totally different things. The difference is у vs в, чо vs джё. For me у sounds more like u(w), дж -> ds, ч -> ch, I just constructed my sentence by referencing that graph tutorial and wikipedia. Also I agree hard vowel is better here, as cho is actually chyo
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @caryoscelus: XD and then, any better learning resources for Russian. I prefer [direct method]( (Education) for learning language, so if I'm going to learn Russian, I'd like to start with some software like Rosetta stone
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > I like the books from Cory Doctorow, and that he shares them with a permissive license. But when I wanted to donate some BTC to him, I couldn't find an address where to send... @ulrichard: That's quite obvious but also unfortunate imho, if he asked for donation, what about you send BTC to one of your trusted friends and then he donates the author by a different payment method? Btw, emailing the author to accept Bitcoin donation sounds improper. Bitcoin is widely accepted, but I can't imagine one day it will cover every individual.
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: yep :3 it's called [Pe̍h-ōe-jī]( > Developed by Western missionaries working among the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia in the 19th century and refined by missionaries working in Xiamen and Tainan, it uses a modified Latin alphabet and some diacritics to represent the spoken language. After initial success in Fujian, POJ became most widespread in Taiwan and, in the mid-20th century, there were over 100,000 people literate in POJ. I don't understand Pe̍h-ōe-jī, but my native language is a relative to Hokkien so I can somehow understand some words
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: dzibun(人類)はどうやってshinkaできる?工具(kikkai)の発明がいるですから
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Leftside: looks like there is a bug for the site and the download link (below "thumb up" icon) won't appear before the book is downloaded. You can combine the site address with the address inside "Embed Code" to get the link:
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Ulrichard: my fav is by using Kiwix, with it I can read lots of things offline. [Official resources](, many mirrors like [this one]( I like reading Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource. [Android app](, there is also [a headless app](, so it can be used across different devices in the same network like ZeroNet. For books there is [Gutenburg](, and sorry for German fellows because it probably [gets blocked]( There are also old Gutenburg archives as Kiwix files (created in 2014), so I can have the whole library offline, English archive is 40G, a bit too large, German archive is fine (509M). And yep some books of mine are pirated, I'm proud of myself for downloading a lot of books shared by net friends when I was in university :3, even though my university already has many libraries and huge book collections, the book sharing environment online is very awful now.. and I just saw this news..: [Switzerland Takes Steps Against eBook Piracy]( --- --- I agree that DRM is plague. With DRM, besides we can't share books, it's possible that all books will automatically get burned when Amazon goes down, I doubt if they have a solution now. If you really want some new published books to read, I think it's possible to contact the author to release it in DRM-free form, if the author can't because of some contract.. one solution is DRM-removed tool, or copy the content to another format. Ebook is a big business now, so unfornately things won't get better in these years I guess.
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: I was suspicious about the "only x hours left for this price" thing. Guess what I find now, the price is almost half of the one yesterday (they didn't lie..) O_O
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: Btw, I only know, didn't know there is a Chinese ver.
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: == The register progress is intersting..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Some of the technologies used in Pleroma include Elixir, Vue.js, and the Phoenix framework. [[src]]( Good! Time to migrate my server from GNUsocial Creator's blog: [What Is Pleroma?]( --- --- > You don't need to build Pleroma yourself. Check out to see how to run Pleroma and Qvitter at the same time. > ... > Dual boot with qvitter O_O Qvitter is GNUsocial Javascript frontend btw.
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: screenshot?
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: Hmm, guess I will mv almost all old posts with image to my own hub so I can directly post screenshot with this account.. --- --- Done!
Binchan commented on Rena's post: [ZeroMe Language Character Filter and Hub Timeline](?Post/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/1503681678), and welcome to ZeroNet :D
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: 読める (yomeru) =D > kanji no kaku wa dzibun ga dekinai корз уа чотто кагакутзки дзуанаи これはちょっと科学的ではない :P
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: @Eibriel: My pleasure! Nope, I'm just learning German, I also know some simple Spanish :D De nada!
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: :O 知っている。ですが、人類が前に進むために機械の進化が必要だと思う
Binchan commented on Hermes32's post: Tried, Beaker looks pretty neat! Unfortunately I'm suffering [no peer issue](, so sorry can't help seeding your site. looks like a temp solution. And it would be nice if ZeroNet could offer free subdomain for users, e.g. if a user registers a ZeroID `bob`, then he will have a domain `bob.zeroid.bit`, and he can use it for a site he created, or `` without namecoin domain. Need to prevent spamming, so not any id will be supported @Nofish
Binchan commented on Eibriel's post: Interesting project.. There is [Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom](, before I wanted a German version but couldn't find one, you may like to use it for your cool AI :)
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: Bestseller..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: Oops, Forget to switch profile.
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Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Yep, toki pona is a toy, probably won't be used for serious things/study/research, but like esperanto, the community is quite active, too. From wiki, Ithkuil is designed to express deeper levels of human cognition briefly yet overtly and clearly. That's super cool! Guess using that language will be like solving difficult math problems :D For lojban, it looks quite user-friendly and not hard to understand, I can't say I like those `.`, `'` before looking into it more though. I wonder if there is a research project like teaching AI or robot to use a constructed language. Relatively easy word creation process is important and can be used as a criterion, maybe AI can help us find/create a best constructed language and even a common language Btw, before I tore an English sentence and created such a thing: ðose vvh0 1 n 1gn0re 0 _no_ 0n1y ha1f 0f ðe vv0r1d. ðey vvill l0se n 1't _no_ y. (the content is kind of a rant though) --- --- "Some people have claimed that using Ithkuil, a person would be able to think five times faster. Do you believe this?" XD [[Ithkuil FAQ]](
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Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: LOL Look forward for it
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: sorry for the late reply! > Why not create more languages? No problem with that, and I think it's not in conflict with existing languages. I'm also interested in constructed languages like toki pona, though I still haven't look into it. Creating one new language should be fun, too. For Esperanto there were/are quite many critics: For [the current wiki page]( there are only 3 lines. But if you dig the history a bit, you may find something very different... Like [this version on 12 April 2016‎]( > Even if one language is dominating, there probably will always be people who would be interested in learning other (including dead ones; and note that internet languages will be much better preserved than ancient ones) languages for fun. I agree. People can also learn dead languages, like Latin, ancient Greek. But it needs a lot of effort. It's hard for a learner to reach the level of native speaker, and a learner can't find a native speaker for helping practise the language as there are not native speakers any more. > I think i understand your position well enough and the rest is indeed a debate. I could be mistaken (or it is possible that you don't understand my position) though. But it seems to me that we started going in circles. Yep, it looks like our discussions couldn't focus on specific arguments. I won't say we are in circles though, imo we are still sharing valuable opinions :)
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > I don't think you've answered why should we be trying to preserve them My statement "translation isn't enough to understand and preserve them." is one of the answers, and your new statement "the only way to get those nuances across would be to write a long footnote describe all possible meanings in the original." also proves it I guess. > For my "anti-conservative" mind possibility that exactly current situation is the best sounds very improbable Actually the situation is getting worse for language diversity, from the prediction in "wiki - Extinct language", as mentioned in my previous post. For "anti-conservative", I also agree that sometimes old things need to die and make room for the new. But lost of diversity can become a different thing, it can mean the whole system is dying, like you previous statement "smaller languages being influenced by and even possibly merged into bigger ones", so in the end would there be only one existing, then die of loneliness or mono. > My point is that the efforts put into language diversity might as well be put into other diversities or just things to explore (where sciences, arts and math are just examples) and i don't see any way to evaluate what will result in a better diversity overall. They are not in conflict I suppose, some people choose learning more languages and study different culture, some people study sciences, arts, etc, and try to discover something totally new. But without language diversity, no one could do the former any more. > ..but not proving them. In other words, it is good for illustrating position, but it isn't evidence that can be used as sound argument. Yep, though imo proving, sound arguments may be necessary for debate, are not always necessary for discussion or understanding. And analogy can provide a wider/new vision for it, but this is a bit off-topic.
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Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > I think it's slightly better than average, due to having a rich "extended" grammar that is however rarely used in many areas and can be misunderstood by those unfamiliar with it. That said, i suppose any language with philosophy and science tradition would have that. I totally agree on these statements. > There are a lot of untranslatable ambiguities and nuances though. A single language itself also has a lot of ambiguities and nuances. These issues are not easy to solve, but it doesnt mean they are unsolvable. > I suspect that even the most sophisticated machine would not stop smaller languages being influenced by and even possibly merged into bigger ones. While it would solve the problem of extra work, it might also end up accelerating language extinction. That's true, but it doens't mean we can't save them. There are many ancient scripts written in different languages, unique culture expressed in different languages (by spoken or by written). And translation isn't enough to understand and preserve them. Like Maya civilization, it's extinct but now many people (historians, etc) are taking a lot of time trying to re-discovery and understand them. Why not try to save (keep) them from the beginning when it's possible? > As for me, i don't like attempts to fit humanity into reflecting biological processes ... Unfornately I studied life sciences when I was a student, and I like to fit (compare) human(ity) to a larger system :3 > Better for whom? What hundreds of species? Depending on that, it may be considered better or worse. (Language) diversity is better for everyone I suppose, from [wiki - Ecological effects of biodiversity]( "The current rate of extinction is sometimes considered a mass extinction, with current species extinction rates on the order of 100 to 1000 times as high as in the past." From [wiki - Extinct language]( "As of the 2000s, a total of roughly 7,000 natively spoken languages existed worldwide. Most of these are minor languages in danger of extinction; one estimate published in 2004 expected that some 90% of the currently spoken languages will have become extinct by 2050." Certainly language diversity is diferent with biodiversity, but like species, if a language was extinct, all related things were unrecoverable, and it would be harmful than helpful to human culture ecosystem I think. > Arts, just like sciences were an example of diversity and things to explore unrelated to language diversity. I don't think arts is unrelated to language diversity. Even some arts from the beginning are languages, like calligraphy.
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Do you mean webbrowser console? Or is that possble for cmdline?
Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: @Cleberz: Played, really an interesting game!
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > Would it be better if everyone would speak their own unique language? > ... > Every person can be viewed as unique regardless of language. I find this question hard to answer, but I think it would be better if everyone has their own opinions, thinks different but is still agreeable and tolerant to others. A unique language is helpful for the former, a common language is helpful for the latter I guess. > I don't think i can persuade people who are not close to my opinion that it would be better if there would be a single common language. English is already a global [lingua franca]( [[ref]](, but still learning English is hard for many people in many regions, learning a language takes a lot of time. I think it would be nice if learning a language became very easy and anyone could easily communicate with each other with a same language. But a differnet approach, a high quality translation machine is also ideal I suppose. It would be wonderful when a human being met an alien, the translation machine collected the language the alien spoke, understood it and then they could communicate with each other. Machine is better for this job I guess. > Would it be better if there would be millions of languages spoken in the world? > Would it be better if there would be hundreds of languages spoken in the world? What about replacing languages with species: would it be better if there are millions of species in the world? Or only hundreds of species? > diversity in one area may take away resources from another. For example, consider how much resources is put into translation > ... > Even understanding each other while speaking supposedly single (macro)language proves to be a hard task I think this problem should be solved by technology instead, aka translation machine or others. > Natural sciences, social sciences, arts In Europe, before most natural sciences papers were written in Latin, later in German (iirc, especially for modern physics), and now in English. English isn't a good language for precise writing, if you agree.. Some branches of social sciences are related to culture, and so need a differnet language. Some are not, so a common language is probably better. Arts has nothing to do with this topic I guess, and it sounds weird if all people did arts and communicated arts with a common language.
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Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: @Test20180221: That's a good idea, but does it work directly? Or still need some extra code in `plugins/UiPassword`? ssh as mentioned in the [ref] of my second comment is also nice I guess
Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: > Ah, additionally must need the client's public key as well to send's public key to the client privately.. @Test20180221: Yep, that's essential, the client needs public key ><
Binchan commented on weakish's post: @Test20180221: Yep, [Kaffie ID](/id.kaffie.bit/) is designed to be offline. Be careful using it for a new site because id name is not unique and can easily get spammed. You can clone the site for yourself and customize it, I rememer there are some instructions but I can't find it. If you're interested in it and need help, @ Polar, Kaffie or 空澄砂夜
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Test20180221: thx for the info!
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: > i just noticed that phrase "to understand language" can have two somewhat different emphasises Yep, I also often get stuck in finding that a phrase may have more than one meaning or emphasize on different things, and can't reply immediately, one of the reasons that I seldomly speak in chatroom. > Do you use german as example of language that defines identity? Think about it one more time, I suppose "German language defines Germnay identity", or "Germany identity is only defined by German language" is wrong, afaik Germany identity is also defined by its history, geography, culture, etc. So now I agree with your opinion: "but then it is more correct to say that language is a part of cultural identity, but it does not define it" > But for a language spoken by hundred thousands or millions? > ... > Hmm, did you mean "counterargument"? (Supposedly) more common musical meaning of word "counterpoint" seems to be only tangentially related. Then that language is probably a macrolanguage instead of a single language, in WordNet "counterpoint" as a noun only means "a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies ", but in Oxford Dictonary it has three meanings, and one is "(written) a pleasing or interesting contrast". Good example to show that there are quite a lot of differences between AmE and BrE, there are also Canada English, Australia English, Chinese English, etc, in different region a language can varies a lot and is influenced by the speaker's native language. Further more some may become mutually unintelligible. Like Singlish (one kind of English spoken in Singapore), heavily mixed with Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and also acronym (RMB -> remember..) > This is why i call the consensus and identity illusionary. It often works for people who are similar, but breaks when differently enough people confront each other. Yep, That's also why I consider identity isn't a good word. Consensus is a bit different I guess, in Oxford Dict it means "an opinion that all members of a group agree with", so a consensus can also apply to all human, like peace, empathy, fairness. It should be helpful for solving "No true Scotsman" argument, too. Also language diversity may lead to more misunderstanding, but it doesn't mean it's guilty for the issue you mentioned and shouldn't be promoted. > as for language diversity, i don't see how it can increase freedom. Yep, it's not for increasing freedom, imo diverisity is for more differences, more different kinds of things, more things that I still don't understand, and more possiblility.
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: I also found that Red, Blue, White hub has no `max_size_optional` limit.. but orange hub has, @Nofish: could you remove the `max_site_optional` limit on orange hub or add extra max optional file limit permission for my account, or soon I won't be able to sign my content And I decide to keep my account on orange hub, create another hub and switch hub with a different cert. It won't be able to comment on other hubs, so only for testing and posting ><
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: I tried again and no problem, so just as you say, it's from failed posts. --- --- And when I deleted a post, the .piecemap.msgpack file is still in the folder
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: My optional files just reached 10,000,000... and I could't sign my `content.json`.. A good excuse to leave orange hub, go sole and create my own hub. I guess I don't care too much if (some of) my posts can't be seen by most of the users X)
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: It works. Thx! A small issue: when re-upload a new image or deleting the post, the (old) image doesn't get deleted, including the optional files in `content.json` of my user folder. And I realize that `"max_size_optional": 10000000` is `max size` not `size` X(
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: > 生成预览图的过程太奇怪于是干脆整个作为黑箱复制进来了。这就是所谓的船货崇拜编程法吗。 @空澄砂夜: :3
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: > but likely not an issue caused by this feature. Some step of the image processing is probably taking up too much memory. @空澄砂夜: I see. That's interesting.. In comparison, when using 0-gallery uploading wizard, the cpu of my laptop easily reaches 100%..
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: > The user will have to choose a hub that accommodates their needs. @空澄砂夜: Yep, currently I feel enough to just keep backing up my profile data, in future I also prefer to create my own hub. Say hello, commenting on others' hub should be enough for avoiding isolation. > Actually I do have plans to add support for videos on |><||>. I remember you mentioned it before in one of your previous posts :3
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: @空澄砂夜: Stuck when I tried to post a 1.2 MB, 640x7446 image, the console complaint: > Unhandled promise rejection out of memory main.js:22:285494 > C/</a< > e.exports > C/< > e.exports > <anonym> > h > y
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: Looks like original file upload won't work when it's larger than ~10 MB, because in `./data/users/content.json` of official ZeroMe hub there is `"max_size_optional": 10000000`, and interestingly optional file doesn't have type limit placeholder `files_allowed_optinal`, so gif, mp4, mp3, zip.. are allowed?
Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: @Test20180221: I haven't looked into the code, but guess data transfer in remote mode is different with the ZeroNet network itself, so many things need different/extra implementation
Binchan commented on 空澄砂夜's post: fish@sakana.bit LOL
Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: @Test20180221: Don't know either. Does javascript encryption work in this situation? I only know that https is used for secure data transfer in the network, so guess need self-sign ssl cert and related support
Binchan commented on Cleberz's post: @Test20180221: yep if your are using a safe network, as password is transferred over insecure HTTP protocol [[ref]](?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/1GnJD7CXskmG8GywMbTvbP12wneCFW9XzR/1483533203)
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: I really like and agree your answers to the new question :) but I also feel your answers missed the keyword "native", i.e. you are more answering "Why do some people begin to care about understanding language?" > My point about identity being illusionary was not about the word being appropriate. Rather, that the feeling of being similar due to speaking same language is largely an illusion. > ... > but then it is more correct to say that language is a part of cultural identity, but it does not define it For some culture the language may not define the identity, but for some culture it does. German and Germany is a good example I guess, though some Dutch seems to consider German as not a real language, from the popular "American first, the Netherlands second" video [[IFS]](/12MVkvYGcRW6u2NYbpfwVad1oQeyG4s9Er/index.html?view:item+id:1Mz1_1G27nKed7YQPtNxhH7DXoEKkmjj7Yq5D1x_item_10+type:video) [[Youtube]]( (so it may be just a joke). Similarly once I saw someone complaint "the grammar of English is that English has no grammar". > Admittedly, sometimes language and cultural tradition go hand in hand and not very separated Yep, sometimes, and sometimes not, you may like to take a look at this wiki for a whole view of the current situation of languages: [Language family]( > i.e. you may speak the language but feel alienated from the rest of culture, even if there is single culture associated with language If an individual gets alienated, it has nothing to do with the language, and my previous view "a group with same/similar identity (language) have some consensus, can understand and accept each other more easily, and are more willing to talk to and help each other." is still proper I guess. > Somewhat similar is with human languages: direction of thought, common themes, education and worldview often contribute more to productivity of communication than sharing native language. > ... > I'd be quite happy if everybody would switch to a single logical constructed language as first lang or at least would be able to communicate in english. I guess the Japanese example I mentioned in previous post is still a counterpoint to this view. I prefer an idea that capable individuals learn more languages and bridge different culture (or creating a high quality translation machine), instead of all people in the world can communicate each other with the same language. > But it seems to me that attaching inherent ethical value to diversity is a dangerous path (less dangerous than attaching ethical value to unification, though). For the trend of decentralization (if it's not an illusion), I think we are favoring diversity than unification.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Almost no latency, but probably not good enough for professional use. You may like to take a look at these two reviews: [Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper Notes and Handwriting Review](, [Closer Look at 10.3-inch Onyx Boox Note](, all with video
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Sony has created pretty good drawing experience for [DPT-RP1](, and yes many users complaint that nib wears down quickly and it's hard to find alternaive
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Thanks for the suggestion! Actually I searched online before, but couldn't find one because the device I'm using is a new product and not popular. I'm using this:
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @空澄砂夜: Thx \*^^*
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: > I didn't say "care about language", but "care to understand language". @caryoscelus: sorry that I misread such a small post. > More generally the problem is that many (maybe all to some degree, but the degree matters a lot in this case) people prefer (unconsciously, of course) to understand any external information (including text/speech in their native language, mentioned in original post) in a way that is most consistent with their expectations. Agree. People don't learn a native language by learning grammar or language theory, it's quite a subconscious process. People prefer to understand more about external info, it might because it's more natural in that way (I also wanted to mention self and others, but I feel that idea could be a bias). We can also change to question to: Why do some people begin to care about understanding their native language? > but that identity appears to be largely illusionary. I agree that identity isn't a good word, as it sometimes isolates a group and raises racism. Maybe familiarity, feeling at home, consensus are some better words. > Different groups who speak supposedly single language might have the "tourist" level of mutual understanding. Yep, might have, there are also some opposite. E.g. Japanese tends directly absord different languages into itself. Many Japanese people can only speak Japanese but are very open-minded and creative, I even saw a documentary from Arte, an English professor brought a Japanese assistent to Africa to do some research, he could only speak Japenese and they communicated with each other in it. --- --- > my original thought was not about native language vs more popular language. That's also something I'm concerning about. Because some children of my relatives here now speak more national language taught in school than native language learnt from the beginning. That's unavoidable I guess, because most of their time is now spent and exposed to the national language, and because they live in a more (inter)nationlized region.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Lola: I follow ccc congress on the Internet since 32c3, I really enjoyed every year's event and lots of talk. If there is a good chance I will join the event, but I guess I need to move to a more internationalized place first so I can communicate better with others (that I can type decent English doesn't mean I can speak good English :P), and if tickets won't become harder and harder to get, rental fee near the event won't become too high..
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Polar Polaris: I definitely stay neutral for this topic!
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: Damn.. Fail to download deps 3 times and.. [how to make package managers cry]( -> "How to make software difficult to install"
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: @Nofish: I realize that SMTP/POP3 has an advanced feature: with rss a user can only receive notification and read newsfeeds, but with SMTP a user can can reply to ZeroMail, aka interact with ZeroNet users, need some extra setup for each site if there isn't an API though. If there is an API, a dev on GNU/Linux or BSD can even easily do everything with cmdline, with super low system requirement, as no need for a GUI system setup. --- --- The API is like, for every new item of newsfeeds, a user can reply to it by the API, without checking the dbschema. I guess we just need to add a placeholder `reply_to: dbwrite cmd` in the Newfeeds plugin and a zite developer can add it when adding newsfeeds feature.
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: I guess more than 90% of people in my local don't care about our native language or mother tongue. But it's said that the language here changed little for more than a thousand year, as the culture here is quite conservative. I care about it but it's hard to systemize, and systemizing it may also destroy it and its diversity --- --- Imo language is a communication tool but also a (culture) identity, and sometimes it's a secret/encryption, a group with same/similar identity have some consensus, can understand and accept each other more easily, and are more willing to talk to and help each other.
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Glightstar: Clever neighbor! Next time when I need to create an account and avatar in some commercial site, I will use it for my avatar :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Glightstar: yup, that potato looks so familiar XD
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Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: > It's not a new concept. @caryoscelus: I see, then the `More formally, in recent work we have defined rationalization as ... ` in his article is just a re-defining.
Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: Here is my writing for zite bootstrapping: [Zite Publishing - From A User's Perspective](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:70). I can't download your RainyNite Demo, "home page under construction", repo for Obligatory empty page. The other two in your profile are ok. Hope my writing can help
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Binchan commented on caryoscelus's post: Quite a piece of professional writing and not easy to digest. > We’ve all been there. You’re arguing with someone – about politics, or a policy at work, or about whose turn it is to do the dishes – and they keep finding all kinds of self-serving justifications for their view. When one of their arguments is defeated, rather than rethinking their position they just leap to another argument, then maybe another. They’re rationalizing –coming up with convenient defenses for what they want to believe, rather than responding even-handedly to the points you're making. Yep, I experienced it a lot when taking political news or issues with a close friend. That's disapointing, but sometimes we just need communication, even if it's just small talk or something politically-incorrect.. That's ok I guess. On the other hand, the author tried to raise a new concept and named it "rationalization", but maybe, to some extent he was also rationalizing something.. a kind of self-contradition or self-reference.
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: @Nofish: Good idea, rss is just a formatted text file and can be read by more apps besides email client, I know there are some Python libraries that can generate rss file, guess it can be very lightweight, too. I will give it a try. Still I can't answer B, C and D, will you accept it as an official plugin? If?
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: @Nofish: It's also quite easy to add a feature of pushing Newsfeeds to an E-mail client, so a user can simply read ZeroNet newsfeeds and receive notifications without opening a browser
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Putsan: That's expected for merger site, you need to open first
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: @ulrichard: looks like it needs a lot of efforts to transform it into an easy-using official plugin. Maybe it doesn't worth to do so many things for a small feature. @Nofish: And what about an opt-in official plugin for email client by modifying [ZeroMailProxy]( Is it more doable?
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: I can pick up A, but I never write a ZeroNet plugin before and I can't answer B and C, and only @Nofish can answer D, if he notices this message (ZeroNet somehow still can't guarantee message from publisher will be seen by receiver/target) and is interested in it. ~~Hmm, I will create an issue on Github later.~~
Binchan commented on Deadjoker's post: @ulrichard: @Nofish: For local ZeroMail bot it's necessary to store extra data in local, but if for ZeroHello notification and SMTP/POP3 support, I think it's possible to integrate them into an official plugin. There is [a tutorial](/DevCenter.bit/?/tutorials/write_a_plugin) by @Lola about how to write a ZeroNet plugin, and there are [quite some third-party plugins](/1JjHyLeEDidHyyN33Y8f8cQKVEzWCEPnW7/) by @Talnicrom which can be used as example. The problems are.. A: who is/are going to implement them? B: Are there some difficulties? C: When will it get finished? D: Will it get accepted by the official?
Binchan commented on nekololi's post: Yep, as Krixano said, you can receive ZeroMail notifications in ZeroHello by using [local ZeroMail bot](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:67), I'm using it and it works pretty well, you may like to take a try. Also I will try to implement it as a plugin, and.. you can wait^TM for it :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > You certainly deserve a "0net archivarius" title Thx :D > duplicate? @caryoscelus: Yep, because of a random bug or [a deep bug of ZeroMe as mentioned by Sayo in this issue ](/1GitLiXB6t5r8vuU2zC6a8GYj9ME6HMQ4t/repo/issues/view/?15Z4H5K8YxjqGWpPxMLHWwr6Ve2nR7dz8d/1@1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Putsan: Yep, it's a filter, the site owner can add moderator to help filter content that is against the rules of the site.
Binchan commented on ulrichard's post: @ulrichard: Thank you for keeping that in mind and your generousness! Here is the address: `1CD6NaHEncn8LriYUj7MDoNqDMWyuigjBX`, or with Segwit `bc1q444zz8csmsuq958cdk4wp399zngc3ysl4r7f83`, and you may also like to check my new writing [Playing Electrum](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:75) :)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Putsan: which switch do you mean? And number of files? If for the downloading, your computer will try to download every 1 MB block of a big file and put them together.
Binchan commented on Lola's post: > And I also realize that ZeroMe doesn't support adding several pictures in the same post. @Lola: imagemagick has pretty nice command to merge multiple pictures: `convert -append -resize 800x screenshot-* output.png` `convert +append -resize 800x screenshot-* output.png` (for horizontal sprite)
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Nofish: No problem with that, iirc you said you sent some money to some devs who submitted important bug reports and patches. Imo that's a good way to use the donated money. A dev adds donation address to her/his profile, contributes to projects s/he likes without contract and reward guarantee. That's something wonderful and warm.
Binchan commented on Nofish's post: You forget to publish Version 0.6.2 to clearnet like reddit so fellows can help spreading this piece of good news on clearnet :D
Binchan commented on ZeroLSTN's post: @ZeroLSTN: for some large music databases like "Imported from ZeroMusic", it may be very difficult to add year metadata for all songs. "Uploading to the correct merger site" looks also infeasible for all kinds of users. That's what the wiki-like feature is for I guess.
Binchan commented on ZeroLSTN's post: @Zerolstnmobile2: @ZeroLSTN: You can rename Zerolstnmobile2 to ZeroLSTN and receive username mention on both client ;)
Binchan commented on ZeroLSTN's post: Looks like it may break many things, what about creating a new site and use Merged: ZeroLSTN 2.0 instead, and Genre site owner can use the upgrade feature to upgrade to ZeroLSTN 2.0 (and also need to rewrite all data.json), and some genres that can't be upgraded due to all kinds of reason can still be downloaded and played.
Binchan commented on Jetten's post: @Jetten: Lxpz [explained the cause here and provide a solution for nginx setting](?Post/1SunAWK2VUT9GQK32MpwRfFPVgcBSJN9a/1LrDWSzi63MhST9ZNkefSPJGFAuByRMeCx/1516610853). For me installing ~~ttf-font-awesome~~ nodejs-material-design-icons font (Archlinux) solves the issue, too.
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @猫叉酱(小号): Kalafina LIVE 2010 "Red Moon" at JCB HALL (original + romanised + Rus/Eng subs) (1.4 GB) If you enjoyed this concert, just support the musicians and BUY IT :3
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @Nekololi: nope, I don't know its content if I don't open that pandora box X) It may be a prank, may be a bomb, and may replace all files in your system if you are not careful...
Binchan commented on Styromaniac's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: @Nofish: I think moderating those files is not efficient, anyway, the illegal file is optional, and I think the planning sharing muting list feature will be enough for dealing this kind of things
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: Yep, actually my ZeroNet is running on a RPi, and my first post on my blog: [ZeroNet on a Raspberry Pi 2](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:2) :D
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Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Binchan: at myself one time, receiving notif on both side :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Kaffie: I'm pretty lazy and slow in many cases, too X)
Binchan commented on Musickiller's post: @Musickiller: Nyaa X3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Kaffie: Official support is also possible.. you probably know that uimedia.js and uimedia.css are pre-loaded for every zite, if @Nofish accepts spaghetti css code :3
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: > Java turned out to be a trademark that would get them in trouble, JavaScript later gets renamed to ECMAScript and everyone still calls it JavaScript. == --- --- From wiki > The ECMAScript specification is a standardized specification of a scripting language developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape; initially it was named Mocha, later LiveScript, and finally JavaScript. --- --- > John Resig writes a helper library for JavaScript, everyone thinks it’s a language and make careers of copy and pasting jQuery codes from the internets. ==
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Kaffie: or use an older one (Firefox ESR 52) like Torbrowser/Icecat, or wait for the bug fix...
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Kaffie: @_@ take a look at my comments [in your previous post](/Me.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/1NWh3WAty57FH8at1WtrZigMrdhrDkuPzh/1517211952)
Binchan commented on Binchan's post: @Kaffie: Nope, by my [general dark theme userstyle](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:3). > If so I just ask for an option to disable the "unknown template" boxes that flood the pages, so that it's actually clean and readable. @Git Center
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A clone account of [Musickiller@ZeroID.bit]( Confirmed [here]( --- Other accounts on this PC: Patchwork: @YtKbCLteE2BbMG0G6nyAsSYECOpE/Iz6XsNyohOCbic=.ed25519
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Stand for privacy and open.
Just some random zeronet user Can read and write English and Chinese 我会中文和英文 Welcome my page! My Blog: [1648uDJu8HaSjiYR6p8KJMGtKGQyUdFNqS]( My Twitter: [@Thunder33345](
I am a graphic designer and crypto-enthusiast. I am also a Liberty-lover and think that I should be able to live my life as I choose as long as I am not harming anyone else in the process. [Piloth's Blog]( [Artifax Radio]( [ZeroTalk Cryptocurency Thread]( [Cyptocurrency Wallet Generator](
ZeroNet is the way! **[](** **[8 bits away [blog]](/1GrwWFTmrKgUGQsGxrKSsRbb2dt8UJaBPN/?Home)**: **[HomePage [todo]](/1BkHJVdwgs8YYDDRwekY1UDnzNmrGX8tYg)** **[ZeroWiki [ITA]](/121RPConrCLF4pu8uhKBnPHjyvhLhtJXr4)**:
안녕하세요 레프트사이드입니다. 2018-03-04 01:34:29 [PGP: 1848 E18F 5481 4812 4094 2997 7061 8B16 6166 40B2](../1Gtubs5zzkhkVAxiEyZuYTJMWSpJ1qY22s/?Post:29) Bitcoin wallet: 1cLa4Vh6UoUX4yi8aSXoSAvg9tFSvukWH [한글제로토크(ZeroTalkKorea)]( **[Leftside's blog](../1Gtubs5zzkhkVAxiEyZuYTJMWSpJ1qY22s/?Toc=dateDesc)**
.:weird and hungry content creator:. .:lazy programmer:. .:an artificial construct of someone’s mind somewhere on the other end of the net:. - [home page](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/) [ [blog](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/blog/) ] ([clearnet mirror]( - [my music](/1FiHm91tcDdjkiGkHZH2xoMc7Qmzrh8sv3/) - [moving pictures theatre](/1N8zibqog72CCDBDo8jrxU7C6Q8JeVND2Z/) - [short stories](/1JecUbTPHudVR3fi6KMFwQNW2mT2L8H7dq/) - [poetry](/1QDEpSBxTXiZ4ak9m9ATAVAy1SSLiRrxKs/) - [heavy bright sun](/1HAB57aQRcLHoHb3ehHrh8SZT647VWVA28/) - [Libre Dazai](/1JPGL61v5LgbfyD3pvAkCy3YqrCWqaekWH/) - [Obligatory Empty Page](/13GoB3QYyoqtN7wVpuQfgAQxn7LwucYED7/) ([repo](/1EtWCTxuY34N4C8incQgjTw8M2S2TPvZwF)) - [HydeView - yet another duct tape engine, related to Jekyll](/18JXMUqeg6u1nZXi1rYTsiUpBuzTnyi9yc/) ([repo](/1DTjNhj7Mm4hSvEQ2mEUnWp5cP1eaUzHyA)) - [donate](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/donate/) (please don't donate on my 0net addresses: that might be insecure) The rumours say i may write.. - a reasonably good world english - ..на достаточно литературном русском - ..外人の日本語で - ..bau la mabla lojban Please don't use automated translation to write if you don't know a language, we can use it to read instead Copyright is stupid and unethical. Free software and libre culture ftw! Being on my "following" list does not imply endorsement, though being on my "mute" list implies dis-endorsement
zeronet is dope
Two years old ZeroNet user. [Main account](?Profile/1oranGeS2xsKZ4jVsu9SVttzgkYXu4k9v/1AWwhg4EiWAVttfQboJZ4wJfX3WawfJT3h/binchan2@zeroid.bit)
ZeroNet Spaceship XO *nix Sysadmin/grunt [The Blinking Prompt Times █]( [My Zeronet add-on for Firefox 🦊 : znqa (clearnet)](
Part time computer science student, part time satellite IT support, part time party thrower.
Web developer, crypto enthusiast, wannabe entrepreneur [Johnny's Journal](
Music streaming for all! [ZeroLSTN]( [ZeroLSTN.Talk]( Source Code: [GitCenter]( --- [ZeroMail]( --- Mobile Accounts: [zerolstnmobile@zeroid.bit]( [zerolstnmobile2@zeroid.bit](
The Random ZeroNet user
I like ZeroNet. acabin.bit !
Flow the wind download yt video -ube [Old memory] [0]( [0]( [玩樂心得]( [PBL]( [TV]( [厚黑學]( [工程学]( [Concepts]( [TED]( [JS]( [Dealing with risk]( [How to change Tracker of ZeroNet]( [youtuber 必備技能]( [High Flying Trading (HFT) Method](
Random ZeroNet user
chmod +x
ZeroNet fan and developer with too many projects so none of them are ready :(
Git Center
### Programming. Languages. Zen. **[RU] [EN] [ES] [EO] [SL] [SR]** **[C] [CXX] [RB] [PY] [JS] [SH]** - [Geekless.Blog]( - [ZeroNet.Ru]( - [Talks@ZeroNet.Ru](
Blockchain peasant (baskoro.bit)
Vegan, privacy advocate and passionate BSD user. --- * [My ZeroBlog]( * [La France Insoumise]( ---
__Please follow my 'chatterbox' version at__ [shouko@kaffie.bit](/Me.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Profile/1PRy1MSSFGrPFNAHubwnpYGGT37zPrUxLo/18GkKhDTQniChKDxcoDgmgrUd7KehaihpW/shouko@kaffie.bit) (__You might have to visit KaffieID andthe hub before following my new account. The hub is:__ [hub.shouko.bit](/hub.shouko.bit/) __KaffieID:__ [id.kaffie.bit](/id.kaffie.bit/) Blog: [blog.shouko.bit](
Author of the [Bluishcoder]( clearnet blog [mirrored on ZeroNet](
Budapest & Vienna
I'm a nerd and code some websites.
The evil mind behind ZeroNet sites such as [ZeroPolls](/ZeroPolls.bit), [ZeroTodos](/1B8LmXYHzMGZzcRWoidAQb5SmKSyfjN63f) and [ZeroQuotes](/1NJyPoPpL8At17T6G7A1qHVQdqZDBmXcLT/).
A diletant who advocates for an Anarcho-communist/Post-Capitalist/RBE system using technology and an emergent consensual social structure. Estudiante universitario, apasionado por las redes descentralizadas, la economía post-capitalista y la creación de contenido multimedia.
`I catch segfaults.` <> [Github/Emeraude (clearnet)]( [ZeroMusic](
Animation + AI [My ZeroBlog](/1EMcXwk7qQdY3pbj86A98gZHjDBNRrscdL/) [News from clearnet](/15ThY8kpAbjidWNfXHeyDT48noj6ArYjmz/)
ZeroNet ID(s): **tomascw@kaffie.bit** **tomascw@cryptoid.bit** Ethereum ID(s): **tomiscw.gitcoin.eth**
## Programmer, Poet, Conlanger, Composer ### Projects * [ZeroNet Exe Installer](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:1526846299_12gAes6NzDS9E2q6Q1UXrpUdbPS6nvuBPu/ZeroNet+Exe+Installer+Beta+P2P+Message+Plugin+by+GitCenter) * [KxoNetwork](/kxonet.bit) * [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit) * [New Important Zites](/1MiS3ud9JogSQpd1QVmM6ETHRmk5RgJn6E/) * [ZeroMedium](/ZeroMedium.bit/?/) ([GitCenter](/1BEPbMfV8QtaZCD2cPNbabfDKnmhTAZRPx)) * [ZeroExchange](/1PHBjZSAc6mHDMkySJNs3XeSXUL7eY7Q7W) * [ZeroNet Dev Center](/14pM9huTYzJdyQyHRj6v2kfhMe8DrxwpGt) * [ZeroDB](/ZeroDB.bit) * [ZeroFrame Router Example](/1K2myjtjoEVpRC2JMieRL73ES4V4iLP2Ev) * [Important Zites](/15Pf9VVuDT8NSWj1qUBh4V89yPmrmzRw6a/) (Old) * [My Portal Zite](/1JBXrjCabLEWXmKJ2pJ4XhxA4rwYAEazKw)
Liberté. Egalité. Poulet. 🌈 I don't defend my ideas. They are not mine. Please, share your music : [mixtape.bit](/mixtape.bit)
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just some guy with a keyboard [blog](/1HEXX7UamTbF6EwEFtN6QDGsjLdcY7Hkc5)
“Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions” **-- Frantz Fanon**
Belarusian Python and JS Developer [Blog]( (RU) Working on ZeroMusic service [here](
May the best AI win. I hope it will be kind to humans and animals ... [Money Network](/moneynetwork.bit) Comp. and alternative money. Not finished but can be used for chat. Public chat or encrypted chat. ✉ [jro](/moneynetwork.bit/?path=/chat2/jro@zeroid.bit)
Talk to me Nerdy! (>_<) [My Blog.](
Programmer who loves to travel and experience new cultures. I'm a FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open-Source Software) enthusiast and I use Fedora (GNU/Linux distribution) as my main OS (Operating System). On the political spectrum, I lean left-wing libertarian and I vote for parties such as the Pirate Party, Science Party, Sex Party and the Greens. I am a strong supporter of feminism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, humanitarianism, and so on.
Interested in decentral technologies and loves the internet. SOCIAL: - ZeroMail: jupadr@zeroid.bit -BitMessage: BM-NB84XdYuC1NPvLrnPbPkUpWF73pc2skA
My blog Jita :
I'm that one guy all software developers hate, mostly because I can effortlessly break any program.
ᖱᗩ ᕈᙓᙓᑕᙓ make Love not War. Protect the Internet, the largest project of mankind on Earth. Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.
P2P user from China. 中文用户。ZeroNet老司机:)请务必看[中文论坛](频繁更新的**置顶贴**和**FAQ**,包含最新的ZeroMe、ZeroNet使用技巧、注意事项和疑问解答。 [ZeroNet APK下载地址汇总贴]( [ZeroNet公共代理列表]( 推荐一下 [@talnicrom]( 搞的 [ZeroMe "Plus"]( (有很多增强功能,包括话题、收藏页、~~贴图~~非原生贴图,落后于原版ZeroMe)和[ZeroMeMention](查询谁@ 了你、谁@ 了谁)
Linux, OSS and Freedom-Fan
Privacy, politics and raspberry pies. [The Snowden Files]( [Wikileaks Torrents]( [Offshore Leaks DataBase]( [Prism-Break Mirror](
[zeropub]( dev. [BloxelWars!]( dev. Also five headed dragon.
Heart initialization failure. Restart translation engine. Virus detected. All systems error. Rebooting Humanoid... English | Fluent Esperanto | Conversational? Japanese | Beginner
Gentleman thief [Antilibrary.bit](/antilibrary.bit)
- Diaspora : [i2Torman]( - Bitmessage : BM-2cUq3tVzkm4EEq6PUxTSGjhdMBCt2fiMq7 - ZeroMail 2 : [hermes32]( - Blog [EddyLe.bit](
Random ZeroNet user
User from the Void. -------- - [Dark ZeroMe]( - If you hate white, come join us on the dark side. - [8values on Zeronet]( - Find out how you lean in politics. - [Blog]( - So far used mostly to post updates of my various ZeroNet projects. - [TED Talks 2017 - Speakers List Archive]( - Archive of speakers from when the ZeroNet founder was slated to appear at the conference. - [Share Test]( - Experiments with file sharing and video streaming using ZeroMux. - [Contact Me](
remora nettus I have a [ZeroBlog]( where I post my thoughts, please check it out :D
Moscow, Russia, Earth - [Blog in English](/144W6itCd6jUqHDx5SDjbFaRdTnh4gRBBA/) - [Блог на русском](/1MaQ4W5D6G52TpBfPACU9k9QcB1DxvHZ5v/) - [Wiki со ссылками](/1NbzP9dgYhuY71bde9G1LuVGaCE69venzR/)
paragliding, software, bitcoin [my blog](/ulrichard.bit) [my gallery](/1EHrpXd3f6CyKooBFtpLhdFk5C3bqFhyg1) [tandem flights](/paraeasy.bit) [south america trip 2007](/1MrcCZjfRCKeJZAENsjDqf7dvDhEhFpsXY) [Why I prefer Bitcoin](/13UYenBm13vidxEA9DxKMSA3CJacWdkpke) [Why I prefer Linux](/1Aiq4P8bh1f9pPxQz9MA2Z1cDkYaUGjEPn/) [Tesla for Bitcoin](/1P9yJty4fzXkuGV3BSM4VSADr7xap2riAa/) [Bought with Bitcoin](/17JvYecccPVS8nzngiUKwJQe8LX5jrjNwo/)
## 16 Year old Developer and P2P guy ### Projects - [`ZeroMe Reloaded`](http://localhost:43110/me.mkg20001.bit) - [`HelloZeroProxy`](http://localhost:43110/1ProxyQi6h6cy2gGybQECs2WgxnoEP4Cvr) - [`ZionHost`]( ### Profiles, Contact & more - [``]( - [`GitHub @mkg20001`]( - [`Blog`](http://localhost:43110/mkg20001.bit) - [`PGP 0x9CF49C5F`]( - [`mkg20001 at gmail dot com`](
Random ZeroNet user
Profesh vagabond: I've backpacked and hitchhiked to 26 countries so far :) Formerly "facepalm", I think I lost my users.json >:C /facepalm [Clearnet homepage]( [crypdick.bit blog](/crypdick.bit)
Feel free to email me if you have any questions. GPG: `0AD8 D7E9 DCD9 5A10 5BA6 A111 6CC6 5FB9 1CE3 9BB5`.
Be free [ZeroMe "Plus"]( - Clickable & searchable hashtags - Reverse comment order option - See a random post [ZeroNet Mods]( - Simple API - User switcher - Default User
Nobody can stop me from dreaming [✉](/itskas.bit/)
I also post in [GNUSocial]( P2P aficionado, Free Software lover and Free Culture hacker roaming the free network Check out my [ZeroBlog]( as well!
Is developing a paranoid protocol for anonymous wireless communications, [aDTN](../18USGqZSWppp9zdvwsD1oauq2UMuA3CFUC) Likes decentralization, anonymity, wireless/mesh networks, FOSS, unconditional basic income and goats Practices Aikido, is learning Japanese, and enjoys drawing/painting
delapsus resurgam
Idiot. Love GNU/Linux, KDE, Qt, Free / Libre / Open Source Software, Python, Pirate Party, ZeroNet and other awesome technologies, ideas, projects and software that respect our rights, freedom, privacy and anonimity. There is no meaning of life. Links: -[ My main ZeroSite]( -[ ZeroMail]( -[ ClearNet site]( -[ E-Mail](
a vigorously lazy deadbeat with matured immaturity **Zites** [SetupList](/setuplist.0web.bit) **Clearnet** []( **License** Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute all my posts and comments at ZeroMe for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.
26/Female - Kaffiene Developer --- [Patreon]( [Patreon Discord]( [My Blog]( [My Github]( [Kaffiene Search](
`ZeroNet dev.`
I am an Arch Linux user and generally a fan of all things open source. I use Bspwm on my desktop.
Binchan · binchan2@zeroid.biton Jun 06, 2019

Upstream update and tiny mobile UI improvement for ZeroMe Mobile, though the right menu button is a bit hidden by "0" button, that's fine for me ☺️️Also changed the dark theme color in my favor 😛️
Code change is available in my old pull request to official ZeroMe

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Jun 06, 2019Reply

But it's also blocking the menu where you can unfollow notifications, the three vertical dots.

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