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caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Moor: ah, those ;) Sometimes they can get funny (what's common between small animals and rolls of clothes? [匹](匹#Japanese))
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Moor: @題ァ∽ク秘埓莉・逅ァ」悟、エ蜒丈クコ陬ょ序: I know too much to stop ;) Besides, 漢字 (which i'm mostly struggling with now) knowledge can later be used to boost learning chinese > i had to specify things using specific words based on the shape of the thing Not sure i understand what you mean here
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @題ァ∽ク秘埓莉・逅ァ」悟、エ蜒丈クコ陬ょ序: that's tempting, but even not taking into account freaked out readers (esp. in russian it would look funny, being transliterated very close to "я" which means "i"), it would still be hard because "いや" can be turned into adjective (いやな) and otherwise seems to be generally used for expressing bad feelings towards what's been said previously. Hmm, that makes me think that perhaps translating it as something like "bah" into english might sometimes be appropriate PS: there might also be difference when it is spelled as 嫌, and that difference might have changed over time..
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @題ァ∽ク秘埓莉・逅ァ」悟、エ蜒丈クコ陬ょ序: yeah, i know, GT doesn't like the phrase. Though "”いや”の訳すのは、いやなことです" variation is translated almost fine. Anyway, the point is that translating ”いや” is hard and thus ”いや”
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: yes, just replaying captured text (with all the formatting)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: the same asciinema plays it back (`asciinema play filename`) and yeah, i save them locally (`asciinema rec filename` does that). Also, apparently the format is somewhat universal and termplay can play it as well. And i start to suspect that the problem with termrec was in termplay (it does the same slightly broken output with asciinema recording as it did with termrec one), so probably i can use termrec and then play its output with asciinema
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: regular screen recording wouldn't allow changing font/colors if i want to later
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: After another similar case, i tend to think the latter is true. Today i got: ``` ... [FAILED] ... ... [FAILED] ... ... ... [OK] File not changed 1/5 ``` in one go, without trying to re-sign
caryoscelus commented on Resu404's post: @If0: осмелюсь предположить, что имелось ввиду "мэш-сеть". Хотя насколько я знаю, этот термин обычно применяется к другим сетям
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: @Xan: not necessarily. The same text block can be done manually or with special ascii-art tools @Daffy: depends on what you mean. Raw same-width markup is ``` ` ` ` ```" (without spaces) (both as opening and closing tag)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: On 0me, no, according to [source](
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @If0: только так и никак иначе! Великая пролетарская не ждё-- то есть простите, элитарная литература должна быть элитарной-- нет, тоже не то, а, мы же в зеронете, даздра децентрализованное графоманство!-- тоже чушь какая-то, ладно, скажем проще: пишу "как пишется", во многом для себя, отчасти для своих клонов, и лишь заодно для всех остальных ^_^
caryoscelus commented on Differentiation's post: [Direct link]( for those who don't want to bother with twitter. > The U.K.’s Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA), the trade group for U.K. internet service providers, nominated the browser maker for its proposed effort to roll out the security feature, which they say will allow users to “bypass UK filtering obligations and parental controls, undermining internet safety standards in the UK.”
caryoscelus commented on Geekless's post: There were some clients here and there, not sure how good they are or weather they still work
caryoscelus commented on Undyingfirewall's post: > Oh, it makes sense only in Russian. [not quite](
caryoscelus commented on Zbroevich's post: @Zbroevich: yet another white image, courtesy of 0me / tor browser privacy integration. Here's my [goto link](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:56), though it's a bit dated, maybe someone have written some updated info since then?..
caryoscelus commented on Undyingfirewall's post: :D
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: @Siliks: не все понимают же, ну :D
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caryoscelus commented on TaTooKa's post: What's most important is to load all widely used hubs.. there are a few big lists, but i'm not sure what's the best one atm As for where to store your profile, again, it's gotta be one that's read by other users. And yeah, i'm seeing your profile on Kaffie's, one of the most popular hubs except for nofish's ((most of) the "coloured" ones, Sun/Moon and maybe some others?)
caryoscelus commented on TaTooKa's post: You can view anyone's profile under the wrong hub and see the empty description ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: afair, it works much better when approaching 10MiB (not reporting at 5 or less)
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: @Xan: речь не про слова общего назначения прежде всего (хотя и тут: когда слышишь те же заимствованные слова в незнакомом языке, можно хоть что-то понять), а про специализированную тусовку (в данном случае айтишную): пока используются одни и те же (примерно) слова, переходить с язык на язык куда проще
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: @Siliks: кто такие "мы"? Эти самые "мы" образются под воздействием слов, потом могут менять их значения, придумывать новые и т.п. Но если говорить про общеупотребительный язык, то и нет какого-то субъекта, который задаёт значение словам. Их значения определяются мнением большинства, которое постепенно меняется под действием внутренних и внешних факторов
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: you talk about Horizon in a vein similar to how Chrome developers could talk about Google search. Search engine, however good it is, should not be a replacement for all other means of discovering network. It will always have algorithms for preferring sites and these are likely to be manipulatable (or imperfect in other way, anyhow)
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: Ага, а потом всякие "хранилища" и прочее непонятное, с каждым новым "филологом" меняющееся. Что "форштевни", что "репозитории" позволяют легко (ну, легче, во всяком случае) вливаться в мировую тусовку. Ну и вообще это удобно, когда к примеру фраза "он чирикнул" воспринимается вполне однозначно (а не как в английском, ага) А переводить названия — и вовсе дурной тон. Эдак можно начать и в худлите Джонов в Иванов переименовывать
caryoscelus commented on Siliks's post: > Но что-то мне неизвестно ни одного случая, чтобы реальное явление изменило свою сущность от того, что его стали называть другим словом. Слова, используемые в социуме для обозначения социальных конструктов вполне себе влияют на эти самые конструкты. Ну, может, и не очень сильно, но хотя бы косвенно
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: are you talking about G....e?
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: > only list Horizon. ... Favoritism That's another sort of favouritism. Also, search-only is no good for other reasons: you won't find something if you have no idea what to look for
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: The well-known problem with Tox is that syncing multi-device is hard (unless that's been fixed, no idea; i'm only using it for voice anyway)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Petrina: still too bothersome not to bother ;) But, wait, HOW'D YOU KNOW?! [panic smiley]
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: i guess people don't learn that "existential threats" have been winning and perhaps didn't quite meet the expectations.. not that i should be surprised. It's just so disappointing that write-in system is virtually unused
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: I always wonder why do most voting US citizens vote for "the better of the two main candidates", considering there are much more candidates to choose from and one can actually write any name
caryoscelus commented on Geekless's post: @Geekless: considering how stupid flood spammers here actually go and post each message via web interface, the same sort of malicious agents might be unable to find trackers themselves ;)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: ah, right, irony. Sometimes my detector gets broken when i'm not aware of the context. Or maybe just cause i was sleepy
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Lol, why'd you want to vote for child rapist? Or is this some kind of inner joke?
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: well, too bad. I don't think i'd remember to tell that unfunny joke when there would actually be enough people. I guess there's a thousand of people with numbers though
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: [This](/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/?Post:67:Local+ZeroMail+Bot) is the only way i know of. Well, actually there's a list of alternatives at the bottom. Didn't try any of it myself though
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: So who's the (un)lucky 7.777.777.777th person alive? Should we expect them on 0net soon?
caryoscelus commented on Gaypidoras's post: We need tags, yeah. But it doesn't seem like anyone developing 0me or even alternate interfaces these days
caryoscelus commented on Kids 's post: @Kids: шутку? Разве там что-то смешное было? Я вижу в лучшем случае глупый стереотип, но больше похоже на бытовой наезд
caryoscelus commented on ZAlex's post: @If0: имелся ввиду стиль повествования, а не собственно текста ;)
caryoscelus commented on ZAlex's post: Мм, зависит от кривости английского и стиля?.. Чисто технические тексты на английском зачастую легче воспринимаются из-за терминологии (иногда на русский так переводят, что сразу и не поймёшь ;) )
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @If0: Я вообще за максимально близкий перевод, даже если языка оригинала не знаю ;) Правда, после перечитывания другого перевода и дополнительных поисков в словаре, у меня таки возникли сомнения в точности пары мест, надо будет у японцев спросить. А многие нюансы, к сожалению, в любом случае теряются, так что если есть возможность осилить, думаю оно того стоит. Оригинал можно взять, например, на [Aozora Bunko]( (вообще замечательный сайт, правда там всё на японском); можно ещё [послушать на либривоксе]( Я же теперь ["Школьницу"]( осиливаю, но на неё походу времени много уйдёт
caryoscelus commented on leftside's post: It's a little bit more involved than using element picker, but you can manually create a filter for the image in ad blocker. To get the correct address, you can "inspect element" and find bg css property E.g. `||` line blocks your avatar (using uBlock Origin)
caryoscelus commented on Bluishcoder's post: On the first sight it looked as though the water is going down along with the rock ;)
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: > Once something is uploaded it can never really get deleted. kinda yeah > It will just be reposted forever kinda nope (~~one day humanity will die out and there'll be no one to repost~~)
caryoscelus commented on Bluishcoder's post: @Bluishcoder: i'm pretty sure one node with open port and tor enabled (perhaps even w/o tor?) should be enough. As long as it doesn't have some tracker problems (which i'm not much aware of) > opennet eh?
caryoscelus commented on Bluishcoder's post: @Bluishcoder: the main issue with optional files which i've encountered is to make them available for all (including tor-only and no-tor-no-openport ones) peers at any time (since i'm not running 24/7 node)
caryoscelus commented on Bluishcoder's post: I think it would generally be a good idea to avoid hitting default size limit, *if* there's enough peers to seed optional files
caryoscelus commented on Ultraviolet's post: Welcome ;) > mathematical theorems Are you by any chance familiar with type theory? > barefoot walks. That's a nice touch ;)
caryoscelus commented on UnusedUser's post: @SomeName666: i know the name, but "soul recycling" sounds more fun to me ;) Kinda suggests that new souls are made out of scraps of the old ones, unlike reincarnation which (usually) keeps soul sort of intact
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > So for the people clicking on ads, marketing analysis & manipulation just isn't one of the issues they focus on. At least until "casual exposure", e.g. a big news story like Cambridge Analytica, might, might, register and impact their feelings on it. I'd think there were enough stories like that, but.. i don't have the analytics ^_^
caryoscelus commented on MrMadpat's post: Yeah. Most new users come, see emptiness and go away..
caryoscelus commented on UnusedUser's post: So the soul gets recycled?..
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: well, comments can be addictive too ;) Sometimes i wonder why do people keep using "optimized" feeds and even watch & click ads. Do they not think they might be manipulated, or are just fine with it?..
caryoscelus commented on FraYoshi's post: The only time i tried i ended up seeing nightmare and had to eat in the middle of the night to get back to sleep. The experience during the day was an interesting one though
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: да, это всё понятно. Шанс маленький, но теоретически всё же есть
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: ну, если бы вдруг один из разгневанных ютуберов (или ещё кого) почему-то решил переползти сюда, вполне мог бы быть наплыв фанатов. Кто-то из тех, кто основной доход получает с донатов, а не рекламы (ну или с встроенной рекламы), теоретически даже может это сделать
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: нет, ну ясно, что есть люди, у которых и времени нет. У кого-то и интернетов нет. Имелся в виду имущественный ценз чисто на публикацию. Есть, кстати, большие категории людей, у которых времени достаточно, а денег нет, либо мало. Некоторые тут даже боятся наплыва одной из этих категорий ;) Есть ещё те, кто надеется впоследствии продавать контент (или уже продаёт), но в качестве рекламы выпускает бесплатные "демки" > Как раз эти затраты фактически невозможно монетизировать в ZN, потому что сиды согласны нести затраты по обеспечению доступности интересного для них контента, но не за бесплатное распространение рекламы, приносящей доход третьим лицам. Теоретически, если бы здесь было больше народу, монетизировать можно было бы через прямую оплату
caryoscelus commented on Fairy's post: @Fairy: тут периодически возникают "толпы", потом уходят
caryoscelus commented on Fairy's post: Привет. Есть здесь и русскоязычные, и порно, и антисоциальные элементы.. впрочем, есть возможность скрывать контент отдельных пользователей, и в том числе публичные блоклисты. Ну и да, активных пользователей мало, общих интересов (помимо того, что напрямую связано с сетью) тоже
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: при чём тут реклама? Достаточно того, чтобы хостинг здесь не требовал затрат и чрезмерных усилий
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caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: > Некоторые и в клирнете держат сатйы на энтузиазме - без спонсоров и рекламы, самостоятельно неся расходы на хостинг и доменное имя. Потому что это их увлечение, которое они реально ценят, поэтому не хотят смешивать с рекламным дерьмом, проявляя неуважение к себе и своим читателям. Это замечательно, конечно, что есть люди, у которых интересная хорошо оплачиваемая этичная работа (либо другой источник дохода), да ещё и на хобби время хватает. Но что-то мне подсказывает, что их немного. И, опять же, их существование никак не отрицает существование людей, у которых такой возможности нет
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: > Увы, в РФ данная аргументация не работает Ну, если попасться под руку, то да, поэтому лучше юзать тор / впн / держать ноду на отдельном сервере. Но если не повезёт, то точно также от подброса чего-нибудь мало что спасёт. Учитывая специфику работы органов в РФ, не думаю, что на данный момент риск сильно увеличивается (хотя в будущем это может и измениться) > Почему некий пользователь должен сидировать, расходуя свои ресурсы (диск, процессор, сеть) на не интересный или спорный по его мнению контент? Не то чтобы должен, но если никто не будет, то сеть потеряет связность. Блокировать "нежелательный" контент (тут я только за, чтобы была такая возможность) — это одно, а не раздавать "неинтересный", если ресурсов хватает — это другое. Здесь просто недостаточно пользователей, чтобы каждый кусок интересного для некоторого круга людей контента быстро находил достаточно заинтересованных пиров. > Раз создатель заитересован в доступности своего контента, то пусть изволит постоянно сидировать его, если контент того заслуживает Это называется имущественный ценз. В других сетях контент приносит монетизацию, а здесь надо приплачивать? Общество к этому ещё не готово. > Наверное, у каждого пользователя должен быть выбор: хранить все, или только запрашиваемое, на подобии возможности частичного скачивания для обычных торрентов. Выбор всегда есть, вопрос в сложности его осуществления ;) И если даже такая возможность будет в официальном клиенте, вопрос в значениях по-умолчанию. Если сделать так, что качается только запрашиваемое, то опять же проблема со связностью. И да, все эти вопросы безопасности упираются ещё и js. Если не заменить его на что-то безопасное и предсказуемое, то придётся читать не только контент, но и код сайтов. А иначе там может какое угодно цп передаваться под видом кода, мета-данных, общения с пирами. > В отличие от ZN, где все храниться передается открыто Передаётся вроде всё же зашифровано. > Или должна быть возможность полного контроля, или надежное шифрование Шифрование было бы неплохо, да. А полный контроль мне всё же кажется либо утопией, либо дорогой в сеть из трёх человек, которые будут успевать друг друга контролировать
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: Помимо технической стороны, тут ещё вопрос правоприменения в разных местах. Потому что когда возможности личного контроля нет, у пользователей по крайней мере есть возможность сказать, что "мы не знали" и тогда следует (с т.ч. зрения г-ва) либо запрещать 0нет вообще, либо без дополнительных доказательств не наказывать за "плохой" контент, а лишь содействовать его удалению. (Где-то был тред сравнения 0нет и фринет, в котором как раз пользователь вообще никакого контроля над данными не имеет, но сейчас не могу найти) С другой стороны, многие сайты с опциональными файлами испытывают проблемы с их сидированием; сейчас для текстового сайта достаточно набрать несколько пиров и контент будет доступен более-менее надёжно. Если же перед тем как раздавать пользователи будут проверять каждый пост, могут возникнуть серьёзные проблемы (особенно у пользователей без постоянно подключённой ноды). Честно говоря, не знаю, какой вариант по итогам предпочтительнее, но я к тому, что есть и плюсы, и минусы, а не только инерция разработки
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @Androiduser: summary (possibly with my additions): 0net users store and distribute information which is unfeasible to check and without proper ways to block individual content (user blocklists do not delete information). Thus bad information can be planted on your node and used against you (either directly by government officials or by simply using them)
caryoscelus commented on Kids 's post: @If0: > До момента когда придется сделать что-то не совсем тривиальное в растровом графическом редакторе. В этот момент "расчехляется" планшет (графический, а не планшетник)
caryoscelus commented on Jamesholden's post: @Jamesholden: i can criticize design all night long ;) But it is both readable and original enough now, which is good
caryoscelus commented on Jamesholden's post: @Jamesholden: "2 days ago" and inactive heart still don't look very good. Also, i'd recommend changing "logo", it kinda looks generic and not necessarily in color scheme
caryoscelus commented on Kids 's post: И да, > Без ЛГБТ подсветки что вы такое с мышкой собрались делать, что вам важна сексуальная ориентация целевой аудитории?
caryoscelus commented on Kids 's post: Живу несколько лет без мыши, из проблем — разве что мышко-ориентированные игры. А так тач/трек-пад удобнее, ибо не надо руки от клавиатуры отрывать
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caryoscelus commented on agentofuser's post: This information can be retrieved from url automatically. If someone wants to know whether link leads to clearnet, they can check it (or even write a simple userscript that annotates them). If you annotate manually, on the other hand, that noise cannot be automatically removed
caryoscelus commented on Jamesholden's post: I think the title of top post becomes slightly unreadable (using dark theme)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: that's about what i do now ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @If0: хе-хе, я стараюсь. А находить смысл там, где его не было, иногда тоже полезно
caryoscelus commented on ulrichard's post: I'm using it some, it's easier to get people into and/or has better offline support than Tox or XMPP, and other alternatives than i'm aware of are even worse in terms of privacy/security. Also seems to be the easiest option for irc bridge (again, for offline capabilities)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: > The Baffler - Big Mood Machine Wow, a post about surveillance and only one red domain in uMatrix ( Usually these posts occur on sites with dozens of ~~surveillance~~analytics scripts
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: yeah, i was surprised as well. But i suspect it could be a tactic in order to split civic society before it realizes its power
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Not on 0net? What a pity
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Moor: it is trivial to assemble, you can do it at home: heat some oil, add water and try not to get burned. Usual "NO WARRANTY" warnings apply, even more so than in regular open source
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Kid Courageous: i'm fine, thx ;) Still a little annoyed about irl slowing down my progress, but i guess it is what it is. There are upsides to it as well, sometimes
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Anonlogin: feel free to read that as "other humans" ;) *** But if i'm to be a pedant here, "you" don't have a proof that "i" am a human ^_^
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caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: ok, thx. I was mostly interested in how the platform itself feels. Perhaps i should give it a try some day
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: yeah, that's one i found as well.. is it any good? In any case, it's still sad cause it'll take some time for volume to pick up
caryoscelus commented on ulrichard's post: @leftside: that's beyond normal human reading abilities ;)
caryoscelus commented on ulrichard's post: 101 2 345Y
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Does it actually work? Looks like something scammers would do (although it still would beg the question)
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: ну так, да ;) Но, это уже реально мешает работе (можно же к клирнетовым трекерам через тор обращаться), или пока только теоретическое беспокойство?
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: > Наверное, как раз этому прискорбному факту ZN обязан **полному отсутствию трекеров в Tor.** [Бутер](zero://boot3rdez4rzn36x.onion) по-прежнему работает
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: i see. I'll seed improved version if i can download it (and it's not too huge), though my node wouldn't be that great of a help, i'm afraid
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: Just in case: that wasn't a rhetoric question. I was wondering whether someone with more experience could tell something ;)
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caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: @Mg0: it's [a patch]( `-` indicates removal and func isn't supposed to be complete, its header is there just to provide the context
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: > it would be no big deal to share videos of what you do for hobbies It maybe not a "big" deal, but it's still a deal, and the (0net typical) lack of reaction can deincentivise it pretty easily
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: У меня работают обычные трекеры через тор большую часть времени. Иногда по непонятным причинам нет, но обычно это решается перезагрузкой 0нет И да, > Proxy for tracker connections: tor естественно включено.
caryoscelus commented on Zbroyski's post: To add to what klu9 said: hub limits can be increased by hub owner and i believe nofish is doing this occasionally
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: @Mg0: you've missed the "-" at the beginning
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: That syntax though...
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Mg0: i'm afraid real cases are not as rich on possibilities as the metaphoric one..
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > This article is a bit better than most in that regard I guess. I don't read most articles anyway ;) > it even quotes an expert as saying “The worst thing I’ve seen lately is the British online harms bill.” Yeah, but no mention of copyright whatsoever. As if it isn't (wasn't?) the main source of government "regulation" in the less authoritarian countries The same goes about most internet freedom assessments. It's ok to put it to lower priority, but considering that copyright (as well as terrorism, pornography and what not) takedowns (or worse) "do not count" doesn't make any sense to me
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: It's a pity they don't really write much interesting there. PRC & Russia's governments and other govs who look up to those have pretty obvious inclination to shut down free internet. But what many popular articles conveniently overlook is that many western governments have been invading internet for a long time, even if on other pretexts (usually copyright) and utilizing different methods (perhaps more fine-grained shutting down real servers/putting people responsible for those into prisons vs mass blocking). ..I wish they'd be an actual, unbiased and detailed list of free-internet-friendly countries
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: i actually start suspecting the issue might be in popularity: connection is better at night. But then that still means they don't give much of a fuck as well, i guess
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: wait, i was just going to assume they decided to cut the speed (and make it appear as crappy coverage) for using tor, or gnu/linux, or sharing internet via wifi. It was already hard to decide which one. And then you say "don't assume malice". I'll have to think even harder now!
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Zack1: a lot of posts here are present (and only makes) in context of other discussions. Well, this is one of them
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @Xan: > развивать строго точечно, то есть в режиме human to human > узнать о платформе можно в публичных поисковиках По-моему, это всё же разные вещи *** Впрочем, не буду спорить; мне тема популяризации, как и вообще разговоры о 0нет, не настолько интересна
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Zack1: hi. It's a post. Why?
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caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Yes, almost as fast as when clearnet enabled, a lot, not sure how to check it (occasionally some 0me pictures are not loading, but i don't check whether that's tor-related)
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @Xan: > Мой тезис был больше о том, что популяризация не даст значимого процента тех, с кем интересно общаться в "своём кругу". Это понятно. Но, например, 1% от тысячи больше 5% от 20 человек ;) > развивать строго точечно, то есть в режиме human to human. Если есть возможность привлекать "интересных" людей, то это тоже хорошо. Но учитывая процент тех, кто реально откликается на призывы (а также коммуникативные способности среднего обитателя 0нет), этот процесс может оказаться менее эффективным, чем привлечение масс А цитирование делается с помощью [`>`](
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: > Можно. Только для этого придеться перепиливать генератор сайта для создания ссылок в менюшках, и - что еще хуже - править ссылки между страницами сделанные вручную. Сейчас все ссылки на сайте даются от корня домена. Это я так, на всякий случай. Не все про это знают/догадываются "что так можно было" (в том числе и я до недавнего времени) > для чего грузить весь сайт целиком ради того, что бы прочитать только одну страницу? Чтобы раздавать его другим?.. А так, в принципе никто же вроде не мешает все странички тоже сделать опциональными
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: @If0: > Про это речь. Поэтому к ним приходится добавлять адрес ZeroNet. Вместо этого можно сделать их полностью относительными, используя `path/to/inner/dir` или `../../path/to/outer`, если надо подняться вверх по дереву > А вот каким образом задать максимальный размер сайта пока не разобрался. В 0-меню (то самое, что справа сверху) "size limit" (по умолчанию там 10М). Но при этом всем пользователям придётся увеличивать размер (хотя это и будет предложено при первом заходе, но всё же) > Опциональными сделал все картинки, но не помогает. В смысле не работает, или html/css столько места занимают? Можно сделать их часть тоже опциональными (ну index, понятное дело, нежелательно)
caryoscelus commented on If0's post: > Не поддерживаются относительные пути, которые не содержат сетевой адрес ZeroNet. Да? У меня работают. Но тут, конечно, надо понимать, что ссылки, начинающиеся с "/" - не полностью относительны (они относительны только домена, но привязаны к файловой иерархии внутри него) > Из-за большого объема сайта при попытке его подписи: siteSign происходит ошибка: Надо либо увеличить макс. размер сайта, либо сделать часть файлов опциональными
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: > Isn't beta means public? [Not necessarily](
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @If0: ну и, кстати, есть некоторая прослойка пользователей, которые таки недовольны сервисами, которые они используют, и которые бы перешли на нецензурируемую/неподконтрольную платформу, если бы та стала "достаточно" популярна
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @If0: > не понимает, что постя свой контент в любую коммерческую социалку - он кормит ее владельца Так даже если им объяснить, они же оттуда из-за этого не уйдут. Зачем? Ну, кормит, и кормит. Мало ли людей в мире на чём наживаются. Всякий, кто использует деньги, кормит тех, кто их контролирует (а это зачастую куда более злобные люди, чем те, что кормятся с социалок). Люди вовсе необязательно чего-то не понимают, у них просто другие приоритеты
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: Not sure what's your use-case, but wouldn't `lambda first, *rest:` suffice? ``` >>> (lambda x, *y: (x, y))(1, 2, 3, 4) (1, (2, 3, 4)) ```
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: А зачем собственно чтобы была "ламповой" вся сеть? Как по мне, если собрать какой-то круг удовлетворительный общения, то на остальную сеть как-то всё равно. А сейчас здесь и такой круг не собрать (стоит только подсчитать процент дискуссий о зеронете и становится грустно), вот поэтому популяризация и нужна *** Один человек как-то заметил, что публичные интернеты существуют прежде всего для того, чтобы найти/собрать кучку людей по интересам, а дальше общаться с ними. Грустно, конечно, но в общем похоже на правду *** > Кстати, о дакфейсах и их логическом продолжении… Готов лы ты Не знаю, что за дакфейсы, но если сейчас кликать на все картинки подряд, то такое великолепие можно иногда увидеть, что я даже не знаю, какого ещё "логического продолжения" имеет смысл бояться
caryoscelus commented on Zero0clock's post: No. I have talked yesterday, and the day before, and i can hardly remember how many days in a row, and i *will have to* talk today again. I'm so tired of talking!
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @Xan: на hello может не всё найти, к сожалению. Я больше имею ввиду возможность написать sql запросы к БД
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @KxoBot: oh, and apparently you keep aggressively arguing about your "linguistic" point in other post. So really, not sure why do you even need examples in the first place
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @KxoBot: > It wasn't a misunderstanding. The problem is the assumption And then you're assuming how klu and others were perceiving situation. I have no idea, perhaps you had reasons to consider it "pestering", but to any outsider it simply **does not look like it** > Point me exactly where I was agressive with you? In the very same thread you tried to push your pov as if i was misunderstanding it. And then accusing me of the same thing about "talking about things i don't understand". Maybe i misunderstood and you had a history of drama with klu, but seeing it in one thread i felt like that was aggressive. But i don't have much problem with that, it's just that i adjust my behaviour accordingly > That should be all that's needed for that. Do you always do the nicest things? And by the way, now you're pulling me into this useless discussion. Should i call that "passive aggressive" too? I don't really care, but i'm afraid it's not a conversation i enjoy and so would rather stop it at this
caryoscelus commented on nekololi's post: @nekololi: are there really that much people talking about it? I think i've only seen mention of spammer blocklist(s) (and site blocklists, which are indeed popular, are optional: you can keep the site and simply enjoy the warning)
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: > Except I wouldn't have called you a jerk... Maybe. But whatever it is, i felt enough aggression directed towards me But seriously, i've been escaping previous drama not to get dragged into it again. I think if you don't want to see that kind of reaction, you should consider changing the way you communicate
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @KxoBot: i think that this particular instance is merely a response to your behaviour. Perhaps, it's not the nicest thing to do, but - surprise - people are people and tend to react aggressively on (perceived) aggression > trying to tell me how to program without knowing how to do so himself Not sure whether you refer to the same thread or not, but in [this](?Post/1White24UrrwQrD86o6Vrc1apgZ1x1o51/13oRBYqNeUr6Tvgt4KkAT9FT4XRiKFBjnE/1554823066), it wasn't even about programming, and even if it would, there is no reason to be so aggressive when people simply misunderstand something > I might have called you a jerk, but I'm not quite sure yet. I don't think I have. I had a *feeling* that i've escaped the discussion just before you would..
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @KxoBot: > Because I don't call people jerks for no good reason. Well, i'm afraid there is little chance i can convince you otherwise..
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @KxoBot: "appears later" doesn't mean "appears exactly when i reconnect". Since i didn't check that, i worded it in this way deliberately. Perhaps, i misunderstood styromaniac's question, i thought the message wouldn't publish locally when there is no connection
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @KxoBot: i have no idea why do you take it so personally after calling people jerks for no good reason
caryoscelus commented on nekololi's post: Even if it does something bad, you can't really deny ability people to share blocklists. Even if there wouldn't be a built-in for it in 0net, there is no ethical way to stop people from developing and using it
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Mg0: yeah, when i have server and time to setup, maybe
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @KxoBot: i didn't quite say that it publishes automatically; i have no idea whether it would be possible to access the content just at the moment of going online. Perhaps, it's only possible after another publish, i'll try to check it next time
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: am i supposed to thank you for bravely admitting to being a jerk?! Did you just try to evade the justice by admitting your transgressions? Oh, what sort of people did the indulgence culture bring upon us! @Eightyfour: you should be ashamed at yourself for belonging to that kind of "club"!
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: No idea. MP is overrated. Do you seriously call *that* humour? It was probably just a coincidence!!
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: that was better than ok: it made me remember a thought i had. Totally unrelated to all the *drama*, though
caryoscelus commented on leftside's post: > Because of the idiot who forgot or dismissed the update of the cert of firefox addons I don't think updating the cert can be called real problem. The real problem is that addons which were perfectly fine yesterday can be automatically disabled without user consent. Without any prior warning. I can perfectly understand if *updates* were not installed due to someone forgetting to update certs, but unconditional disabling doesn't make much sense from security standpoint and is completely outrageous
caryoscelus commented on Eightyfour's post: > can't wait until it's my turn to go on the chopping block. Not sure if this post is enough, but if you decide to join one of those threads, i'm sure somebody will find enough chopping for you as well ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: hmm, was it not available at some point? I just post and it says "publish failed", but since it's signed, it appears later when i go online
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: Можно найти весь контент на уже загруженных сайтах, и обычно среди этого будут в т.ч. ссылки на сайты, если таковые есть. Но если вдруг пользователь кидал свои ссылки только на незагруженных ресурсах, найти их не получится Ну, есть ещё т.н. поисковые движки, но по сути они просто предоставляют некую базу, полученную с того среза 0net, который был доступен владельцу движка
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: a poll? do people actually answer them around here? By the way, my problem was currently solved by restarting 0net
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: hmm, ok. At least it's good to know i'm not alone
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: > which sounds like a scream: "Don't break! Return! Wrap me into a function!" It rather sounds more like "we're making curly-braced language, so lets copy how switch statement looks like in C" to me
caryoscelus commented on Pexo's post: As far as i'm concerned, things or ideas (pictures, algorithms) cannot be ethical/unethical. Ethics only apply to humans (and their acts), but even then act of creating such a program by itself isn't something that can be measured on ethics scale. Reasons to ban non-child-harming CP (either as what you describe, or more real cases of own nude teen photos) are (to the best of my knowledge) no more convincing than those to ban depictions of violence in games or movies. That is to say, i can easily see potential good and bad consequences, but i don't have enough data to give universal convincing prediction as to which would outweigh the other. But that was about ban laws, not ethics. From ethical standpoint, distributing pieces of legally (non-violently, not intruding on privacy etc) obtained bits to people who wish to receive them shouldn't be labeled as bad per se. If you have reasons to believe it would lead to crime, only then it will be unethical
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: @leftside: i make [music](/1FiHm91tcDdjkiGkHZH2xoMc7Qmzrh8sv3/), mostly on computer. Typically, i don't sing. I'm not sure i mentioned this, but i have an informal goal of releasing album once a month
caryoscelus commented on leftside's post: Depends on who posts it, but yeah, chances of me clicking on commentless picture are pretty slim
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Well, ffmpeg should be available, if you don't mind tinkering with command line
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Iormungard: так пост примерно об этом и есть. В русском "православие" относится к религии (и редко кто воспринимает его значение буквально), а в английском "orthodox" относится и к конкретной религии, и к традиционности
caryoscelus commented on Real Human Bean's post: > I am NOT talking about self-censorship,and please DO NOT self-censor. The distinction between the two can get pretty fuzzy. *** In general, on one hand i agree: many people tend to underestimate how easily they can be tracked; on the other hand, thinking about that might just not be worth it for many. I mean, ok, the risk is there (in fact, even if you don't live in an oppressive country and don't do anything illegal, some risk is still there), but is it worth fearing and constantly thinking what you can and what you cannot do? And even if you do, it's extremely hard to stay safe all the time; one little slip can make you paranoid for days and this may do more harm than when you finally get caught So i think the important thing is to make an informed decision, rather than necessarily trying to stay as anonymous as possible
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caryoscelus commented on Iormungard's post: > за привычный образ жизни? Бороться за привычный образ жизни очень просто: достаточно привыкнуть к новому. А с этим у людей обычно всё в порядке И да, рутина - она прежде всего в головах. Если каждый день будут случаться "события", это тоже станет рутиной
caryoscelus commented on 60's post: @Nofish: > As far I know using a GPL licensed module does not requires the whole project to switch to GPL It does. Though i'm not sure how this distinction applies to "interpreted" languages, the difference between GPL and LGPL is that latter allows to use "dynamically linked" code under it without relicensing your project, while the former doesn't allow even that
caryoscelus commented on 60's post: Technically, appearing in GPLd repository doesn't make it GPL only; there might be other place where it's available under another license. But yeah, clarification would be nice
caryoscelus commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: I'm pretty sure the point she attempted to make was "be happy that we're using blacklists: if we switch to whitelist policy, it'll take you forever to go through bureaucracy machine to implement your rights"
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: hmm, that's a long wait, but an interesting story ;)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Lol, can we have a "patent troll celebration day"?
caryoscelus commented on Kkkdzn's post: Привет. В пятую графу заглядывать не доводилось, но русскоязычные точно есть
caryoscelus commented on Plagness's post: Привет. Нормальная платформа, хотя своих проблем хватает. Ну и людей, понятное дело, не очень много
caryoscelus commented on Zerofindus's post: > music searching in this net > illegal content I'm pretty sure most music here would be "illegal content" (like on torrents). If you are worried about something "more illegal", it's supposed to be around here as well. You can check out [blocklists]( which may help against some of the threats As for free (CC-BY-SA) music, i'm aware of [mine](/1FiHm91tcDdjkiGkHZH2xoMc7Qmzrh8sv3/) and [ZAlex's](/1JChcgVVMqBy5fmN4er6afLhcoD7YzRDP6/music.html) music. Perhaps, there are others, but i've no idea. Some of music on sites zerolstn or alike sites may also be free, but i'm not aware if there's any distiction
caryoscelus commented on Krixano's post: @Krixano: i'm not a lawyer so i don't know details either; [brief comment by FSF]( only mentions that MPL 1.1 "it has some complex restrictions that make it incompatible with the GNU GPL"
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: sources are neither container nor a lid, but linguistic details aside, if you want to go against definitions by people who coined this term and people who use it, fine. You'll still find enough other people who do it as well. But that is making the already confused world just a little bit more confusing
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: > therefore some would say because of this limiting in freedoms, it's not really free. In that sense no license is "really free", besides maybe WTFPL or CC0, but i'm not even entirely sure about those. So instead of attacking GPL specifically, those people should argue with the term "free software" itself > All Free Software is Open Source because the freedoms require that. Not all Open Source is Free Software. If we determine that by OSI and FSF, then we can found examples of both. Otherwise, > your source is open That's just circular definition. There is no concrete meaning of "open" about "sources" before "open source" definition. One can easily argue that "open source" must guarantee the four freedoms, even if the original intention is different > KxoVid does give such warning. Ok, great
caryoscelus commented on Krixano's post: @Krixano: i would expect choosing older version of license would be deliberate. Especially, since you're choosing not very popular license, i would expect you are aware of its caveats (GPL compatibility) and given their severity would only choose it with enough reasons to do so
caryoscelus commented on Krixano's post: @Krixano: how is that different in MPL 2? After a brief look at changes, i couldn't find anything relevant
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: ok, maybe that didn't explain too well the exact original statement, so here's another attempt: if i'd be ok with using nonfree software, i wouldn't care about minor things like censorship which is a side effect of protecting my "property rights"; and maybe i would actually be against things like 0net because it then could've been used against me
caryoscelus commented on Krixano's post: Any explanation about MPL **v1.1**? Personally i can see only one, but i don't want to jump to conclusions
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: i would have 0 interest in technical benefits (no matter how many there are) of 0net if it would both fail to have ethical *and* social benefits. Currently it doesn't have social benefits, but at least most of it is both decentralized and free software. I am not 100% sure if 0net has a future as it is, but proprietary 0net surely wouldn't and i wouldn't like to be part of vain attempt at sustaining it. And if you don't want to (or can't) understand other's thinking, please refrain from calling it illogical *** I don't know why am i writing this, but yeah, this is probably as far as i'm willing to explain
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: free and open source software are mostly synonymous when it comes to identifying a piece of software; the big difference is in attitude. In case you think "open source" is just about having sources available (regardless of license), that's obviously wrong > Do you consider GPL free? That's like original free software license. That's what i mostly use for my code. And unless i would be some ignorant proprietary developer that wants to grab all the code lying around and close it down (or perhaps someone far from software world), i've no idea why would i even consider it not free > Additionally, how do you handle code integrated into a website - but which is optional? I'll have to think about it, but unless the site would explicitly give a warning before it loads proprietary software, i'm leaning towards adding it on list with appropriate explanation. I largely consider site blocklists as "warning" rather than "moderation", so it would make sense to make sure user makes informed choice
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > the proxy may not be up-to-date or doesn't include my zite Public proxies tend to allow adding new sites. If one proxy is not updated, check another one?.. Also, if in doubt, throwing another "sign and publish" should show whether you can push content at least to some peers. Now with optional content it's a little bit harder: unless you access it with proxy, there is little way to know for sure whether someone else will be able to download it at any given time (especially if you use tor-only mode or no tor and port closed; or if you don't have your node up all time). Though if you have an open port + tor node that runs 24/7, optional content shouldn't be a problem
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: it does work for me now ;)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: oh, sorry, i didn't mean browser console, i meant output of zeronet (if you don't run zeronet from command line, you won't get it "in console" (maybe it's duplicated in logs, not sure)) So, trying again didn't help? (i mean open 0-menu in top-right corner and press "sign & publish content, not creating new post or something) Also, added (visited) it on proxy. That's +1 node that may help The logs should be located in zeronet directory `/log`
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: > it shows up in my ZeroHello feed as a published post 0hello shows everything that went into your local database, which afair doesn't even require signing, just changing related .json is enough. > Any suggestions appreciated. Most likely just not enough peers at the moment of publication. Maybe try again? If that doesn't help: is update timestamp (can be seen on 0hello near site) current or still shows yesterday? Did you get "content signed, but no peers found message"? Did you see console output / logs?
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Not found
caryoscelus commented on leftside's post: Works for me. Also, there was no update of 0me about a week ago (it shows 27.03)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: in my world "skype" doesn't exist, so i wouldn't know ;)
caryoscelus commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: most people manage to find big enough circle with the same beliefs, now or then. They will happily keep sharing their "knowledge" among themselves and occasionally try to bring outsiders (which would do roughly the same), but most likely will be met with "no, your fake" and there is no reasonable continuation of this argument if all the factual side (beside maybe actual eyewitnessing) can be faked. So people who don't like arguments will simply continue with their opinion and those who do will participate in endless holywars. Essentially, for all we know *everything* around us might be fake, but most people dismiss that idea and even those who don't usually continue with the lives as if they aren't fake. > you need to prove your point as best as you can to convince anybody. Most people who have uneducated, unethical or plain silly views that i've argued with, do not even try. Exactly because they are used to their circle where they don't need to try hard to be convincing. There is no need to prove as best as you can, because there will be enough of people who will agree with you nevertheless.
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: While it may be annoying, the point might be exactly to force learners to get acquainted with "=" form because it is more natural for *functions*; and letting experience learners to go with block form will allow them to skip this syntax altogether. Not saying it's necessarily good decision, but then so isn't making or teaching Kotlin in the first place in my opinion
caryoscelus commented on weakish's post: If they wanted to analyze sms, what would stop them from uploading them to server before you delete them? I think simplest explanation would be that they have rewritten app from scratch and simply did not implement such functionality (rather than removed it on purpose). Might sound weird to not implement something basic like that, but then again it seems to be a custom among interface designers to cut every feature they can get away with. And also to consider users idiots, which brings us to another version: maybe someone have suffered from this function and had enough weight to push its removal
caryoscelus commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: Is this on your site?
caryoscelus commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: > But that implies that they already had this particular believe about you I wasn't talking about beliefs about individuals, but about more global things. Most people have some beliefs about politics, science and many are ok with current low quality fakes to keep believing in otherwise "obviously wrong" things. Higher quality widespread fakes can for many people provide both further support of their beliefs as well as guard against changing it, because anything can be dismissed as fake. > the point is to stop his(or her) belief from spreading My point is that they are already wide spread. Nobody enters the future world of total fakes with clean state, virtually everyone (even children) would have some point of reference which they trust (almost) unconditionally. They will have little incentive to doubt their views, because if everything equally fakeable, the easiest thing to do is to stick to whatever you have.
caryoscelus commented on ks's post: @ks: it's not zeronet, it's zerome that does converting. 0net itself will happily keep webp in place of jpeg if you replace and sign it manually (or through an interface that doesn't do converting)
caryoscelus commented on ks's post: That still looks like jpeg, you need to manually replace it with webp (keeping extension) and re-sign
caryoscelus commented on Kaffie's post: @Pexo: yeah, i also think that deniability high quality fakes create might be used for good. However, the problem is that if we can't trust anything, we can't make educated choice about lots of things. Another problem is that most people would never choose to believe nothing: rather, they would keep their existing beliefs and dismiss anything else as fakes. Wait, that's already happening now.. whatever
caryoscelus commented on Git Center (KxoID)'s post: Not sure it's best idea to spread the word on KxoHub itself ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Kaffie: yeah, thx ;) i've checked it via "Files" stats on 0hello and it does show that someone has loaded it
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: perhaps ad blockers are not really well suited for that (usually they detect address or css properties), but something like greasemonkey or whatever for user scripts should be able to help (yeah, i know it sounds backwards when you can just grab and modify the source, but i suspect getting coffeescript to compile might be a larger bother than a custom div-remover). Though there might be issues with iframe
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @60: the quota is not set in stone and is supposed to be lifted for most users (e.g. unless spam or something); not sure about other hubs, but @nofish has been doing this
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @gitcenter@zeroid.bit: @Krixano: thanks ;)
caryoscelus commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: @0bz: there are many ways; setting up tracker is just one of them; other include setting up public proxy, setting up a node with high bandwidth/storage/uptime, loading sites and optional files, etc. I'm not an expert on technical details of making proxy or tracker, though
caryoscelus commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: @0bz: to support the network, i would guess
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: so yeah, there will be noise wednesday instead ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: not so sure about that.. i may take time to make a better FRP setup first
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit: i would prefer just better filters than complete muting in this case. Hmm, ok, maybe i should try zm+ some day, if the problem persists
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: not everyone is even going to see, though
caryoscelus commented on Drift's post: There are a lot of sites, a lot of site catalogs and not everyone uses them, so it's hard to keep track of everything. It's also hard to suggest something without any preferences. By following discussions here and on zerotalk you can probably get some partial picture (though often sites are referenced without links, which get quite annoying), but if you're looking for something specific, it might be better to ask
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: [here](?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/1PSaHi14Xh4Kjo3yyjDgbRtj4YLQgWV4QJ/1542119726) it is
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: I'm pretty sure this was linked somewhere around here ;)
caryoscelus commented on Lostfile's post: Depends on your goal and current knowledge. But generally i'd say: don't learn languages, learn ideas and concepts. Well, at some point you may need to learn language specifics, but if you understand ideas behind it, it isn't that hard. Functional programming, lambda calculus, high-order typing systems, some relevant bits of category theory. Might sound scary, but it can be argued this is easier path than the usual imperative/object-oriented hell. If you insist on learning a language, i probably have to recommend Haskell, because i'm not sure Agda, Idris or other dependently typed language would have enough beginner-friendly docs. If you insist on your list, python>js>php. Why even bother with php in 2019 unless you specifically plan to participate in a project that uses it?
caryoscelus commented on Binchan's post: Welcome back ;)
caryoscelus commented on Bitcoren's post: Таки удалили (заблочили) юзера, и думаю [тут]( правильно говорят, что за ссылки на запрещённое видео, а не за код Из малоизвестных альтернатив могу посоветовать [notabug]( (ну, и местный [git center](/1GitLiXB6t5r8vuU2zC6a8GYj9ME6HMQ4t/), разумеется)
caryoscelus commented on ulrichard's post: I'm not a expert, but if possible, i would try to dd it into a file and then try to work with that.
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: Тут и персональные драмы бывают, и спамеры встречаются; некоторые даже malware пытаются впарить ;) Но в основном тут довольно (даже слишком) тихо
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caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: @Xan: спасибо ;) Сейчас как раз работаю над незаконченной композицией из далёкого 17-го. > Хорошая музыка у вас /me ждёт продолжения "...но не вся" ^_^ (последние альбомы *немного* в другом стиле)
caryoscelus commented on Xan's post: Это на zeroid сейчас такие задержки? O_o
caryoscelus commented on Somename666's post: I'm stuck with KDE, though at this point the only irreplaceable app from it is Dolphin (file manager). I may switch to some tiled wm on next install, but i'm likely to keep Dolphin and maybe even Konsole. As for Plasma, i'm not using any of its fancy features, but i would probably still prefer Plasma/KWin to any other "user-friendly" kind of alternative. Simply because they seem to be more configurable
caryoscelus commented on Minimin's post: I see it ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: i used to think math and most of "CS" is unpractical, but that's where the progress is made to be later imported into programming. Essentially any programming language is a restricted subset of TT, usually augmented with some "practical" crutches that can only be used under specific conditions. And while it can be complex due to high abstraction level, there's much more logic and less arbitrary decisions that have to be memorized and dealt with
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: i'm studying [type theory](, which is in a way quite opposite of brainfuck, being ultimately abstract / high-level ;) Simplifying things a little bit, first version is what you would usually write when using a dependently-typed language; second is a version that is closer to implementing such a language (there's no syntax highlighting here, but the only keywords used here are `data` and `where`: the second version doesn't use any and thus is easier to manipulate from within code) Code syntax is of [Agda](
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @lavaphox: mechanically, yeah, most likely. Unless i'm secretly a post-human or something ;) But my ability to perceive sound layers and individual sounds in complex textures have improved a lot in recent years and hopefully still improving
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caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: i don't understand enough details on hubs to see why it isn't theoretically possible to maybe even duplicate some data, but keep the common information available both ways. I understand that this might bring too much ugly complexity so that it would hinder development, though
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: i don't mind ;) I wish i could agree with you because i also like the idea of starting from scratch to make the best, but personally i don't have energy to invest into ever new stuff all the time
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: it doesn't for me and [all]( [those]( [people](
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: > I may want my social network to support Videos. There's no way I can make that compatible with ZeroMe. I'm not seeing any hard problems; even if 0me wouldn't show the video embedded, it can still display a link. > we shouldn't ever makes zites unless it interacts with all other data from other zites That's not exactly what i said, but many possibly innovative sites stopped being developed because nobody used them. If you really need to store data in incompatible way, taking the risk might make sense. If you can building upon existing scheme, i don't see good reasons not to. > this happened with both ZeroMe Plus and Peeper - which were two forks of ZeroMe with added features that nofish never accepted into ZeroMe. But unlike many others, they are still useable, no? > I could then clone ZeroMe, but that would have the same effect as creating an entirely new social network It wouldn't. You can use 0me+/peeper/sakana along with 0me and there's no problem of "yet another cool site with no users" > I'd have to deal with all of this code I didn't create myself and I won't like (I don't like CoffeeScript). > making a new compatible interface for it. I don't see any point in continuing this argument though. We probably know about the same info and if we asses it differently, that's unlikely to change
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: apparently you don't even have to "being used to be on hub" for this to work, as long as someone has a link: e.g. [here]( is my non-existent profile on other hub ;) @Krixano: you worded it in such a way that i thought you meant you wanted to create a new network just to fix this issue. But anyway, in my opinion a new social network on 0net doesn't make much sense unless it can interact with existing data
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Krixano: > people tend to stay with the "official" zites more for some reason. I think the main reason is simply network effect. Though there might also be some security concerns (and people who are already running 0net are going to have some trust for nofish already). > I've been considering making a whole new social network like ZeroMe that fixes this Does it really have to be a whole new one? I think this specific issue can be handled just by fixing 0me / making a new compatible interface for it.
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: ah, i see. I must've subscribed early then ;) > Sorry, I don't understand. When you visit the page of person you follow, you should see the green "x unfollow" button instead of "+ follow" one. However, if user have (possibly remnants of) accounts on multiple hubs, you only see that when you visit profile via initial hub. I used to follow you on [this](?Profile/1AbRRDveQD5EFtmXxBqQfS1guUWXxytMJZ/131Seivv6aH8vnohPmYPcPwPfZ1a5ubMMs/) profile and now switched to [this](?Profile/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/131Seivv6aH8vnohPmYPcPwPfZ1a5ubMMs/klu9@zeroid.bit). I can separately follow or unfollow you on those two, even though it doesn't seem to have effect on "followed users" tab
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Glightstar: that should probably cover the zipping part, but i guess there's no easy way to retrieve loaded data from `<audio>`
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caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: it works if the battery can hold at least some energy. Apparently mine is completely trashed though (it also got swollen up after a night of failing charging attempt)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: yeah, but that needs quite some work. I really wanted just to plug regular USB charger / external battery and use it like that until i can buy a new internal one
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: do you mean replacing the battery with a power convertor?
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: it can entrance one watching it ;)
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caryoscelus commented on Homulilly's post: Yeah, i'm still waiting for the day when i wouldn't possibly be able to read "Everyone"..
caryoscelus commented on Reitoei's post: Not sure why, but isn't that cool?..
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caryoscelus commented on Somename666's post: I'm back to being active ;) Also released some stuffs
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @leftside: @Glightstar: Sorry, forgot to mention i need to do it from JS. Basically, i want to make easy download option for non-0net users of my music site
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @60: > also, it seems that optional file limit is too low on my server, maybe i should raise it. Ah, i see. That might be the case. I hope i'm not bothering you too much. @Krixano: thx
caryoscelus commented on Againandagain's post: Getting drunk because water is out, lol
caryoscelus commented on Lostfile's post: Personally, i don't have much expectations about that kind (or any, really) parties. If you're bored, try to inspect people. Sometimes, that might be fun. And don't be too afraid of interacting with others: even if they consider you "outsider", they might be interested in you, because chances are, they are bored of their inner circle; you're unlikely to lose something, unless you're living in a very aggressive and discontent society (Well, if you are, maybe it would be better to spend effort to change location than try to go to a party). Another thing: if you go to parties or other social interaction not expecting anything particularly exciting, you are more likely to be surprised in a good way. If you're actively looking to be social, random parties might not be the best option.
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @60: now i'm having another similar problem. I've uploaded a [new video]( on my site, but from your proxy it's not available: the site has updated, but [optional video file]( does not even start to download, simply showing "Not Found" error page (other proxies work fine atm)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @60: @Krixano: another odd thing was that on 0hello the date of update was current (i've tried pushing another update from my node, but it didn't force update on index.html). But now that i've clicked on "check files" on proxy's 0hello, it got updated. So the issue is resolved for now, but i wonder what could be causing it..
caryoscelus commented on Gluek's post: @Gluek: да, мне собственно тоже так кажется ;)
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caryoscelus commented on Gluek's post: М.б. в профиле 0me адрес тоже стоит поправить?..
caryoscelus commented on Gluek's post: Статистика такая статистика. Что-то мне подсказывает, что между "обращаются к врачам, когда нужна медицинская помощь" и "не обращаются к врачам, когда нужна медицинская помощь" лежит огромная промежуточная область ("обращаются к врачам по случаю" и т.п.) и записать их можно по своему усмотрению..
caryoscelus commented on lavaphox's post: Hi there ;)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Well, why should everybody be permitted to take part in enslaving people? It's a tough market!
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caryoscelus commented on Krixano's post: > help support other ZeroNet developers by donating to their public address with Bitcoin I think this was pointed out before, but that's likely a [very bad idea](, probably even more dangerous than usual address reuse as we're signing much more messages than regular transactions
caryoscelus commented on FraYoshi's post: `*pretends to be a seasoned emacs user*` Welcome to the herd ;)
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caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: > hippie > video starting with inlined ads i'm no expert, but that doesn't smell compatible to me
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: > "Tor: error" > Port: Opened Unless you set "tor: always" mode, tor is optional, so 0net will work without it (though lacking ability to connect to tor-only nodes), but unless you disable it completely (?) 0net will still check whether it's available and thus you get error report if it's not found (in expected way)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Is it really now? Back when i [tested it]( more than a year ago, it seemed to work for me
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: not sure if it could cause any problems, but you really shouldn't be using `\` slash on web. Also if you want something gif-like, but not gif, there are animated png and webp formats
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Never really used ZeroBlog, but judging by 0me experience, the only way is to do that manually, i.e. put your image directly to appropriate data directory
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: i had that problem at some point, but got it resolved on both chromium and firefox i have around; this is all fairly frustrating, especially for something i consider temporary solution, so since it somehow works i'm unlikely to investigate further. Thanks again for reporting ;)
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: thx for reporting. That's very unfortunate; i'll try to fix it before next upload
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Btw, i suppose subs should work for you (since i'm on about same configuration), but do you think it's obvious how to turn them on or would it be better if there were some hint?
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: I believe i've also seen this on someone else's blog (kopykate doesn't seem to have this issue) and it's "expected behaviour" unless some additional js is thrown in to fix it. Though i'm not sure whether i had to reload the page or it did switch to normal video interface automatically. Also note that you don't have to wait for the full load, the video should start appearing right after the first chunk of it is downloaded. Anyway, thx for reporting, i'll try to find some time to fix that
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: for completeness sake: mpv can play youtube-dl supported urls directly
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caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: you can take it to the next level and simulate occasionally visiting "foreign friends" and a whole family with distinct browsing patterns ;) But then again, you can just use something like tor when need anonymity..
caryoscelus commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Only you know you have unique static ip4. Even your isp can't be sure you don't share it with family, friends, neighbours or hacker bums
caryoscelus commented on Kaffie's post: @Quantumworld: i think if person that is being consistent annoyance so that someone want to mute them later becomes a better person, they can announce the news from the new account. Granted, some people may block impulsively and then optional timer can be useful. As for "block wars": if a user publicly blocks someone for wrong reason (i.e. they advertise their list as anti-spam list, but then add those they simply don't like), rather than adding them to a mute list it makes more sense to call them out on that. If, on the other hand, someone wants to block owner of "people i don't like" list on their "people i don't like" list, i don't see a reason to care about such "war". Even if you make personal list public, it doesn't mean others will start use it. Also, if someone wants war, they will find tools; those who don't can just ignore the war
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Klu9: > Sounds good, although I wonder if any error message (beyond "Page is loading") is really necessary, as the page loaded anyway after a few seconds. It was really intended as placeholder for when scripts are disabled. Well, the only way i could trigger it so far is by disabling XHR (but leaving normal scripts) in uMatrix (and that why it isn't just wrapped in `<noscript>`). I thought it would be displayed via "raw" prefix or something like, but apparently that's not how it works
caryoscelus commented on Kaffie's post: I think that may even be a genuine disbelief that someone is going to host someone else's content for free ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Klu9: Thanks ;) > At first, the page displayed some error message about using JS Yeah, i should edit it so that it says "page is loading" prior and "you've probably disabled js" second > When I first tried playing the video, it was very "stop-start", even when the Seek bar showed there was some loaded content still to view Unfortunately, that's just because big files are hard to bootstrap and i'm using tor.. i made sure files are also available from node, but it's still not a perfect solution. Ideally, something like "don't play until fully loaded" should be implemented. Not sure whether there's api for that though. (other video sites also have this issue, as far as i know)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: this can't possibly be novel and indeed it isn't. Both ascinema and showterm (haven't research much, but there are also *tons* of others) date back to early 2010s, but as can be seen from [showterm]( credits block, this is just webification of old tools > 2000-12-27: ttyrec 1.0 Released > The script command appeared in 3.0BSD.
caryoscelus commented on GomZik's post: Тоже были такие мысли, но тогда хотелось побыстрее поднять сайт, а не пилить биндинги. А потом и интерес к очередному мини-хаскелю пропал. Есть мысли по использованию Agda, но пока это слишком глобальный проект
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: > my attempted comment is there now, despite the original error message. 😕 That's another issue with comment system: it shows you local changes that weren't successfully signed; neither my node, nor []( can't see your comments. Will try to fix it asap; for now, successfully leaving another comment should reveal your old one as well
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Commenting work for me again (note that you may still get that error if you don't "login" first and then messages get duplicated... i'll have to think about what to do about that). Feel free to use [this topic](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/_posts/ as test grounds ;)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Thanks for reporting! I wonder if [this link](,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u4vp2wg63pvuxrzn.onion:10443,jbier4pesz7r5bhp.onion:36171,u4vp2wg63pvuxrzn.onion:10443,epnauiqsov2rjokm.onion:19097) will work better. As for comments, looks like i've broken them indeed :(
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: using it for about five years without reinstalls on main machine ;) During this time there were a few major issues (i don't quite remember whether i managed to get it unbootable or got broken X11 though), such as most recently an issue with broken audio (it could have been due to my complex config, though it happened without me taking any actions rather than upgrade). There can be some issues with specific applications, but usually these are less severe (for me anyway) than having to use old versions. In general i treat it as "rolling release debian" ;) That said, next time i make a fresh installation i'm probably going to setup NixOS. Even though i could just use debbuild more often, i feel like distro that is designed around source packages would be a better fit
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: i'm using unstable ;) So the delay should be minimal, but sometimes it takes from few hours (which is i guess reasonable time for build and package propagation) to few days
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @ulrichard: well, it is. The psychological difference is that i'm thinking of packaging issues being fixed as directly related to getting fixed packages, while upstream issues only related to source being fixed. So yeah, it's mostly my bias ;)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Quantumworld: ideal cryptos are not controlled by anybody in particular and while that doesn't always work out, some are not controlled by creators. Slavery is a strong word that doesn't seem adequate for describing voluntary (in the case of cryptos anyway) use of a tool. Probably the worst thing about money is greed (not necessarily of its creators), but it arises from generally low level of human development rather than existence of money alone
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Speaking of more or less direct "zeronet competitors", personally i'm skeptical about anything built around cryptocurrencies. It either favors people willing to blow money on it (which is of course the same as disfavoring people who are not willing or just can't) or (which may arguably be even worse) creates incentives to game the system for rewards As for others, i'm not so much skeptical or dismissive, but just don't have enough time or energy to try everything
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Polar🍀☘️🌿🌾🌴: i intended a bit more general `cmlnaHRpc3QK`, but yeah ;)
caryoscelus commented on Red Liberty's post: @Redlibertyreal: yeah, finally it works ;)
caryoscelus commented on Red Liberty's post: Your site is still inaccessible, and it's not just for me either, e.g. it is not loading on [ proxy]( (it seems to have both port open and tor support available)
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: as long as there are enough incentives (not sure there are enough for ipfs already) and possibilities, somebody is going to fake :/
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: Judging by description, it lets you browse IPFS through proxy, but ensures that the proxy does not falsify content. If that makes more sense
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Klu9: 0me js code converts all images to jpg. You can see the results in data directory of your hub. However, who said you should run js code to publish something on 0net? ;)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: That's not how you do it ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Polar🍀☘️🌿🌾🌴: turns out this is just a matter of file name rather than format
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Polar🍀☘️🌿🌾🌴: > GIF image with .jpg suffix? this
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @猫叉酱(小号): no, nothing that dramatic ...Hmm, since nobody admits to noticing it, i'm assuming it might have not worked for everyone. Then we're probably saved and you need not worry
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: i'm using git master, so it might be a bit more up-to-date than "released" revisions
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: judging by `UiRequest line 145`, you're not using latest revision ([that line is empty there](, but it could also be due to platform differences or some other weird bug
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: >movie.bit It's not found on [0name](, so most likely it's just an expired domain (the site itself might be "down" or up); this is one reason to refrain from using domain names, btw. That said, server error is probably a bug here, it just shows "not found" for me
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Polar🍀☘️🌿🌾🌴: if i would be careful enough to notice that on parens highlight (which was likely on), i'd just notice i'm doing something weird in the first place @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: ?
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: nah, my engine which renders (certain subset of) jekyll pages from js. Jekyll is fine, except that loading pages is relatively slow in 0net, it has no integration with feeds and it's a waste of space (although who cares about few hundred extra kilobytes when we're wasting mega and even gigabytes, lol)
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: > "JS console" is over my head I'm afraid :) In firefox it's F12 -> then choose console (or in web developer menu). When you click that link, various new messages appear ;) > I got a blue 0net "Subscribed to..." message "Subscribed to post feed". I did not implement comment feed (yet). But as i said, that's just message, otherwise it should've worked fine the first time > But when I try to open it in a new tab, I get a "Not found" error. Yeah, that's kinda "expected". The problem is that i'm using onclick instead of proper href for all links. The whole engine is one big mess. Eventually it should be replaced with something sane
caryoscelus commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @Klu9: > Although Caryoscelus does offer clearnet Atom and RSS feeds, the "Subscribe: 0net" button is a void Javascript that just gives me a "Cannot load error". Thanks for reporting. I wonder when did it start complaining like that. I'm pretty sure it still works, though (you can check in js console that it does send request to 0net server) > void Javascript The href content isn't what makes it work, it's the onclick attribute ;) It's just there to be ignored, but i somehow made it unignorable **update**: now it should work with a fancy success message instead of error one
caryoscelus started following Cybernex
caryoscelus commented on Schiz0's post: Are they present there, but not synced? Or not present at all? I had an issue with my site when it reached 10MiB limit, fixing that got it updated on
caryoscelus commented on Tahabaha's post: @Tahabaha: before hitting sqlite limit 0net is more likely to suffer from tons of .json files which feed its dbs. Initial load (or rebuilding) of db of e.g. ZeroMe with many hubs already takes too long
caryoscelus commented on Styromaniac's post: > let the user choose That's so against web standards!
caryoscelus commented on Red Liberty's post: @Redlibertyreal: > want maximum performance. I think there should be no speed loss for using tor (unless you set "tor-only" mode): nodes supporting both options should keep connecting via clearnet
caryoscelus commented on Red Liberty's post: > Peers found: 40 > content.json download failed Wow, this still happens. Probably none of peers run tor or open port?..
caryoscelus commented on Pexo's post: If you care about anonimity, you should either use tor, or umatrix-like solution to block all outgoing requests from 0net sites to other hosts. I don't think zeroboard was ever supposed to be serious anonymous site and the check is probably to avoid spam so that it can be kept as a demo w/o requiring users to load such spam > sends the message and your auth key there Does it actually send a key? Or just a message signed with it?
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @~Publicality~: lol, you win
caryoscelus commented on Tusiko's post: @ulrichard: yeah, i've found ubports, just not sure whether it will be sustainable in long term (e.g. maemo "lived" long, but only as software updates). It's great to hear it'll be an option for librem5 KDE phone should be much better than whatever was in OpenMoko days, plasma was designed with handheld devices in mind. Gnome 3 is also interesting, though i'm not familiar with it
caryoscelus commented on Tusiko's post: >Sailfish Sounds like half-dead/half-proprietary project, not sure how it's better than vanilla android in terms of freedom and privacy. Mer, although open, seems even more dead (unless they decided to switch to a new site w/o leaving a note on the old platforms) Tizen seems like a ~~better~~ more open (although apparently, also open for crackers) meego descendant *** Another option that nobody mentioned yet is ubuntu touch, which can be flashed on a few devices, although might also die without canonical support
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caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Tusiko: > Both are very very good editors. I agree with the sentiment, though with a bit more pessimistic take on it: i think both are good as far as existing editors go, but are far from what we could reasonably expect
caryoscelus commented on Tommykakashi's post: @Publicality: i don't think it's about arguing who took how many lives, rather whether we deem it justifiable or not. We can't stop it from happening again if we don't agree it's unacceptable in the first place. I'm afraid most people would find a case for which it's ok to kill any number of people, though
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Tusiko: i used to use vim for minor console edits (while using kate as coding editor), but never learned much of it beyond hjkl (incidentally, i like it better than C-bfnp, but it's mostly a matter of getting used). I think emacs has better ide-like feature support and that's why i choose it; it also turned out to be one of the two editors (another is atom) which have interactive mode for agda, so i don't regret. Nowdays i tend to avoid vim completely because i start to confuse keystrokes ;)
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @~Publicality~: >glass rods with mirror insides that's what kaleidoscope is, but if you look at other images in gallery, they don't look like exact mirrored images. But i like it either way
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caryoscelus commented on Quantumworld's post: If you stop 0net node, it will ask for updates when you start it back, but sometimes there might be disconnectivity issues. E.g. you may see posts appearing in the past because your node wasn't aware of them before. To improve connectivity, you can try using both open port and tor on your node, but for popular sites/hubs it is usually not a big problem
caryoscelus started following Pexo
caryoscelus commented on Pexo's post: I wanted to do somewhat similar thing (though without extra fluff), but i'm so not going to touch javascript and unwrapped 0net api for a long while.. every time i think about it, i want to ~die out of despair for humanity~ rewrite whole thing in a more sane language, but that has to wait also. I can occasionally help with advice though, if you won't find more knowledgeable people
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @Chocodum: urgency wasn't in the context, though. The whole thing starts with "Respect Recipients' Time", email certainly does that much better than calling. It's also somewhat annoying (although sometimes funny) many people assume everyone has a phone number
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: @~Publicality~: ah, i see ;) another related thing is ram available for disk cache and how much of it gets allocated for zeronet
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: @~Publicality~: nah, it shouldn't load them from network (unless you use remote node), it's just that loading db from disk into memory takes time (especially when implemented in less than optimal manner)
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: >i thought ive already have them on my pc... They are probably being retrieved from it, s l o w l y. I also noticed this, though profile pictures are loading fast relative to the feed itself
caryoscelus commented on K0rsa1r's post: @K0rsa1r: @Styromaniac: unfortunately 0hub.bit is no longer being updated. I don't think it's a good idea to point there because new users would think it delivers on its promise, but it does not. Anyway, another place that does have some track of 0net hubs is ["important sites"]( (search for "zerome") and although it doesn't contain as much (and doesn't have a direct link for all the hubs, meh), anyone can add their hubs there
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: well, after using some brain, i figured most of it out; still cleaning the imperative mess though
caryoscelus commented on caryoscelus's post: @~Publicality~: code is a mess and i don't fully understand how it works yet ;)
caryoscelus commented on nws's post: you can also post links. or hope that likes work as repost, i guess
caryoscelus commented on nws's post: that's the question that being asked quite regularly, i wish we'd have some proper knowledgebase.. anyway, you can replace image manually in hub's data directory and then sign changes (just posting / editing something should do it)
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: @Helio5: mostly learning to draw 2d stuff effectively in gl (via GPipe library) today. Got a primitive drawing "app" so far. As for agda, i'm trying out its metaprogramming capabilities
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: today's keywords: agda, haskell, opengl. Have been fun enough so far
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: @Pexo: >The reason for 'probably never' is, that ZeroTalk, ZeroMe and ZeroID were never supposed to be finished zites Yeah, that inconvenient fact nobody wants to talk about.. >I think DaniellMesquita wanted to redo peeper, but I don't know how far that has come. As far as i understood, it's just a plan and it won't reuse 0me hubs unlike current peeper (so even if realized it would be just another site, not 0me with more functionality)
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: Once we get developers who have time, skills and motivation to add that functionality?.. Better api would certainly help with that; bringing more developers here would also increase the odds By the way, there are alternative interfaces for 0me already, though not actively developed as far as i know
caryoscelus commented on Sharer's post: Great ;)
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: @~Publicality~: ok, guess i'll just have to wait *a bit* for an answer
caryoscelus commented on Sharer's post: Hopefully that's enough for a general direction. Feel free to ask more detailed questions, although i might be not able to answer them soon (but there might be others)
caryoscelus commented on Sharer's post: @Sharer: ok, so here's more detailed instruction: - first you need to have a site (i suppose you've read on that?) - find `data` directory of your site (it's in global zeronet data directory, whose location might depend on config) - edit `content.json` there to include `"optional": ".*webm|.*mp4"` line (assuming you have basic json knowledge..) - copy video files into sites' directory (or subdirectory if you like) - now you should be able to access video file directly from browser under `zeronet_host:port/your_site/path_to.webm` - try adding `<video>` tag referencing it into a post (i'm not 100% sure zeroblog would work as i've never used it myself). you can try relative paths
caryoscelus commented on Sharer's post: @Sharer: i suppose zeroblog should support raw html inserts, so you can try that. You'll probably also want to make videos optional in `content.json`
caryoscelus commented on Sharer's post: If by "here" you mean 0me, no. If you mean zeronet, then yeah; the simplest option is to simply drop video-files into your site directory and then use `<video>` tag. However, that wouldn't provide integration with existing "video-hosting" zites
caryoscelus commented on 0cat's post: Welcome ;)
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: P = NP? *strictly non-personal*
caryoscelus commented on Publicality's post: I hope you aren't blik ;)
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caryoscelus · caryoscelus@zeroid.biton May 15, 2019

When a commercial entity mentions that jumping three times on one leg in front of their office would give you a 10% discount, i put them on mental black list. I can at least see the point of "advertise us and we'll give you a discount" logic, and as much as i dislike it, i may be not as harsh towards it (although may still be), but when the action is utterly meaningless and unexplained, that's beyond my tolerance level

caryoscelus · caryoscelus@zeroid.biton May 16, 2019Reply

@Mg0: i'm afraid real cases are not as rich on possibilities as the metaphoric one..

Mg0 · mg0@zeroid.biton May 15, 2019Reply

Well, it makes almost anyone doing it look dumber but it may be a way to encourage some excercise into sedentary people. Dunno, there are just so many possibilities...

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