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Shitchell commented on Shitchell's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: That's awesome :D I'm about to check it out now


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Shitchell · shitchell@zeroid.biton May 11, 2019

Haven't been on here in forever ._. Just curious how active the community still is?

Shitchell · shitchell@zeroid.biton May 22, 2019Reply

@styromaniac@zeroid.bit: That's awesome :D I'm about to check it out now

Pexo · pexo@zeroid.biton May 12, 2019Reply

I made an account here!

styromaniac@zeroid.bit · styromaniac@zeroid.biton May 11, 2019Reply

Python3 branch

lavaphox · lavaphox@zeroid.biton May 11, 2019Reply

im here :D, trying my best to learn web development ^^

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