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Desenhoeanime commented on Caropc1's post: @Pexo: I figured it could be this, thank you. I'll try to contact kopykate's admin Thank you
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Desenhoeanime commented on Desenhoeanime's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: ;) thank you :D
Desenhoeanime commented on Desenhoeanime's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: thank you :D @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: cool the other site there, sharedtube ... but I would like improvements in bigkopy: /, alias I would like something better, that you could get the LINK of the videos from other sites and let them open by big.kopykate.bit or any another site, this would make it more practical. Type if I upload the video in zeroup, I can open it normal there, but if I try to send from this link to big.kopykate.bit, it will resend the video again, and I think this also needs improving, I am thinking of cloning the big.kopykate.bit and add this option you can simply LINK the video of other place of zeronet, as this would make the site and the network itself more efficient, being able to take ANY video from anywhere and only LINKAR , use the link of the same and then opening inside the site even big.kopykate.bit, this would be quite practical.
Desenhoeanime commented on Kopykate's post: thank you for your site :)
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Desenhoeanime commented on Kaffie's post: thank you :D
Desenhoeanime commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: this must be because you are using tor as always enabled, leave only on enabled
Desenhoeanime commented on Desenhoeanime's post: @Rcastanonz: Show :D cool I'm posting in this account ALL the animes that I left STOPED in hd so that other people can see :)
Desenhoeanime commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @KxoBot: playlist you could put for the person to choose the videos that want to create LOCALLY the playlist, because I miss being able to have a playlist to be able to see serials and anime for example, that ends one episode and starts the other. I believe that if I make a playlist that I create for myself and can share on my channel, it would be a file that would click and call other video links automatically at the end of the video or with the option to give next video, in the case clicking next video would do the same as ending the video, would simply redirect me to the next video, I think they could add this option to the site
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Desenhoeanime · desenhoeanime@zeroid.biton May 14, 2019
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