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Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Firtzgobery: Thanks ! As for the planet icon issue, well, I think it's not a bug but a feature :p You can configure those 4 icons to point to any link you want :) You can do so on the add-ons option page.
Jamesholden commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Thanks for the blocklist, I am using it :) Also using the MOAB at
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Wanditoast: Zeronet doesn't have a navigation bar so when you are let's say on ZeroMe and want to visit a blog, you need to go back to ZeroHello then reach the blog through the left panel. The add-on allows you to save 4 zeronet URLs for faster access to the sites you visit the most :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @caryoscelus: All fair points ! I didn't realize it was that easy to change the avatar actually. How do you like it now ? :)
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Jamesholden commented on agentofuser's post: @agentofuser: Hello ! I can recommend most of the people I follow. Shameless plug to my blog too ! Visit my profile to reach it if interested :)
Jamesholden commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: Hey ! Unrelated by when I try to access any content from The Papers I got for instance "data/papers/BBC.News-The.Papers-2019.06.17.Monday.html download failed data/users/content.json download failed"
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @caryoscelus: Thanks, good catch ! I tweaked it, it looks better now I believe :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Too annoying to setup compared to rtcwake which was one download away :) also I can bundle everything I want before/after the wakeup within a script
Jamesholden commented on Lola's post: Yep, those are very well crafted ! In a different style, I like Crash Course ones too (World History mainly) : https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse/playlists
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Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Cloudysocks: I am really glad you like it ! Enjoy and feel free to make improvements requests :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @ZeroLSTN: The thing is, I already have a (local) git repo for znqa which is away from my ZeroNet data folder and it seems to complicate the setup a hell lot more. Adding the origin like you said "works" but I cannot push (git ask me to pull first) and I cannot pull either (fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories) I'll try again tomorrow :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @ZeroLSTN: I totally agree, I just need to spend some time to figure out Gitcenter workflow :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @ZeroLSTN: I started using GitCenter but it's not up-to-date over there. I made a zip of the latest code and put it on IFS : Disclaimer : I am not a JS developer but feedback welcome :p
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Cloudysocks: Thanks ! I didn't knew about the tumblr floating buttons but looking at it, it's pretty close for sure ! ZNQA stands for ZeroNet Quick Access, it's just a UI to have your shortcuts on every zeronet page since the menu with you pinned sites is only available on the ZeroHello page :)
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Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Krixano: Hey thanks ! You actually made a contribution :) Indeed it seems Zirch Search Engine has much more sites and would make a sensible default search engine. The v0.1.7 add-on update is already available on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/znqa/
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Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Eibriel: Hey thanks, great blog btw, I am seeding :) !
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Piloth: You should be now, at least while my workstation is online :)
Jamesholden commented on Kaffie's post: Nice nixie tubes ! But tell us more Kaffie !
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: Cool ! \o/
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: I've made a (tentative) fix in 0.1.5, feel free to let me know how it goes !
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: Hey ! Thank you so much for the bug report ! Indeed, for now I kind of expected that kind off issues since I'm not handling positioning in a proper, responsive way right now, I'll make sure to improve and hopefully fix that at the next release ! As for where to post future bug reports, I don't really mind but if we can leverage your good work and use Gitcenter then why not ! :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Tangdou: Thanks :)
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Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Binchan: Good idea I would love to ! Actually my first idea was to add notification support (as notification bubbles/popup) to the ZeroHello page, so far it seems kind of tricky to work with how Zeronet display pages (iframe) ... but this is perhaps because I never really wrote JS before now :p
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: Thanks for the tip ! Will take a look again, back to the drawing board :)
Jamesholden commented on Git Center's post: I'm not surprised, LaTeX is unfortunately notoriously huge to install
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Jamesholden commented on Johnny Mnemonic's post: @Johnny Mnemonic: I can. Last post is from 19 Jan :)
Jamesholden commented on Styromaniac's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: The movie really is about NASA (the space agency), although I guess the NSA used its share of womans as well :)
Jamesholden commented on Styromaniac's post: Related : The movie "Hidden figures" about the "computers" which were back then women assigned to mathematical/computing tasks for the NASA in the 60's
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Kaffie: Well said :)
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Jamesholden commented on ZeroLSTN's post: I guess it has nothing to do with the code but many songs with 1 peers cannot actually be downloaded :( (Take Linkin Park Meteora album for instance, everything but the first song has one peer but cannot listen anything). Too bad, I would like to seed some, will retry later, appreciate the idea of ZeroLSTN :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Binchan: Aah, that's why ! Thanks for the tip, will do :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Nope, one at a time (and the other is out now so only on one onwards)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Not that I can think of, only recent thing is that I migrated my users.json from another machine a few days ago. Would you be willing to try to download a file I recently uploaded there ? e.g :
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Kaffie: Sounds cool ! It's a much needed feature
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Binchan: I'll have a look at those options, thanks ! I'm a bit sad there's no permalink to a user's uploads since it's a covenient way to allow leechs to become seeds if they wish, if I just link the ZeroUp file, it wont be seeded right away (since it's an action you need to take in the UI)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Binchan: Can confirm ! Thanks all :)
Jamesholden commented on Nofish's post: A few ideas : - A side pane that you can hover to go to a zite without having to go back to ZeroHello - Another way to handle the presentation/UI of the zites you seed on ZeroHello (the list is a bit painful to browse when you have a lot of zites, maybe something a bit more compact could help ?)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: Indeed nothing in dev tools (tried on Firefox,All or Network pane) but reloading the page with F5 doesn't do the trick for me either
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Git Center: Thanks for the tip, I tried with --debug myself and absolutely nothing happens when clicking `sign`
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Thanks, appreciated :)
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @Nofish: Nothing at all (no notification pop up), clicking "publish" give me the grey button with the spinner-like animation but it doesn't work either.
Jamesholden commented on Jamesholden's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: :D If I would be so fortunate to leave near the ocean, sure !


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Jamesholden · jamesholden@zeroid.biton Jun 21, 2019
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