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Adna · adna@zeroid.biton Apr 22, 2019

Dear all,
I am a beginner with zeronet.
I want to use Zeronet for my personal project in which i want to send messages realt time after every half of second. Can you please tell me if this is possible with ZeroNet?

Krixano · krixano@zeroid.biton Apr 23, 2019Reply

There's the PeerMessage plugin - KxoId, 0Play Game Center, and now StreamZ use it to get real-time communication and broadcasting in ZeroNet. Goto the Wiki page Here:
There's also an explanation on KxoNetwork on how KxoId uses the PeerMessage plugin -

Deliriumgoddess6 · deliriumgoddess6@zeroid.biton Apr 22, 2019Reply

i think its possible. Check ZeroHello. Working same type

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