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Port220irq5dma1 commented on Brianhanson2nd's post: oh the image is showing up now
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Brianhanson2nd's post: @Brianhanson2nd: Are you using the Brave browser? You may have to enable device recognition (click the lion head icon to the right of the search bar)
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Red Liberty's post: Nope, not from 8chan. I'm just a deplatformed social media outcast.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Port220irq5dma1's post: @Ansho Rei: fantastic! Thanks for the pointers on ZeroBlog++. If only I could get .gifs to work...
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Zetanbali's post: @Kaffie: My goodness, that's a lot to take in at once but it's very thorough. Thank you for taking the time to explain, and it helped me understand ZeroNet much more clearly.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Zetanbali's post: @Kaffie: Will this work if I run multiple computers simultaneously and wish to be logged in on the same ZN account on all of them?
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Port220irq5dma1's post: @Ryker: Thank you. Would you believe that getting energetic lines requires a tentative, careful and precise approach rather than one where the pencil is whooshing everywhere with swashbuckling action? You have to visualize objects that have been frozen in a state of motion. Watching videos of fast-moving objects in slow motion helped me in building this ability.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on zer0noob's post: worked for me! IT'S MOVING!
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Ansho Rei's post: Came for the decentralized, uncensorable platform, stayed for the community.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Watteau's post: I was 'whelmed'.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Newtons's post: Welcome to this "dark corner of the internet" or "the dark web" as they call it. And by that, I mean that you can turn on the dark theme. It's so much easier on the eyes.
Port220irq5dma1 commented on Reichard Nixon's post: Sort of, but it's missing asymmetrical enforcement of "guidelines" and TOS, and they don't need your phone number and you don't have to have high phytoestrogen levels to be here. Also, no blue checkmarks.
Port220irq5dma1 · port220irq5dma1@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019

good night, zeronet.

Techtheawesome · techtheawesome@zeroid.biton Aug 12, 2019Reply

good evening :3

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019Reply

good morning :-)

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