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Decile commented on Decile's post: They are supported by public opinion who believe they are supporting a good cause
Decile commented on Decile's post: This ideology is a big problem
Decile commented on Decile's post: I mean crazy people who must be in the crazy asylum.
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Utilisateur ZeroNet aléatoire
Utilisateur ZeroNet aléatoire
Decile · decile@zeroid.biton Aug 06, 2019

Question: if crazy people come to zeronet and the Western media media media the site with a negative message what would be your reaction?

Montecarlo · montecarlo@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019Reply

I'm already a serial wrongthinker so I can't be bothered to care about smears against the networks and outlets I use. I'm more worried about shills infecting and subverting ZeroNet.

Nickwa · nickwa@zeroid.biton Aug 07, 2019Reply

@caryoscelus: The people who know the MSM are shit anyways will come to ZeroNet.

Nickwa · nickwa@zeroid.biton Aug 07, 2019Reply

Just stick a middle finger to the MSM as they get salty over no control on ZeroNet. At least here in the US, ZeroNet is not illegal(Supreme Court says P2P is legal, just what you used for can be illegal), so I dont need to hide it to tell people to fuck off.

caryoscelus · caryoscelus@zeroid.biton Aug 07, 2019Reply

No reaction. They are already here.

As for media media, most of them will media media against 0net, because "terrorists, drugs and cp"

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 06, 2019Reply

Would have happened at some point or another. They're not left, nor right. They're status quo and this means subversive technologies like ZeroNet are their enemy. They still don't even like "traditional" social media, and consider those to be too subversive. But at least they have some power of those, be it through tarnishing the companies behind them or through a combination of propaganda and lobbying as we've seen in the EU.
There is no way for the media to hold that power over ZeroNet.

Moor · moor@zeroid.biton Aug 06, 2019Reply

:Surprised Pikachu:

Decile · decile@zeroid.biton Aug 06, 2019Reply

I mean crazy people who must be in the crazy asylum.

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