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Crazylime commented on Kaffie's post: @Kaffie: I like how you think through conflict, and try to understand different perspectives, like the different views of women on porn.
Crazylime commented on Kaffie's post: @Kaffie: This is why I developed a love for history. The reason it repeats itself is that human nature never changes. Cultures can get better at containing its impact. Yet, I doubt there can ever be a utopia in a world with human nature. You are right, privacy is a defense. You have to defend yourself from human nature. Even if you align everyone's intentions for good, there are still facets of human nature that are independent of intent. Our propensity for self-deception through false assumption is the reason we can drive a car. It's a gift and a curse at the same time. Thus, no cure. Another one is power. Power corrupts. How do you create a culture where no one has power or can ever attain it? This is why I love decentralization... it reduces power centers.
Crazylime commented on Kaffie's post: @kaffie: haha, I was wondering through the whole thing how this impacted your views on privacy... "Thank you for respecting people's privacy."
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Crazylime commented on Crazylime's post: @Kaffie: You would of been happy in the 80s. Productivity determines capability. You want this place to blossom, need to think bigger. @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk is using over 20x as much space in ZeroTalk with just his chats lol
Crazylime commented on Crazylime's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: CORS issues right now I'm looking at. This is a test to identify the challenges in deploying a static Angular site in ZN. And, it's doing a great job of identifying them. lol
Crazylime commented on Crazylime's post: @Kaffie: Have you tried playing with the "base href" tag for that, commonly used by apps such as [Angular]( Accessing the same site via multiple URL depths is a challenge, and "base href" is the only way I know to work around it. You may need some JS with that to get it to work 100% of the time, where the base href is calculated using browser URL. What plug-in/tool are you using for .bit DNS browser host resolution?
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Crazylime commented on weakish's post: @Kidcourageous: hahaha
Crazylime commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: There is a gap to be filled. Youtube has best user experience, BitChute is a subset of that. Problem is, if BitChute goes down, how do you find the links? So a decentralized portal like BitChute with features such as like, commenting, searching, subscribing, channels and playlists could fill that gap, and ZN opens that possibility.
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Crazylime commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: You must be 1L4dZcDF2maSKHDy788yhxpYnBWnXadUtS. So who is 1CKTRBy9N4RvE3FgeZJpQqFYtLHc37yo11?
Crazylime commented on Markdunce's post: hi mark
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22 yo technology/network enthusiast, programmer, bitcoiner, drawer, designer, cyber activist, voice/video actor, writer. Computing since 2007. ZeroNet user since 2016. * [My site]( * [Video channel]( * [Peepeth]( * [My blog]( * [Personal token - DANIMESQ]( * [Profile on ZeroMedium]( * [Profile on Git Center]( ---- * [My verification keys on]( * [Profile ownership proof (Keybase)]( Bitcoin: ``15hL2gR4oCSgKBbndn3MxY8Hc5xoy1vqCe`` Ethereum: ``0xDDfC2e10702d8A781727A34D83B3bb3CA94a3E91`` Tox: ``14E22FA1844FF2819857CC13156A4F88864BAC7CDEED52780D54631E92DA6C21BC9D2F35E690`` KxoID: ``1HGgcLdiajvofbakYYN2qT1s5tcMZkx2ua (@daniell)`` ---- # Achievements: * World's first click-to-begin framework: [FrameworkJS]( * World's first web framework to implement native blur effect: [FrameworkJS]( ---- # My projects: * [FrameworkJS (web framework that is pioneer in some things)]( * [Framlr (window frame for NWjs/Electron apps with frameless-window)](
## 16 Year old Developer and P2P guy ### Projects - [`ZeroMe Reloaded`](http://localhost:43110/me.mkg20001.bit) - [`HelloZeroProxy`](http://localhost:43110/1ProxyQi6h6cy2gGybQECs2WgxnoEP4Cvr) - [`ZionHost`]( ### Profiles, Contact & more - [``]( - [`GitHub @mkg20001`]( - [`Blog`](http://localhost:43110/mkg20001.bit) - [`PGP 0x9CF49C5F`]( - [`mkg20001 at gmail dot com`](
Idiot. Love GNU/Linux, KDE, Qt, Free / Libre / Open Source Software, Python, Pirate Party, ZeroNet and other awesome technologies, ideas, projects and software that respect our rights, freedom, privacy and anonimity. There is no meaning of life. Links: -[ My main ZeroSite]( -[ ZeroMail]( -[ ClearNet site]( -[ E-Mail](
a vigorously lazy deadbeat with matured immaturity **Zites** [SetupList](/setuplist.0web.bit) **Clearnet** []( **License** Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute all my posts and comments at ZeroMe for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted.
Admin of big.kopykate.bit
ᖱᗩ ᕈᙓᙓᑕᙓ make Love not War. Protect the Internet, the largest project of mankind on Earth. Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.
Just making ZeroNet better
안녕하세요 레프트사이드입니다. 2018-03-04 01:34:29 [PGP: 1848 E18F 5481 4812 4094 2997 7061 8B16 6166 40B2](../1Gtubs5zzkhkVAxiEyZuYTJMWSpJ1qY22s/?Post:29) Bitcoin wallet: 1cLa4Vh6UoUX4yi8aSXoSAvg9tFSvukWH [한글제로토크(ZeroTalkKorea)]( **[Leftside's blog](../1Gtubs5zzkhkVAxiEyZuYTJMWSpJ1qY22s/?Toc=dateDesc)**
List of [popular 0net sites](/1Kt7xxVRcxHcK14Mt7YZdXfh8MzUJMkvpk/) [KopyKate videos i have shared](/big.kopykate.bit/?Channel=ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit), another [KxoVid videos](/16KrKKRNHUc8WnRNuV9PgNqZQ8zqGteT4p/?/channel/1Mi7rUdBpQc99kfuvippGxgEbM7ZKdSXUD/1553291060684) [NetTalk](/1LfvE91ZF18jdG3wW62Dw7NtfTZh737KPL) computer/internet forum [ZeroNet audio library](/ZeroLSTN.bit)
This is suppose to be a public account :) Hoping to make friends with privacy enthusiasts and others alike Finally found my old acc :3 Just some useful links that I keep for myself~ --- [Markdown Cheat Sheet]( "simple guide on how to use style text") [ZeroPolls]( "Need to make some polls?") [Get All Hubs]( "Get hubs to see other's content on the hubs you don't have, though this is optional to save storage space") [Mother Of All Block List]( "easy enough to understand, helps block site, people that are harmful or untrustworthy") [Kaffie Hub]( "~10MB of storage space, much better than default 50Kb of most hubs when you're posting a lot")
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`ZeroNet dev.`
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Crazylime · crazylime@zeroid.biton Aug 14, 2019

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