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Okiedokieboi · okiedokieboi@zeroid.biton May 03, 2019

Tell me a joke!

Pexo · pexo@zeroid.biton May 03, 2019Reply

I hate kids

klu9@zeroid.bit · klu9@zeroid.biton May 03, 2019Reply

A man gets on a London double decker bus and takes a seat. He then proceeds to tear up a sheet of paper into little pieces, and throws the pieces out of the back of the bus every few hundred yards/metres.
The other passengers notice this and are puzzled by it but say nothing. After a while of this going on, though, one finally screws up the courage and asks the man "Why do you keep throwing bits of paper out of the bus?"
"It keeps the elephants away," says the man matter-of-factly.
"But there aren't any elephants in London!" counters the surprised passenger.
And the man replies "See? It works!"

A cheesy joke I heard when I was a little kid but for some reason always remembered. It was years before I finally realized: "Oh yeah! It's all about the principle of 'correlation does not equal causation'."

SSDifnskdjfnsdjk · ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.biton May 03, 2019Reply

Politicians are going to fix the world

Tommykakashi · tommykakashi@zeroid.biton May 03, 2019Reply

We love Trump

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