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Memesadler commented on Memesadler's post: @Iloveguac: What? Are you denying the electric dance floors and holocoaster? I'll never forget what the Nazis did to my grandfather. 11 years in the SS and no promotion.
Memesadler commented on Crazylime's post: The opposite is also true for the press. Something happens, just don't talk about it and pull something else out instead.
Memesadler commented on Manifesto's post: Woah. Silent Hill's got some major graphical leaps this generation.
Memesadler commented on 1488adi's post: 1488 -
Memesadler commented on Killallniggers's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Arabs persecuted Jews, East Europe persecuted Jews, West Europe persecuted Jews. When a group of guys get kicked out of 100 different bars, I'm inclined to think the guys are doing something to make everyone hate them.
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Memesadler commented on Memesadler's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: Wow. I'm surprised someone found this so fast. Thanks, though. I'll swap out real fast. I'm behind 7 proxies anyways.
Memesadler commented on Memesadler's post: Cool. It's a white box and not the actual image.


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