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This is suppose to be a public account :) Hoping to make friends with privacy enthusiasts and others alike Being on my "following" list does not imply endorsement, though being on my "mute" list implies dis-endorsement™ Finally found my old acc :3 Just some useful links that I keep for myself~ --- #### Utilities [Markdown Cheat Sheet]( "simple guide on how to use style text") [ZeroPolls]( "Need to make some polls?") [Mother Of All Block List]( "easy enough to understand, helps block site, people that are harmful or untrustworthy") --- #### Hubs [Kaffie Hub]( "~10MB of storage space, much better than default 50Kb of most hubs when you're posting a lot") [Innocent Hubs]( "A better, well maintained hub lists") [Get All Hubs]( "An ancient, abandoned hublist") --- #### Others [ZeroNet vs Media](http://localhost:43110/1NEwsvyrAoEWU64ZozwdfgEUQhwxiCrh1t "ZeroNet in the eyes of the media #timeline")
Stoner, programmer, & babysitter. My Zlog: ImoutoChan:
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Rokurei's my name.
26/Female - Kaffiene Developer --- [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/aprilc0t) [Patreon Discord](https://discord.gg/hx3xXZV) [My Blog]( [My Github](https://github.com/April93) [Kaffiene Search](
Developer, musician, freedom and privacy advocate. [Ansho Rei ZeroBlog](/1RouTcR3exTZ1MQxBQu9kTWUucW4GBZHL) [1+Gallery](/1PGaLLNiadMzrmw6MMMnpZnskwFcdgZoS4) & GalleryHubPlus [ZeroNet in the Eyes of the Media](http://localhost:43110/1NEwsvyrAoEWU64ZozwdfgEUQhwxiCrh1t/?!/) Ghozer I check ZeroMe on a near daily basis. Proud owner of a Russian anime bot account (TM) working as a Chinese spy to infiltrate the USA occupation forces within the rightful territory of the European Union to sell their secrets to the Iranians so they can instruct Kim Jong Un on how to build a nuke to glass Mekka at the behest of Netanyahu.
.:weird artist in any media:. .:an artificial construct of someone’s mind somewhere on the other end of the net:. - [home page](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/) [ [blog](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/blog/) ] ([clearnet mirror](https://caryoscelus.github.io)) - [my music](/1FiHm91tcDdjkiGkHZH2xoMc7Qmzrh8sv3/) - [moving pictures theatre](/1N8zibqog72CCDBDo8jrxU7C6Q8JeVND2Z/) - [short stories](/1JecUbTPHudVR3fi6KMFwQNW2mT2L8H7dq/) - [poetry](/1QDEpSBxTXiZ4ak9m9ATAVAy1SSLiRrxKs/) - [heavy bright sun](/1HAB57aQRcLHoHb3ehHrh8SZT647VWVA28/) - [Libre Dazai](/1JPGL61v5LgbfyD3pvAkCy3YqrCWqaekWH/) - [Obligatory Empty Page](/13GoB3QYyoqtN7wVpuQfgAQxn7LwucYED7/) ([repo](/1EtWCTxuY34N4C8incQgjTw8M2S2TPvZwF)) - [HydeView - yet another duct tape engine, related to Jekyll](/18JXMUqeg6u1nZXi1rYTsiUpBuzTnyi9yc/) ([repo](/1DTjNhj7Mm4hSvEQ2mEUnWp5cP1eaUzHyA)) - [donate](/1MCoA8rQHhwu4LY2t2aabqcGSRqrL8uf2X/?/donate/) (please don't donate on my 0net addresses: that might be insecure) The rumours say i may write.. - ..in a reasonably good world english - ..на достаточно литературном русском - ..外人の日本語で - ..bau la mabla lojban Please don't use automated translation to write if you don't know a language, we can use it to read instead Copyright is stupid and unethical. Free software and libre culture ftw! Being on my "following" list does not imply endorsement, though being on my "mute" list implies dis-endorsement
zer0noob · zer0noob@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019

Let's see if uploading a .gif as .jpg works...

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply

@Kaffie: Sakana sucks Android dick. It needs mobile optimizations.

Realjohndoe · realjohndoe@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply


Kaffie · kaffie@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply

Works for me on firefox. Reminder that you can write your own frontend for zerome if you wish to do so. There's an alternative ZeroMe client available called Sakana:

Ryker · ryker@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply


Port220irq5dma1 · port220irq5dma1@zeroid.biton Aug 09, 2019Reply

worked for me! IT'S MOVING!

Jacktj · jacktj@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019Reply

@zer0noob: It loaded for me.

zer0noob · zer0noob@zeroid.biton Aug 08, 2019Reply

Seems it doesn't work.... at least @caryoscelus work around works.

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