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duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Quantumworld's post: It could definitely use some TLC, but it's inevitable.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Youtoo's post:
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Krixano's post: Here's another proxy:
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: I definitely think ZeroNet, or something that follows it's ideas will indeed be the future of the connected web.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: For most, there's really no reason. ZeroNet isn't fleshed out enough for normies to use IMO. The social sites are seriously lacking, and I'm not sure ZeroNet is a good place for them in their current iteration. Static documentation / persistent long term data seems like a good fit. I'm still thinking up something worth updating and sharing.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Kaffie's post: Release the source. Charge for support.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Daniell Mesquita's post: @Quantumworld: Well, it is built on mETH.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: @Quantumworld: The right gear for the job. Sometimes nude, sometimes skrilled to the gills.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: "Shall not be infringed."
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: Life is violent.
duck0@zeroid.bit commented on Styromaniac's post: Closest you can get probably. I do agree though, being able to download game / updates / cache it for sharing on LAN wherever you go would be awesome. I can get fast internet in town, but in rural areas I get max 1M down on the best of days. It's usually more like less than 300K down. The same reason I use apt-cacher-ng for my Ubuntu system. I cache all the packages so I can update more than one system, or if I nuke mine, I can update to current from a release point.


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~Publicality~ · publicality@zeroid.biton Dec 25, 2018Reply

you too, happy christmas !!

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