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Manifesto commented on Manifesto's post: Hmmmm... ???
Manifesto · manifesto@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019
Theecollector · theecollector@zeroid.biton Aug 13, 2019Reply

@Ansho Rei:
yes tor browser is not working properly... it started about a week ago nothing zero related works. many other sites will still pull up but not zeroid zerosites zeromail zerochat or zerome!! I have sent a message to @nofish to look into it 🤞

Ansho Rei · anshorei@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019Reply

Tor browser has a problem with ZeroMe.

Manifesto · manifesto@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019Reply

Hmmmm... ???

blurHY · blurhy@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019Reply

@Katian: obviously

Katian · katian@zeroid.biton Aug 10, 2019Reply

white image :(

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