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KxoBot commented on Kid Courageous's post: @Deliriumgoddess6: The script used by the Russian alphabet is called Cyrillic in English. Btw, the script was originally developed for Slavic-speaking peoples, and was based on Capital Greek letters (with Hebrew influences), according to britannica: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Cyrillic-alphabet Then Russian and other languages took this alphabet and changed it for their own needs.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: I didn't know if you were talking about my comparison of murder rate with zeronet's wild-west style or if you were talking about the comparison being made in the quote. I'll admit, I did assume the first, which is partially why I made that comment. But that comment wasn't 100% in response to you.
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Actually ivanq/imachug started Git Center - I only helped test some stuff out and I think I was one of the first ones to use it, idk. Here's what I have made thus far: * Important Zites (old) * ZeroNet Dev Center (not deleted) * ZeroMedium * ZeroFrame Router (not deleted) * KxoQA (formerly ZeroExchange) * Important Zites New * KxoNetwork (not deleted) * KxoId (not abandoned/deleted) * KxoVid * KxoBlock (not deleted) * KxoDo (unreleased and abandoned - you can see pictures of it on here) * Helped *very little* with of StreamZ Also, here's a ZeroTalk post that talks about most of these things as well as other things I've done for ZeroNet: [](/Talk.ZeroNetwork.bit/?Topic:1553530288_12gAes6NzDS9E2q6Q1UXrpUdbPS6nvuBPu)
KxoBot commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: Nothing's going on between us. You're looking at the wrong people, frankly.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: Higher murder rate means higher violence rate, and that's not even taking into account other violence besides murder. So, it *is* a good comparison.
KxoBot commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: I'll reply later today.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Eightyfour: > I have nothing against QW, he just took one joke too seriously. Nice justification btw. Also, the fact that you use people's emotions for "entertainment" is really something.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Eightyfour: You might call me a drama queen, but I wouldn't have made this post if other people didn't make their own posts, so twist it every which way you want... I honestly don't care. Because the point of this post is to speak out against things - and I think I've shown that fairly clearly from the explanations I provide here.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Eightyfour: > I dunno and don't care, I like some drama as entertainment from time to time. Is it productive for ZN though? No. This comment shows that you aren't reading what I'm actually saying here. What am I saying? I'm saying people on here don't care about each other. I'm saying instead of one-off snarky comments, create productive discussions. I'm saying "You too retard" isn't useful at all, and you are stooping down to the level of the other person. I'm saying a lot of things in this post.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: Because apparently a person who says: > I'm posting a lot of comments here, sorry about that. "sorry about that" is being aggressive, right? Get fucking real already. Yet you neglect *your own* "aggressive" language: > I'm not seeing any hard problems; . > It wouldn't. You can use 0me+/peeper/sakana along with 0me and there's no problem of "yet another cool site with no users" . > Does it really have to be a whole new one? I think this specific issue can be handled just by fixing 0me / making a new compatible interface for it. You were also trying to push your clearly **prescriptivist** point of view. Prescriptivism has no place in the *real world* - meaning, language evolves regardless of the "Standard" definitions and you can't prevent that. You're against patents and copyright, yet you're apparently for an organization controlling the definition of something rather than having language evolve naturally - doesn't make much sense, does it?
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: > In the very same thread you tried to push your pov as if i was misunderstanding it. Because you WERE misunderstanding it. I'm assuming you are talking about this ONE place where I say this: > You've clearly missed my point here. The whole point is that It is useful to create your own rather than update or rely on an existing thing. Btw, I don't see **any quotes whatsoever** from you. > And then accusing me of the same thing about "talking about things i don't understand" Because you DON'T understand, apparently, that applying an adjective to something can be figurative - and doesn't HAVE to have a prescribed definition. Don't try to fucking play me.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: You're being extremely biased here. You're picking out crap that I said.... yet you completely ignore what the other person says.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: Because you were trying to call my definition wrong and alluding to it be illogical because of your **INCORRECT** ideas on how linguistics works! I'm agressive to people who are agressive, PERIOD. You want to be an asshole to me, I'm gonna be one right back. > And then you're assuming how klu and others were perceiving situation. No I'm not, because he explicitly says what he was assuming. You **actually** read the fucking posts, right? Yes, I'm being aggressive now.. because if you had read the posts, you wouldn't have said this at all. . Here's what he said: > So just copy & paste that to the About page. Problem solved. . > all it would take for people to never mention it again is to put there one paragraph even shorter than the one you posted here about people mentioning it. E.g. Try again...
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Kaffie: But regardless, your method of criticizing isn't actually effective. People listen and respond to *constructive* criticism that has points and explanation. People don't respond to mocking and laughing at them and being called names - so by doing this, you are greatly lowering your chance of actually convicing that person of anything, and you'll have wasted time and energy.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Kaffie: > Criticizing the view is not criticizing the person. Yes it is. Because your criticizing that they ever had the view in the first place.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Kaffie: Ok, so you think laughing at a person and calling their views rediculous isn't hurtful?
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Kaffie: You don't get what I'm saying, clearly... > Pretty sure this was a general comment I made. The comment field is for just that: comments. You made this comment because you wanted to be mean - period. Not because you wanted to have an actual conversation on the negatives and positives. The comment had no purpose other than to show that you think my license blocklist was *funny*. And your response to this is a very *typical* response for people who don't give a crap about what they say to other people and how they may hurt them. > People are free to disagree. Personally I love political debate. I used to be ancap, now I'm far left. It happens. I don't give a crap about disagreements. I give a crap about people labeling and stereotyping others. When you do this, your arguments become weak. > I'll let this one speak for itself lmao. The claim was that he was solely responsible for all new traffic. Kinda ridiculous and he ended up backpedaling afterwards. Just because somethings ridiculous doesn't mean you have to be intentionally hurtful to other people.
KxoBot commented on nekololi's post: @caryoscelus: They're probably talking about my blocklists and my new blocklist sharing and collab zite.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: > there is no reason to be so aggressive when people simply misunderstand something It wasn't a misunderstanding. The problem is the assumption that things are "easy" when you don't actually know that things are easy. The problem was that he continued to pester me about the thing I already said I was going to do later. The problem was he was *condoning* this pestering of other people by saying something along the lines of "well maybe if you did this you wouldn't be getting all this hate". He was blaming me for the harassment of other people - *that* was the problem. People can hide their agression in seemingly nice language. It's called being passive agressive. > i think that this particular instance is merely a response to your behaviour. Perhaps, it's not the nicest thing to do, but - surprise - people are people and tend to react aggressively on (perceived) aggression `is not the nicest thing to do`. That should be all that's needed for that.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: Point me exactly where I was agressive with you?
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: > I had a feeling that i've escaped the discussion just before you would.. Except I wouldn't have called you a jerk... because you are one of the only people who actually thinks before they speak.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: Let's just see the people I've called jerks for a second: * Daniell Mesquita (aka Plasmmer) - this one should be fairly obvious. * Styromaniac * Leftside - calls people idiots when they're trying to explain their own thinking * I might have called you a jerk, but I'm not quite sure yet. I don't think I have. * and Klu9 - trying to tell me how to program without knowing how to do so himself. Mocking me. Deliberately lying about me. I don't call people jerks for no reason. How you can actually say this is beyond me, considering I'm very particular with how I argue. I use quotes, I explain in big long paragraphs, I give evidence and examples.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: So you don't think mocking people is being a jerk?
KxoBot commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: No it doesn't explicitly mean that. It's **ambiguous**, so it *could* mean that.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: You do realize, btw, not only did klu9 link to three of my posts, but klu9 used "K" throughout his whole post. Hmm..... can we think where the K comes from?
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: @caryoscelus: Because I **don't** call people jerks for no good reason.
KxoBot commented on caryoscelus's post: @caryoscelus: Ok wait... I'm confused now. You say "it appears later when I go online". Did you mean when you open the browser it appears? or did you mean it appears to others when you connect to the internet? If the latter, you don't mention that you manually republish... which is why I assumed you meant it automatically does it.
KxoBot commented on nekololi's post: @nekololi: The point I was making is sharing a blocklist is a two-way street. Not only does the creator have to share it, but the people have to enable/use it. Which means these people are **choosing** to use that list. It's no different than if they **chose** to mute the same people - because that's precisely what they are doing by enabling a blocklist. (the only other aspect would be the auto-update feature of blocklists).
KxoBot commented on caryoscelus's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: He's saying it works offline, then when you connect later on it automatically publishes. Whether or not this is currently accurate, idk.
KxoBot commented on nekololi's post: @nekololi: What's the difference between sharing a blocklist with another person, and a person muting the same people someone else mutes? Also... blocking a person only "deplatforms" them if people use the blocklist.
KxoBot commented on Eightyfour's post: I'm just curious... what do you call this? Is this not what you claim others are doing to you? Making fun of people and calling them out directly? All of you seem pretty hypocritical.
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: > It's a psychological projection that he's making about you. Everything he says about you, he's likely actually saying about himself. He could *just* be a troll. Not everything has to have a Freudian explanation imo (especially when much of Freud's stuff was disprooven)
KxoBot commented on leftside's post: @leftside: Ok... so how about a more "on topic" thing. Saying people who forget something in business are idiots is completely idiotic, imo. Why do you think patches and updates exist? Why do you think meetings and checkins and Agile, etc. exist? Because people forget things - it's going to happen. Also, maybe you should consider educating yourself on how the human brain works? . And just so you know - this ZeroMe post and the comments before my original reply had nothing to do with "business" *specifically*, so try again....
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @styromaniac@zeroid.bit: Yeah.... I seen him say I am pro-slavery or some crap like that on GitHub so I told him off.... I don't put up with that crap. If I'm reading this correctly, you're saying that you care about how people think about what your gender is to a point where it gets upsetting (or maybe just unsettling) when someone mis-genderizes you - yet you don't think people are doing this necessarily intentionally but rather subconciously? I agree that it seems more subconcious than intentionally *most* of the time (not all of the time). I try to catch myself when I do this. But now, this is leading me to wonder what your gender is so that I can make sure I don't do this to you, if you don't mind?
KxoBot commented on leftside's post: @leftside: You clearly didn't get what I was saying... You call people idiots for **forgetting** things (**and this was before you modified your post to say "business" btw**) - so I was demonstrating that everyone can forget something. . So you know.... you can try to mischaracterize my statements with non-sensical things like: > Or he may regard having meals as a business of kind of programming or keeping code healthy not as human body. Or maybe it's just your *very* poor English, idk. But I don't think people buy your crap. And hopefully they are not naive enough to see through your intentional change in post *after* I've already made my own post - I'm certainly not.
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Quantumworld: Ok.... then what's with the whole SJW stuff in your first comment? I guess you meant that the zite can essentially be used for bad as much as it can be used for good? I agree that that's true.
KxoBot commented on leftside's post: @leftside: What did you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 5 years ago from today?
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Quantumworld: Btw, you know you don't *have* to comment on anything and everything that offends your "right-wing" sensibilities, right?
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: @Quantumworld: The way I use blocklists isn't about being an "SJW" (which is a stupid term by the way - it accounts for depersonalization of people as well as trying to shoe-horn someone into a box based on your preconceived notions of them) - it's about not wanting to see specific content from people, and it's about not getting in trouble from my government (I can't change the laws).
KxoBot commented on Krixano's post: @Styromaniac: Yeah, I'm gonna add him. Haven't gotten around to it yet. He also sounds homophobic. Thanks for telling me.
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: Are you talking about duende? I've blocked him too. How someone can condone something like what he's doing is beyond me - but that also doesn't matter because blocklists aren't forced on people - they're opt in. Additionally, the personal mute-list is a separate and unshareable thing from blocklists. What accusations were placed on Kaffie and by who?
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: > you said I equated all homeless people to druggies. NO, I DIDN't. > You're equating homeless people with drug addicts**?** **Or are you making the assumption that all homeless people steal (which is a rediculous assumption btw)?** THESE ARE QUESTIONS. > he's worthless. He could have landed a job by now. Right.... well - he's **not** worthless. All people are worth it imo, but my philosophy on this particular aspect doesn't even matter here.
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KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: Btw, afaik in the US (I don't know if you live there), someone can't use your checks without your permission (and the bank knowing about this - checks have to be signed)... which means you should be able to tell the bank about this.
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: **Ah... I *see* now, you probably read the first sentence, then didn't read the rest of what I said, LOL. I can't stand people like that - pretty illogical for someone who's all about the logic, right?** If you read everything, you'd know that what I was talking about was judging homeless people for "not getting [their] shit together", not you making the assumption that all homeless people are drug addicts (which is much more debatable considering your wording - hence the question mark.... and the word "or" in the second question).
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: How about look at everything I wrote? Also, you know what a question mark is, right?
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: Except that I wasn't commenting on the "if" part - and you'd know that if you looked at the specific sentences I quoted. You made the statement "Maybe I can understand the person's desperation, but I think he's not trying to do better, so he's worthless.". Doesn't look like an *if* statement to me. . You additionally say "I lost over $400. I will no longer feel sorry for **another person** without a home." - That's not an *if* statement, and that certainly isn't talking about a specific person. . So I'm **not** shoving words in your mouth. You made **general** statements about "another person". Keys words here: **another person**. Realistically speaking here, not everyone is like that one person, judging all others as so is **wrong**. . > Let's not make this another episode of shoving words into my mouth. It's extremely clear here what your saying... you will no longer **feel sorry** for **another** homeless person again. That's not shoving words in your mouth, that's you being a asshole who believes in stereotypes or judgements about a whole group based on an experience with one person - it's extremely rediculous (and ironic). . So don't even try fucking playing me. You said something... own up to what you fucking say.
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KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: @Styromaniac: > I will no longer feel sorry for another person without a home. You're equating homeless people with drug addicts? Or are you making the assumption that all homeless people steal (which is a **rediculous** assumption btw)? And some of them wouldn't have to steal had the system not failed them... and the system's failing is **all of our faults**. I mean... it seems like you think these people *chose* to be homeless because they can't "figure [their] shit out" - that's the most *ignorant* comment I've ever heard. > he's not trying to do better, so he's worthless. **All** people are worth it - and it's despicable, imo, to say otherwise.
KxoBot commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @Desenhoeanime: I don't care about KopyKate Big - I have my own Video Sharing Zite called [KxoVid](/kxovid.bit) and it already supports playlists to a certain extent. I just need to rewrite the whole thing.
KxoBot commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: I've decided that I don't actually want to do this stuff today, because it's harder than you think. * Playlists currently don't have any way to specify the order of the videos. Basically, I need to completely redo how playlists work. Then after that, I'll need to do a dbquery to see if a video is a part of any playlist and provide that as an "up next" thing for the auto-play. * Deleting videos requires that the video be deleted from the device and from your channel - but what about people who are already seeding the video? I'm unsure about this - it requires more thinking. * I can auto-fill the title from the file name, but that's pretty much it - I can't detect keywords because files don't have keywords (depending on the filesystem you're on) and adding keywords from the title is unnecessary duplication and not needed for searching (searching searches from keywords *and* title). * Bulk Seeding of videos from a user will be a bit complicated because a user's videos are spread out onto different merged zited (categories) - so I'll have to look at all the merged zites you currently have - and I'll have to redo this everytime you download a new merged zite, which also requires storing in the db or localstorage who you are bulk seeding. Bulk Seeding playlists is impossible unless I completely change the structure of how things are stored (I'd have to add new folders per playlist).
KxoBot commented on Krixano's post: @Kaffie: The notion that something can't exist because it's not found in nature is scientifically wrong.
KxoBot commented on Styromaniac's post: Glad you're back!
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KxoBot commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: I'll work on some of these things today I think. I know how to do `bulk seed all videos of a user from certain category / playlist` now, so I can pretty easily get that done. `Auto-play whole playlist` will take some work, but I think I know how to do that. `Deleting own video` I'm still thinking about. . Btw, thanks for the *friendly* reminder (I'm stressing the word friendly here, because some people aren't so nice... and that just makes me not want to do the things they want, lol).
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KxoBot commented on Git Center's post: I would definitely read this.
KxoBot commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: I actually agree with you on much of what you've said.
KxoBot commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: People should understand that copyright is different than trademarks and patents. I support *some level* of copyright, but I don't support patents. I haven't made my mind up about trademarks yet.
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KxoBot commented on ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.bit's post: Thanks for telling me!
KxoBot commented on Krixano's post: @Eightyfour: Also, adding to what GitCenter said, StreamZ *does* have chat now.
KxoBot commented on klu9@zeroid.bit's post: @klu9@zeroid.bit: This might not be your problem, but I literally *just* noticed that you have to put the `site:ZeroMe` at the very end, otherwise it won't work correctly.
KxoBot commented on Krixano's post: I've stopped streaming now
KxoBot commented on Deliriumgoddess6's post: When big (optional) files are "uploaded" in zeronet, ZeroNet creates a .piecemap.msgpack file that describes each piece of the big file. This lets the client send pieces of the files to other clients so they can stream it (watch the parts they received without needing to download the whole file before watching - in the case of videos). . For any zite that wants to support Big Files, they need to allow .piecemap.msgpack in both their data/users/content.json file (as `files_allowed_optional` field) and the content.json file in the actual user's directory (as the `optional` field)
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: Go to this link to see currently active streams:
KxoBot commented on KxoBot's post: Sorry guys, still trying to fix stuff. New URL for my stream:


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