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Differentiation commented on Differentiation's post: Context: This essay is about Asia current affairs. [Full text is available in Chinese.](?Post/12h51ug6CcntU2aiBjhP8Ns2e5VypbWWtv/17husSAraRRvc7qRWxwA7KF7PTwjhTmxhD/1562617053)
Differentiation commented on Differentiation's post: @Styromaniac: My old posts are basically my book excerpt, not used for communication with others. Therefore, I would rather remove than argue with other.
Differentiation · diff@kaffie.biton Jul 08, 2019

What's your review on my English quality so far?

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Jul 08, 2019Reply

Very easy to read. Not perfect, but very good quality.

*sigh* · nzmj@zeroid.biton Jul 08, 2019Reply

Very good :)

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