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MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: nice, thanks
MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside: yes :D
MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside:
MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside: nofish/zeronet, the one that is linked on the github repo of zeronet or is dockerhub wrong? or just nothing updated in 2 months?
MrMadpat commented on MrMadpat's post: @leftside: which docker images is not updated or which image i created?
MrMadpat commented on Arch17pd's post: waves back o/
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opensource / devops / ultrarunning / cats
MrMadpat · mrmadpat@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019

sadly its empty in here

Pexo · pexo@zeroid.biton Jun 23, 2019Reply

I wouldn't say empty, but rather people not really knowing what to talk about, I guess.

@caryoscelus: +1
@SSDifnskdjfnsdjk: +1

Styromaniac · styromaniac@zeroid.biton Jun 23, 2019Reply

Even a vacuum is not empty.

System Anomaly · lostsoul@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

Emptiness is the source.

SSDifnskdjfnsdjk · ssdifnskdjfnsdjk@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

people does not have anything to say? people are on different sites? gfwtalk, millchan, zerotalk?

caryoscelus · caryoscelus@zeroid.biton Jun 22, 2019Reply

Yeah. Most new users come, see emptiness and go away..

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