To use Git over ZeroNet, first download git-remote-zeronet and put it in somewhere available in $PATH. Then run

git config --global zeronet.home /path/to/your/zeronet/directory

And then clone the repo with

git clone zeronet::1xxooZ7s8iDz3u56i5mNQ1XGmwF8Zvnw9

To have a Git repo like this, do the following

  1. Clone this site in ZeroNet or create a new site and copy all the files of this site
  2. (NOT needed if you use the `Clone` feature of ZeroNet) Run `git config zeronet.key YOUR_SITE_KEY`
  3. Set up a git remote to `zeronet::YOUR_SITE_ADDRESS`
  4. git push -f --all ZERONET_REMOTE_NAME
  5. Wait for more peers

To clone a Git repo from ZeroNet, you have to first visit that site from ZeroNet UI before you can run `git clone` on it. Note that `.bit` domains are NOT supported.

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