Zero Private Enterprise Network

Empowers the Zer0net community with UNRESTRICTED access to the FASTEST speed imaginable over a globally DISTRIBUTED, UNCENSORED, TAMPER-PROOF communications network.

3 Peers Connected
Avg Download 44.07 Mbit/s
Avg Upload 42.87 Mbit/s


0PEN's communication system is restricted to ONLY the Zer0net and authorized P2P gateways like BitTorrent, TOR and I2P. This GUARANTEES that ALL communications are handled by military-grade encryption and it remains 100% impossible to be tampered with by the powers of the NSA, GCHQ, Spetssvyaz, 4PLA, or any other MITM attackers.


0PEN's communication system is "OPTIMZED" to handle streaming torrents. And when connected to a SUPeer, media streaming and file download speeds often EXCEED what's available through even the TOP BitTorrent clients.


0PEN's communication system is systematically governed by Zer0Filters' Smart Contracts; which liberally limits filtering to *ONLY the following 4 categories:

  1. Child Abuse & Exploitation
  2. Hate & Harassment
  3. Terrorism
  4. Revenge Porn
* Additional geo-filtering may apply in some regions to comply with local laws.


YOUR PRIVACY IS EVERYTHING TO US! There are NO user logs stored on ANY server within or outside of our network. We may "temporarily" record error logs for events related to exception handling, which have been specially sanitized to EXCLUDE ALL user and privacy data.


0PEN is strictly a communications network and DOES NOT store ANY user-provided data on its servers. DMCA-like notices DO NOT apply to our network. There is therefore NO external influence applied at ANY level within our managed infrastructure.


Unfortunately, many of the current zites still have files that are connecting to the "Insecure" Clearnet/Internet. In addition to blocking these out-of-network resources, we are continuously improving the safety and security of the Zer0net community by automatically routing "commonly shared" content (eg. JavaScript libraries, Web fonts, Icon galleries, etc) to the Zer0net's Secure CDN. No action has to be taken on your part after the update is made, and your favorite zite will once again be available to you and all of your peers :p

Contact us at support@d14na.org.


Our engineers have designed 0PEN's communication system with the ability bypass ALL firewall restrictions set in place by 3G/4G Mobile Phone Carriers, all while keeping your device protected from external harm. And by utilizing Advanced NAT Traversal techniques, we make it possible for even 2 "firewalled" mobile devices to seed files to one another.

However, Zeronet Explorer will ONLY active seeding when your mobile device is connected to an UNLIMITED WiFi source. Otherwise, the absolute MINIMUM DATA amount is transmitted and received in an effort to reduce excess data usage to near ZERO.


The maximum amount of boost (premium bandwidth) you can collect is currently capped at 10 GiB. We hope to increase this limit in the future.
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