0pen World

open and honest information from around the world.
For an Open World

0ur Vision

At 0pen World, our aim is to provide impartial and up-to-date information throughout the world, especially to those who otherwise lack accurate information. We seek to construct an open and global society, where ALL governments are accountable to their citizens.

These ideals can now be achieved in a safe and secure way for the end-user ANYWHERE in the world. Through the use of the ZeroNet decentralised P2P network, anyone can receive any information, free from censorship. A further level of anonymity can be provided through TOR routing within ZeroNet. A truly democratic internet needs a truly free and fair voice, at 0pen World we are determined to offer this voice to the masses.

We do this because free and fair information is a RIGHT, not a luxury. Together we shall build an 0pen World.

0ur Ethics

0pen World believes in THREE overarching principles for the promotion and propogation of free and fair information across the globe:

We believe in the accurate and unbiased reporting of the latest and most critical developments throughout the world.

We believe in the principal of liberty and the unrestricted freedom of expression.

We believe in the universality of humanity and the equal right to access free and fair information.

0ur Team

0pen World is a team of activists, academics, and journalists dedicated to the propagation of free and fair information throughout the world.

We unfortunately cannot divulge team members details, nor the wherabouts of our operations. This is a security precaution.

We nevertheless invite and urge you to contact us with any query or question on the following address:

0penworld@zeroverse.bit (through the ZeroNet framework)

The 0pen World platform will be fully functional and operational soon, we look forward to sharing it with you!!!

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