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Nothing New

on Feb 20, 2016

Nothing new for 0net that is. I was playing around with other things.
Went exploring gnu social....
What to say, seen this before in Diaspora (and IMHO) Diaspora works better & you have more space to write. Ok the difference is that as far as I understand gnu social allows you to run your own server and 'federate' content peer 2 peer to other servers (although I did not get really a mechanism how you can do it with some content).
Ok it can get large in this fashion, and ok it gives some method of content exchange but it is very limited. And it kind of resemble tweeter from one side and facebook from other, whereby neither concept is really embraced.

Then I got really annoyed by friend of mine that is developing something with google hangouts. He uses me as guinea pig for his experiments in the time that he chooses. I understand his enthusiasm but some people do not know basic netiquette. (Netiquette - who knows that today?) I have bunch of google accounts and he uses one I have on mobile. At least he could have asked. Perhaps he needed someone who is always online...

When I send him a message on hangout he replies immediately and I got that he has a bot on this side (he was explaining to me what he want to achieve). His bot is somewhat stupid and whatever I say he says 'OK'. Eventually he'd reply here and there on my messages.

Then I have received a number of calls while I was in the office @ work and they were repeating calls so that I had to mute him.

That was not enough. He also calls at any f* time. Couple of nights before he called several times in the middle of the f* night. Guess he was on developers spree. Luckily, that I have mobile on 'do not disturb' during the night otherwise I would travel overseas to launch him with satellites.

Today, I have set on a mission, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, bot for bot. So I have found a script to 'botize' hangout, and it is good one... And I made number of auto-replies when I receive OK or TESTING. Then I thought, gosh, if I reply immediately to the OK with something else bots will go into the loop - chatting endlessly. So I made the modification - answer in 15% of cases otherwise ignore posting. So my bot will answer only on repeated spams of OK's. (perhaps it would be better a loop huh? :) ) I just did not have time to extend script that much for bot war loop.

Ah yes, calls...

So, I also included plug-in that detects calls... and when caller hangs up sends a message. So message was: 'Shhh, do not call at this time, send message.'. If you repeat calls it will tell you 'You called xxx min/hours.. ago, I kindly ask you not to call.'

Tested whole thing from another google account hangout and left it waiting for him to call.

Guess what? He did! :)
(while I was writing 0email to fellow 0netian)

I think he got scared. I do not even get OK in response from him any more. He left message: 'I will not bother you, will call other people...'

Yes!!!!!!! Thank you!

Have fun.

p.s. I do not mind him really, I know him for looooong time, he is genius guy, has some crazy and neat solutions for very tough problems, and I have done a ton of work with him, but sometimes, social skills... I guess I do not have a nerve any more, as I used to. To tolerate some things. And technology is really getting annoying with all this ability and connectivity and lack of humanity even in the f* the bed or toilet... too much. Not too much - three much!


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