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Hyde on Zero

on Feb 14, 2016

Gosh. This was a difficult journey and I am still not 100% sure that I made it. It looks nice though and 'works' but...

Check it out.
Hyde on Zero

So what was challenge here, or rather, the idea?

First I have examined what nofish suggested in one of posts - a collection of static web site generators. There are plenty of them and I have said, right, lets try most popular one to see what we are talking about.

Quick overview brings Jekyll. This is by far most popular. I had some time to play on Windows and have said, lets give it a shot and kill some time. Jekyll is written in Ruby, and I have installed Ruby because I was writing something before. Its a bad choice really Ruby and Windows are not liking each other for some reason, it was struggle to make it work on Windows, but I have that done.

OK ruby is installed what can go wrong with installing a one gem onto existing installation. What a misleading thought... Several hours later, after reinstalling half of Ruby, installing additional modules in Python (you ask why is that...?) and several other rain-dance with feathers, I basically gave up. If I cannot make it working (and I do have experience convincing many software things to work) I wander how someone who has less experience or no experience would do it? Why it is so popular anyway? And yes if I cannot make it working on Windows I will not make it at all on Linux and OSX (later two are my primary place for fun).

So... I have said, ok let's see. 0net is python program. I run 0net because I have Python installed, so lets find something Pythonic and yet to be similar to Jekyll. So I have chosen Hyde.

Installation was a breeze, one pip. Worked out of the box with what they say on the initial pages. I was almost in frenzy. Nice!

But, cold shower. Wait! How do I add new post? With HUGO its easy there is a command to create a new post. Here in Hyde just a couple of commands, create, publish.

Went to documentation. Half of documentation is missing. Other half talk about everything but not about how to create a new post.

Hacking time....

Eventually I have end up with what you can see on the link above but it costed me a half of a day with almost never being sure that I am going to overcome next hurdle.

Hyde is OK, not very friendly but nevertheless looks very powerful (if you are into learning how complex templates work). It could be used by someone with no knowledge of HTML - to create articles and link them - but you cannot be careless like in wordpress - nothing is helping you. However if you have moderate understanding of HTML and want to learn templates, perhaps, it is good exercise. I am not too happy with it, but it is usable. And it is more 'site like' more than 'blog' like but with blogging part which is good for many small sites.

Ahh yes, forgot, Ruby/Jekyll/Python ... you shall read documentation how to run Jekyll on Windows and you'll learn about version nightmares (between gems). On top of it Jekyll being written in Ruby has some extra functionality written in NodeJS and Python, so it is not pure Ruby and it infects other installations. Again... why the heck it is so popular????

Have fun.


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