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ZeroNet Roadmap by @geekless (unofficial)


  • P2P Connectivity:

    • Improved tracker exchange facility.
    • TrackerList plugin.
    • Improve Bootstrapper to simplify the configuring onion-based zero:// trackers.
    • Move the BitTorrent-related code from SiteAnnouncer.py to a separate plugin.
    • BitTorrent-compatible DHT, to make use of the existing DHT infrastructure. Should smoothly operate in both BitTorrent-compatible way and ZeroNet-specific way via Tor.
    • Support for I2P.
    • ZeroNet client should also be able to operate as a BitTorrent client, making possible to create, share, seed and download torrents via ZeroNet user interface, transferring data with all the power of ZeroNet connectivity facilities.
    • Content-addressable storage. (Freenet-like? IPFS-like?)
    • Distributed cryptographically-secured content cache. (Freenet-like or Freenet-compatible)
    • (?) DHT-based distributed seach index for searching sites by keywords.
    • (?) Implement a BitTorrent tracker as a ZeroNet plugin.
  • Content:

Site Engines:

  • Improved blog engine. (See ZeroBlog++ Roadmap)
  • Improved forum engine. (See ZeroTalk++ Roadmap)
  • Improved wiki engine. (@gitcenter is working on Kiwipedia)
  • Code hosting service. (The improved version of Git Center is in development by @gitcenter.)
^3 ^4 geekless posted on Jul 04, 2019
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