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Administrative positions

Description of the administrative positions

  • Administrator
    The owner of the primary private keys of the sites.
    Administrator has the full control over sites, including the ability to add, delete and modify any data.

  • Supermoderator
    Supermoderator can modify data/users/content.json, which leads to the following privileges:

    • Ban and unban users.
    • Modify the size limit of user data.
    • Add new user ID providers.
    • Modify or delete any posts, comments etc.
    • Appoint moderators.
  • Moderator
    Moderator can modify data/users/*/content.json, which leads to the following privileges:

    • Modify or delete any posts, comments etc.

The current members

  • geekless@zeroid.bit: 1GooUE19488nDwG3TdkM8seYAHct4gjkq4
    Administrator, Supermoderator.

    • The real name: Vadim Ushakov (Вадим Ушаков)
    • Languages: Russian, English
    • Contacts:
  • caryoscelus@zeroid.bit: 13oRBYqNeUr6Tvgt4KkAT9FT4XRiKFBjnE

Feb 01, 2019

^1 ^2 geekless posted on Feb 01, 2019
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