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The Forum Rules

The Forum Rules

Version 0.1
Feb 01, 2019

  1. The Rules apply to the following Services:

  2. The following is strictly prohibited on the Services:

    • automated posting, spam, lots of meaningless messages;
    • hate speech; discrimination of people on any ground, such as gender, orientation, race, origin, nationality and others;
    • adult content, pornography;
    • selling or buying drugs; discussions about ways to use drugs;
    • selling or buying explicitly illegal products or services such as weapon, contracts for assassinations etc;
    • discussing ways and/or planning to commit explicitly illegal actions.

    The Administration unconditionally bans the accounts that violate this rule.

  3. The following is unwelcome on the Services:

    • criticism aimed at a person, not at his/her opinions;
    • extensive use of the obscene language;
    • posting messages to inappropriate sections of the Forum.

    The Administration may delete posts of that kind. In case of multiple repetitive violations, the account may be banned.

  4. Please choose the correct section of the Forum when posting:

  5. Banned accounts can be restored at the discretion of the Administration, but not earlier than a month after the ban. The Administration is not responsible for any data loss on the banned account, that is occurred due to implementation details of the ban procedure.

Please maintain the constructive and friendly atmosphere on the Forum!

^1 ^2 geekless posted on Feb 01, 2019
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