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Sonic General

I'm making threads on this board, whether you like it or not! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been a big sonic mood lately, mainly pining for the Sonic Adventure games. The first game has so much bullshit going on, but there are just a handful of awesome parts in it I will always love. It was the first game I ever bought as kid, so I'll never really be able to let it go. There is some real high quality lore delivered in that game, and Knuckles' and E-102's stories are still great imo. They are just surrounded by ... all the rest. I could talk about SA2 but we'd be here forever. I'm thinking about getting a Dreamcast secondhand just to get the true SA experience. :b
^1 ^2 0 comments on May 02, 2019 ━ started by gametangia

Kemono cgl

A thread for discussing "Japanese-style" fursuits and kemono costumes. While the 2D-derrived designs do not always translate to 3D costumes perfectly, I think they can look great when paired with more traditional cgl elements. I've seen a handful of lolita fashion kemono shoots that utilize these genres well, and the expressive form of gl fashion livens the characters up a lot. pic related: https://imgur.com/24p5vRL (I'll look into using the gallery more in the future, but I think with relatively few peers at present, it will be a bit unreliable for now.) I also enjoy the spectacle of Japanese-inspired western fursuits--I see some at Anime Weekend Atlanta that have pretty spectacular ensembles, but fursuiters don't seem to carry social media cards as much as other cosplayers at anime cons (lack of pockets?) so I don't keep up with them as much.
^1 ^2 0 comments on Apr 13, 2019 ━ started by gametangia

On ZeroNet, no one can hear you "uwu"

Should we keep using this site or make a new one? I am having trouble with the 1+ galleries one; I'm willing to wait and see since it is actively being worked on, but till then, as long as this has peers ...
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Apr 10, 2019 ━ started by gametangia

Searching for furry image galleries

Is there a zite for furry artwork like FurAffinity, e926, DeviantArt, SoFurry, FurryNetwork and/or Furrific?
^2 ^3 3 comments last on Apr 10, 2019 ━ started by sfner

Still under developement

Please be patient and bear with me as I really dont have a lot of time to work on it. But the background image is just temporary. And if you wish to see a diffrent one please send your suggestions to me at tyano@zeroid.bit
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Dec 12, 2018 ━ started by tyano

NSFW page never has peers

gimme uwu
^1 ^2 2 comments last on Aug 27, 2018 ━ started by pigpog


^1 ^2 0 comments on Feb 25, 2018 ━ started by pigpog


Have you played? If so what do you think about it and who is your favorite floof?
^5 ^6 4 comments last on Dec 23, 2017 ━ started by tyano

second life

any one here a furry on second life pm me if you want my SL name
^3 ^4 0 comments on Nov 15, 2017 ━ started by happyrabbit

Finally found a furry site!!

That's it lol :P
^6 ^7 3 comments last on Nov 15, 2017 ━ started by catme0w


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