Empowering a fresh generation of entreprenuers with the means to GROW their own DApps and HODL their own Wealth.

Greatest Collection of Decentralized, Open-Source Projects

Over the past year, we've managed to combine the very best in the world of decentralized web services to create a NEW Internet, the ZER0̸NET! And now we're helping builders across the globe carry the Legacy WWW away from Client-Server and place it nice and gently on Peer-to-Peer.

Connecting Great Ideas with Great Builders

On the Zer0̸net, there are NO bosses, there are NO employees, everyone is an independent STAKEHOLDER. Become a HODLRE in ANY one of the countless growing communities today and start building the future of your wildest dreams.

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We are hard at work building the framework for the future Peer-to-Peer Edition of the World Wide Web. Please check out some of our projects below and we greatly appreciate your support where and when you can.



Try this, for your next 0̸App (or DApp), raise working capital while building out your MVP and forming a killer team of founders.



Code repository and issue tracker for a decentralized web.

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