Zero₵a¢he Balance
Token Name OUT IN
ZeroGold (0GOLD) 0.013 0.000
Token Cached OUT Cached IN
ZeroGold 0.000 0.000
Dai Stablecoin 0.013 0.000
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ZeroGold 0.000 0.000
DAI Stablecoin 0.013 0.000
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Trades & Volume
Time ZeroGold ZeroGold/ETH
12:44:52 AM 1/21 10.000 0.000205414
12:42:00 AM 1/21 10.000 0.000190172
7:09:16 PM 1/19 10.000 0.000190309
7:00:44 PM 1/19 10.000 0.000189355
6:13:12 PM 1/18 25.000 0.000162390
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Token Daily last
RHOC 200000 0.000151421
PLR 119621 0.000162000
VERI 112 0.127800000
¢ 0


The only official URLs for ZeroDelta are:
Bookmark it once and use the bookmark.

Do not send your tokens directly to the smart contract, or they will be lost and unrecoverable. Use the Cache IN form (upper-left) to send the proper deposit transaction.

The only official representatives in the chat room are d14na, ??, and ??.


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