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Wining the world

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Parts of communication

Verbal communication

Most of the conflicts happens in a family because of the wrong tone.


No one can understand 100% words in the world.Focus on the carrier and learn your vocabulary accordingly.For good communicator more than 500 words are recommended.If your vocabulary is not good your communication will never be good.You have to give the according to closet word to the satiation.You need to be love from words. Eg. brave(n),odious,adventures,experimental,repulsive All are similar words.A person who is experimental is brave. Albert Einstein when talked relativity of time and space itself he was being experimental,brave and odious.

Communication is hardest mediation which can be done all the time in your mind.

Never read moving your mouth while reading.It makes your mind do less concentration. The mind can read faster than your you read with your lips.Reading from your lips makes the the mind less efficient. It takes 1 year to learn 2500 new words. Eg. dilettante (french) meaning : dabbler,armature,beginner,tyro.


  1. The dog knows its master.(he knows his master)
  2. The dog knows it's master.(he knows that he his own master)


A father who is talking with his son, the tone should be of love. If the tone is of hostile,bulling.He will learn to do the same.


Some are loud,some are soft,some are moderate. The women in group discussion are generally soft which makes communicative less effective.Teachers are generally loud because of there profession.Therefore they speak loudly at all occasions which make the communication less effective.

Non verbal communication

There is continuous struggle between conscious and non-conscious mind.The conscious mind tells what you have learned from experience. Eg. Hello on meeting a person.The non-conscious mind tells us the genetic understanding which have passed from generation to the brain. Eg. Fear from snake.In normal life we speak our conscious mind.But the non-conscious mind comes out in the form of non-verbal communication i.e. is body language.Non-conscious mind controls your body.

Nobody can not be perfect in communication.Our target should be day to day communication.Goals should be step by step and we move further.

Verbal communication + non-verbal + knowledge= Communication

Communication is the bridge between dreams and reality.

How to control non-verbal

  1. Be very honest about what you are saying.
  2. Be very involved in what you are saying.
  3. Be very concerned about your audience.

A dishonest person can be caught by body language.He will sweat,make no eye contact,hide his hand behind the back,take the hand to there the mouth again and again.He will falter.

Statically it has been seen the people who have better communication skills do better in every day to day life. Alternatively-

The amount of overall material success you will have in your life will be directly proportional to your communication skills.

3 R's of life(starts from different words but sounds like R)

  1. Reading(enjoy the rading)
  2. writing
  3. arithmetic(number are God)

On these 3 R's all the basis of life depend.


There are two types of knowledge.

  1. Knowledge inside.
  2. Knowledge outside.

Knowledge outside

Can be gained through reading,writing and traveling.

Knowledge inside

The person who knows himself will do the things according to these points and the performance will itself optimize.Work on improving upon your strengths.Fill the knowledge gap.

That is why they say that some of the biggest companies in the world that we so admire are very difficult to work for.

How to manage stress ?

The answer to this can only be philosophical one because stress in not a materialistic thing that can be measure in Kilograms and liters.

We can find the answer spiritual.There can be 2 approaches of the man.

  1. Attachment: Eg. Fear,greed,anxiety (because of materialistic things)
  2. Detachment: You had not brought any thing in the life that you will take back. Materialistic things are illusion.You came alone and you will go back alone.This all thing will go to dust like you will go to dust.

Stress develops form attachment.One who learns to detachment will never has stress.He will manage stress and not me manged by stress. He will perform his work and duties without worrying the end result.

How do we connect our strengths and values ?

By default they will be connected. If you will not believe in something you will not do it.And strengths happens when repeatedly doing something.You believe in something and repeatably that thing and it becomes your strength.

In the end we complete the topic with these lines. Its never late.Tomorrow is another day.God will give you opportunities.With every sunrise there is a new dawn.

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