WAVE trophy Bitcoin

Postponed to the next edition

I could not raise the funds for this edition in time. Next time I will start earlier, hopefully with more success. Stay tuned.

Hi, this site is still in construction. So please excuse the plain appearance.
I want to participate in the WAVE trophy.
But I will only do so if I can cover the participation fee through sponsoring. I thought about a Bitcoin crowd funding, since I want to make it Bitcoin themed. But because the official subscription deadline already passed, I'm short on time. There are limited positions still open.
The costs vary depending on the type of registration between CHF 2k and 5k(unlikely) plus the stickers of the logos to put on the car.
A big Bitcoin logo sticker would be on the front of the car. Below will be a short catchy phrase. I thought of "The future of money" or "internet of money", but I'm open to suggestions. If it was in German, that would be even better.
Higher participation fee allows for bigger logo stickers.
I think it would be a great opportunity to familiarize a forward looking crowd of enthusiasts with the concepts of decentralized money.
In addition there are very public stops at 40 cities all across Switzerland.
I am grateful for any contribution to the following Bitcoin address:

If I won't participate, I will refund to the addresses where the donations came from. So please use wallets where you control the keys.
Tell me if you would like to be listed here with your contributions. Or if you want me to have your sticker on the car during the trophy.
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