European alternative to Bitcoin


Globalization is imposing a savage capitalism all across Europe.

The gap between the have and have not is growing every day. Middle class is vanishing.

Globalization is killing family and imposing extreme materialism and individualism.

European couples do not have kids due to junk jobs and lack of time to care for the children.

European folk is going to extinction while borders are widely opened to millions of third world migrants.

Mass media and Hollywood promote interracial relationships and sexual degeneration even between the children.

Hate laws have a created a Orwellian society where freedom of thought is no longer possible. Hate crime = Thought crime; Hate crime police = Thought police.

Pensions are in danger and the government wants us to die working until 72 years, very few people will benefit for a full pension.

Nature is being devastated and billions of sentient animals are slaughtered each day without any mercy.

In this apocalyptic scenario raises Auro as Europe last hope to stop European genocide.

Bitcoin is implementing the currency of the New World Order, it will be soon on Wall Street stock exchange. If we do not want to knee before the Global Government and its multinational corporations we need to have our own cryptocurrency.

Auro is not a coin designed for stock-exchange speculation, our goal is to give Auro a stable and progressive value.

Right now the only way to get Auros is to involve in the project or make a bitcoin transfer to 1EM6eMB2h8W1S1hjKS5KQCu1vMuzqVqDn2

We do not hate any race, our only goal is to preserve our precious genetic legacy of great kings, philosophers, inventors and warriors that have fought for millennia to preserve order and beauty.

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