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Terrorism's global tentacles

Meaning and Definition

Terrorism ←- french word terrorisme ←- Latin word terrere. (Its western in origin. Its not Asian or Islamic origin) Terrere→to fear

Terrorism→ State terrorism as mid used during 1793-94 reign of terror. 1789-french revolution. During the french revolution (1789),the leader of the Jacobin club ,Maximilien Robespierre(1758-94) started the rain of terror.His definition was “Terror is noting other then justice,prompt and flexible”. In modern time(9-11 USA plane crash,26-11 attacks in Mumbai), terrorism represent the killing of the innocent people by non-governmental,political or religious activist often as public statement. If the State labels the person terrorist he/she will label himself differently.

What a terrorist say if the State say him/her terrorist

So one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.(British said Bhagat Singh is terrorist but he is a freedom fighter for India;Sardar Udham Singh)

USA spend 581 billion dollars(1 billion$=6500 crore rupees)for defense budget, which is more then the budget of next other 15 countries.(The estimate is almost same for a decade).
No terrorist organisation can have that much big budget.So terrorist organisation can never fight a country defense face to face.

Terrorism is form a asymmetric warfare, and used to the impossibility engaging in direct conventional warfare.

In 1992 Alex Schmid said “ Act of terrorism is equal peace time equivalent of war-crime.
In 1987, L A Khan said “ Terrorism sprouts from the existence of the aggrieved groups.”

  1. Taliban- Students(Pasto language),an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan to implement Sharia law.From 1994-96 Melesia ,from 1996-2001 the government,thereafter insurgency.Biggest leader of the Taliban Mullah Umar(one eyed leader).
  2. AL Qaeda
    The base or the foundation(Arabic)
    From 1988-till date,its a global militant Sunni-Islamic. Created by Saudi Arabic resident by Osama Bin Laden.It was started by the Arabs fighting USSR in Afghanistan.
    Note:Al Qaeda emerged from Mujaheddin.
  3. Mujaheddin: The guerrilla military warriors -waging Jihad.President Ronald Rragin has supported the Mujaheddin fighter(1983).
  4. Aum Shiarikye-A Japaneses new religious movement carried out terrorist activities in Tokyo. They released Sarin gas in Tokyo subway.
  5. Boko Haram(Wilayat Gharb Afrigiya).Boko-useless Haram-not allowed. Western secular education is useless.An extremest Islamist group of Nigeria. Missale Obama started the twitter hashtag #bringbackourgirls. They did Chibok kidnapping of around 300 girls to make them follower of Islamic education.
  6. ISIS(ISIL)(or Daesh):The Islamic State of Iraq (Levant) and Syria,these are Salfi Jihadist.They follow Sunni Wahhabi extreme doctrine.
    Richest State in middle east is Saudi Arabia.From last 70 years the family who rules there is Al-Sand.Today more than 9000 male members of the this family rule the State.It has no court,law,constitution,etc.There word are supreme.In the world there is one state where the women has no right to vote and that is Saudi-Arabia.The ruling family of Saudi Arabia follow the Wahhabism.
    They declared world wide caliphate(2014) and there leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Base:Syria and Iraq
    Affiliates:Algeria,Libya,Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Nigeria,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Russia(Caucasus).

Biggest incident so far

  1. The AL Qaeda and ISIS(ISIL) are very strong in 5 countries-Syria,Iraq,Libya,Yemen and South Asia.
  2. In 2015 these countries had major Al Qaeda and ISIS activities happened.Bangladesh,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Syria,Iraq,Sinia Peninsula,Libya,Tunisia,Mali.
  3. From 2003 onward the entire middle east was disestablished. It started with American invasion on Iraq which deposit Saddam Hussein.But could not bring democracy as promised.The same story was repeated across the Arab world.E.g. Libya (Muhammad Gaddafi)
  4. The motto of Indian state“Satyameva Jayate(Truth alone triumphs.)”(nānṛtaṁ).The motto of USA is “In God we trust”.

List of top terrorist Actions.

Serial Number Year Locations Victims Perpetrator Number of dead Weapons used Reasons
12001 WTC USAAmerican citizensAL Qaeda2976AirplanesPublic display of strength
22007Bombings in IraqYazidisNo one claimed responsibility796Suicide bombsYazidis vs Sunni Muslims
32004Beslan(Russia)Russian citizenChechya rebels 385GunsRecolonization of Chechnya independence by UN
41985Boeing 747 Air India-182(Atlantic ocean)British, Canadian and Indian citizenBabar Khalsa329BombsRetaliation against operation BlueStar
51993Mumbai(India)Indian citizenDawood Ibrahim on behalf of ISI257Bombs using RDXdemolition of Babri Masjid
62008Mumbai(India)American,Indian,JewishLashkar-e-Taiba(LET)166Bombs and ShootingTo destabilize India in response on Kasmir issue
72001Indian Parliament(Delhi)Parliament staff Lashkar-e-Taiba(LET),Jaish-e-Mohammed14(5 Militants)Shooting and hand grenadesJammu and Kashmir issue

Causes and Historical presidents

  1. Terrorist tactics are often used in large scale unresolved political conflicts.
  2. Historically some of the key reasons have been
    1. Secession of territory to become a new state or join some other state.E.g. ISIS(ISIL),LTTE(Liberation tiger of Tamil Elam(V.Prabhakarm)). Maximum number of suicide attacks from 1980 to 2000.
    2. Ethnic groups domination.E.g.The Yazidis presence in an Islamic land. Yazidis-An ancient monotheistic religious community.
    3. Imposition of a certain type of government. E.g. Falun Gong-The dharma wheel.A peaceful religious of PRC(china).Complete repression by the communists party after 1999. E.g. Khmer Rouge in Cambodia(Pol Pot).The Khmer is a biggest ethnic group of Cambodia.
    4. Opposition to a dominating government. E.g. The Naxalites against the state of India.
    5. Religious fanaticism- Islamic terrorism

The Muslim-Majority world in al Qaeda's Strategic vision

Strategic Offensive
All-out offensive against central government
Strategic Equilibrium
Imposing governance
Afghanistan Syria
Northern Pakistan
Strategic Defensive
First stages of guerrilla warfare
Covert Jihad
Creation of a solid base
Includes countries like Algeria, Niger, and Saudi Arabia

Some of the histories biggest mass murders were

  1. Mao Zedong-China(PRC)(1950-60)
  2. Joseph Stalin-USSR(1930-40)
  3. Khmer Rouge-Cambodia(1970-80)
  4. Genghis Khan-Mongol(13th Century)
  5. Adolf Eichmann-Responsible for the Jewish Holocaust.
  6. Adolf Hitler-German National Socialism

The US has often been criticized that it reaps what is sows.

  1. Friends with Wahhabi Saudi Arabs.
  2. Enemy of Shia Iraq.
  3. Supporter of Mujaheddin.
  4. The US itself has a terror organisation KKK( Ku Klux Klan).
    1. 1865-1870
    2. 1915-1944
    3. 1946-Till date
      There objective is white supremacy and nationalism and anti-immigration. It is right wing extreme group. Origin-Greek word Kuklos meaning circles.
  5. The ottoman Turks till date denies Armenian genocide(1915-16)

The situation in India

  1. in 2014 India was raked on the number 6 on GTI(Global terror index)
  2. The biggest terror groups are:
    1. Naxalites(Maoist),under various banners like CPI(Marxism–Leninism). Don't confuse this with CPI(M)-Communist Party of India (Marxist) which is a political party.
    2. Dispute with Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir is the source of Islamic terrorism in India.
      1. Hizbul Mujahideen (Pakistan)
      2. Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
      3. Jaish-e-Mohammed
      4. Lashkar-e-Taiba(LET)
      5. SIMI(Students Islamic Movement of India).NIA(National Investigation agency) is against them these days.
      6. Jamaat ud Dawa-Hafez Saeed(Wanted in India)
      7. Ethnic political unrest in north-east(Assam,Bodoland,Kantapur,Meghalaya)(ULFA-United Liberation Front of Assam)

The top terror laws in India

  1. TADA(Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (prevention) Act,1985)
    It was a strong law was the response to the Punjab insurgency. It was draconian and against free speech. Its draconian nature was considered against free speech and it was repeal.
  2. POTA(Prevention of Terrorism Act,2002)
    It was also repeal by UPA government.
  3. UA(P)A (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967)
  4. MCOCA (Maharashtra control of Organised Crime Act, 1999)
    It is applicable in Maharashtra and Delhi.
  5. KCOCA (Karnataka Control of Organised Crime Act)

The NIA(National Investigative Agency) was setup in 2009 after Mumbai attacks.
Major Victory- Able to arrest Abu Jundal(Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari) in Indra Gandhi Airport, Delhi in 2012. He had his hand in Mumbai attacks.

Roughly around 40 organisation are declared terrorists.

Facts and Statics

  1. GTI(Global Terror Index)-India ranked number 6th in 2014.
  2. In 2013 ,2.2% of global terror deaths were from India.Maximum was of Iraq (35.4%)
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