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Exclude file folder/directory from downloading (content.json)

In my site directory is content.json file i can set some directory (and its contents) or a file as optional, meaning that the site visitors will not download it automatically, but on their request.

"optional": "(directory/.*)",

How to entirely exclude directory (and its contents) or file from downloading?

Is it this?

I used that docs to create this:

"ignore": "((tar.gz|7z|)/(?!allowedtoshare.(7z|tar.gz))|too-personal-to-share/.*)",

i doubt it is correct syntax (double dots and parenthesis)

My aim would be not to share tar.gz and 7z extension files except files: allowedtoshare.7 and allowedtoshare.tar.gz amd also do not share /too-personal-to-share/ directory contents

^2 ^3 ssdifnskdjfnsdjk posted on Aug 13, 2019
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user_nameadded ^1 ^2
mg0on Aug 13, 2019 ^1 ^2

@ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: just rename all files you DON'T want to be shared with something distinguishable and make ignore regex discriminate by it, something like put all your private files under a certain directory or make them all have something like 'not-shared' in their file names.

crazylimeon Aug 13, 2019 ^1 ^2

@ssdifnskdjfnsdjk If you get the answer, feel free to put it in CrazyWiki for future reference:
CrazyWiki - Creating Zites

I also plan to document results of testing symlinks. Not sure why @redcurrant is using hard links. json config will certainly be more portable than links and allow generated files by third party dev tools. You may have a doc you want in git but not NZ.

redcurranton Aug 13, 2019 ^1 ^2

why are there personal files in your zite directory in the first place?
if you want to share a large portion of your directory tree without duplicate it (by copying it into the zite's dir) and there are some files you dont want to share, I recommend to make hardlinks (given that you are on linux/mac).
here is my script doing the same for me (you need an extension to exlude personal files) :


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