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ZeroBlog clones/alternatives

What are the ZeroNet blogging systems that can be clonned?
I have found following blogs that seems to be either modified ZeroBlog or a new Content Management System. - ZeroBlog (Blog.ZeroNetwork.bit) by nofish@zeroid - ZeroBlog Plus (has bug with some images upload) by Binchan (binchan2@zeroid) - ZeroBlog++ by geekless@zeroid (alows hotlinking images from other zites) - ZeroBlog BlurHY (blurhy.bit) - Poster - ZeroPress by gtat314

If anyone knows some details or interesting information about these blogs, or other modified or brand new blogging CMS, may be helpful to introduce it.

How to clone blog to have your own?

  1. Open above mentioned sites and select one that looks the best and updated.
  2. Go to ZeroHello and find appropriate blog in the list of sites
  3. next to the blog name in the list, click three dots and then click to Clone (here is the animation to illustrate)
  4. when you got a question, create new ZeroTalk topic
  5. advertise your blog on the zite directories
^7 ^8 ssdifnskdjfnsdjk posted on Aug 25, 2018
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leftsideon Dec 11, 2018 ^1 ^2

Binchan's blog is not the derivative of any of these??

blurhyon Aug 25, 2018 ^2 ^3

set cloneable=true

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