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Does .bit mean a single point of failure?


if i promote my site by mentioning its .bit address and then will not renew the .bit name, people will fail to access my site and many will NOT even find the zite "internal"/real address (here is how to find it: )?

From decentralization and distributed point of view it appear to me like it is better NOT to use .bit name and promote site with internal address like ?

At https://wiki.namecoin.org/index.php?title=Register_and_Configure_.bit_Domains they say registration is around 0.01 NMC (Namecoin) and +6 months renewal is 0.005 NMC, this is very low price, under 10 cents probably (https://coinmill.com/NMC_USD.html), half-solution can be if one renew for lets say 500 years (rougly $100 at that price), but unsure if that is possible.

If there are any work arounds? I appreaciate if you explain it. Thank You

Until zeronet fix this issue, here is some relevant reading:

^8 ^9 ssdifnskdjfnsdjk posted on Jan 16, 2018
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user_nameadded ^1 ^2
theosison Aug 08, 2019 ^1 ^2

If you don't use it, you won't lose it. I paid a very small amount of money (don't remember how much exactly, less than 5$ probably) for 0chan.bit domain in 2015 or 2016, it still exists to this day.

caropc6on Aug 08, 2019 ^1 ^2

thank you

binchan2on Jan 18, 2018 ^2 ^3

trota: namecoin is useless and unstable, use the default address

Better than nothing imho, meaningful for large service, like ZeroTalk...

binchan2on Jan 17, 2018 ^5 ^6

There is a domain item inside site auth address (public key) in /path/to/zeronet/data/sites.json. So one solution I find is: give users a warning when the domain name doesn't match the auth address in sites.json, and the notification presents both old auth address and new auth address for user. Wonder if sth likes this has been implemented @nofish

But it won't help for .bit address you posted in other place, when a user opens it at the first time, so... also store old auth addresses (and display peer count) in ZeroName?

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