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ZeroSearch sub-topic

Post suggestions, complaints or comments about ZeroSearch here
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P2P news flow

Articles about Bitcoin, Torrent, Darknet, Peer To Peer networks
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Hidden content within site...

I noticed the web page is just movie listings, but if you look inside the folder under data/dima kokes on your local hard disk, they include gay porn. WTF? More to the point, what content are we exactly hosting that is not exposed web page side but stored on our hard drives?
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New version of ZeroTalk forum

Supports ZeroID and Cloning (will be enabled after some more testing)
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[ANN] XGame.bit - ZeroNet games, Win some bitcoins and have fun!

**Introducing** [XGame.bit](! Fully automated games! Please check it out, and play to win some extra BitCoin.!
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What are some nice Zeronet sites?

Thing's seem to be going great, but without content we might as well be bored on here and only marvel on the fact that this is working so well. There is so much potential for this and it's sad to see that content is running dry up here.  Let's not make this network some place just to dump files and images and have something good up and running :) So what are some good sites you guys know and recommend?
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Presentation about how ZeroNet works

Cryptography of ZeroNet, Site visiting, Site updating, Multi-user sites, Current status, Future plans.
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ZeroNet ideas

Features, sites and everything else
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Can I change my username in ZeroTalk?

or make other
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JSON as Deep Linker?

wondering if i can forward a domain directly to a post in "Talk"
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Hi, 大家好!

来自中国 🇨🇳 的问候 :)
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Question about ports

Can two or three decentralized program be ran through the same port. I use Yacy search and wanted to know if I can change it's port to the same port that ZeroNet uses.
^2 ^3 5 comment last on Jul 11, 2015 ━ submitted by oracle

Really, python?

ZeroNet is a really interesting, well managed and badly needed project, but there is one thing that really puts it off for me: Python. Why is it written in this bloated, huge and slow, high-level scripting language? Is it basically because that's what people know, and is "easiest", or are there some reason I can't comprehend? I'd imagine this kind of project would be perfect with a efficient C backbone, and then with the GUI written in Javascript on top. Or is it something I'm not seeing in the big picture here?
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This looks amazing! Congrats! but please make a dark theme too

Great job so far, I'm just testing
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Could we make a full blown reddit alternative on here?

Voat and Reddit are open source, could we use their code? Creating a clone of reddit or voat on ZeroNet would be awesome, because this ZeroTalk doesn't have enough features to compete yet.
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is this going to be a thing?

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A place to share and discuss the latest developments, happenings and curiosities in the world of technology; a broad spectrum of conversation as to the innovations, aspirations, applications and machinations that define our age and shape our future.
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Best .bit blog?

What is your favorite .bit blog?
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How to launch zeronet without browser

I tried --open_browser None, to no avail.
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<script>javascript:alert("great site");</script>

<script>javascript:alert("great site");</script> quick test for my own safety
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if i post a articles, is that Anonymous?

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Slow rendering in Chrome

For some reason the iframe rendering is slow in latest versions of Chrome, please post your results here.
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了解对所有人都有好处, weibo 小婷大家都知道吧

https://gist.github.com/anonymous/58fbc5a1f1e6e7f9184f 绝非开玩笑。
https://gist.github.com/anonymous/58fbc5a1f1e6e7f9184f 绝非开玩笑。
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Wikipedia article

Hi people create wikipedia article for Zeronet
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ELI5 - how to open FileServer port?

sorry for the noob question!
^5 ^6 2 comment last on Jun 29, 2015 ━ submitted by g0ld3nrati0

Salvotnt AnimeBlog Update !!

Updated now!! Please visit my blog about japanimation and more ....
^6 ^7 6 comment last on Jun 26, 2015 ━ submitted by salvotnt

How to create new application?

^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jun 26, 2015 ━ submitted by Jagadesh

This is not decentralized.

You say this is a decentralized site, but you make a post to a central server: "http://demo.zeronet.io/ZeroTalk/signup.php" Are there plans to really make this truly decentralized? This site can be taken down just by removing that server.
^3 ^4 3 comment last on Jun 26, 2015 ━ submitted by QuickSilver

ZeroNet Anonymity

How can you access ZeoNet anonymously?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Jun 25, 2015 ━ submitted by QuickSilver

How to build my own Zero Site?

Like the topic says, Is there any tutorials to show how to build an interactive website on the ZeroNet? This is pretty cool.
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建立了一个ZeroSite,不知道其他人能否访问呢? 里面有一个赛风软件的下载....不知道各位能否访问?
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What's happend on a very large websites?

Let's say we want to create website like Twitter. On current implementation it will be impossible due to the data quantity (We can't ask from each client to store the hole database). Do you think how to solve it? Where is an option for sub-websites (ie. profiles) that created automatically?
^3 ^4 6 comment last on Jun 24, 2015 ━ submitted by moshe

Zer0Net and Personal Security

Hell0 everyone, recently I have noticed some questions regarding the possibility of hosting malicious content, I know that nofish had answered to FreeBSD's question @ zeronet.readthedocs.org, someone else on another forum had made the same question (either copy/paste or the same guy), I was wondering if there is any documentation , or if there are plans to make something to highlighting this matter.
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ZeroNet specific benchmark results

Post your built-in benchmark results here.
^5 ^6 19 comment last on Jun 21, 2015 ━ submitted by nofish

Broken Blogs?

[Transmission's blog]( and a few others are broken for me. I just get a background and a circle on the left, and no page content. Is that happening for anyone else? Did some important supporting JS file get lost?
^1 ^2 2 comment last on Jun 20, 2015 ━ submitted by Interfect

ZeroNet through Tor or I2P?

Is there any sort of proxy support so I can route connection to ZeroNet through I2P or Tor?
^5 ^6 7 comment last on Jun 18, 2015 ━ submitted by Nulevich


Maybe some of these projects can be used with zeronet.
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idea of ZeroSocial -- timeline view of ZeroHello

ZeroSocial ( whatever it is named) is like a timeline view of ZeroHello, since seeding a site is like following a site. If the site we followed is a blog and has a new post, the new post will be at the top of the timeline, just like G+/facebook/twitter. And we can comment or retweet posts in the timeline, fo or unfo a site.
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Is there a limit to how big a site with regularly updated user content can grow?
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Hello ZeroTalk!

Post your test messages here!
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pls update to latest version to make more traffic encrypted/请升级到最新版本以加密流量

from Version 0.3.1, support Encrypted connections using SSL by default, pls update ASAP! if a update message doesn't popup in web UI, pls: 1. stop ZeroNet in python console 2. excute update.py 3. start ZeroNet again 从 0.3.1开始支持SSL流量加密(默认设置),请尽快升级!如果升级提示没有在页面上出现,请: 1. 在python控制台停止ZeroNet 2. 执行update.py 3. 再次启动ZeroNet
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How to get peers

i am running my site off of my rpi but when i try to connect to my site from my desktop, it says "no peers" then it says "content.json download failed" or "could not find index.html" both of which are there. the site is 1Atifm3m3wqUo7RqD2GPnyG6PKSxCk3g4c
^2 ^3 7 comment last on Jun 03, 2015 ━ submitted by AuHg

The Corsair - Our torrent index

I'll post updates to the site in this topic. I started to integrate Libgen torrents. Their DB is huge so it will take some time to integrate everything. The json size is ~2.7MB to each ~25000 torrents. We can work on this later when ZeroNet supports some kind of compression. Libgen supports direct download of the ebooks, which is pretty cool. There is a direct download button on The Corsair so you can grab the ebook from libgen servers. Their index starts in 2009. Since libgen torrents are all seeded it makes sense to index everything. For KAT we are up to date until 2014. I won't get ebooks earlier then that because seeds are very low. Feedback is welcome.
^3 ^4 2 comment last on May 28, 2015 ━ submitted by _mak

How does Zeronet know when I add a new topic?

I don't see any web requests sent when I click add topic.
^3 ^4 1 comment last on May 28, 2015 ━ submitted by fruitlunch

Start a new site using Tor, can you see my site? can you see my site? please tell me! THX! EDIT: someone reported the site could be seen. Thanks to all involved! can
^3 ^4 20 comment last on May 28, 2015 ━ submitted by p2p

I2P and this

So whats the difference between I2P and Zeronet?
^2 ^3 1 comment last on May 23, 2015 ━ submitted by anon

ZeroNet sites

Post your ZeroNet sites here Please, also provide some short description.
^7 ^8 15 comment last on May 14, 2015 ━ submitted by nofish

Different Domain Format

For visual identification of ZeroNet sites, i think we can use another domain space, like a .zeronet Also we can use different suffix based dommains for different types of content. like a habrahabr.zforum , gowiththewind.zbook or even use different types of domain separator( like "-" or "=" or "#" ) or domains space order. For example: jonaspeterson-blog, jonaspeterson=blog beyourself=forum miketyson#person - for personal page greecenews#blog
^1 ^2 1 comment last on May 08, 2015 ━ submitted by hoakim

Reddcoin Support

Redd ID, and easy support for content publishers of zero-net
^3 ^4 1 comment last on May 08, 2015 ━ submitted by hoakim

Articles about ZeroNet

News, Blog posts, other media mentions
^8 ^9 last activity on May 07, 2015 ━ submitted by nofish -less browsing using chrome extension

Hi Guys, Last week, we implemented a initial working draft of a Chrome extension, which helps you to browse ZeroNet sites like this http://zero/site_name and for .bit address like this http://board.zeronetwork.bit/ This is could come handy if someone is running ZeroNet in a remote computer. Check the extension here, https://github.com/goldenratio/zeronet-protocol-crx also discussion about it here - https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/issues/83 Please check it out and give your feedback.
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A search engine

So some guy on the message board made a search engine, and it's pretty glorious so far.
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Tip All Your Favourite Websites with the WeTipCoins.com Wallet

'At WeTipCoins.com content consumers support content creators directly with real value in a secure and easy way. So that they both can focus more on awesome content, instead of forms and ads.'
^2 ^3 0 comments on Apr 28, 2015 ━ submitted by doubleyou3

More Namecoin Support !!!

Did you know you can pay directly to to every .bit site ? Just open the Namecoin Wallet and pay to d/zeronet for Namecoin payments to zeronet.bit ;) Great isn't it ? Why using crappy unhuman bitcoin style addys anymore ? ;)
^3 ^4 11 comment last on Apr 28, 2015 ━ submitted by hailtotheking

Public Directory

Should there can be a public directory, where they can share their 0sites ?
^4 ^5 2 comment last on Apr 27, 2015 ━ submitted by v0id

New project. Android Compatibility!

I was looking into what it would take to get the python files to run on the android platform. I found an app called QPython for android. http://qpython.com/ This may be a project to make this a portable app as well.
^5 ^6 7 comment last on Apr 26, 2015 ━ submitted by XyVr

URL Shortener

I'm assuming that this would have to be some sort of browser add on. Is there a way to shorten zeronet URLs basically just replace with something like 0net.
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Apr 25, 2015 ━ submitted by TheAkashicTraveller

~ Copyright Advocates Wall of Shame ~

Feel free to share articles that illustrating the copyright enforcement agencies and their members shameful acts.
^5 ^6 4 comment last on Apr 25, 2015 ━ submitted by 7331yugsiht


目前上演的中共黨內權鬥大戲,為中共建政六十五年權鬥連續劇中最精彩、最驚心動魄的一集。有道是,外行看熱鬧,內行看門道,除了正在戲中鬥個你死我活的中共領袖們外,我等皆屬看熱鬧的。看熱鬧也得會看,在此我提供一些心得。   切勿選邊站   過去的戲碼,如:毛澤東鬥劉少奇、林彪,鄧小平鬥華國鋒,江澤民鬥陳希同,胡錦濤鬥陳良宇,雙方力量懸殊,輸贏無懸念,而且大家都把贏者當作正面角色,輸了的都是反角。這次不同了:不但看不出最後誰輸誰贏,而且當人們知道習近平反腐不是為了推行政治改革,最大的目的是鞏固中共貪腐之源的中共一黨專政,是為了清除異己、讓貪腐首惡的中共太子黨永遠掌握最高權力,那麼這齣戲就不再是正義與非正義的主題、也沒有正面角色與反面角色之分了。怎麼分得清習近平與他的對手誰是令狐沖誰是任我行呢?怎麼能斷定到最後習近平一定完勝、他的對手一定嗚呼哀哉呢?別說中國人,就連一向誰上台就看好誰的美國頭號親北京學者沈大偉,這次也捨習近平而去,斷言習近平最後以身敗名裂而謝幕。   習近平正全力打擊的所謂「新四人幫」真的怙惡不悛嗎?近日中共的檢察院起訴周永康,有一條說他洩露黨和國家機密罪,如果他洩露的是習近平、溫家寶等權貴家族在海外擁有巨額資產,那不是罪反倒是功勞。最近我聽北京的朋友說:徐才厚是因為主張軍隊國家化、反對黨指揮槍,而受到習近平的整肅,這就可以解釋習近平為什麼一上台便召開新古田會議,比任何時候都強調黨指揮槍了。我又聽北京的另一位朋友說:令計劃是因為與習近平結了私怨才落得今日下場:話說習仲勳二○○二年五月去世,多年之後他一家仍拒絕遷出中南海。其實習仲勳與老伴早已長住深圳,佔用深圳新園迎賓館接待國賓的獨棟小樓。令計劃當上中辦主任,採取行動清理中南海的拒遷戶,收回了包括習家在內的住房,這會不會是習的一個心結?   我沒有為周永康、徐才厚、令計劃說好話的意思,我只是說:中共的權鬥,是邪惡對邪惡的爭鬥,你選擇站在任何一邊,都是站在邪惡一邊。他們之間的權力和利益之爭,誰勝誰負,跟中國的民主與人權進步一毛錢關係都沒有,你是看熱鬧的,何必選邊站呢。   慎防被忽悠   中共的權鬥大戲,的確精彩紛呈、高潮迭起、引人入勝,很容易看得眼花繚亂,被戲中的情節忽悠。我們中的任何人都沒有獲得真實資訊的管道,包括研究中國高層政治的學者,也都與普通網友一樣,主要靠從互聯網上獲得資訊,所謂消息靈通人士,也不過比常人多聽到一些京城耳語。網上資訊之紛亂前所未見,有多少是真實的有價值的消息,有多少是各派政治勢力為抹黑對手而捏造的事實、施放的謠言、編造的故事,都未可知。比如說到周永康,他明明是在政治鬥爭中被打倒,他的對手卻從不講周永康的政治路線錯在什麼地方,人們也不知道作為巨貪他貪了多少。最廣為人知的是他臨到被抓捕的前一天,還開車到一間地下停車場找央視女主播車震。我相信周永康是個淫官,但我不相信周永康大禍臨頭性欲仍旺盛到這種地步。津津樂道於周永康車震,就放過了對周永康踐踏法治與侵害人權罪行的清算,這正是周永康的對手所希望的。又比如說徐才厚,網傳他把幾卡車的人民幣藏在總政治部大樓地下室,讓一位女兵保管,他長期姦污這位女兵卻不兌現答應給女兵的好處,結果被女兵用卡車把人民幣拉走讓他吃了啞巴虧。我相信徐才厚貪污數額巨大,但難以置信他貪的人民幣有幾卡車之多,而且愚蠢到把錢藏在總政治部辦公大樓裡。   我們聽到的消息,多數都是權鬥的雙方通過非正式管道散佈出來忽悠民眾的,即使官方媒體發佈的消息也不可信,如今的中共官媒與靠捕風捉影、製作聳人聽聞的標題吸人眼球的低俗網站都在同一個等量級上。如果周永康、徐才厚、令計劃與習近平、王岐山換個位置,污穢的傳言也必然繪聲繪色發生在習、王和任何一位現任當政的正人君子們身上。比如近來胡舒立、郭文貴隔空開戰了,扯出了一個私生子,扯出了王岐山,接著說不定還會扯出什麼人,真真假假、假假真真,真假莫辨。所以我說,觀賞中共權鬥大戲,宜頭腦冷靜清醒、切勿入戲太深,慎防被忽悠。   摒棄舊思維   要使自己成為真正冷靜的觀察者和思索者,就得讓自己從既有的黨意識慣性思維中解脫出來。多年前,上海芭蕾舞團來美國演出文革八個樣板戲之一《白毛女》,我前去觀看。我竟然如同文革時看這齣戲一樣,差點為戲中的喜兒、楊白勞、大春掬一把同情之淚。坐在我旁邊的是一位美國老太太,散場後問我:做善事、借錢救濟窮人成為罪人,借錢不還、造反殺人反倒有理,中國人是這樣的嗎?我與這位美國老太太的差距在於:我即使已經從中共體制內走了出來,但頭腦中因長期浸淫於黨意識、黨文化中形成的慣性思維仍然作祟,因此我與美國老太太對中國的事情的感受就大不一樣。   慣性思維,使我們無法成為中共權鬥大戲的冷眼旁觀者和冷靜思索者,反而在這出醜劇中扮演助紂為虐的角色:我們曾歡呼一九四九年誕生了一個新中國,其實那是千年專制以共產革命的名義,扼殺了一個誕生僅三十八年的民主制度,實現了專制的復辟;我們曾譴責林彪反革命集團,其實他們是中共黨內第一次凝聚的試圖結束毛澤東專制統治的進步力量;我們頌揚在六四屠殺後中國的改革開放,其實鄧小平的改革開放給中國、給中華民族的精神、道德、經濟、社會、生態環境造成的破壞遠超過文革的幾十倍、幾百倍。   長期浸淫於中共的黨意識和黨文化而形成慣性思維的中國人,智商低下。中國人唯有摒棄慣性思維,才會具有對中共權鬥冷眼旁觀、冷靜思索的能力。但如果繼續處於中共極權統治之下,中國人獲得高智商幾乎不可能。自中國發生全民被毛澤東驅使為他一人瘋狂的文化大革命,已證明中華民族是個只具有慣性思維的低智民族;自中國出了薄熙來、周永康、徐才厚、令計劃再次證明中共高階領導人的品格與貪婪本性。而我,作為中華民族的一員,對自己並無奢望,什麼時候能像那位美國老太太一樣,一眼看明白中國的一場大戲,就算是沒再繼續糊糊塗塗的活著了。
^1 ^2 0 comments on Apr 25, 2015 ━ submitted by Small orange

A new barrier has been breached @ karsten.bit -- advertisement has now been introduced to Zeronet!

For just 1mBTC/month, your advertisement can be shown on Zeronet's #1 active blog!
^5 ^6 2 comment last on Apr 24, 2015 ━ submitted by Karsten

New ZeroNet documentation

Please, tell me what you want to see in the docs.
^7 ^8 4 comment last on Apr 22, 2015 ━ submitted by nofish


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can anyone create a zerotalk site like this one?

Is this zerotalk app open source? I really like this site. Who is the developer of this site? It really is a great platform. I like to see where this is going over time. :)
^4 ^5 2 comment last on Apr 22, 2015 ━ submitted by joe

The first video of the Zeronet?

I just blogged a video at /karsten.bit :) #first?
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DDoS resistance

How good is a Zeronet site at resisting a DDoS attack? If a site was really popular and had loads of peers would it be able to hold up to an attack? Also is it even possible to DDoS a Zeronet site? I have never heard of a torrent being DDoSed before.
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Biggest site list so far

I collected all the zeronet sites I could find and put them into one categorized list. You can see it here:
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Can traffic be encrypted in ZeroNet now?

Can traffic be encrypted in ZeroNet now? If can't, please offer traffic encryption option. It's necessary in CHINA because of the Great FireWall which has Deep Packet Inspection. If traffic contains sensitive content, nodes may be blocked. And traffic without encryption results in privacy problem. I think traffic encryption can be easily implemented since you can refer the code of shadowsocks ( https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks ), a popular Python tool to bypass the Great FireWall in China. THX!
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Three Bitcoin tools placed on ZeroNet/Namecoin - Coinb.in, BitAddress, BrainWallet

I've put all three tools on ZeroNet/Namecoin: ZeroWallet - This is just Coinb.in right now, but I am thinking about altering it to use your ZeroNet private key and making email/password for the Wallet page optional. I would also like to make the wallet page the landing page. Wallets based on the login are single address only without me making modifications to it though. The ability to sign, verify, and generate addresses is also available. The site is 100% offline available, but uses btc.blockr.io for a bitcoin network connection when needed. BitAddr - This is a mirror of bitaddress.org. The site lets you easily generate paper wallets, bulk paper wallets, threshold addresses, brain wallets, dice based addresses, etc. The site is 100% offline available. No modifications are planned. Brainwallets - -or- (the namecoin record had a typo that I recently fixed, hasn't confirmed all the way or been picked up by dnschain). This is a clone of brainwallet.github.io. This site provides an array of signing, broadcasting, generating, and conversion tools. The site is 100% offline available. No modifications are planned.
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From gfw

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Just delete this...
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~~IT CAN NEVER BE USED FOR DARKNET STUFF~~ This username was logged in http://zero.shaknaisrael.com:43110. I'm not sure if it was the owner of the juicicoo account that posted this or someone else using his proxy. Either way, there should be a log out button :)
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Technical question about broken links.

I put many of the files for my personal website in a folder "15VVHT6AhAZDSJinHKZMf9VTc1uCGG1HvZ" long link is : The index.html appears to load, but a link on the page that leads to the "Bookbag" subdirectory in "15VVHT6AhAZDSJinHKZMf9VTc1uCGG1HvZ" breaks and gives me "Not Found: /Bookbag" Is there a simple fix? id/unknown
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ZN sucks like hell cuz it needs 2 run JS.

Totally Darknet Unfriendly Fuck
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hello world.

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How does it works?

- When you visit a site from version 0.2.0 ZeroNet generates you a BIP32 based, unique bitcoin address / private key combo - You requests an own data.json file from site owner that is allowed to be modified and signed by your address - If you want to comment, you modify your data.json, sign it using your private key and publish directly to other peers without contacting the site owner Why is it better than ZeroBoard? - When you create a new comment on ZeroBoard you have to contact the site's private key owner to put your comment to messages.json data file, sign it and publish to the peers - Using ZeroTalk you only have to contact once the site owner after that you can distribute your comments decentralized way, directly to other peers Why is "Request access" necessary? - To have some kind of control over the content and users. - Later the registration http request can be changed to other, more decentralized way. Eg.: the site users able invite new users or remove misbehaved users by using multisig voting
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is it possible to edit, update our user name

Username editing would be nice. And besides, what's the password of our username?
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How did you find ZeroNet?

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how do I find something

I need help please comment
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Multiuser ZeroNet sites

What sites do you want to see pop up on ZeroNet, now that multiuser sites are implemented?
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public proxies

If anyone has the resources , publicly available proxies would be great . If you have one up and running , please post the address .
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Want help to french ?

Hello, i'm a french guy so if you want help with this langage, i'm here. ;)
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Site too large error

If I create a new clone of the ZeroNet github repository, and start zeronet, then visit a largish site, the site does not load and I do not get a prompt asking for a size increase. As a test I used [bluishcoder blog](/1BLuish1ZbwVfPaCSDVQkg5WW58hqEoYQw). The logs for zeronet show: Site:1BLuis..oYQw content.json: Site too large 101655706 > 10485760, aborting task... But no JS prompt appeared to ask me to increase site size. I see to recall it used to do this. Has something changed?
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Version 0.2.8 was released! Namecoin (.bit) domain support!

see the official blog:,+2015 you have to update manually. seems the author of the article forgot to paste the new site ( ZeroName )'s address: The feature is really cool! THX!
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is it possable to modify ZeroNet so i can connect to it remotely

i want to run zeronet as a daemon on a another pc so i can run my node 24/7 and not have to worry about it as much
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Full & Easy installing instruction of ZeroNet in Linux Mint

run following in terminal: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip git sudo pip install pyzmq gevent msgpack-python git clone https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet.git cd ZeroNet python ./zeronet.py and then, open in browser, enjoy! ( tested in Linux Mint, I think in Ubuntu or Debian also works)
https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet.git cd
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New features: Comments num, Reply, Upvote, Topic groups

If you can't see the number of comments on ZeroTalk main page, then you have to update your ZeroNet.
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Is there any reason to embed sites inside an iframe by default?

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OneDrive blog

thoughts about ZeroNet development - patched yet unreleased
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Hiding sites.

Is there a way to hide sites so they aren't indexed? (without robots.txt)
^1 ^2 2 comment last on Mar 04, 2015 ━ submitted by benis

Why is the number of peers not the same as me when I visit a proxy?

Right now I am connected to 16 peers but when I visit this proxy: http://zero.network:43110/1EU1tbG9oC1A8jz2ouVwGZyQ5asrNsE4Vr, I see 30 peers..
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Testers for ZeroNet features?

Volunteer some of your time to speed up ZeroNet development! So there's a lot of development going on with ZeroNet. Not everyone has the time or resources to sit down and contribute code, but I think there might be some people who have even a little bit of time, that could help. I want to gather people working on ZeroNet features here so they find other people who could test those features. I'll go first :) I'm working on issue #5 - replacing upnpc with a pure python way to forward ports. This will be more portable across platforms and will avoid false antivirus warnings. I have a working version here: https://github.com/sirMackk/ZeroNet/tree/upnp_punch . If anyone has a few spare minutes to run the code and see if it forwards ports on their router, that would be great. So far I know it works correctly on 3 routers. I've integrated it into the main project, so you have to start ZeroNet as you normally would and watch the log messages on the screen - it should say something about the port being closed, then about trying to open it, and finally "Port open". Thanks ya'll!
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Can't post on zeroboard

When pressing "Submit message" get "Message submit failed! undefined" error.
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Decentralized internet?

I'm new to this, but pretty excited. If this is decentralized internet, where are forum accounts and passwords stored? Or maybe when I make a php file that connects to one of my SQL tables. In the code I need to send the login data of course. From what I read, you can browse websites offline and that means downloading websites (and the rest of the code?) Im just a bit confused on what stops someone from taking information they shouldnt have. Like my current account (Auios) that is being used to post this question.
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Can't update a file on ZeroTalk.

Get error "Site:1TaLk3..sPKQ data/users/1NAKbzLfAGMAPKUYGuQnxrEKJeu4MCVyyQ/data. json file size does not match 74 <> 434, Hash: False" in my python console. Is some one trying to post from fake account on something like this? Or is it a some kind of condition racing?
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Magnet Link

Share Magnet link
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