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The Future is Now!

on Jul 29, 2017

By Tim Machinee

If you are reading this you have successfully arrived in the future. Congratulations!

Well, other people's future. You're reading these words in the future after I post them.

Less immediate you are in the future that science fiction writers of the past have imagined. Often times their predictions missed the mark but that's part of what can fuel a good sci-fi discussion. Then there are those times a science fiction author came close to being correct; which opens up the question of what the science fiction author knew and when did she or he know it.

This is not to infer that all science fiction deals with the future. There are those steampunk authors who may or may not be comfortable making predictions so they deal with retroactive "what ifs". That's not good or bad. Alternate timelines are just another way of telling science fiction.

Anyway, welcome to the future.

Next Post: Who Mows the Last Lawns on Earth?

Summary: My hypothesis about what is really going on in Fox's The Last Man on Earth series storyline and which of the characters is secretly aware of it.

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