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08/19/2019, 03:17US man arrested over alleged threat to Ohio Jewish centre 
 James Reardon had weapons and white nationalist material at his Ohio home, police said.

08/19/2019, 02:56US in secret talks with Venezuela socialist boss Diosdado Cabellofreenet
 Constituent Assembly leader and political ally of President Maduro met last month in Caracas with a Trump emissary.

08/19/2019, 02:46Iran’s UK envoy confirms released oil tanker heading for international watersfreenet

08/19/2019, 02:39Court postpones 1MDB trial against ex-Malaysian PM Najibfreenet
 Hearing will begin on August 26 to allow time for completion of a separate trial that revolves around SRC International.

08/19/2019, 01:59‘Prevent anything going in’: Report claims Trump repeatedly considered Venezuela blockadefreenet

08/19/2019, 01:31Sudan's deposed ruler Omar al-Bashir faces trial over corruptionfreenet
 Deposed former president is also wanted by the ICC for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

08/19/2019, 00:27Former Malaysian PM Najib to appear in court for 1MDB trialfreenet
 Najib Razak faces 42 criminal charges of graft and money laundering from a state investment fund.

08/19/2019, 00:20Paros - the Greek paradise island that wants to ditch plastic 
 Paros in Greece is at the centre of a drive to turn it into the world's first island free of plastic waste.

08/19/2019, 00:11Scientists show how ALIENS ‘see’ Earth when looking from deep spacefreenet

08/18/2019, 23:55The Nazi book of anatomy still used by surgeons 
 Eduard Pernkopf created an "atlas" of anatomy by dissecting the bodies of Nazi political prisoners.

08/18/2019, 23:39How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens 
 How can parents intervene when boys seem drawn into extremist internet culture - and should they?

08/18/2019, 23:30Iran tanker departs after Gibraltar rejects US demandfreenet
 Oil tanker at the centre of a diplomatic dispute departs after Gibraltar court rejects US demand to seize it.

08/18/2019, 23:13Iran tanker row: Detained ship sets sail from Gibraltar 
 The ship heads into the Mediterranean after Gibraltar rejected a US request to again seize it.

08/18/2019, 23:06'The bomb actually landed in the room I had been in' 
 Laila Pence fled war in Egypt to go on and become a multimillionaire US businesswoman.

08/18/2019, 23:01The man helping to save Senegal's mangroves 
 Haidar el Ali has led a project to plant 152 million mangrove buds in Senegal's Casamance Delta.

08/18/2019, 23:00The floating farm for cows 
 Cows are living on a floating farm in the middle of Europe's busiest port of Rotterdam, as part of an experiment to produce food more sustainably, and closer to people.

08/18/2019, 23:00A young face destroyed by war: The impact of an airstrike one year on 
 Jouma and his family were fleeing their home in Syria in 2018 when an airstrike hit the bus they were on, leaving him completely blind at the age of three.

08/18/2019, 22:29Russian sailor's 1969 message in a bottle washes up in Alaska 
 An Alaska man discovers the pristine 50-year-old message in a bottle while hunting for firewood.

08/18/2019, 22:08Iranian tanker leaves Gibraltar despite US demands to seize itfreenet

08/18/2019, 22:06Kabul wedding blast: Groom has 'lost hope' after deadly attack 
 Mirwais Elmi and his bride survived but many relatives are among the 63 killed in Saturday's attack.

08/18/2019, 21:12Big rescue operation in Poland to find trapped cavers 
 Explosives might be used to free two cavers trapped since Saturday in the Tatra mountains.

08/18/2019, 21:03Trump mulls ‘no business at all’ with Huawei, blasts reports suggesting otherwisefreenet

08/18/2019, 20:57UN appeals for more aid for Venezuelan refugeesfreenet
 The UN and NGOs put out a humanitarian appeal for $770m at the start of the year and have received less than $180m.

08/18/2019, 20:08Valuable minerals! Greenland buy isn’t a joke &Trump’s actually ‘looking at it,’ Kudlow saysfreenet

08/18/2019, 20:03Iceland bids farewell to first glacier lost to climate changefreenet
 Scientists fear all of the island country's 400 glaciers will be gone by 2200.

08/18/2019, 19:46Former-NFL star Cedric Benson dies in motorcycle accidentfreenet

08/18/2019, 19:34Is Donald Trump in a rush to withdraw from Afghanistan?freenet
 The US president hints at a deal with the Taliban that could end Washington's longest military engagement abroad.

08/18/2019, 19:23'Gonna be a long season': Frustration as gritty Leicester deny new Chelsea boss Lampard first winfreenet

08/18/2019, 19:13Zimbabwe police ban another protest over economic woesfreenet
 Police cite 'security concerns' in banning demonstration planned for Monday in Bulawayo.

08/18/2019, 19:04Kashmir crisis: Residents unable to afford foodfreenet
 Traders estimate 25,000 people have been affected on both sides of Kashmir.

08/18/2019, 18:20Many of UK’s elderly endure ‘severe poverty’...Time to raise pension age to 75, says Tory think tankfreenet

08/18/2019, 18:08Jordan summons Israeli envoy over Jerusalem 'violations'freenet
 Jordan says Israel's attempts to change the historic and legal status quo of Al-Aqsa Mosque site should stop.

08/18/2019, 17:54Gran Canaria: Wildfires displace 4,000 on holiday island 
 The Canary Islands regional president said the fires are out of control.

08/18/2019, 17:42Bright teen SLAUGHTERS his family of 5 with axe, to spare them the upset of his suicidefreenet

08/18/2019, 17:19'We survived!' Collapsing glacier soaks kayakers 
 Chunks of falling glacier caused a massive wave that came straight at a pair of kayakers in Alaska.

08/18/2019, 17:15‘Racism Witch Hunt!’ Trump rips into NYT leak scandal, calling it ‘evil propaganda machine’freenet

08/18/2019, 16:25Iran tanker row: Gibraltar rejects US request to detain ship 
 The Grace 1 oil tanker is due to leave Gibraltar later on Sunday, Iran's ambassador to the UK says.

08/18/2019, 16:22Sudan opposition names five civilian members of sovereign councilfreenet
 Military rulers to also announce two more of its five members before both sides jointly choose a final civilian member.

08/18/2019, 16:22Tulsi Gabbard is not the pro-peace presidential candidate we wantfreenet
 Gabbard's record on Syria, through it may appear as 'pro-peace' on the surface, actually aligns with regime propaganda.

08/18/2019, 16:15Zimbabwe sanctions: Sadc calls on US and EU to drop policy 
 Sixteen African countries say US and EU economic sanctions are harming the region.

08/18/2019, 16:08Hong Kong: More than 100,000 protesters take part in demonstrations 
 Voices from Hong Kong as thousands of people hold another day of pro-democracy protests.

08/18/2019, 16:05Mexico City 'green lung' wins Large Urban Park Gold Awardfreenet
 In a city this polluted, the sprawling Chapultepec Park is a lifeline to nature and clean air.

08/18/2019, 15:49Chad declares emergency in east after ethnic killingsfreenet
 The state of emergency will run for three months in Sila and Ouaddai regions where 50 people have died since August 9.

08/18/2019, 15:48Migrant rescue vessel declines Spain's offer to dock in Algecirasfreenet
 Open Arms says conditions for 107 migrants on board too dire to make the six-day journey to the Spanish port.

08/18/2019, 15:20Most Germans won't feel unsafe if US troops leave, have little faith in their own army - pollfreenet

08/18/2019, 15:20Re-shelve civil rights, we need something stronger todayfreenet
 If the Trump era means an outed celebration and recommendation of colonial atrocity, what we need is anti-colonialism.

08/18/2019, 15:05Hong Kong protests: Rival demonstrations spread across globe 
 Supporters of Beijing and Hong Kong have held rallies in the UK, France, US, Canada and Australia.

08/18/2019, 14:53Irish boxer details furious phone call from 'bully' Conor McGregor after social media calloutfreenet

08/18/2019, 14:52Russian tank sets speed record at intl Army Games 2019 near Moscow (VIDEO)freenet

08/18/2019, 14:45Pigs’ hearts could be transplanted into humans ‘within three years’freenet

08/18/2019, 14:44Iran to establish ferry link to Russia’s Dagestan across Caspian Seafreenet

08/18/2019, 13:29Gibraltar refuses US request to seize Iranian tankerfreenet
 Gibraltar said it could not comply with the US warrant because of European law.

08/18/2019, 13:26Scaremongering or worst-case scenario? UK govt at odds over grim no-deal Brexit leakfreenet

08/18/2019, 12:58Meteorite lights up Mediterranean sky in spectacular DASHCAM FOOTAGEfreenet

08/18/2019, 12:49Kashmiris caught in India-Pakistan trade blockagefreenet
 Thousands are struggling to survive as the two neighbouring countries' dispute worsens over the removal of Indian-administered Kashmir's autonomy.

08/18/2019, 12:28'Nuclear heat': Controversial UFC star Covington showered with boos as he arrives at UFC 241 (VIDEO)freenet

08/18/2019, 12:15Gibraltar rejects last-minute US demand to seize Iranian tankerfreenet

08/18/2019, 12:01‘It’s theft’: RT’s Keiser Report unearths ugly truth about negative yield bondsfreenet

08/18/2019, 11:45Inches from disaster: American man miraculously missed by lightning strike (VIDEO)freenet

08/18/2019, 11:35German Interior Minister floats evicting Syrian refugees who practice holidaymaking at homefreenet

08/18/2019, 11:30Ambulance driver killed in Myanmar as army battles rebelsfreenet
 An ambulance from a local philanthropy group came under attack on Saturday.

08/18/2019, 10:58Three dead, former Celtic star Izaguirre injured in violent clashes between rival fans in Hondurasfreenet

08/18/2019, 10:54Torrential summer rains soak parts of Florida and the Carolinasfreenet
 Flooding rains and the threat of a tropical storm impact the southeast United States.

08/18/2019, 10:40Three dead after fans of rival Honduran football clubs Motagua and Olimpia clash 
 The violence broke out ahead of the derby between the Motagua and Olimpia clubs in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa.

08/18/2019, 10:22"He played amazing tennis": Djokovic hails Medvedev after Russian blasts into Cincinnati finalfreenet

08/18/2019, 10:14IS fighter ‘Jihadi Jack’ stripped of UK citizenship, sparking diplomatic spat with Canada – reportfreenet

08/18/2019, 10:07American and British naval presence in Gulf brings insecurity - Iranian commanderfreenet

08/18/2019, 10:05No-deal Brexit could lead to 'drug and food shortages, protests'freenet
 Leaked documents show the potentially devastating effects a no-deal Brexit could have on Britain.

08/18/2019, 10:01Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak in court for money launderingfreenet
 At Razak's home, police seized cash, jewellery, handbags and watches worth up to $270m.

08/18/2019, 09:50Hong Kong protests: Generation gap on the streetsfreenet
 Pro-China crowds are mostly middle-aged or older, the pro-democracy group is mostly made up of the younger generation.

08/18/2019, 09:30'New Sudan': Thousands celebrate as protesters, army sign dealfreenet
 Cheering crowds fill Khartoum streets after generals and protest leaders ink final deal for transitional government.

08/18/2019, 09:18Tens of thousands march in latest Hong Kong protestfreenet
 The protesters' demands include universal suffrage and amnesty for all those arrested in connection with the protests.

08/18/2019, 08:21Bangladesh fire: Thousands of homes destroyed in Dhaka slumfreenet
 The fire broke out in a crowded shanty town and destroyed about 2,000 mostly tin homes.

08/18/2019, 08:20Spirit of the Rose: Pink diamond cut in Moscow set to become Russia’s most expensive gemfreenet

08/18/2019, 08:18Hong Kong protests: Tens of thousands gather for major rally 
 Pro-democracy campaigners hold a new march in the face of warnings from the government in Beijing.

08/18/2019, 08:1529 injured after bus carrying Chinese tourists crashes into lamppost in Moscowfreenet

08/18/2019, 08:11Honduras football rioting: Three killed ahead of Tegucigalpa derby 
 Three people are killed and several hurt in fighting between fans, after a team bus is attacked.

08/18/2019, 08:07UFC 241: Conor McGregor can wait, the world needs Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidalfreenet

08/18/2019, 08:07UFC 241: Conor McGregor can wait, the world needs Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidalfreenet

08/18/2019, 08:05Shooting Jerusalem: A glimpse into life in a segregated cityfreenet
 Filmmaker reflects on the making of his documentary and his bid to find out what it means to live in and identify with the city of Jerusalem.

08/18/2019, 07:29‘My son was in no rush’: Woman miraculously gives birth to twins with 2.5 months in betweenfreenet

08/18/2019, 07:16Israeli fire kills three Palestinians in besieged Gaza Stripfreenet
 Officials say three Palestinians killed, one injured, after overnight Israeli attacks in northern Gaza.

08/18/2019, 07:14Argentina's economy minister resigns as peso sheds value 
 Nicolas Dujovne quits as the currency plummets following the president's astounding poll defeat.

08/18/2019, 07:11WATCH demolition of last cooling towers at England’s ‘eyesore’ power stationfreenet

08/18/2019, 06:54Hard Brexit will hit UK with food, fuel &medicine shortages, leaked govt doc warnsfreenet

08/18/2019, 06:31Afghanistan: Scores killed in Kabul wedding blastfreenet
 President Ashraf Ghani condemns "inhumane attack" after suicide bombing kills at least 63 and wounds 182 others.

08/18/2019, 06:19UFC 241: Nate Diaz calls out Jorge Masvidal after thrilling winfreenet

08/18/2019, 06:08After losing father, activist leads fight against farmer suicidefreenet
 Kiranjit's farmer father died facing crippling debt. Now she's an activist working to reduce the suicide rate in Punjab.

08/18/2019, 06:04All you need to know about the clash between Kenyatta and Rutofreenet
 There is a growing divide between President Kenyatta and Deputy Ruto, highlighted by a recent corruption scandal.

08/18/2019, 05:41ICYMI: Tractor football and snowy kangaroos 
 The stories you may have missed this week.

08/18/2019, 05:30UFC 241: Stipe Miocic stops Daniel Cormier to reclaim UFC heavyweight title (VIDEO)freenet

08/18/2019, 04:50Shallow 5.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwanfreenet

08/18/2019, 02:5913 arrested, 6 injured after Portland protests descend into violencefreenet

08/18/2019, 00:25Paris waiter 'shot dead over slow sandwich service' 
 A customer opened fire reportedly because his sandwich wasn't prepared quickly enough.

08/17/2019, 23:56Can big investors save the world? 
 Will the big polluters clean up their acts if the people who actually own them say they must?

08/17/2019, 23:53MTV VMAs: How Missy Elliott's broke the music video mould 
 The rapper is set to win the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs next month.

08/17/2019, 23:51The New Yorker reviving Jewish life on a holiday island 
 Dani Rotstein arrived in Majorca knowing nothing of its hidden Jewish past. Now he's helping reinvigorate its Jewish community.

08/17/2019, 23:43Epstein’s lawyers unsatisfied with suicide ruling, promise own independent probefreenet

08/17/2019, 23:24Iceland's Okjokull glacier commemorated with plaque 
 A plaque placed on Sunday commemorates Okjokull glacier, which was officially declared dead in 2014.

08/17/2019, 23:19Far-right group Pround Boys rallies in Portland, Oregon 
 Far-right protest group held march in one of the United States' most liberal cities.

08/17/2019, 23:12‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Zizek on Google leakfreenet

08/17/2019, 23:09Mindfulness on Ireland's pilgrim paths 
 Writer Bébhinn Ramsay finds solace on Ireland's pilgrim paths after the death of her husband.

08/17/2019, 23:07VIDEOS show Antifa attacking bus, cornering right-wing protesters as Portland rally turns violentfreenet

08/17/2019, 21:46China &N. Korea ‘to boost military ties &provide security in Asia-Pacific’ amid tensions with USfreenet

08/17/2019, 21:04Blast at wedding in Afghan capital wounds at least 20: hospitalfreenet
 A bomb rips through a wedding reception in Kabul, where members of the minority Shia Muslim community were celebrating.

08/17/2019, 20:19Afghanistan: Bomb rips through wedding in Kabul 
 Many casualties are feared in the blast in the west of the Afghan capital.

08/17/2019, 19:50Will Sudan return to civilian rule?freenet
 A power-sharing deal between protesters and the army is signed and a council will temporarily run the country.

08/17/2019, 19:46Kashmir's key political leaders arrested by India since August 5freenet
 Hundreds arrested since clampdown began, including three former chief ministers of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir state.

08/17/2019, 19:42'Many tears' as Italy lets stranded minors disembark rescue shipfreenet
 Far-right minister buckles to pressure and allows 27 unaccompanied children to leave refugee rescue vessel.

08/17/2019, 19:34Dozens killed as blast rocks Afghan wedding hall in Kabul – reportsfreenet

08/17/2019, 19:29US city of Portland braces for far-right rally, counter protestsfreenet
 President Donald Trump says far-right rally being closely monitored amid fears of clashes with counter-demonstrators.

08/17/2019, 19:02Italy's Salvini lets 27 teenagers off Open Arms migrant ship 
 The interior minister backs down reluctantly over the migrant minors amid a row within his cabinet.

08/17/2019, 18:53'Bogus': Real Madrid fans in shock as Luka Modric issued first-ever straight red card (VIDEO)freenet

08/17/2019, 17:52Man found dead in underpass after Istanbul floods 
 A homeless man was found in the Unkapani district, apparently drowned, after heavy rain caused extensive damage

08/17/2019, 17:52Nate Diaz holds the key to unlock the UFC welterweight divisionfreenet

08/17/2019, 17:37Flat-Earther’s steamy homemade rocket is set to launch him from California desertfreenet

08/17/2019, 17:36Portland braces for far-right rally and antifa counter-demo 
 There are fears of further clashes in Portland, Oregon, following recent violence there.

08/17/2019, 17:26Antifa may be branded ‘organization of terror,’ Trump warns, ahead of Portland right-left showdownfreenet

08/17/2019, 17:01Mexico teen rape cases: Women protest against police violence 
 Women in Mexico City demand action after sexual assault allegations involving police officers.

08/17/2019, 16:41Idlib airstrikes target IDP campfreenet
 At least 18 people have been killed in a suspected Russian air strike on a camp for internally-displaced Syrians.

08/17/2019, 15:37'It wasn't safe': Naomi Osaka's US Open defense in doubt after knee injury picked up in Cincinnatifreenet

08/17/2019, 15:29Tulsi Gabbard lists political correctness among threats to American valuesfreenet

08/17/2019, 15:18‘How is that non-news?’ Lee Camp REVEALS why MSM choose to ignore Honduras &Brazil unrestfreenet

08/17/2019, 15:12Drone attack by Yemen rebels sparks fire in Saudi oil fieldfreenet
 Energy giant Saudi Aramco says there were no interruptions or injuries in the drone attack, which caused 'limited fire'.

08/17/2019, 14:39Bangladesh fire: 15,000 homes destroyed in Dhaka slum 
 About 15,000 homes are destroyed in a shanty town in Dhaka - but no deaths have been reported.

08/17/2019, 14:35UK seaside town tries to quench hot passions with water-spraying anti-sex toiletsfreenet

08/17/2019, 14:11Steele dossier ‘pumped myths’ into the US justice system – former Trump adviser Carter Pagefreenet

08/17/2019, 14:07How Hong Kong's police are tackling protests 
 Senior officials address accusations of heavy-handedness and the rumours of Chinese intervention.

08/17/2019, 13:28Sudan protest leaders, military sign transitional government dealfreenet
 Military council and protest leaders sign 'constitutional declaration' paving the way for transition to civilian rule.

08/17/2019, 13:10Nasa picks headquarters for Moon lander 
 A Nasa facility in Alabama will play a key role in sending astronauts to the Moon's surface in 2024.

08/17/2019, 13:04Kashmir's communications partially restored, says India 
 Phone services are slowly being reinstated, but internet and mobile phone services remain suspended.

08/17/2019, 12:51Thousands of communists rally for fair elections in Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)freenet

08/17/2019, 12:39Separatists withdraw from key posts in Yemen's Adenfreenet
 Southern forces quit public offices in port city, but refuse to leave military camps after seizing them from government.

08/17/2019, 12:39Lionel Messi set to win UEFA Men's Player of the Year as results leak onlinefreenet

08/17/2019, 12:32‘Accusations must be proven’: Spain’s Royal Theater backs Placido Domingo amid ‘Me Too’ allegationsfreenet

08/17/2019, 12:18UFC 242: Khabib v Poirier to be broadcast free-to-air on Russian state 'First Channel'freenet

08/17/2019, 12:13Nine injured as fireworks display goes terribly WRONG in France (VIDEOS)freenet

08/17/2019, 11:59Mexico Cuisine: Edible insects growing in popularityfreenet
 For most people in Mexico, eating bugs has become normal and vendors seem to always have new recipes to offer.

08/17/2019, 11:47'Protect the students': Hong Kong teachers join protestsfreenet
 Ahead of a new school year, teachers raise concerns about their students' safety amid ongoing mass protests.

08/17/2019, 11:21Famous dugong dies after eating plastic 
 Pieces of plastic were found inside the stomach of the sea mammal which was stranded on a Thai beach.

08/17/2019, 11:00Nuke hashtags? Elon Musk takes aim at social media ‘abomination’freenet

08/17/2019, 10:51Summer heat bakes Alaska freenet
 The record heat continues to bring problems for some regions in the world.

08/17/2019, 10:32Kashmir is ‘definitely a nuclear flashpoint,’ Pakistan Armed Forces spokesman warnsfreenet

08/17/2019, 10:26China prepares its 'nuclear option' in trade warfreenet

08/17/2019, 10:24Syria: At least 13 killed in Idlib air attackfreenet
 France calls for an end to the fighting in Syria's last rebel-held area as thousands continue to flee their homes.

08/17/2019, 10:11Allyson Felix: Nike changes policy for pregnant athletes 
 Six-time Olympic gold medallist Allyson Felix says female athletes will "no longer be financially penalised for having a child" after Nike changed its sponsorship contracts.

08/17/2019, 09:54400 holidaymakers evacuated as tourist ferry STRIKES ROCKS en route from Ibizafreenet

08/17/2019, 09:53The colonial roots of Africa's corruption problemfreenet
 There is no such thing as a "resource curse" and Africans are no more corrupt than others.

08/17/2019, 09:43President Hernandez must end repression of protests in Hondurasfreenet
 With the demonstrations growing louder by the day, he must also put an immediate end to state repression.

08/17/2019, 09:37Easing of Kashmir crackdown begins, Indian authorities sayfreenet
 Indian authorities say they plan to restore landline service in the region gradually pending the security situation.

08/17/2019, 09:14Phone lines and internet partially restored in Kashmir as India eases two-week lockdownfreenet

08/17/2019, 09:05El Paso shooting: Man shocked as hundreds attend wife's funeral 
 Antonio Basco asked members of the community to attend after his wife was killed in El Paso, Texas.

08/17/2019, 09:03Doomed comet’s fiery death caught on VIDEO as it plunges into the Sunfreenet

08/17/2019, 08:46Sudan conflict: Senior commander Hemeti vows to stick with deal 
 Senior commander Hemeti tells the BBC the military will abide by the deal to be signed on Saturday.

08/17/2019, 08:31US slashes Pakistan’s aid by $440mn amid Kashmir tensionsfreenet

08/17/2019, 08:23WATCH China’s new commercial-use rocket delivers 3 satellites into orbitfreenet

08/17/2019, 07:58Russian satellites may soon become INVISIBLE from Earthfreenet

08/17/2019, 07:50Beloved Thai baby dugong dies with plastic in stomachfreenet
 The orphaned dugong became a social media star after she was rescued and hand reared by biologists.

08/17/2019, 07:37US issues warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker Grace 1freenet
 Justice Department seeks seizure of Iranian vessel citing US sanctions violations after Gibraltar orders it release.

08/17/2019, 07:27Muslim armed group says it met Thai governmentfreenet
 Thai government's top negotiator declines to comment on whether a meeting with BRN officials took place.

08/17/2019, 07:05‘Just fake news’: Huawei VP rejects WSJ report of employees spying on African politiciansfreenet

08/17/2019, 06:35Japan may offer its Fukushima robots to US for denuclearization of North Korea – reportfreenet

08/17/2019, 03:55Snopes roasted after posting 'study' claiming 28% of Republicans think Babylon Bee articles are realfreenet

08/17/2019, 03:37Grace 1: US issues warrant to seize Iranian oil supertanker 
 A judge in Gibraltar had ordered the release of the detained tanker a day before the warrant was issued.

08/17/2019, 02:08Good thing your grandma won’t see you! Trump trolls Tlaib over refusal to visit Israelfreenet

08/17/2019, 01:53US policy destroyed Honduras, &Honduras’ destruction created an opening for Trump - Max Blumenthalfreenet

08/17/2019, 01:28The Fortnite coach who helped create teenage millionaires 
 Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.

08/17/2019, 00:49Candida auris: The new superbug on the block 
 The fungus was only discovered 10 years ago, but is now a problem in hospitals across the world.

08/17/2019, 00:45Elephant protection debate to dominate conservation meeting 
 Some countries are seeking extra protection while others want to re-open ivory markets at key trade meeting in Geneva.

08/17/2019, 00:19Failed state made in the USA: Ex-president of Honduras and coup victim Zelaya tells allfreenet

08/17/2019, 00:12Pentagon to name new facility after Curtis ‘Bombs Away’ LeMayfreenet

08/17/2019, 00:11Peter Fonda, star of Easy Rider, dies aged 79 
 The 1969 cult classic, which Fonda also co-wrote and produced, earned him an Oscar nomination.

08/17/2019, 00:10Will H Ogilvie: How a Borders boy became a leading bush poet 
 Will H Ogilvie was lauded in Australia but overlooked by many of his fellow Scots during his lifetime.

08/16/2019, 23:59Why Nigeria has restricted food imports 
 The government hopes to boost agriculture but will it lead to higher prices?

08/16/2019, 23:25Why I 'married' an anime character 
 Akihiko Kondo is one of a growing number of Japanese people turning their back on real-world romance.

08/16/2019, 23:00How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence 
 Police and protesters are locked into a spiral of provocation - is there any way out?

08/16/2019, 22:58Nigerian government ordered to pay $9bn to private gas firm 
 Gas company P&ID has been locked in a legal dispute with the Nigerian government for almost a decade.

08/16/2019, 22:53'Easy Rider' actor Peter Fonda dies at 79freenet

08/16/2019, 22:36EU may talk tough, but it needs Brexit deal as much as UK – Galloway on German leaksfreenet

08/16/2019, 22:16Why US lags behind on graphic cigarette warnings 
 Shocking images on packages would be the first change since 1984 - other countries have gone much further.

08/16/2019, 22:16Trump and Greenland: Other times the US bought territory 
 Donald Trump isn't the first US leader to seek expansion using taxpayer dollars. But did those deals work out?

08/16/2019, 22:15US unseals warrant to seize Iranian Grace 1 tanker released in Gibraltarfreenet

08/16/2019, 21:56Kim overseas launch of ‘new weapon’ - state mediafreenet

08/16/2019, 21:46'Computer outage' causes delays at several US airports 
 US customs officials have said they are working to resolve an 'outage' with their processing system.

08/16/2019, 21:21Reported! Instagram to roll out special button letting users flag ‘fake posts’freenet

08/16/2019, 21:02Jeffrey Epstein death ruled 'suicide by hanging' 
 The financier awaiting trial for sex trafficking killed himself in jail, says post-mortem in New York.

08/16/2019, 20:52Jeffrey Epstein death ruled suicide by handing: Medical examinerfreenet
 The 66-year-old financier was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York on August 10.

08/16/2019, 20:51US customs and border protection systems down, airports nationwide affectedfreenet

08/16/2019, 20:32Twitter censors come for Scaramucci over ‘fat shaming’ Trumpfreenet

08/16/2019, 20:32Twenty years after deadly quake, is Turkey better prepared?freenet
 Experts say there is a 50 percent chance Istanbul will be hit by a major earthquake in the next two decades.

08/16/2019, 20:21Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide - medical examinerfreenet

08/16/2019, 20:19Why does this American MMA fighter wear Khabib’s famous papakha hat?freenet

08/16/2019, 20:05Sudan authorities allow reopening of Al Jazeera's Khartoum officefreenet
 Qatar-based network welcomes move, says it hopes Sudan will support media freedom and protection of journalists.

08/16/2019, 19:38Can Zimbabwe's president fix ailing economy?freenet
 Emmerson Mnangagwa stands accused of failing to make good on his promises after taking power.

08/16/2019, 19:13Between F-16 sale to Taiwan, Hong Kong and tariffs, China has no reason to trust USfreenet

08/16/2019, 19:12Trump apologises for 'fat-shaming' supporter 
 At a rally, the president misdirected his ire at a man he thought supported a group of protesters.

08/16/2019, 19:07UK Home Office slammed over chicken shop knife crime 'stunt'freenet
 Officials defend taking an anti-knife crime campaign to fried chicken restaurants, popular hangouts for young people.

08/16/2019, 19:01Chinese, Ukrainian seamen kidnapped in Cameroonian watersfreenet
 The 17 sailors were seized from two ships that were attacked within hours while they were anchored off Douala port.

08/16/2019, 19:00Liu Yifei: Mulan boycott urged after star backs HK police 
 Actress Liu Yifei reposted a comment supporting Hong Kong's police on social media platform Weibo.

08/16/2019, 18:42Pakistan and India trade barbs after rare UN Kashmir talksfreenet
 Pakistan accuses New Delhi of human rights abuses after Security Council meeting, India says Kashmir 'internal matter'.

08/16/2019, 18:41Boycott Chan? Jackie angers woke fans over Hong Kong comments supporting ‘peace’ &‘patriotism’freenet

08/16/2019, 18:06Man in bulletproof vest and knife prompts road closure near Israel embassy in Washingtonfreenet

08/16/2019, 18:00Gabon's Ali Bongo makes first live public appearance after strokefreenet
 The 60-year-old attends commemorations in Libreville on eve of Gabon's anniversary of independence from France.

08/16/2019, 17:48Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese: The forgotten faces in Canadian 'fugitives' story 
 The families of Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese, and Leonard Dyck left with questions as manhunt ends.

08/16/2019, 17:03Gulp! Scientists ‘detect black hole swallowing neutron star for first time’freenet

08/16/2019, 16:59Turkish-US safe zone center in NE Syria to begin work next week – Ankarafreenet

08/16/2019, 16:58'Fake' Amazon ambassadors baited on Twitter 
 Amazon says its warehouse ambassadors are authentic, but critics accuse them of being "paid to lie".

08/16/2019, 16:55‘Land of Warriors’: Welcome to Dagestan (Episode 1)freenet

08/16/2019, 16:36US female paraglider hopes to inspire other womenfreenet
 Unlike many sports, men and women compete against each other.

08/16/2019, 16:33All eyes on Hong Kong protesters as China ramps up rhetoricfreenet
 The Chinese territory gears up for 11th weekend of anti-government protests as Beijing amasses forces at border.

08/16/2019, 16:17Raccoon gets stuck in vending Florida machine 
 Things didn't quite go to plan when the hungry animal tried to pilfer a snack.

08/16/2019, 16:15Girl won't be allowed to sing with prestigious German boys' choir as legal bid failsfreenet

08/16/2019, 16:14California city declares itself gun ‘sanctuary'freenet
 Needles is a conservative, gun-toting, Trump-supporting city in California, US.

08/16/2019, 16:03Rashida Tlaib’s West Bank trip was ‘provocation to embarrass Israel’ – Israeli interior ministerfreenet

08/16/2019, 15:45Eccentric embroidery propels 81yo dementia sufferer to Instagram stardom (PHOTOS)freenet

08/16/2019, 15:45Brother of Afghan Taliban leader killed in Pakistan mosque blastfreenet
 Two Taliban sources confirm Haibatullah Akhundzada's sibling was killed in bomb explosion during Friday prayers.

08/16/2019, 15:40Washington advances sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan – US senatorfreenet

08/16/2019, 15:21More than two thirds of Americans don’t believe Epstein died by suicidefreenet

08/16/2019, 15:13Twitter to discuss racism with UK sports NGO after Abraham abusefreenet
 Kick It Out says it rang the alarm bell after Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham was subjected to racist abuse online.

08/16/2019, 15:03Russian billionaire Prokhorov to sell Brooklyn Nets to owner of Alibabafreenet

08/16/2019, 14:58Hong Kong banks say threat of massive cash withdrawals by protesters won’t cause problemsfreenet

08/16/2019, 14:56New Ebola front as first cases confirmed in DRC's South Kivufreenet
 Year-long DRC outbreak spreads to third province, with a mother dying from disease and her child receiving treatment.

08/16/2019, 14:55Pakistan PM Khan discusses Kashmir situation with Trump ahead of UNSC meeting – FMfreenet

08/16/2019, 14:51Rashida Tlaib rejects Israel's offer of 'humanitarian' visit 
 Rashida Tlaib said permission to see family in the West Bank was subject to "oppressive conditions".

08/16/2019, 14:40Citing ‘oppressive conditions,’ Rep. Tlaib signals she won’t visit Israel after entry ban reversalfreenet

08/16/2019, 14:23Khan claims Pakistan ‘doesn’t fear death,’ as Modi maintians stony silencefreenet

08/16/2019, 14:22Intergender MMA matches would end sport’s tiresome gender debate once and for allfreenet

08/16/2019, 14:22Tlaib won't visit West Bank under 'oppressive' Israeli conditionsfreenet
 US congresswoman says she will not be silenced and treated 'like a criminal' after receiving permission from Israel.

08/16/2019, 14:20‘I could see my house!’ Injured British Superbike racer shares footage of spectacular crash (VIDEO)freenet

08/16/2019, 14:12UK military strength down for 9th straight year, is MoD’s ‘millennials’ recruitment drive failing?freenet

08/16/2019, 14:10Poland may join US-led mission in Strait of Hormuz – ministryfreenet

08/16/2019, 13:59Six EU nations to take in migrants: Italy's PMfreenet
 The Italian prime minister has also accused Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of being obsessed with blocking immigration.

08/16/2019, 13:52Heroes of Russia: Putin awards pilots with country’s highest honor for saving 233 livesfreenet

08/16/2019, 13:51Krosa: Japan not out of the woods as latest cyclone hitsfreenet
 Torrential rain and strong winds injure dozens of people, with hundreds of flights cancelled and traffic paralysed.

08/16/2019, 13:40Nigerian Shia leader, wife reject treatment in India, return homefreenet
 Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife received by security operatives in Abuja and taken back into custody.

08/16/2019, 13:35German Finance Minister Scholz enters race for SPD leadershipfreenet

08/16/2019, 13:33Huawei to unveil its own mapping service to challenge Google Mapsfreenet

08/16/2019, 13:24Zimbabwe police violently break up protests after court banfreenet
 Protesters met with tear gas and beatings as riot police put down a demonstration in Harare against the poor economy.

08/16/2019, 13:23Modern medicine declares war on loneliness with drugs &bots, threatening introverts with extinctionfreenet

08/16/2019, 13:16Russia bird strike: How cool heads glided jet down to safety 
 Russian crew are hailed as heroes for saving everyone aboard an Airbus jet hit by a flock of gulls.

08/16/2019, 13:09Kashmir restrictions to be eased in 'gradual manner'freenet
 Region's chief minister says communication blackout, in its 12th day, will be eased out soon.

08/16/2019, 13:07Survivor describes deadly journey in dinghy 
 Mohammed Adam Oga says the 14 others with him all died as they waited to be rescued.

08/16/2019, 13:04Central American migrants risk lives in desert to reach USfreenet
 More migrants are attempting to enter the US from remote areas to avoid border patrols.

08/16/2019, 12:56Merkel, Johnson to meet over Brexit – spokesmanfreenet

08/16/2019, 12:54India vowed not to use nukes first, but that may change one day – defense ministerfreenet

08/16/2019, 12:48Zimbabweans to protest over economic crisisfreenet
 Police in Zimbabwe are expecting violence at a protest on Friday against rising prices and poverty levels.

08/16/2019, 12:42Tango World Cup 2019 in Buenos Airesfreenet
 Every August, tango comes home to Buenos Aires, the city where it was born and where many say its soul still resides.

08/16/2019, 12:302 suspicious packages’ near NYC subway trigger police op &evacuationfreenet

08/16/2019, 12:14Pakistan: Deadly bomb blast targets Friday prayers in Quettafreenet
 At least 20 people wounded after bomb goes off during Friday prayers.

08/16/2019, 12:12WATCH Latest military video of Russia’s new heavy combat drone on its maiden flightfreenet

08/16/2019, 12:11Andrey Rublev &Swiss tennis icon: Who clobbered Roger Federer in Cincinnati?freenet

08/16/2019, 12:03Conor McGregor set to be charged for pub sucker-punch - REPORTSfreenet

08/16/2019, 11:52Huawei allegations: Uganda denies spying on Bobi Wine 
 Chinese telecoms firm Huawei and the Ugandan government deny hacking into Bobi Wine's WhatsApp chat group.

08/16/2019, 11:44Google Play app store accused of anti-gay bias 
 Social app Hornet says Google moderators in Malaysia targeted its app several times.

08/16/2019, 11:44Over a barrel: Trump’s oil sanctions make Russian crude exporters $1 billion richerfreenet

08/16/2019, 11:37Bangladesh making 2nd attempt to return Rohingya to Myanmar – UNfreenet

08/16/2019, 11:36Hong Kong protest: What is mainland China hearing? 
 State media censor Hong Kong reports and blame protests on a violent minority and foreign interference.

08/16/2019, 11:30Trump Greenland: US president 'mulls buying island from Denmark' 
 US media report that the president is interested in a purchase, though he may have been joking.

08/16/2019, 11:21‘Barbie doll’: Liberal Democrat accused of sexism after mocking Labour rival in YouTube rantfreenet

08/16/2019, 11:07'Spiderman' scales Hong Kong skyscraper in 'appeal for peace'freenet
 Notorious free solo climber Alain Robert ascends 68-floor skyscraper amid simmering months-long political crisis.

08/16/2019, 11:06Onyx-pected: Cop catches driver playing Pokemon Go on 8 phones at the same timefreenet

08/16/2019, 10:56Justin Trudeau's government goes ka-boomfreenet
 A scathing report on Trudeau's handling of a corruption inquiry shredded his credibility and chances for re-election.

08/16/2019, 10:53'We’re not for sale': Greenland’s FM fires back at reports Trump toyed with idea of buying Greenlandfreenet

08/16/2019, 10:35Australia couple injured in 'freak' goanna attack on their dog 
 The couple in Australia were seriously hurt when they tried to protect their dog from a huge goanna.

08/16/2019, 10:34Israel says it will grant Tlaib visa for 'humanitarian' visitfreenet
 Israel had earlier announced it would bar US congresswomen Omar and Tlaib from occupied West Bank.

08/16/2019, 10:31What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kongfreenet

08/16/2019, 10:30After ban on screening Indian films, Pakistan goes after its adverts &Bollywood merchandisefreenet

08/16/2019, 10:25Israel reverses travel ban on US lawmaker Tlaib, allowing her to visit Palestinian grandmotherfreenet

08/16/2019, 10:02Indonesia president proposes moving capital from Jakarta to Borneofreenet

08/16/2019, 10:01Beautycon, SneakerCon, VidCon: The new-age conventions 
 From make-up to sneakers, niche meet-ups are attracting thousands of people a year.

08/16/2019, 09:57Iran has ‘no commitments’ to stop released tanker from reaching Syria, it ‘wasn’t its destination’freenet

08/16/2019, 09:51'Watered down': Pacific leaders chide Australia on climate changefreenet
 Pacific leaders criticise Australia over lack of action on 'existential threat' posed by global warming, rising seas.

08/16/2019, 09:50Cathay Pacific boss quits after protest row 
 Rupert Hogg steps down after "challenging weeks for the airline" over the Hong Kong demonstrations.

08/16/2019, 09:36‘Send him location!’ Khabib says McGregor should go to jail for punching man in Dublin pubfreenet

08/16/2019, 09:34‘Nuke Mars’: Elon Musk sets Twitter on fire with interplanetary declaration of warfreenet

08/16/2019, 09:24Kenya Airports Authority auctions abandoned aeroplanes 
 The Kenya Airports Authority has overseen auctioned planes abandoned at Nairobi's Wilson Airport.

08/16/2019, 09:21How a red dot symbolised Kashmiri resistance against India's movefreenet
 While the region remains locked down, Kashmiri diaspora uses social media to organise protests and mobilise opinion.

08/16/2019, 09:07R Kelly misses court hearing in Chicago after 'refusing transport' 
 The R&B singer's lawyer says moving him is a "large undertaking" after he misses a hearing.

08/16/2019, 08:52Japan keeps gobbling up US debt as Russia keeps on dumpingfreenet

08/16/2019, 08:32Lebanon open to talks on Israel border ‘under US mediation’ – PM Haririfreenet

08/16/2019, 08:25Trump's campaign rally: Omar, Tlaib, gun control and trade warfreenet
 The US president also addressed the New Hampshire crowd on gun control, and defended his trade war with China.

08/16/2019, 08:09Bolsonaro angry as Norway stops funding of Amazon protectionfreenet
 Over the last decade, Norway has donated more than $1.2bn to the Amazon Fund, which protects the Brazilian rainforest.

08/16/2019, 07:45US slaps crew of Iranian supertanker with visa ban after it set sail from Gibraltarfreenet

08/16/2019, 07:43Hong Kong in US’ crosshairs? No matter where there’s revolution, we’re there, Ron Paul saysfreenet

08/16/2019, 07:41India to ease clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir in next few days, govt tells Supreme Courtfreenet

08/16/2019, 07:37Laser beams, Twitter war: The tech side of Hong Kong protestsfreenet
 Technology has become a crucial element in the Hong Kong protests, from facial recognition system to online trolling.

08/16/2019, 06:53In pictures: Australian Geographic's photo prize winners 
 A drone shot of sharks circling a beached whale takes out top prize in the nature photo competition.

08/16/2019, 06:44Malaysia to question Zakir Naik as government weighs deportationfreenet
 President of Malaysian Islamic Party denounces calls to expel preacher as police eyes legal action against Zakir Naik.

08/16/2019, 06:37Huawei gets caught up in China territory controversy 
 Huawei, at the epicentre of the US-China trade war, is under fire over its representation of Taiwan.

08/16/2019, 06:18N. Korea rejects further peace talks with Seoul in protest over joint war drills with USfreenet

08/16/2019, 05:28Zimbabwe protests: Opposition vows to defy police ban on rally 
 Police say anti-government demonstrations in Harare are banned, prompting fears of a crackdown.

08/16/2019, 04:42Indonesia's Jokowi formally proposes relocating capital to Borneofreenet
 President makes proposal in state of the union speech to parliament ahead of country's 74th independence anniversary.

08/16/2019, 04:16New ORGAN found just beneath the skin may be responsible for certain types of painfreenet

08/16/2019, 03:59French 'Spiderman' scales Hong Kong skyscraper with banner urging peace 
 The French daredevil unravelled a banner showing China and Hong Kong shaking hands, as protests continue.

08/16/2019, 03:46US warns of ‘serious consequences’ after Iranian tanker released by Gibraltarfreenet

08/16/2019, 03:29Pacific forum turns into row with Australia over climate goals 
 Small Pacific nations tell the region's biggest emitter it should be more focused on "saving" people.

08/16/2019, 03:04Krosa: One dead, 49 injured as tropical storm hits Japan 
 An 82-year-old man in Hiroshima died after falling into the sea while trying to tie his boat.

08/16/2019, 02:41Real estate, White House-style: Report says Trump toying with idea of BUYING Greenlandfreenet

08/16/2019, 02:23Trump mocks protester’s ‘serious weight problem’ before kicking him out of New Hampshire rallyfreenet

08/16/2019, 02:09Trump warns of risk of violent Chinese crackdown in Hong Kongfreenet
 US president urges China's Xi to visit Hong Kong as Beijing issues stern warning about continuing protests.

08/16/2019, 01:14Epstein madam Maxwell seen engrossed in book on 'life and death of CIA operatives' at LA burger spotfreenet

08/16/2019, 00:59Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt survives plane crash in US 
 A private jet carrying Dale Earnhardt Jr crashed and caught fire at an airport in Tennessee.

08/16/2019, 00:38Democrats accuse Israel of implementing ‘Trump’s Muslim ban’ over Omar-Tlaib blockfreenet

08/16/2019, 00:17North Korea fires two projectiles into sea off eastern coastfreenet
 Test reported by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff on Friday was the sixth round of launches in less than three weeks.

08/16/2019, 00:16Truck driven into protesters at US immigrant detention centre 
 The demonstrators had been blocking the entrance to the immigrant detention centre in Rhode Island.

08/16/2019, 00:14Twin festival in northwest France reaches 25th year 
 The town of Pleucadeuc in northwest France holds an annual festival for twins, now in its 25th year.

08/16/2019, 00:00Myanmar rebels kill over a dozen in attack on army collegefreenet
 North Alliance rebels claim responsibility for deadly attack on elite military college and other government targets.

08/15/2019, 23:59North Korea snubs peace talks with South Korea over war drills 
 North Korea says it has “no more words to talk” with South Korea, as it test-fires more missiles.

08/15/2019, 23:42Pyongyang fires 2 missiles towards Sea of Japan, Seoul saysfreenet

08/15/2019, 23:29Lee Komaki: Former Tokyo red-light district worker hopes to enter politics 
 After a career in Tokyo's red-light district, Lee Komaki wants to enter politics. But he faces challenges.

08/15/2019, 23:15'Bankruptcy waiting to happen’ or ‘market manipulation’? Madoff whistleblower slams GE 'fraud'freenet

08/15/2019, 23:06Monkey problem: St Kitts great attraction becomes great headache 
 One of the Caribbean island's greatest tourist attractions is also one of its biggest headaches.

08/15/2019, 23:04US Navy expert laments ‘Slav’ incompetence of new NATO navies in scary Russia essayfreenet

08/15/2019, 22:54Jimmy Kimmel Live! fined $395,000 over presidential alert skit 
 ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! mocked an emergency presidential alert issued to warn of major threats.

08/15/2019, 22:08Plane carrying NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. bursts into flames after crash in Tennessee (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 21:59The plight of a US dairy farm 
 It's a family business which has been around since 1942 - but now the last remaining cows are being sold off.

08/15/2019, 21:21German finger wresting pulls a crowd in Bavaria 
 The traditional contest sees men trying to pull each other across a table with just one finger.

08/15/2019, 21:06#BoycottMulan: Disney star faces wave of liberal rage online over support for Hong Kong policefreenet

08/15/2019, 20:54UK centrists urged not to dismiss Corbyn's Brexit plan for powerfreenet
 Staring down a 'no-deal' Brexit, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn announced a plan, which was immediately dismissed.

08/15/2019, 20:10Could Yemen as a country fall apart?freenet
 UAE-backed southern separatists seize Aden and rally for independence.

08/15/2019, 20:05'Hollywood Ripper' Michael Gargiulo found guilty of double murders 
 Michael Gargiulo preyed on women before carrying out knife attacks, prosecutors said.

08/15/2019, 19:59Palestinian killed by Israeli police after Jerusalem knife attackfreenet
 Israeli police shoot dead one assailant, seriously wound another, after youths stab policeman.

08/15/2019, 19:51Ethiopians 'abused on Gulf route, forcibly deported from Saudi'freenet
 HRW report says Ethiopian, Yemeni and Saudi officials have taken few, if any, steps to curb violence faced by migrants.

08/15/2019, 19:24Amid outcry, US congresswomen slam Israel's move to deny entryfreenet
 Rashida Tlaib calls move 'sign of weakness', Ilhan Omar says Netanyahu aligns himself 'with Islamophobes' like Trump.

08/15/2019, 19:23Meet the hero pilots who saved 226 lives in ‘miracle’ belly landing of jet in fieldfreenet

08/15/2019, 18:48Russians everywhere! Biden aide cries ‘spy plane’ about normal treaty flight over USfreenet

08/15/2019, 18:35India celebrates independence dayfreenet
 It came as the restrictions and a communications blackout continued in Indian-Administered Kashmir since the region’s autonomy was revoked last week.

08/15/2019, 18:32Trump says jump, Netanyahu asks ‘how high?’ US lawmakers denied entry to Israel after WH pressurefreenet

08/15/2019, 18:23‘Abhorrent’: Chelsea slam racist abuse directed at Tammy Abraham after UEFA Super Cup defeatfreenet

08/15/2019, 18:19Russia’s stealthy next-gen frigate ready for final testing (PHOTOS)freenet

08/15/2019, 18:18Salvini gets slap down from Italian PM as migrants offered refugefreenet
 Matteo Salvini's bid for power may have backfired, along with his anti-migrant policies.

08/15/2019, 18:14Italy's Salvini in row with PM over Open Arms migrant ship 
 PM Giuseppe Conte called Mr Salvini "disloyal" and "obsessed" with keeping migrants out.

08/15/2019, 17:19South Koreans mark anniversary of end of Japan's colonial rulefreenet
 Anti-Japan protests have included renewed calls for an apology and compensation for forced sex workers during World War II.

08/15/2019, 16:54Galloway brands Khan ‘complete failure’ &ridicules Home Office’s #knifefree chicken box schemefreenet

08/15/2019, 16:54After Everest deaths, Nepal panel proposes new rules for climbersfreenet
 Eleven climbers were killed or went missing on the 8,850-metre mountain in May.

08/15/2019, 16:50Saudi-UAE delegation visits Aden to discuss separatist pullout – Yemen govtfreenet

08/15/2019, 16:42Philadelphia mayor responds after six officers were shot by a civilian 
 During an eight-hour standoff with police, a gunman in Philadelphia shot six police officers.

08/15/2019, 16:37Twitter diplomat? Trump wants to arrange meeting between China’s Xi and Hong Kong protestersfreenet

08/15/2019, 16:19Explosive find at the Kremlin: WWII bomb discovered during construction workfreenet

08/15/2019, 16:026 times hero pilots averted disaster and saved the dayfreenet

08/15/2019, 16:02US spy chief Dan Coats leaves post after feud with Trumpfreenet
 Coats clashed with President Trump on Russia, North Korea and ISIL.

08/15/2019, 15:57Sudan opposition alliance may nominate economist Hamdok as PM in transition govtfreenet

08/15/2019, 15:57‘Proud of you!’ Russian football club gives lifetime tickets to heroic Ural Airlines crewfreenet

08/15/2019, 15:51Yemen: Thousands march in Aden in support of separatistsfreenet
 Organisers say many demonstrators came from neighbouring southern provinces to show backing to fighters who seized city.

08/15/2019, 15:44‘We’re all alive thanks to pilot’: Passengers recall dramatic Ural Airlines’ belly-landingfreenet

08/15/2019, 15:34Israel 'to bar Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib' 
 Donald Trump had earlier said Israel should ban Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting.

08/15/2019, 15:28#Romanovs100 AR album wins prestigious international design Red Dot Awardfreenet

08/15/2019, 15:24Israel to bar visit by US Democratic lawmakers Tlaib, Omar – deputy FMfreenet

08/15/2019, 15:18EU water-bombers join Greece firefightfreenet
 Firefighters optimistic they will tame giant blaze on Thursday, as winds die down.

08/15/2019, 15:08Gibraltar Supreme Court says Iranian tanker is free to sail freenet
 The ruling to release the vessel that was commandeered by the UK came despite a last-minute US attempt to detain it.

08/15/2019, 15:05‘Moscow Miracle?’ Quick-thinking Russian pilots hailed for safely landing airliner after birdstrikefreenet

08/15/2019, 15:04Partition: An event to celebrate, mourn, or forgetfreenet
 Pakistan, India and Bangladesh each remember Partition differently and all seem to forget the role of colonialism.

08/15/2019, 15:00Kashmir's struggle did not start in 1947 and will not end todayfreenet
 India's decision to revoke Article 370 is just another chapter in Kashmir's long history of imperial oppression.

08/15/2019, 14:53Philadelphia shooting: Mayor calls for gun control 
 "Our officers need help... they don't deserve to be shot at," Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says.

08/15/2019, 14:53Iranian tanker Grace 1 released in Gibraltar despite US attempts to hold it furtherfreenet

08/15/2019, 14:44Trump says a trade agreement with China will be on US termsfreenet

08/15/2019, 14:42Seized Iran tanker to be released in Gibraltar 
 The ship carrying Iranian oil was stopped by Royal Marines in July, triggering a standoff with Iran

08/15/2019, 14:36Trump warns Israel against visit by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaibfreenet
 Weeks after racist attacks against Muslim politicians, Trump says allowing them into Israel would show 'great weakness'.

08/15/2019, 14:2574 people, incl. 19 children, injured in Russian plane’s emergency landingfreenet

08/15/2019, 14:25China submits formal request for ‘closed consultations’ on Kashmir at UNSC, diplomats sayfreenet

08/15/2019, 14:17India rejects Pakistan army’s claim of 5 Indian soldiers dead in border clashes in Kashmirfreenet

08/15/2019, 14:04Fighting Slavery From Spacefreenet
 101 East shows how space technology is helping uncover modern slavery and free bonded workers.

08/15/2019, 13:51Russia bird strike: Collision with gulls forces plane to land in field 
 Dozens of people were injured when the Airbus 321 was forced to land in a field near Moscow.

08/15/2019, 13:45Crazy Conor: 4 big moments when UFC superstar McGregor lost the plotfreenet

08/15/2019, 13:34‘Reminds me of Survivor’: Elizaveta Tuktamysaheva on insane level of competition inside Russian teamfreenet

08/15/2019, 13:31Gunfire exchange along Kashmir Line of Control kills 5 Indian, 3 Pakistani troops – Islamabadfreenet

08/15/2019, 13:22‘Are they for real?’: Anti-Brexit Lib Dems will say NO to Corbyn’s ‘Me as temporary PM’ planfreenet

08/15/2019, 13:15German officials expect Britain to leave EU without deal – reportfreenet

08/15/2019, 13:10Kashmir: Fire across LoC 'kills 3 Pakistani, 5 Indian troops'freenet
 Pakistani army statement comes amid tense period after India revoked Indian-administered Kashmir's special status.

08/15/2019, 13:02YouTube: LGBT video-makers sue claiming discrimination 
 YouTube denies it discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

08/15/2019, 12:496 EU states agree to take in migrants on ‘Open Arms’ ship – Italyfreenet

08/15/2019, 12:47Man stabbed outside Home Office in London, armed police called infreenet

08/15/2019, 12:33US must accumulate more &more debt in order to keep economy from collapsing – RT’s Keiser Reportfreenet

08/15/2019, 12:33Colonial time bomb: How specter of British Empire still haunts Kashmirfreenet

08/15/2019, 12:28Greek island of Evia torched by wildfirefreenet
 Local villages evacuated as wildfire on Greece's second-largest island cause inestimable damage to wildlife sanctuary.

08/15/2019, 12:23China vows immediate retaliation if US proceeds with new tariffsfreenet

08/15/2019, 12:03US tries to stop Gibraltar’s planned release of seized Iranian supertankerfreenet

08/15/2019, 11:55US bids to detain Iranian tanker in Gibraltar 
 Grace 1 was seized by Royal Marines on 4 July and has remained off the coast of Gibraltar since.

08/15/2019, 11:44Trump is laying the ground for a nuclear arms race in the Gulffreenet
 Trump's mismanagement of the nuclear issue in the Middle East is damaging the international nonproliferation regime.

08/15/2019, 11:42Malawi: 3 sentenced to death over killing of person with albinismfreenet
 Second death sentence handed down in recent months related to violence against people with albinism.

08/15/2019, 11:27‘Lennox is a clown’: Anthony Joshua launches stinging attack on former championfreenet

08/15/2019, 11:25Truck rams into Jewish protesters at US immigration detention center (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 11:17‘You’re a f**king tool!’ Nick Kyrgios smashes rackets, explodes at umpire and spits (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 11:00CLOSE-UP: Moscow plane largely intact after hero pilots’ emergency landing (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 10:57Thousands rally in Aden to support Yemen separatist takeover – reportfreenet

08/15/2019, 10:53Venice court fines top architect Calatrava in bridge dispute 
 Renowned architect Santiago Calatrava must pay €78,000 (£72,000) for alleged Venice bridge errors.

08/15/2019, 10:46Pehlu Khan lynching: Indian state to appeal acquittal of accusedfreenet
 Rajasthan government says it will appeal against a court order that acquitted six vigilantes in killing of Muslim man.

08/15/2019, 10:41US seeks to seize detained Iranian vessel in Gibraltar freenet
 US requests to seize Iranian oil tanker shortly before a court in Gibraltar was expected to announce its release.

08/15/2019, 10:27Hong Kong protests: Brand 'witch hunt' takes over Chinese internet 
 Versace and Swarovski are among the firms caught up in a wave of Chinese cyber-nationalism.

08/15/2019, 10:23Whiskey shots and cheap shots: Conor McGregor caught on camera punching man in Dublin pub (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 10:22Campus journalists challenge Indonesia's limits on free pressfreenet
 Students in Medan question legality of their dismissal from school publication after 'lesbian love story' went viral.

08/15/2019, 10:04'He gives zero f*cks!' Nate Diaz lights up joint, shares smoke with fans at UFC 241 workouts (VIDEO)freenet

08/15/2019, 09:58Lost forests: Russia considers banning lumber exports to China over concerns about illegal loggingfreenet

08/15/2019, 09:58Hero’ pilots who landed packed Russian plane after birdstrike to get state awards – Kremlinfreenet

08/15/2019, 09:44Canada's PM Trudeau found guilty by ethics commissioner freenet
 Canada's ethics commissioner says Trudeau violated rules in his handling of the SNC-Lavalin corruption inquiry.

08/15/2019, 09:37Taiwan unveils largest defense spending increase in decadefreenet

08/15/2019, 09:23Video shows MOMENT when birds hit Ural Airlines jet on take-offfreenet

08/15/2019, 09:23Modi praises move to strip Kashmir of its autonomy in Independence Day speechfreenet

08/15/2019, 09:12Shanghai imposes strict new recycling rulesfreenet
 The government is serious about tackling China’s waste problem.

08/15/2019, 09:08US police search for serial 'wedding gatecrasher' thief 
 The woman has allegedly stolen thousands of dollars' worth of gift cards and cash from newlyweds.

08/15/2019, 08:54Hundreds of refugees live under threat of eviction in Glasgowfreenet
 Private contractor Serco reportedly locking asylum seekers out of accommodation in Scottish city, angering campaigners.

08/15/2019, 08:48Russian plane makes 'miracle' emergency landing in corn fieldfreenet
 A flock of birds hit the engines of the plane that had 233 people on board.

08/15/2019, 08:45Russia bird strike: 23 injured after plane hits gulls and crash-lands 
 Twenty-three people are hurt after the emergency landing in a cornfield near Moscow, reports say.

08/15/2019, 08:36Viewpoint: Why Modi's Kashmir move is widely supported in India 
 Ashok Malik explains why the views of many Indians on Kashmir have hardened in recent years.

08/15/2019, 08:26Drone footage shows emergency landing site of bird-stricken Ural Airlines planefreenet

08/15/2019, 08:15Philadelphia suspect in custody after standoff with policefreenet
 Six officers wounded in standoff that began after gunman shot police officers seeking to serve felony narcotics warrant.

08/15/2019, 07:58Russia says WTO would likely cease to exist if United States quits trade bodyfreenet

08/15/2019, 07:56S. Korea marks independence from Japanese rule, urges dialogue with Tokyofreenet

08/15/2019, 07:49Spine chilling CABIN VIDEO captures emergency landing of packed Russian passenger jetfreenet

08/15/2019, 07:44Beijing: US ‘insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases in Hong Kong’freenet

08/15/2019, 07:43Kashmir: India's Modi hails 'path-breaking' changes amid lockdownfreenet
 On India's independence day, Narendra Modi defends decision to strip disputed region of autonomy as lockdown continues.

08/15/2019, 07:30Google staff warns against working with US border agenciesfreenet
 A letter signed by almost 400 people urges Google not to be involved in 'human rights abuses'.

08/15/2019, 06:38Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Benny Tai released on bailfreenet
 Law professor has been serving 16-month jail term since April for his role in 2014 Umbrella Movement protest.

08/15/2019, 05:56US expands migrant detention space along Mexico borderfreenet
 Critics say the migrants are refugees and should be greeted with assistance, rather than arrest and possible abuse.

08/15/2019, 05:49'Silenced': Pakistan's journalists decry new era of censorshipfreenet
 Journalists tell Al Jazeera coverage of opposition leaders and civil society dissenters 'banned' by government and army.

08/15/2019, 05:35Armed fighters carry out deadly attack at Myanmar army collegefreenet
 At least one person killed as military forces continue to fend off an alliance of ethnic fighters in western Shan state.

08/15/2019, 05:30Russian airliner with 234 onboard suffers birdstrike, makes BELLY LANDING near Moscowfreenet

08/15/2019, 04:13Philadelphia shooter surrenders after hours-long standoff with policefreenet

08/15/2019, 03:52India PM Narendra Modi vows to 'restore' Kashmir's 'past glory' 
 In his Independence Day speech, India's PM says ending Kashmir's autonomy would help the region grow.

08/15/2019, 03:40Philadelphia police in stand-off with gunman who injured six officers 
 Police are locked in a lengthy stand-off with a gunman who injured at least six officers in a shootout.

08/15/2019, 02:52Migrant rescue ship heads for Italy after judge overrules Salvinifreenet
 Far-right interior minister announces swift appeal of ruling as rescue ship hopes to reach Italian waters by Thursday.

08/15/2019, 02:24‘Like a scene that you see in war’: 6 cops shot in Philadelphia drugs raid gone wrongfreenet

08/15/2019, 01:54Philadelphia shooting: Gunman in stand-off with police after injuring six 
 A gunman is believed to be holding two officers hostage during a stand-off in Philadelphia.

08/15/2019, 01:13Japan's Abe skips Yasukuni shrine visit but sends offeringfreenet
 Gesture marking 74th anniversary of Japan's World War Two surrender likely to draw backlash from China, South Korea.

08/15/2019, 01:00Hong Kong crisis: Trump moots ‘personal meeting’ with China’s Xi 
 Donald Trump says he’s confident Chinese president Xi Jinping can humanely solve Hong Kong’s crisis.

08/15/2019, 00:43Ohio shooter’s parents apologise for ‘insensitive’ obituary 
 Connor Betts’ obituary made no mention of the shooting that killed nine in Dayton, Ohio.

08/15/2019, 00:23Woodstock still sounds golden 50 years on 
 On the 50th anniversary of the seminal Woodstock music festival, we speak to people who were at the "Aquarian explosion".

08/15/2019, 00:18Face of privilege Ben Shapiro slammed for calling poverty a 'you problem'freenet

08/15/2019, 00:13From Queen to Springsteen: Why are there so many music films lately? 
 It's a new "golden era" for the genre but what's behind all these sudden on-screen sing-a-longs?

08/15/2019, 00:13Outrage in Malaysia as Zakir Naik suggests Chinese expulsionfreenet
 At least four cabinet ministers have publicly urged Prime Minister Mahathir to deport controversial preacher to India.

08/14/2019, 23:58UK government plans to combat stabbing epidemic… with warnings on fried chicken boxesfreenet

08/14/2019, 23:57‘Why I don't want to own the land my business is built on’ 
 Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda in 2017. It left a trail of destruction and kick-started old tensions - especially over land.

08/14/2019, 23:43Iranian oil tanker held by UK to be released Thursday - reportsfreenet

08/14/2019, 23:36The farmers who worry about our phone batteries 
 Lithium is being mined in Chile to make batteries, but at what cost to the local environment?

08/14/2019, 23:14The lengths Americans go to for cheap medicine 
 With drug prices soaring in the US, people are travelling to Canada to buy life-saving medication.

08/14/2019, 23:07Trump offers Xi to meet and discuss Hong Kong via Twitterfreenet

08/14/2019, 22:24UEFA Super Cup Final: Liverpool edge out Chelsea on penalties in Istanbulfreenet

08/14/2019, 22:17UK's Labour vows to oust Johnson, delay Brexit and call electionfreenet
 Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has laid out his plan to avoid a 'no-deal' withdrawal from the European Union.

08/14/2019, 22:06‘Something dark &nefarious’: Google insider leaks docs revealing search engine ‘blacklist’freenet

08/14/2019, 22:03UEFA Super Cup Final: 7 things we learned from Liverpool's shoot-out win over Chelsea in Istanbulfreenet

08/14/2019, 21:19Syria rebels shoot down government fighter jet in northwestfreenet
 Rebel group says fighters shot down Sukhoi 22 jet that had taken off from air base in Syria's Homs.

08/14/2019, 21:18Several police officers shot with gunman active in Philadelphia - reportsfreenet

08/14/2019, 21:09‘Crazy inverted yield curve’: Trump launches blistering attack on Fed chief Powellfreenet

08/14/2019, 21:02Peak PC logic: To shield students from ‘offensive’ image, activists opt to censor anti-racist muralfreenet

08/14/2019, 20:45Yemeni official says no talks before separatists withdraw in Adenfreenet
 Deputy foreign minister calls on STC to hand over arms to government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

08/14/2019, 20:282020 Democrats double down on diversity – or do they?freenet

08/14/2019, 20:25Will the rest of Europe follow Italy's tough stance on migration?freenet
 Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini seeks snap election as he refuses to take in rescued migrants and refugees.

08/14/2019, 20:25Innocent until proven guilty? Not for Placido Domingo: Americans race to condemn, Europeans hesitantfreenet

08/14/2019, 20:14US: Hundreds of sexual assault claims filed in New Yorkfreenet
 Flurry of legal action comes on the day a new law that extends the statute of limitations for victims goes into effect.

08/14/2019, 20:09Mount Everest: Climbers set to face new rules after deadly season 
 Only experienced mountaineers should be climbing the world's highest peak, a Nepali panel recommends.

08/14/2019, 19:49Steve King does it again: Iowa congressman’s ‘rape and incest’ remarks spark frenzyfreenet

08/14/2019, 19:33Big election business: Democratic candidates, even critical of Facebook, pour millions into platformfreenet

08/14/2019, 19:06Tunisia electoral commission approves 26 presidential candidatesfreenet
 Two women are among the candidates qualified to run in September 15 vote, while 71 other applicants are rejected.

08/14/2019, 18:53US Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty of Sweden assaultfreenet
 The US rapper will not serve a prison sentence in a case which saw intervention of US President Donald Trump.

08/14/2019, 18:51Indian-administered Kashmir remains under lockdownfreenet
 Phone lines and internet have been down for 10 days, but lockdown set to be eased on Thursday.

08/14/2019, 18:51Venezuela's oil-rich city a symbol of country's economic collapsefreenet
 Maracaibo, which was once the capital of Venezuela's oil industry, is facing a severe lack of services and needs.

08/14/2019, 18:44Why is there microplastic in Arctic snow? 
 Scientists have found that particles of plastic are falling out of the sky with snow in the Arctic.

08/14/2019, 18:38Stifling creativity! Philadelphia &Volkswagen ads banned in the UK for 'gender stereotyping'freenet

08/14/2019, 18:35HK protesters apologise after airport chaos, take day to regroupfreenet
 Demonstrators plan to win back international support after sit-in devolved into chaos, caused massive travel disruption.

08/14/2019, 18:29Iraqis call for compensation after weapons depot blastfreenet
 Baghdad urged to compensate for homes damaged by explosion that killed one person and injured 30 others.

08/14/2019, 18:25Grieving relatives ask motorway bosses to leave Genoa memorialfreenet
 A year after 43 people died in the collapse of the Morandi bridge, political leaders join relatives to pay respects.

08/14/2019, 17:53UEFA Super Cup Final: Liverpool fans party in the streets of Istanbul ahead of Chelsea clash (VIDEO)freenet

08/14/2019, 17:42Iran's Rouhani criticises US military build-up in Gulffreenet
 Iranian president also lambastes Israel's reported support of the US-led naval mission in the Strait of Hormuz.

08/14/2019, 17:31Genoa falls silent for Morandi bridge victims 
 The Italian city remembers those killed in the collapse of the Morandi motorway viaduct last year.

08/14/2019, 17:16'Shoot every federal agent' - US teen arrested for threats 
 An FBI raid found more than a dozen rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition at the teen's home.

08/14/2019, 17:11Syria war: Rebels 'shoot down government jet' 
 The warplane is reported to have been brought down during fighting in rebel-held Idlib province.

08/14/2019, 16:50DOW dips 650+ points amid signs of recessionfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:47'Rabaa massacre': Calls for justice remain six years onfreenet
 Rights groups keep demanding probe into deadly crackdown on Egyptians protesting against Mohamed Morsi's overthrow.

08/14/2019, 16:41‘I have never really felt supported’: Caster Semenya bemoans lack of support from female athletesfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:40Satellite pics show more than 500 Chinese military vehicles in soccer stadium near Hong Kong borderfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:27Epstein lived in a netherworld where normal rules didn’t apply. How many more Epsteins are there?freenet

08/14/2019, 16:26#HappyBirthdaySon: Indians mock Pakistan on Independence Dayfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:24Czech President Zeman rejects minister nominee as row threatens ruling coalitionfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:22US House Foreign Affairs panel threatens ‘swift consequences’ if China uses violence in Hong Kongfreenet

08/14/2019, 16:21Grace 1: Onboard the seized supertanker 
 The BBC has obtained pictures from inside the ship, which was seized by officials in Gibraltar in July.

08/14/2019, 16:14Boracay Beach: Section closed after tourist filmed burying nappy 
 Philippines authorities are searching for a nappy spotted on camera being buried by a tourist.

08/14/2019, 16:03Epstein accuser sues his estate and staff amid flurry of New York lawsuits 
 The lawsuit claims that Epstein's girlfriend, maid, secretary and "recruiter" acted as accomplices.

08/14/2019, 15:59Danish PM vows to tighten Swedish border controls after bomb blasts 
 The announcement comes after two Swedish men are charged over bomb attacks in Copenhagen.

08/14/2019, 15:59No chance of US-UK free trade deal if Brexit risks peace in Ireland – Pelosifreenet

08/14/2019, 15:39Turkish drones start operating in N. Syria as safe zone is being created – Ankarafreenet

08/14/2019, 15:34Argentina's Macri unveils economic 'relief' measures after poll shock 
 The Argentine leader tries to shore up support after a poll defeat triggered economic turmoil.

08/14/2019, 15:28China describes Hong Kong protests as 'near terrorism' 
 It comes after protesters clashed with police officers, and detained two men, at Hong Kong's airport.

08/14/2019, 15:23US school to hide, not destroy Washington mural depicting slaves and dead Native Americanfreenet

08/14/2019, 15:09Analysis: Saudi activist rejects release dealfreenet
 Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul has rejected a proposal to secure her release from prison in exchange for a video statement denying she was tortured in custody.

08/14/2019, 15:08Suicide bomber 'kills six' in Chad including soldierfreenet
 Five people also wounded in attack in Lac province, attributed to Nigeria's Boko Haram armed group.

08/14/2019, 15:04Emiliano Sala suffered toxic carbon monoxide poisoning before fatal crash – investigationfreenet

08/14/2019, 15:03Son of jailed Saudi scholar al-Awdah warns against executionfreenet
 Abdullah al-Awdah says his father's arrest and possible execution is part of government's efforts to 'quash dissent'.

08/14/2019, 14:54Venezuelans face new barriers, xenophobia across South Americafreenet
 Latin American countries, once relatively open for Venezuelans, introduce new restrictions for migrants and refugees.

08/14/2019, 14:47Denmark govt considers ‘more control’ on Swedish border after Copenhagen blastsfreenet

08/14/2019, 14:09Al-Shabab strikes Somali military base; casualties reportedfreenet
 Government-run base in Awdheegle, in Lower Shabelle region, hit by car bombs and gunfire.

08/14/2019, 14:05Japanese Air Force One, which flew emperor and 14 PMs, up for sale for $28mn (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)freenet

08/14/2019, 14:04US stocks crash after bond market flashes strong recession warningfreenet

08/14/2019, 14:01Swedish pair to blame for Denmark tax agency blast, police sayfreenet
 Police arrest 22-year-old Swede, issue international arrest warrant for 23-year-old suspect at large, also from Sweden.

08/14/2019, 14:01Michaela Dunn: Sydney stabbing victim, 24, identified 
 The 24-year-old who was found dead in her apartment was described as a "beautiful, loving woman".

08/14/2019, 13:58'Hong Kong is not safe any more': Millions affected by crisisfreenet
 Crisis stemming from crackdown on protests over pro-China laws has spread across border.

08/14/2019, 13:50Are the markets signalling a recession is due? 
 Financial markets have taken fright after the appearance of a trusted signal of an upcoming recession.

08/14/2019, 13:45Killer narratives: The real culprit of mass shootings in the USfreenet
 Mass violence is not the product of religion or culture. It is born of narratives of insecurity.

08/14/2019, 13:33Russia &China set to double trade turnover to $200 billion in 5 yearsfreenet

08/14/2019, 13:31The Soul Sisters: Russia’s ‘most popular’ cheerleaders not fazed by dancing in cold summer weatherfreenet

08/14/2019, 13:28Trump blasts China &India for ‘taking advantage’ of WTO’s developing nations tagfreenet

08/14/2019, 13:24Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg to set sail for USfreenet
 The face of a new generation of eco-activists is taking her message aboard a zero-emissions yacht, bound for New York.

08/14/2019, 13:21Brexit: No chance of US trade deal if Irish accord hit - Pelosi 
 Congress will block a UK trade deal if Brexit harms the Good Friday Agreement, key US Democrat says.

08/14/2019, 13:10Japan urges more than 300,000 to evacuate as tropical storm Krosa nearsfreenet

08/14/2019, 12:45Swedish court convicts A$AP Rocky of assault, hands out suspended sentencefreenet

08/14/2019, 12:29US, Russia should not stop dialogue on arms control – ambassador Huntsmanfreenet

08/14/2019, 12:27Indian activists release report after visiting 'desolate' Kashmirfreenet
 Group of Indian activists calls for withdrawal of the government's move to revoke special status of the disputed region.

08/14/2019, 12:23How India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formedfreenet
 This animated map shows how the borders of the Indian subcontinent have evolved since partition.

08/14/2019, 12:10‘Terrible collaboration’: PM Boris Johnson accuses lawmakers of working with EU to stop Brexitfreenet

08/14/2019, 12:08One year after Genoa tragedy: Are Europe’s bridges any safer?freenet

08/14/2019, 12:07ASAP Rocky found guilty of assault 
 US rapper ASAP Rocky is found guilty of assault during a Stockholm brawl and given a suspended sentence.

08/14/2019, 11:58Epstein accuser Jennifer Araoz sues financier's estate, Ghislaine Maxwell &3 staffersfreenet

08/14/2019, 11:57Portugal strike: Tanker drivers defy threat of arrest 
 Three days into a strike, Portuguese fuel tanker drivers reject a decree to provide a minimum service.

08/14/2019, 11:54Shah Faesal: India detains Kashmir politician at airport 
 A day before his arrest, he told the BBC that PM Modi had "murdered the constitution in broad daylight".

08/14/2019, 11:52Greek island suffers 'terrible' wildfires 
 Hundreds of villagers have been evacuated as firefighters battle the flames in Evia.

08/14/2019, 11:52Kings of the sky: Pilots and gunners compete to find out whose skills are most awesome (PHOTOS)freenet

08/14/2019, 11:52Kings of the sky: Pilots and gunners compete to find out whose skills are most awesome (PHOTOS)freenet

08/14/2019, 11:47How a 'biological weapon' can save forests in Siberia &North Americafreenet

08/14/2019, 11:43Football meets filth: Russian channel trolls team with PornHub post after UCL loss in TV rights rowfreenet

08/14/2019, 11:40Tencent sorry for Typhoon Lekima deaths blunder 
 China's largest video-streaming platform wrongly said a typhoon had killed around 99 million people.

08/14/2019, 11:38Thailand court acquits 24 Red Shirt leaders over 2010 protestsfreenet
 Criminal court said the 2010 protest, where 91 people were killed, was 'political fight, not terrorism'.

08/14/2019, 11:38Beijing to US: Don’t ‘stick your nose’ in China’s Hong Kong affairsfreenet

08/14/2019, 11:38Analysis: Imran Khan's speech at state assembly in Muzaffarabadfreenet
 Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Pakistan-administered Kashmir as the country marks its independence day in solidarity with the Kashmiris. On his visit, he addressed the state assembly in Muzaffarabad.

08/14/2019, 11:21PM Khan: Modi has committed 'strategic blunder' in Kashmirfreenet
 Khan says Pakistan not at war with India but against its ideology after Kashmir's special status revoked.

08/14/2019, 11:14Wakey wakey, rise and shine! Black hole begins flashing, scientists baffled (VIDEO)freenet

08/14/2019, 11:10Deploying new US missiles in S. Korea could spark ‘new Cold War’ – Pyongyangfreenet

08/14/2019, 11:06Kameel Ahmady: British-Iranian academic 'arrested in Iran' 
 The social anthropologist's alleged detention comes amid high tensions between Iran and the UK.

08/14/2019, 11:02Beijing denies Hong Kong port visits by two US warships amid ongoing unrestfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:58Corbynite Chris Williamson MP sues Labour for ‘re-suspension’ over alleged anti-Semitismfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:54Paragliding world champs: 150 pilots compete for titlesfreenet
 Air sports have provided a 50 percent boost to tourism in Krushevo, which will be an official world training site next year.

08/14/2019, 10:52Astronomers studying ALIEN radio signals discover 8 NEW sources, one from nearby galaxyfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:50‘Mademoiselle’: Putin kneels before ballet student and kisses her hand (VIDEO)freenet

08/14/2019, 10:49Turkey tourism revives since freedom from ISILfreenet
 A Turkish military base is a designated 'active military zone' but from next year it will be an open-air museum.

08/14/2019, 10:48Greece wildfires leave blackened forests in their wake 
 Hundreds of villagers are evacuated as flames ravage a dense forest on the Greek island of Evia.

08/14/2019, 10:40Grassroots trade war? Chinese student sues Disneyland over no-outside-food policyfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:39Facebook admits it listened to users' audio messagesfreenet
 The company have since said it has stopped doing this as privacy organisations raised concerns over the practice.

08/14/2019, 10:38‘We smoke $40K of marijuana’: Mike Tyson reveals the amount of weed consumed per monthfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:14Mortgage debt in US exceeds 2008 financial crisis peakfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:14Guatemala can’t do migrant deal with US due to lack of resources – president-electfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:13Five Russian weightlifters handed anti-doping suspensions after historical investigationfreenet

08/14/2019, 10:11Colombia murders: Anger as indigenous leaders are buried 
 Two members of an indigenous protective force are the latest activists to be killed in the country.

08/14/2019, 10:02Hong Kong super-rich take their money and escape to New York amid protests at homefreenet

08/14/2019, 09:54US-China trade war: US agriculture faces challengesfreenet
 President of the American Farm Bureau Federation described trade war as ‘body blow’ to thousands of farmers.

08/14/2019, 09:47Kenya officials exhume man's body to retrieve uniform 
 Kenyan officials are accused of violating local laws and cultural practices by exhuming the body.

08/14/2019, 09:43Sudan protest leaders visit Egypt ahead of landmark deal with militaryfreenet

08/14/2019, 09:35The future of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's fortune shrouded in mystery after his deathfreenet

08/14/2019, 09:27Mexico police suspend six officers over rape case investigations 
 The decision comes a day after protests in Mexico City over the alleged rape of two teenage girls.

08/14/2019, 08:58Pakistan PM Imran Khan visits Kashmir amid India tensionsfreenet
 Imran Khan visits Pakistan-administered Kashmir as country marks independence day in solidarity with the Kashmiris.

08/14/2019, 08:56China slams 'terrorist-like actions' by Hong Kong protestersfreenet
 Protests 'seriously damage the international image of Hong Kong', official says, as airport resumes operations.

08/14/2019, 08:41British parliament can block no-deal Brexit – ex-finance minister Hammondfreenet

08/14/2019, 08:36‘Closer to greatness’: India’s rover mission Chandrayaan-2 leaves Earth’s orbit, heading to Moonfreenet

08/14/2019, 08:35Nora Quoirin: Rescuers describe how they found teenager's body in Malaysian jungle 
 Volunteer rescuers who found the body of Nora Quoirin have described how they discovered the missing teenager in the Malaysian jungle.

08/14/2019, 08:17Floating farms in Bangladesh help farmers survive floodsfreenet
 Innovative floating farms are proving to be a sustainable solution for poor farmers in areas where land is often submerged by floodwaters.

08/14/2019, 08:09More than 200 killed, 1.2 million displaced by India floodsfreenet
 Heavy rains in parts of four Indian states - Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat - cause widespread damage.

08/14/2019, 08:03Order! Speaker Bercow vows to fight BoJo ‘with every breath’ to keep Parliament runningfreenet

08/14/2019, 07:43The resurgence of Oriana Fallaci's anti-Islam message in Italyfreenet
 As Italy jolts further right, a late reporter who warned against Islam and Muslims is viewed as a prescient figure.

08/14/2019, 07:32WATCH plane enter ‘hellish’ BRIGHT ORANGE skies as it battles massive wildfires on Greek islandfreenet

08/14/2019, 07:29Danish police arrest Swedish man, issue intl warrant for another after tax agency’s office blastfreenet

08/14/2019, 06:51'Human-sized penguin' lived in New Zealand 
 The animal, dubbed "monster penguin" by Canterbury Museum, stood around 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall.

08/14/2019, 06:19Pakistan requests UN Security Council meeting over Kashmir row with Indiafreenet

08/14/2019, 05:50Blast strikes military base in Iraq's Baghdadfreenet
 At least one dead and 29 wounded during an explosion at military base close to neighbourhood where families were celebrating the Eid holiday.

08/14/2019, 05:45Chinese survey ship returns to disputed waters claimed by Vietnamfreenet
 Presence last month of Haiyang Dizhi 8 survey ship in waters around Spratly islands also draw protest from Hanoi.

08/14/2019, 05:39After Texas shooting, refugees still hopeful of reaching USfreenet
 'Compared to the US, our country is much more dangerous,' says a Honduran asylum seeker.

08/14/2019, 05:29Farmers get 2-3 years in jail for smuggling PIG SEMEN in shampoo bottlesfreenet

08/14/2019, 05:16ICE office shootings in Texas blamed on ‘political rhetoric’ 
 ICE blames the shootings on "political rhetoric" about the Trump administration’s policies.

08/14/2019, 04:46Hong Kong native Jackie Chan takes part in pro-Beijing campaign to protect national flagfreenet

08/14/2019, 04:42Malaysia to decide fate of Indian preacher accused of hate speechfreenet
 Zakir Naik blamed for creating a sectarian 'fissure' in Malaysia but Muslim preacher says his words were misinterpreted.

08/14/2019, 04:24‘They did some research’: shots fired at Texas ICE offices in 'targeted attack,' say fedsfreenet

08/14/2019, 04:03Thousands protest in Brazil against Bolsonaro's education cutsfreenet
 Demonstrators in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro denounce decision in July to cut $87m from budget for school textbooks.

08/14/2019, 03:55Pakistan requests UN Security Council meeting over India revoking Kashmir autonomyfreenet

08/14/2019, 03:52Astronaut Luca Parmitano plays DJ set from International Space Station 
 Luca Parmitano played from the International Space Station to a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

08/14/2019, 03:25Hong Kong protests: Flights resume as airport authority restricts protests 
 Hong Kong's airport, one of the world's busiest, has been the main site of protests for days.

08/14/2019, 03:02Colombia sees new migrant wave from Venezuela amid US sanctionsfreenet
 Rights group say Colombia unprepared to deal with another humanitarian crisis as new wave of Venezuela migrants arrive.

08/14/2019, 02:43China denies two US Navy warships permission to dock in Hong Kongfreenet

08/14/2019, 02:21Russia says rocket explosion caused 16-fold radiation spike 
 The radiation spike, caused by a rocket blast in the Arctic, lasted for several hours, Russia says.

08/14/2019, 02:18Australia drug bust: Four UK men arrested over huge MDMA haul 
 The four men and two Australians are linked to a UK-based organised crime syndicate, police say.

08/14/2019, 02:11Comedian says Facebook ‘coming after him’ after Trump retweeted #ClintonBodyCountfreenet

08/14/2019, 01:34Facebook had human contractors 'reviewing' users' Messenger voice chatsfreenet

08/14/2019, 01:19Hong Kong airport reopens after late-night chaosfreenet
 Airport resumes 'normal operations' as local court reportedly orders authorities to remove protesters from terminal.

08/14/2019, 00:45MSM circles the wagons after Sanders jab at WaPo, comparing him with Bad Orange Manfreenet

08/14/2019, 00:38The Gurkhas: We felt like second-class citizens 
 In 2009 all retired Gurkhas were finally allowed to settle in the UK.

08/14/2019, 00:17CNN’s Don Lemon sued for alleged sexual harassment of a man in New York barfreenet

08/13/2019, 23:49ASAP Rocky: A complete timeline of rapper's assault case 
 The judgement in ASAP Rocky's assault case is coming today, a month after his arrest.

08/13/2019, 23:41Deforestation: What’s wrong with planting new forests? 
 Planting trees can sometimes actually do more harm than good to the environment. Here's why.

08/13/2019, 23:35Letter from Africa: The power of an apostrophe 
 Who does Ghana credit as its founding fathers? Our public holidays reflect our grapples with history.

08/13/2019, 23:27The 'poetry of concrete' and the tragedy of a broken bridge 
 Seven people tell the story of their connection to the Genoa bridge collapse.

08/13/2019, 23:19The children sent to a DRC 'holiday camp' never to come back 
 A Belgian court is investigating an orphanage for alleged abduction of children from DR Congo.

08/13/2019, 22:04Shadow of trade war: Americans fear of China increases sharply – surveyfreenet

08/13/2019, 21:49‘Can’t imagine why’: Trump has no idea why anyone would relate Hong Kong protests to US meddlingfreenet

08/13/2019, 21:28Some good news about Good Samaritans 
 A study of CCTV footage from around the world suggests there are more Good Samaritans out there than we think.

08/13/2019, 21:18Climate activists block train outside German VW car plant 
 Activists chain themselves to rails near a Volkswagen factory in the northern city of Wolfsburg.

08/13/2019, 20:45Jeffrey Epstein: Two guards suspended and warden removed over death 
 Federal authorities are investigating the death of Mr Epstein, who was facing sex trafficking charges.

08/13/2019, 20:28‘Debate me!’ Ocasio-Cortez wades into Barstool Sports feud with unionsfreenet

08/13/2019, 20:22Philadelphia Orchestra cancels Placido Domingo’s performance hours after #MeToo reportfreenet

08/13/2019, 20:15Hillsong: A church with rock concerts and 2m followers 
 As Christian churches face declining numbers, one is bucking the trend. Is Hillsong a triumph of marketing or faith?

08/13/2019, 20:04Idlib hospital workers accuse Russia, Syria after air raidsfreenet
 UN chief Antonio Guterres announced an internal inquiry after attacks on civilian infrastructure in rebel-held Syria.

08/13/2019, 19:59‘Really intense’: Wife of inmate in Epstein prison tells RT how secure facility usually isfreenet

08/13/2019, 19:51Taking his grandmother to every US national park 
 Brad Ryan and his grandma Joy are on an unforgettable road trip to visit every US national park.

08/13/2019, 19:47Will China run out of patience with Hong Kong protests?freenet
 Sit-ins cause shut down of one of Asia's busiest airports as Hong Kong crisis deepens.

08/13/2019, 19:42Jailed Saudi activist 'told to deny torture in release deal'freenet
 Family says Loujain al-Hathloul has rejected proposal to deny she was tortured in custody in exchange for release.

08/13/2019, 18:48Manchester City fined $380,000 but avoid transfer ban over youth signingsfreenet

08/13/2019, 18:45‘Accidents happen, unfortunately’: Kremlin comments on fatal test of ‘Skyfall’ missilefreenet

08/13/2019, 18:44Italian far-right's bid for new elections suffers setbackfreenet
 The populist League leader Matteo Salvini had sought an immediate vote of no confidence in the government.

08/13/2019, 18:04Pakistani FM warns that UN will likely not back its objection to Kashmiri autonomy being revokedfreenet

08/13/2019, 17:52Chris Cuomo 'Fredo' debate: Is the term considered an Italian slur? 
 Chris Cuomo called this term "the N-word" for Italians. Who is "Fredo" and what's behind the insult?

08/13/2019, 17:51Saudi activist 'offered freedom if she denies torture claims' 
 Saudi women's rights campaigner Loujain al-Hathloul has been abused in custody, her family says.

08/13/2019, 17:26Winning or losing? MSM can’t decide if Putin is all-powerful or failing miserablyfreenet

08/13/2019, 17:26At least 500 stranded on Mediterranean rescue boatsfreenet
 Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini vows to prevent two vessels from entering Italian ports.

08/13/2019, 17:24‘Screaming &laughing’: Teen killed by machete-wielding thugs is London’s latest stabbing victimfreenet

08/13/2019, 17:21Cleaning house: Indonesia returns yet more ‘contaminated’ Aussie garbagefreenet

08/13/2019, 17:21Hong Kong airport in CHAOS after protesters and police clash (PHOTOS, VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 17:15‘EU elites make peasants vote until they get it right’ – Bolton lectures in Britainfreenet

08/13/2019, 17:07Chile economy hurt by US-China trade warfreenet
 Chile regarded as Latin America's most stable economy, but has seen sharp rise in unemployment as exports to China takes a hit.

08/13/2019, 17:01No suffering before death? Lufthansa angers relatives of 2015 Germanwings crash, media reports sayfreenet

08/13/2019, 16:58‘A historical moment’: Chelsea boss Lampard on female officals at UEFA Super Cupfreenet

08/13/2019, 16:56US mediation between India and Pakistan on Kashmirfreenet
 US President Donald Trump offered to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir, an offer that Pakistan welcomed and India rejected.

08/13/2019, 16:56‘Russians killed Epstein’: Go home everyone, Alec Baldwin is on the casefreenet

08/13/2019, 16:44Malaysian police find body of French-Irish teen who went missing freenet
 Family confirmed body is that of Nora Anne Quoirin who was reported missing on August 4, police say.

08/13/2019, 16:35Measles cases triple around the world, WHO warnsfreenet
 This year, 364,808 measles cases have been reported compared with 129,239 cases in the first 7 months of 2018.

08/13/2019, 16:27UN urges EU nations to let 2 rescue ships disembark 500 stranded migrantsfreenet

08/13/2019, 16:26Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change 
 He alters the passage: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free".

08/13/2019, 16:15Three French children die after wave hits boat in Channel 
 A family's motorboat trip turns tragic when a big wave tips them over near a Normandy beach.

08/13/2019, 16:14Insta couple sparks outrage after splashing holy water on woman’s backside (VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 16:09Clashes erupt at Hong Kong airport as flights disruptedfreenet
 Riot police used pepper spray to beat back demonstrators as airport authority says operations 'severely disrupted'.

08/13/2019, 16:00NFL star Antonio Brown searches for loophole after losing grievance case over banned helmet designfreenet

08/13/2019, 15:57Russian village evacuation as rocket blast sparks radiation fearsfreenet
 Nyonoksa residents asked to leave within a day after last week's explosion that spiked radiation levels up to 16 times.

08/13/2019, 15:56Press conference: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp meets the media ahead of UEFA Super Cup Finalfreenet

08/13/2019, 15:48Plácido Domingo accused of sexual harassment 
 The Spanish tenor says claims by eight singers and a dancer are "deeply troubling" and "inaccurate".

08/13/2019, 15:43Sydney stabbing: British brothers restrained suspect 
 A witness of the stabbing has recounted what happened when he intervened in the suspect's arrest.

08/13/2019, 15:36Previous blackface wearers were punished for racism, Silverman was punished for satire. That’s worsefreenet

08/13/2019, 15:20Epidemic level: Bangladesh hit by worst ever dengue fever outbreakfreenet

08/13/2019, 15:16South Korean Olympic medalists suspended for drinking alcohol at training centerfreenet

08/13/2019, 15:14US, 4 European states want restart of Serbia-Kosovo talks, say status quo ‘not sustainable’freenet

08/13/2019, 15:07French politician Eric Woerth hits back at fake mountain photo jokes 
 Eric Woerth hits back after an "avalanche" of Twitter claims that he doctored a climbing image.

08/13/2019, 14:40Trump delays some tariffs on Chinese imports 
 Apple shares soar as the US delays imposing tariffs on mobile phones and other items from China.

08/13/2019, 14:17Russia may ‘gradually’ adopt 4-day work week to decrease unemploymentfreenet

08/13/2019, 14:15No, this Russian family is not looking at a nuclear explosion near their city, dear MSM viewersfreenet

08/13/2019, 14:11Villages evacuated as wildfire rages on Greek island of Eviafreenet
 Over 200 firefighters battling wind-fanned blaze backed by 75 fire trucks, five water-bombing helicopters and six jets.

08/13/2019, 14:11Press conference: Frank Lampard chats ahead of Chelsea's UEFA Super Cup clash with Liverpoolfreenet

08/13/2019, 14:05India ‘easing Kashmir restrictions in phased manner’freenet

08/13/2019, 13:59US postpones tariffs on some Chinese products, including cell phones &laptopsfreenet

08/13/2019, 13:42Once upon a time in… Chelyabinsk: Tarantino ‘helps’ Russian man sell his flat (PHOTOS)freenet

08/13/2019, 13:41NATO F-18 ‘spooked away’ from Russian Defense Minister’s plane (VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 13:35Barca or Real? Assessing the beautiful dilemma facing PSG’s wantaway star Neymarfreenet

08/13/2019, 13:28Kremlin rejects claim that Moscow protests are sign of ‘political crisis’freenet

08/13/2019, 13:25Kashmir: Srinagar a maze of razor wires and steel barriersfreenet
 Paramilitary soldiers guard and regulate multiple checkpoints, allowing few vehicles or pedestrians to go through.

08/13/2019, 13:15Israeli flight attendant dies from measles 
 The woman fell ill during an El Al flight in April, amid a worldwide rise in cases of the disease.

08/13/2019, 12:59Mysterious man with TV for a head leaves old sets on doorsteps of 60 homes (VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 12:55Fighting around Tripoli resumes, 2-day truce ends – Libyan officialsfreenet

08/13/2019, 12:3012 US Marines suspected of smuggling illegal migrants face chargesfreenet

08/13/2019, 12:28‘It is necessary to win spectacularly’: Kovalev hints at KO world title win over Yarde on home soilfreenet

08/13/2019, 12:25Danish PM apologises for historical abuse in children's homes 
 Children were beaten, sexually abused and used to test drugs at several institutions.

08/13/2019, 12:06Kangaroos enjoy rare snow in Australia 
 Rare footage of the animals hopping across a snow-covered paddock was posted on social media.

08/13/2019, 12:04‘Shocking and sickening’: Pelota champion faces legal action after biting head off live chickenfreenet

08/13/2019, 12:04Iran claims UK ‘interested’ in releasing seized oil tanker soon – reportfreenet

08/13/2019, 11:57Russian nuclear engineers killed by explosionfreenet
 The state nuclear company said five staff members were killed on Thursday when there was a blast at the Nyonoska Navy facility in Russia's northwest.

08/13/2019, 11:56Italy recalls senate at height of holiday season amid govt crisisfreenet

08/13/2019, 11:53Bitcoin beware? After banning all cryptocurrencies China ‘close’ to releasing its own digital coinfreenet

08/13/2019, 11:50Argentina World Cup winner José Luis Brown dies at 62 
 Brown scored Argentina's opening goal in their win against West Germany in the 1986 World Cup final.

08/13/2019, 11:36We’ve had the UFC’s ‘entertainment’ era. Now it’s time to get realfreenet

08/13/2019, 11:34Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz to be tried over 'Guinea bribes' 
 Swiss prosecutors are seeking a prison term for Beny Steinmetz for alleged bribery, which he denies.

08/13/2019, 11:27Hong Kong protest disrupts flights for a second day 
 Pro-democracy protesters disrupt flights out of Hong Kong for the second day running

08/13/2019, 11:13Kangaroos filmed hopping through rare Australian snow 
 They were filmed bounding through the snow in New South Wales.

08/13/2019, 11:09Greta on boat journey: I might feel a bit sea sick 
 Climate change activist Greta Thunberg will travel to New York on a boat with very few home comforts.

08/13/2019, 11:07French politician triggers avalanche of memes with gravity-defying staged alpine PHOTOfreenet

08/13/2019, 10:58Brazil's indigenous women protest against Bolsonaro policies 
 Indigenous women in Brazil protest against the policies of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

08/13/2019, 10:56‘Imam of peace’ tells Pakistan to ‘be honest’ about Kashmir belonging to Indiafreenet

08/13/2019, 10:46Iran says Britain might release seized Grace 1 oil tanker soonfreenet
 British forces seized the Iranian vessel on July 4 off the coast of Gibraltar on suspicion of violating EU sanctions.

08/13/2019, 10:41A Turkish-Kurdish war in Syria is still possiblefreenet
 The recently concluded US-Turkey agreement has delayed but not precluded a conflict in northeast Syria.

08/13/2019, 10:37Senator slams Moscow police for using ‘excessive force’ to break up unsanctioned protestsfreenet

08/13/2019, 10:36US ban on govt contracts with Huawei &other Chinese tech firms comes into forcefreenet

08/13/2019, 10:31Hong Kong protests: How could China intervene? 
 As protests in Hong Kong show no signs of stopping, many wonder if China will lose its patience.

08/13/2019, 10:25Gibraltar ‘seeks to de-escalate’ tanker standoff with Iranfreenet

08/13/2019, 10:24Whitney Cummings, US comedian, tweets nipple photo to stop extortion 
 Whitney Cummings posted the image herself to get ahead of people using it to blackmail her.

08/13/2019, 10:23‘I can make him lose all his gold!’ UFC's Shevchenko on ‘intergender champion’ callout from Cejudofreenet

08/13/2019, 10:08The Yemenis living in graveyards as battle ragesfreenet
 These Yemeni victims of war are unable to afford basic commodities, shelter, or medical care.

08/13/2019, 10:03Hong Kong protests disrupt airport for second day 
 Hong Kong airport again suspends check-in services because of continuing anti-government protests.

08/13/2019, 09:47Portugal police drive fuel trucks as strike bites 
 Officers are drafted in amid a tanker driver strike that is causing shortages at petrol stations.

08/13/2019, 09:47Ex-Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev charged with murder 
 Almazbek Atambayev is charged with organising mass unrest, murder and hostage-taking.

08/13/2019, 09:46Kenya's worsening antibiotic resistance worries doctorsfreenet
 Antibiotic resistance has increased because of the misuse of medicines.

08/13/2019, 09:43Is it time for the AU to lift Sudan's suspension?freenet
 If the African Union delays its decision to reinstate Sudan, it would harm the soon to be formed civilian government.

08/13/2019, 09:29Black vests: Who are the gilets noirs and what do they want?freenet
 The gilets noirs protest group uses space opened by France's yellow vests and seeks rights for undocumented migrants.

08/13/2019, 09:22Hubble captures hypnotizing PHOTO of distant planetary nebulafreenet

08/13/2019, 09:11A boat church is parked firmly in a Moscow forest: Here’s why (PHOTOS)freenet

08/13/2019, 09:04Myanmar landslide death toll rises to 59 
 The landslide in Mon state has complicated efforts to deal with widespread monsoon flooding.

08/13/2019, 08:54Nora Quoirin: Body found in Malaysia search for missing girl 
 Police searching for missing teenager Nora Quoirin in Malaysia say they have found a body.

08/13/2019, 08:54Houthis launch drone attacks on Abha airport in SW Saudi Arabia – Yemen’s TVfreenet

08/13/2019, 08:51'1st ever': Italian astronaut will DJ for Ibiza ravers from SPACEfreenet

08/13/2019, 08:36Currency wars: Beijing says it won’t weaponize yuan in US trade conflictfreenet

08/13/2019, 08:35Opera singer Placido Domingo accused of sexual harassmentfreenet
 Nine women have told the Associated Press the famous opera singer exhibited inappropriate behaviour including groping.

08/13/2019, 07:52S. Korea fails to justify trade restriction – Tokyofreenet

08/13/2019, 07:48Sydney stabbing: Dramatic video shows suspect's arrest 
 Video captured in central Sydney shows the moment bystanders intervened to apprehend stabbing suspect.

08/13/2019, 07:43Kyrgyz ex-president Atambayev was plotting coup: security chieffreenet
 Atambayev was detained in raids conducted by special forces last week that left one person dead.

08/13/2019, 07:41Death toll in Myanmar landslide rises as rescue efforts continuefreenet
 More than two dozen homes were destroyed by the cascade of mud, displacing more than 150 villagers.

08/13/2019, 07:22Gold in, dollar out: Russia set to become world’s 4th biggest reserve holderfreenet

08/13/2019, 07:03Eid al-Adha attack kills Filipino soldiers, child in Sulufreenet
 Suspected Abu Sayyaf fighters opened fire at two soldiers in a motorcycle, with a stray bullet also killing a child.

08/13/2019, 06:4654% of Britons back Johnson bypassing Parliament to deliver Brexit – pollfreenet

08/13/2019, 06:32Woman's body found in Sydney after man went on knife rampage, shouting 'Allahu Akbar'freenet

08/13/2019, 06:01Man goes on stabbing rampage in Sydney, shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ &‘shoot me’ (VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 05:47Syrians celebrate Eid amid bombingfreenet
 Since the collapse of a short-lived ceasefire last week, the killing of civilians has continued.

08/13/2019, 05:46UN expert to France: Bring home citizens facing hanging in Iraqfreenet
 Agnes Callamard questions due process in Iraqi court, but Paris insists ISIL-linked suspects should be tried abroad.

08/13/2019, 05:43Mexicans march to vent anger at police over rape cases 
 Hundreds of women, angry at alleged police misconduct, chant “justice” and “they don't protect us”.

08/13/2019, 05:26US weakens endangered species' protection for oil companiesfreenet
 Environmentalists say polar bears and arctic seals could be among those at risk from the new regulations.

08/13/2019, 05:15Sydney incident: Man arrested over stabbing in city centre 
 He was arrested after stabbing a woman and being detained by members of the public, police say.

08/13/2019, 05:00Elderly Indian couple fight off machete-wielding armed robbers with furniture &slippers (VIDEO)freenet

08/13/2019, 04:32Mia Khalifa says she only earned $12K from porn, despite fame &death threatsfreenet

08/13/2019, 04:31Family of El Paso shooting victims says they received death threats over photo with Trumpfreenet

08/13/2019, 04:20Hong Kong leader warns protesters not to push city into 'abyss' 
 Carrie Lam almost broke down as she warned that the city could be pushed "down a path of no return".

08/13/2019, 04:19‘I’ll f*cking ruin your sh*t’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo gets foul-mouthed over ‘ethnic slur’freenet

08/13/2019, 04:05Russian nuclear engineers buried after 'Skyfall nuclear' blastfreenet
 Experts link the explosion to the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile touted by President Putin in March 2018.

08/13/2019, 03:52Hong Kong: Carrie Lam pressed on her power to withdraw extradition bill 
 Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is pressed on whether she has the power to withdraw the controversial extradition bill.

08/13/2019, 03:13Anthony Scaramucci breaks with Trump in days-long Twitter battlefreenet

08/13/2019, 02:40Pompeo to UN: ‘Time is running out’ to kick Iran while it’s downfreenet

08/13/2019, 02:28‘Flashing yellow’: US facing 1 in 3 chance of recession within the year, says Bank of Americafreenet

08/13/2019, 02:13Iraq says Israeli role in Gulf flotilla unacceptablefreenet
 Baghdad's top diplomat says presence of Western forces raises tensions in the region adding Gulf states can secure it.

08/13/2019, 01:17What took so long? FBI raids Epstein’s Caribbean islandfreenet

08/13/2019, 01:13Sri Lanka's Muslims 'demonised' after Easter bombings 
 Life for many of Sri Lanka's Muslims has become tougher since April's Easter Sunday bombings.

08/13/2019, 01:11Hong Kong airport reopens as China fumes over protestsfreenet
 Passengers with luggage were being checked in for flights as a handful of the thousands of protesters remain.

08/13/2019, 00:31How these bikers are helping women stay safe 
 In Bangladesh specialist scooter taxis are helping women to get around the capital safely.

08/13/2019, 00:18Ebola drugs show ‘90% survival rate’ in breakthrough trial 
 Scientists say the breakthrough trial suggests the disease may soon be “preventable and treatable”.

08/13/2019, 00:03Article 370: Has India bitten off more than it can chew in Kashmir? 
 India's move to strip Kashmir of special status may re-invigorate the conflict in the region.

08/13/2019, 00:00Anti-natalists: The people who want you to stop having babies 
 Who are “anti-natalists” and why do they want the gradual extinction of humanity?

08/12/2019, 23:54Opposition warns Maduro eyeing to dissolve Venezuela parliamentfreenet
 Opposition leader Juan Guaido says president eyeing early elections, as rival Constituent Assembly holds meeting.

08/12/2019, 23:48Is this the end of Macri's vision for Argentina? 
 President Macri has pledged to revive the south American country's economy, but are his hopes now over?

08/12/2019, 23:39Giant CROCODILE lounges on rooftop in flood-swept India (VIDEO)freenet

08/12/2019, 23:30Inside the village that caters for its ageing population 
 Pescueza in Extremadura, western Spain, is adapting to provide for the needs of its older population.

08/12/2019, 23:24Zimbabwe after Mugabe: The country where pensions have disappeared 
 Chronic high inflation is hitting Zimbabweans hard but the government says there is no quick fix.

08/12/2019, 23:17'Iran tortured me into confessing to be an Israeli spy' 
 Mazyar Ebrahimi says he is lucky to be alive after being forced to make a false confession on TV.

08/12/2019, 23:15Libra: Could Facebook’s new currency be stopped in its tracks? 
 How Facebook’s Libra could be stopped in its tracks

08/12/2019, 23:09Moscow protests: What's behind the rallies in Russia? 
 Thousands of Russians have been protesting for weeks - with mass arrests and a violent police crackdown.

08/12/2019, 22:48Satire? Serious? Sunday Times prints column asking to ‘give war a chance’ &attack CHINAfreenet

08/12/2019, 22:36Racist or protecting vulnerable Americans? What’s in Trump’s new immigration rulesfreenet

08/12/2019, 21:44Hong Kong protests: Police defend use of 'disguised' officers 
 Police defend their use of officers dressed as anti-government protesters during Sunday's unrest.

08/12/2019, 21:37Canada killings: Teen murder suspects 'in gunfire suicides' 
 Police confirm the bodies found in Manitoba last week were those of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.

08/12/2019, 21:27Iran's Zarif: 'We are not seeking war'freenet
 The Iranian foreign minister discusses his country's nuclear programme and current tensions in the Gulf.

08/12/2019, 21:26'It's poor people's Eid': How Kabul IDPs welcomed Muslim festivalfreenet
 Amid deteriorating conditions, internally displaced persons in Afghan capital seek job opportunities, adequate shelter.

08/12/2019, 21:06Does dodgeball really encourage bullying? 
 Researchers in Canada say students should not be forced to play the sport in school.

08/12/2019, 20:47Scientists hail promise of first effective Ebola treatmentsfreenet
 Two experimental drugs developed in DR Congo trial using antibodies harvested from survivors of Ebola infection.

08/12/2019, 20:39What does it take to contain Ebola?freenet
 The DRC is suffering its worst ever outbreak, but a new vaccine might prove effective against the virus.

08/12/2019, 20:30‘World is watching’: US reaction points to Hong Kong as a ‘color revolution’freenet

08/12/2019, 20:22Ivory Coast music star DJ Arafat dies in road crashfreenet
 Mourning fans gather at Abidjan hospital after news spreads of 33-year-old singer's death.

08/12/2019, 20:22Ibraheem Zakzaky: Nigerian IMN leader flown to India for treatment 
 Supporters of Ibraheem Zakzaky have staged weeks of protests to demand his release.

08/12/2019, 20:15Huge blast at Baghdad ammo depot near Green Zone sends SHELLS FLYING into neighborhood (VIDEO)freenet

08/12/2019, 20:13Nigerian Shia leader, wife depart for medical treatment in Indiafreenet
 Ibrahim el-Zakzaky and wife were granted bail by a court in Kaduna state to seek medical treatment abroad.

08/12/2019, 19:25Fighting in Aden: Four key questions answeredfreenet
 A look at the different groups clashing and the effect the recent developments will have on Yemen's peace prospects.

08/12/2019, 19:15Senators called back from holiday as Italian crisis deepensfreenet
 Party chiefs fail to agree on a date to hold confidence vote in government after Matteo Salvini sparked fresh crisis.

08/12/2019, 19:08Venezuela's teen pregnancy crisis takes a tollfreenet
 Already facing a severe economic crisis, Venezuela is struggling to deal with higher than global average teen pregnancy rates.

08/12/2019, 18:47Trump rolls out measures against documented immigrantsfreenet
 New hardline policy targets documented immigrants who apply for government benefits such as food and housing.

08/12/2019, 18:46Pompeii archaeologists uncover 'sorcerer's treasure trove' 
 The find includes good-luck charms and decorative items thought to have belonged to women.

08/12/2019, 18:37Brazil prosecutors move to ban Bolsonaro's son from ambassador job 
 It comes days after President Bolsonaro said Washington pledged support for Eduardo's nomination.

08/12/2019, 18:28Putin risks losing Moscowfreenet
 Russia's revitalised pro-democracy movement is increasingly gaining ground in the Russian capital.

08/12/2019, 18:255 facts confirming just HOW incredibly wealthy the world’s richest families arefreenet

08/12/2019, 18:24Environmentalists warn Trump 'weakening' endangered species protections 
 A new rule will allow officials for the first time to weigh the economic cost of species protection.

08/12/2019, 18:17Eid al-Adha marked in Indian-administered Kashmir 
 People in Indian-administered Kashmir have observed the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha during a lockdown in the area.

08/12/2019, 18:04Austrian ‘Russiagate’ victim, resigned Vice-Chancellor Strache reveals behind-the-scenes play to RTfreenet

08/12/2019, 18:02New US rule would target legal immigrants who use public benefitsfreenet
 White House says migrants will be blocked from entering the US if they are likely to need public assistance.

08/12/2019, 17:53MSM ignores massive anti-sanctions ‘No More Trump’ protest rallies in Venezuela (VIDEOS)freenet

08/12/2019, 17:46'This event could change boxing forever': Hearn defends choice of Saudi Arabia for Ruiz vs Joshua IIfreenet

08/12/2019, 17:21US-Taliban talks end without deal, both sides to consultfreenet
 Two sides have been negotiating in Doha for agreement that would see the US withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

08/12/2019, 17:07Atress Priyanka Chopra accused of 'encouraging nuclear war'freenet
 At US event, Indian actress and UN goodwill envoy is called hypocrite over February tweet amid India-Pakistan tensions.

08/12/2019, 16:59Argentine peso and markets plunge after shock vote 
 Some of the country's most traded stocks have lost one third of their value in just two hours.

08/12/2019, 16:56UAE urges 'dialogue' to resolve Yemen tensionsfreenet
 Saudi king and Abu Dhabi crown prince meet in kingdom to discuss Aden clashes.

08/12/2019, 16:41China ups rhetoric, warns of signs of 'terrorism' in HK protestsfreenet
 Escalating comments come day after heated rallies and as protesters flood airport prompting cancellation of flights.

08/12/2019, 16:21DJ Arafat: Top Ivory Coast singer dies in road accident 
 DJ Arafat was known as the "king" of coupé-décalé dance music, popular in French-speaking Africa.

08/12/2019, 16:20Epstein jail 'a gulag' in lower Manhattan 
 The jail where Jeffrey Epstein died suffers from staff shortages and issues with sanitation and violence.

08/12/2019, 16:09Rare white lion cubs unveiled by French charity 
 Two rare white lion cubs have been unveiled by a conservation charity in north-western France.

08/12/2019, 16:05'The Hunt' cancellation: A healthy country doesn’t ban fiction &allow real lies, hatred &violencefreenet

08/12/2019, 15:59French charities report new rescue in Med, over 350 migrants onboard ship seeking safe portfreenet

08/12/2019, 15:52Guards 'severely overworked' at time of Epstein's death 
 Epstein was found dead in his cell on Saturday morning after an apparent suicide attempt last month.

08/12/2019, 15:45British Green MP blasted for ‘all white women’ cabinet proposalfreenet

08/12/2019, 15:45Alex Emilianenko: Russian Boxing Federation 'ready to organize' pro match for controversial fighterfreenet

08/12/2019, 15:36Trump targets legal migrants who get food aid 
 The rule change will make it more difficult for poorer migrants to enter or remain in the US legally.

08/12/2019, 15:29'Why is VAR so mad at me?' Newly-instituted VAR takes center stage on its Premier League debutfreenet

08/12/2019, 15:17The blizzard of Oz? VIDEOS of kangaroos frolicking in the snow go viralfreenet

08/12/2019, 14:27Greece wants ‘fairer EU distribution of migrants’ amid sharp increase in arrivalsfreenet

08/12/2019, 14:07All gold for Simone? Biles lays down the gauntlet ahead of Tokyo 2020 with sensational triple-doublefreenet

08/12/2019, 14:04Fortnite streamer ‘disgusted’ as his Twitch channel used to promote RUSSIAN PORNfreenet

08/12/2019, 13:59Norwegian Boeing engine falls apart MID-FLIGHT, scatters debris across Rome (PHOTOS)freenet

08/12/2019, 13:59US delegation works in S. Turkey on center to oversee Syria safe zone – Ankarafreenet

08/12/2019, 13:45Coach and Givenchy apologize for not knowing that Hong Kong and Taiwan are part of Chinafreenet

08/12/2019, 13:44Rocket mystery: What weapon was Russia testing in Arctic? 
 A rocket engine blew up in the Arctic, killing five nuclear experts and sparking a radiation scare.

08/12/2019, 13:41‘Righteousness porn’: Sarah Silverman slams ‘cancel culture’ after being fired for blackface photofreenet

08/12/2019, 13:17Fighting talk: Watch the Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua II press conference from Londonfreenet

08/12/2019, 13:08Train hard, train smart: KHL player smashes wall during practice drill (VIDEO)freenet

08/12/2019, 12:57Norway mosque attack: Bruised suspect Manshaus appears in court 
 Philip Manshaus appears in court and is also charged with the murder of his teenage stepsister.

08/12/2019, 12:32Dow set for triple-digit losses, S&P and Nasdaq also down amid US-China trade tensionsfreenet

08/12/2019, 12:32Iraq’s FM accuses Western forces of fueling Gulf regional tensionfreenet

08/12/2019, 12:19Turkmenistan President Berdymukhamedov reappears after death rumours 
 Footage from a regional forum ends speculation that President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov is dead.

08/12/2019, 12:18Typhoon Lekima: Buildings collapse in China flooding devastation 
 Typhoon Lekima in China has killed dozens of people, with over a million evacuated from Zhejiang province.

08/12/2019, 12:09Moscow woman seeks charges against police officer who ‘punched her’ during protestfreenet

08/12/2019, 12:08Flooding Persian Gulf with weapons turns it into ‘matchbox ready to ignite’ – Zariffreenet

08/12/2019, 12:04South Africa: Relief for President Ramaphosa in corruption casefreenet
 Judge delays implementation of findings linked to claim that Cyril Ramaphosa misled parliament about campaign donation.

08/12/2019, 11:55Repeat or redemption? Cormier and Miocic face off for UFC heavyweight GOAT status at UFC 241freenet

08/12/2019, 11:55‘Irrelevant’, ‘overweight chain-smoker’: Farage roasts royals Harry, Meghan &late Queen Motherfreenet

08/12/2019, 11:43Minister says Epstein’s French connections must be probed despite prison deathfreenet

08/12/2019, 11:36'I want to be 1st intergender champion!' UFC's Cejudo calls out women's flyweight champ Shevchenkofreenet

08/12/2019, 11:29Perseids meteor shower to peak Monday night with stunning FIREBALL displaysfreenet

08/12/2019, 11:27No-deal Brexit could deepen Europe's medicine shortagesfreenet
 Nearly 6,000 drugs will need to go through a new licensing process after Brexit.

08/12/2019, 11:26Italian politicians try to stop push for elections 
 Nationalist Matteo Salvini is seeking a snap vote but faces a challenge from ex-PM Matteo Renzi.

08/12/2019, 11:11Argentine leader Mauricio Macri trounced in primary vote 
 The primaries are a good indicator of who may win the presidential elections later this year.

08/12/2019, 10:53US to support post-Brexit Britain with free trade deal, Bolton saysfreenet

08/12/2019, 10:44Russia &India discuss Arctic energy projects &plan to sign dozens of B2B dealsfreenet

08/12/2019, 10:40Monsoon rains in Pakistan kill at least 17 peoplefreenet
 Heavy rains inundate much of Pakistan, leaving large parts of Karachi under water and causing at least 17 deaths.

08/12/2019, 10:39Zarif: US arms sales made Gulf a 'tinderbox ready to blow up'freenet
 Iran's Foreign Minister warns against arms race after Saudi Arabia and UAE spent more than $100bn on US weapons.

08/12/2019, 10:35‘Signs of terrorism’: Beijing warns Hong Kong rioters, while airport grounds all departuresfreenet

08/12/2019, 10:33Really? McFaul 'plants US flag' in Twitter to claim it as free speech sanctuaryfreenet

08/12/2019, 10:27‘Is it humanly possible?’ US gymnast Simone Biles hits insane triple-double on floor (VIDEO)freenet

08/12/2019, 10:19Berlin gay penguins adopt abandoned egg 
 Two male penguins at Berlin Zoo have been caring for an egg since July in the hope of becoming parents.

08/12/2019, 10:09Hong Kong protests: Flights suspended, tear gas firedfreenet
 Suspension of Monday flights marks yet another dramatic escalation in the 10-week crisis.

08/12/2019, 09:56Rafael Nadal cites fatigue as Spanish ace withdraws from Cincinnati Mastersfreenet

08/12/2019, 09:44Russia’s credit rating soars to pre-sanctions level with reserves projected to reach $600 billionfreenet

08/12/2019, 09:37Yemen separatists ‘ready’ for Saudi-brokered peace talks after clashes with pro-govt forcesfreenet

08/12/2019, 09:36US athletes face penalty for podium protests at Pan Am Gamesfreenet
 Gold medallists Imboden and Berry could be penalised for kneeling and raising fist during medal ceremonies in Peru.

08/12/2019, 09:31Israel’s Ben Gurion airport descends into CHAOS as baggage system fails (VIDEOS)freenet

08/12/2019, 09:28'Abuse &madness': Russian priest suspended after disturbing child baptism VIDEO provokes outcryfreenet

08/12/2019, 08:51Uzbekistan closes infamous prison, but experts question motivefreenet
 Jaslyk, where death and torture was common, is closing as Uzbekistan seeks to improve its image on the global stage.

08/12/2019, 08:36Twitch CEO apologises for pornography on Ninja's channel 
 Streaming platform Twitch's boss apologises after pornography is hosted on Ninja's former channel.

08/12/2019, 08:35'Tasgut bas' to Rihanna's tweets: How Sudan's protests went viralfreenet
 Social media told Sudan's story, with messages by protesters winning the attention of the diaspora and celebrities.

08/12/2019, 08:35South Korea to take Japan off trusted export list 
 The tit-for-tat move deepens the rift between the nations, inflamed by a row over wartime compensation.

08/12/2019, 08:34Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests 
 The busy international hub cancels flights as anti-government protests there enter a fourth day.

08/12/2019, 08:33Hong Kong airport says Monday flights suspended over protestsfreenet
 Authorities say they are suspending departing and arriving flights after thousands of protesters enter arrivals halls.

08/12/2019, 08:30Hong Kong protests: Violence erupts in train stations 
 Local news outlets captured police shooting non-lethal ammunition at close range and tear gas.

08/12/2019, 08:29Massive fire spreads rapidly in Athens suburb overnight, sparking evacuations (PHOTOS)freenet

08/12/2019, 08:24No deal after 8th round of US-Taliban talks on troop withdrawal from Afghanistanfreenet

08/12/2019, 08:18Fire at Pennsylvania child care centre kills fivefreenet
 The house was a child care centre for the children of parents who had to work overnight, local media reported.

08/12/2019, 07:50Jeffrey Epstein's victims to sue his estate for damages: Lawyersfreenet
 At least two lawyers say they plan to sue the 66-year-old alleged sex trafficker who apparently hanged himself in jail.

08/12/2019, 07:41Australia to spend $340mn to improve capability of special forces troopsfreenet

08/12/2019, 07:35Kurdish-Iranian Behrouz Boochani wins Australian biography prizefreenet
 Book by Manus Island refugee details harrowing journey from his native Iran to his detention at Manus Island.

08/12/2019, 07:25S. Korea to drop Japan from ‘white list’ of trusted trading partners in tit-for-tat movefreenet

08/12/2019, 07:13Donald and Ronaldfreenet
 Just how different is Trump's presidency from Reagan's?

08/12/2019, 07:03Teen Choice Awards: Taylor Swift backs equal pay for US footballers 
 The singer called the women's football team "heroes and icons for standing up."

08/12/2019, 06:47Australian coal use an 'existential threat' to islands: Fiji PMfreenet
 Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama challenges Canberra to quickly transition from coal to other safer energy sources.

08/12/2019, 06:13Mountain gorillas of Central Africa slowly increase in numberfreenet
 It is a fragile success story. Their status went from 'critically endangered' for years to now 'endangered'.

08/12/2019, 06:02Dozens dead, six missing in Typhoon Wipha's aftermath in Vietnamfreenet
 Nearly 3,900 houses, more than 22,000 hectares of crops submerged in massive flooding in southern Lam Dong province.

08/12/2019, 05:57Hong Kong protesters change tacticsfreenet
 Protesters have adopted a hit-and-run strategy to create maximum disruption.

08/12/2019, 05:51Asia flooding: Dozens killed in China, Pakistan and Indiafreenet
 The tens of thousands moved to relief camps can only wait before it is safe to return.

08/12/2019, 05:24Yemen's Southern separatists call for cooperationfreenet
 The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Coalition pitches itself as the true power in the south, not Hadi's government.

08/12/2019, 05:06In fighting deep fakes, mice may be great listeners 
 A Las Vegas cyber-security conference hears the latest, unusual techniques to fight "deep fake" videos.

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