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looking for sites and users to avoid

to add a new untrusted site to the list write to me on the ZeroMail.

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We are working to build an anti-spam / swear NeuralNetwork for ZeroTalk.

on Feb 09, 2019

i'm searching some people to do that.

Link for zerome post

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do you want block porn?

on Feb 04, 2019

i found a blocklist that help you to dont watch porn, the list is made by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk, with the intent to help you avoid porn! <---- help him to make zeronet familyfriendly!

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i found the way

on Feb 04, 2019 ·

BLOCK LIST by UntrustedZeroSites - This do everything for you!
this works directly including our blocklist in your blocklist.

if you want help us you can send your blocklist or directly a report using the forum

<----- you can find the forum in the left

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i'm making a forum! & something else!

on Feb 04, 2019 ·

Help me make this blog useful, I'm opening a forum where I will check every site that you think should end up in the list of sites that you do not trust.

Soon, I want to hear someone who wants to integrate the list into a search engine within zeronet!

Anyone can help in the search, to make zeronet a great place where everyone can stay.

In addition, I will ask some developer who knows how to manage and create sites here, if I can help to create a reporting system, in order to improve the system.

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i apologize to C&P forum

on Feb 01, 2019 ·

however, the forum creator wrote in a sub-forum that the miner was present, even if not immediately, it was visible.

I apologize, and I would like to ask you, if it were possible to put the miner in an optional way, to prevent users with old computers from being slowed down?

I will be more careful to read all the information on the sites and to contact each administrator previously, before start any blog.

image.png (1013x159)

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to add new site on that list write to my zeroemail

on Feb 01, 2019

let's make this zeronet a better place to visit
zeromail: oncatcoaster
suggest me some site to check.

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