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Days of The New

on Nov 08, 2016

New times and the old might be the new. Love how I can run Zeronet on a new machine with my old config. This is pretty neat.
Running it on Archlinux. Good times

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Hacker Extraordinaire

on Sep 18, 2016

A sick read. Dude is leet. And the net is a security nightmare.

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on Sep 12, 2016

victims trickling in
to get treated for life
life is a monster
eats us for a living
the dead is a luxury
burial is golden
but they prefer to trickle in
to the house of the flies


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Labor Day

on Sep 04, 2016

Summer ending with a bang or a storm. Tropical storm Hermine might bring the rain to mar the Labor day weekend in the city. Kinda apropos for the Summer to splash out rather than slink away guilty. I have no plans but to take it all in wherever I land.

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Fuschsia from Google

on Aug 16, 2016

Here comes Google's new OS not based on Linux. http://hackerboards.com/is-fuschsia-googles-answer-to-samsungs-tizen/

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Floating Home

on Aug 14, 2016

I am mind blown. This is freaking amazing. Could I live like this totally of the grid? Maybe not.

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on Aug 11, 2016 ·

Summer mute days. Olympic days. Spending my time screaming at the computer. Am streaming all the competitions using kodi. Sometimes everything works and other times links are broken. Basically I take what I can get because I don't have cable tv. I slashed that cord years ago. Everything I watch comes from the web. Has worked out pretty good but streaming sports can be irksome. No netflix offerings for real time sports streams. Maybe in the future there will be more sources than NBC and the soccer streaming available.

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on Aug 01, 2016
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New Poetry Book Published

on Jul 21, 2016

I have just published Hands in Flux my newest book of poems on the amazon kindle platform. 20 poems of restlessness. :)

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Mr Robot

on Jul 17, 2016 ·

Welcome to the hacker space. Mr Robot is streaming again in all it's dystopian hacker glory. Elliot is weirder than ever. The invisible man Slater is crazier than ever. My favorite show on tv. They get the tech right even more so than season one. The Linux commands are 99.9% correct. A real geek fest with psychological and sociological underpinnings. http://www.usanetwork.com/mrrobot

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on Jul 14, 2016 ·

Steemit is the latest cryptocurrency platform with a unique twist. It pays you to blog. Pays you in steem the currency of the platform. You can exchange for bitcoin. A rather interesting radical concept that might shake up the cryptocurrency ecosystem once again. Time will tell.

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on Jul 09, 2016

In the heat of summer. Days and nights are pretty much the same. I am a lot more active than in the cold months. Spending my days mostly outside in coffee shops drinking ice tea and writing like a man possessed. Soon am publishing my new kindle poetry book. I try to be productive everyday. Can't waste the summer. It goes too fast. The money hustle is still on. I worked on two machines yesterday. Windows machines are pieces of work man. Seriously.

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Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4

on Apr 16, 2016

I installed Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 4 after it fell and the screen cracked and I bought the Nexus 5x. The install was a cinch. I was up and running in no time. The phone runs just as smooth on Ubuntu Touch. Wifi works well. No hiccups with bluetooth. I love the scopes idea. Feels natural swiping them to find the program I need. Ubuntu went against the grain and created a winner in my book. The biggest issue is lack of apps and those available are not updated regularly. It won't take over the mobile world but am definitely using it as my second handset.

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A Guide To The Octopi Graphical Package Manager Within Manjaro

on Apr 08, 2016
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Linux woes and Flexibility

on Apr 02, 2016 ·

So I jumped on Ethereum. Started mining but just cpu. And I really wanna gpu mine. but nvidia card sucks in Linux. Driver issues. I messed with it and it broke X. Killed my day. Luckily I got other machines. I wiped debian installed centOS. now I can't mine ethereum. Another error. No way am breaking centos. I installed docker in centos. then installed ubuntu in docker. and voila I can mine again. Will see whether my gpu kicks in.

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