What PolarID do for

Why choose Google as the verifier

Sign up

  1. Generate an address
    This step is done automatically by your ZeroNet client internal, you don't need to do anything. Read More

  2. Sign in your Google account
    Go to this page and sign in, then go back here.

  3. Choose a username
    Only 1~30 length of [letter, number, underscore] are allowed.
    PolarID allow same name. You can change your username at any time.

  4. PolarID check your request, then give certification to you.
    If use Firefox and stuck in "Not sign in", use another browser. Firefox don't send cookie even I set CORS rules correctly.

Multi-sign: get different authority certificates for a single address

For example, my address 13aB79mzuRLgDYzQthn9wzycjw77WyDXh6 is signed by ZeroID, PolarID and PeakID.
First an existing id, then sign PolarID.

Backup your /data/users.json file

Find this file in your ZeroNet client folder, and backup it.
This file is your account, please keep it safe and secure.
⚠ If lost, no any way to recover it. ⚠

Change username

  1. Use your address same as your signed up
  2. Sign in your Google account same as your signed up
  3. Choose a username
  4. PolarID check your request, then give the certificate to you

Sign up more address

One Google account can sign up only one PolarID address.
One phone number can sign up at most three Google account.
If you lost your old address, use another Google account or ask me for another chance.

For site owner: allow PolarID in your site

Open ZERONET_ROOT/data/YOUR_SITE/data/users/content.json, add this line to cert_signers:

"polar.id": [ "1PoLARzautbsqCix1aia8jYN55JmPqGeFt" ]

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