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Another Bl'arrrh'g

pleased to be on 0net.

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Cheap&quick feedback for 0net

on Jan 22, 2017

ZeroNet is quite user friendly (at least for me) so far, from managing those offline sites and files to put your content to other peers, I guess even with zero-geeky skills might still able to browse some those sample sites, the Server with Web GUI should be intuitive enough.

Although ZeroNet supports .bit domain, however most people might still only able to get garbled address, not a big deal. And also it would be nice to have the proxy/ZeroNet-server to support [https://[ZeroNet_Site_Address](https://[ZeroNet_Site_Address)] directly, instead of having localhost or, it is quite minor for people who understand basic of Internet but still very confused for zero CS background users.
[Update 01/23]: Turns out there is already a chrome extension undergoing, will prettfied the prefix.

A real downside that I see would be the identity/content management for users, in terms of bringing user.json and created data/[Sites] to other devices, which maybe interesting to see something that could backup or transfer without touching filesystem.

Wondering if those Search service will index this post and get this feedback back to the developer,


let the data flow.

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