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Peer Life

Another blog about Bitcoin and peer-to-peer Technologies

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Are Bitcoin Core Developers whores?

on Sep 24, 2015

Today I was watching the interview of Trace Mayer hosted by the guys of reinvent.money (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHXfEJD6DUk ). I have noticed something that is scaring me, about the development of Bitcoin and the future of the protocol.

In my past experiences I have noticed how "who has money" can change and vert the goals of a business... or change it totally. When the "board meetings" are happening, I am scared because a wrong decision made by who doesn't know the product or who cares about the profit, may ignore the original intent of the project and ignore the passion. This sometimes is bringing to a big pivot of business. πŸ“ˆ This is good for ROI usually.

This is hard for "scientific projects"

πŸ“ΊAt minute 14:00 this guy was talking exactly like one of those business man. I was reading in his face a fear of loosing money and investments, when he said:

You can have an opinion about the code, but if you don't have actually the financial resources to build it out, then your opinion doesn't mean jack

By listening again the interview, I realised he said interesting things, from a point of view of an investor, but not from the point of view of a developer that is contributing to the open source project without profit... and just passion.

πŸ’°Of course everybody is here for profit. πŸ’° If the decisions are made just by a bunch of persons "with money", then we are just using a decentralised/distributed currency, held, endorsed and totally controlled, by the people who are paying developers to write the code and get profit back.

I would not even feel safe if Satoshi, as anonymous person or group, was here to leave the bitcoin protocol away from any centralised group of people taking decisions "for the good of few". Satoshi was probably not a slave, nor a whore paid to write code, I am not sure about that but I hope so and the fact that he left is now giving me hope.

So who is controlling my bitcoins? How can my voice be respected if the only way to express my self is by changing the version of my bitcon core node? I don't feel safe and I will never feel safe, but Bitcoin is always better than banknotes and credit cards.

The interview is really nice, and I agree with almost everything Trace Mayer is saying... except when he jabbered on firing the bitcoin core developers because apparently Gavin Andresen is not able to raise money for the project.

I don't think that Bitcoin Core Developers are Whores πŸ’...
but they know how developers are powerful

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New blog for my decentralised experience

on Sep 20, 2015

It may sounds strange or just crazy, but I have decided to write down in this blog my point of view on bitcoin. My intention is to both explore and share my experiences (bad and good) so every readers can take something out of it, and share more with me.

πŸ“’ Share is caring

During the past years I have learned from the bitcoin world that it is a ever-evolving community, I don't know what is the long term future, but we know what is happening. When everything is decentralised and trust is required to allow the community to survive, I really care about sharing my thought and experiences with others, mostly to avoid mistakes.

πŸ“ The opinions

Everybody has a very own and specific opinion about the future of Bitcoin, the networks and all the problems related to this software... and everybody has something to say about that.
François-Marie Arouet (aka Voltaire) once said:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

I have my own as well, but I will do my best to not force who is reading to accept and believe that a thought is the final last valid truth, but I hope readers will discuss and comment about what I have to say, to open my self to new positions... and I love to write bullshit, I could be! πŸ˜‰

🌍 Why a blog on ZeroNet?

I have decided to use ZeroNet just because it seems simple and well connected to the Bitcoin world. I believe that it is one of the first solution that is working without big pain of setup and maintenance... and at the same time I want to support the project.

The trust behind this blog is provided by the same cryptography behind Bitcoin, and this blog address is signed with the public key with the address "1PSYNAtv3R3LFEiSJy2qRiXH74NKpwjiYR".

Thanks for reading and seeding this blog. 😘

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