non-free/libre js

"If you thought that everything on 0net is built on free/libre/open-source software, surprise, you were wrong"

Subscribe to this blocklist if you want to get warning before running non-free/libre javascript in your browser

In that it is similar to what LibreJS aims to do, but in less automated fashion

Sites that load and use nonfree js only optionally and give an appropriate warning before doing so will not be on this list (e.g. KxoVid is reported to do so when using "chromecast", which i cannot test)

Please note that this list also does not contain sites known for mining scripts, because there is already a NoMiner blocklist

It is also not intended to list outright malware sites, though there might be an overlap

You can also check out more known blocklists on 0talk or 0wiki

If you think a site should be (or shouldn't be) on this list, you can contact caryoscelus via 0me, 0talk, 0mail or other means

New sites will be added as soon as possible if their code is licensed explicitly under non-free license or they are using known proprietary code. Otherwise, there might be a delay while i try to contact site maintainer for clarification. If there is no reply, suspected site might be added after a week

Block sites on the list

May 09, 2019 10:09:46myNullPaste

A clone of NullPaste, see notes on it

May 02, 2019 07:14:00NullPaste

Uses original minified js without license or link to sources, no reply from author who apparently haven't been around for a long time

Apr 22, 2019 14:37:44StreamZ

Uses original non-free js, see

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