Running ZeroNet on Tails v1.1



  1. Start Tails and configure an admin password.
  2. Edit ZeroBundle/ZeroNet/src/Tor/ and comment or delete the following lines:
    These lines are not necessary because you should be running a recent Tor version anyway. And that way we don't have to whitelist GETINFO commands which can weaken security.
  3. Create and edit /etc/onion-grater.d/zeronet.yml as root and paste:
  4. Run sudo service onion-grater restart in a terminal to load the new config.
  5. Find your local ip with ip addr (this line should look like inet x.x.x.x/? bdr)
  6. Edit zeronet.conf in the ZeroNet folder and fill in the local ip you found:
  7. Start Tor Browser and set local ip to not use proxy in Network Settings
  8. Now you should be able to run ./ without problems!
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