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trying out this distributed thing

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Nginx, Let's Encrypt, and https

on Dec 12, 2015

Just finished upgrading one of my servers to using https on my domain. Go check it out at dep.cgm616.me.

Pretty rough process, especially as I've never done this, but google was my kind friend and I figured it out. Lots of nginx errors and so on. Best part of the whole ordeal: no errors when configuring and building nginx from source. That was so surprising but immensely welcome.

I was able to get an A+ on SSLLabs test online, so that's pretty exciting. I have a personal ZN proxy for use with my phone on this server, and it was messed up, but I'll see if I can get that working over https.

Past this, I want to see if I can mirror this blog into the real web and enable https for that. Might need a different server, this one is already doing tons of stuff.


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