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trying out this distributed thing

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The problem with ZeroNet

on Nov 15, 2015

There isn't content. Without content, there is no community and there are no users. Without users or a community, there is no content.

The problem is there isn't a reaosn for people to use ZeroNet. Ordinary people that want to use twitter or such have no reason to switch to ZeroNet. And they can't, there isn't a social media website yet.

I've been trying to think what could be done to remove this problem, and I have a few ideas. We have to get the people who know what this is to make something that would draw in people interested in tech. Then, at least some of these new tech people will make content, and at least some of it will be appealing to a new audience. Then some of those people make content, and so on.

Gradually the content diverges from the tech and ZeroNet starts to be used instead of the normal web.

Another thing we need to help ZeroNet: people knowing about it. It feels polished, and at least partway done, to me. The underlying functionality is all there. The problem is no one knows about it. I knew about IPFS way before I gave a damn about decentralization, simply because so many tech websites were mentioning it, and it reached the frontpage of Hacker News. I tried to use IPFS, but I couldn't get it to work and in the end it wasn't worth it. I was able to get ZeroNet to work, all I had to do was download it and run a script. Even on windows.

Not only that, it is easy to use. You start the script, it automatically opens a url that provides access. Done. Now you can fully access the network. This level of simplicity among distributed/decentralized networks is un-paralleled. To start a new blog you click two buttons. Starting a website is a bit hard, but that could easily be built into the online interface, or even a native wrapper app around zeronet.py and zeronet.cmd.

The thing is, ZN is ready. All we have to do is introduce the world to it, then make them have to use it for a tiny specific thing.


user_name1 day ago
shanthon Mar 23, 2016

also once people setup their content in ZN, they can start using references to ZN with proxies like zeropro.xyz and let other internet know what they are upto.

o4zw5vmpoz5hz78zon Nov 16, 2015


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