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Kaffie's Blog

I apparently just write about my search engine. But I do more than that, honest!

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Cleaning up ZeroNet spam

on Feb 08, 2019 ·

tag: zeronet development spam

Yesterday ZeroNet was hit by quite a few chinese spammers, who intended to clutter ZeroNet with junk and attempt to smear/slander it. Naturally there's built in support to mute users, but it can take time for everyone to do that (or to ban them from the sites).

So instead I went ahead and set up a list you can follow to automatically mute any spammers and clean up your ZeroNet experience. You can find that here.

As always thanks for following and supporting my work!

<3 Kaffie

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Using CJDNS with ZeroNet

on Feb 06, 2019 · 2 min read ·

tag: zeronet cjdns p2p decentralization

Noticed people haven't really been setting up cjdns for use with ZeroNet, despite the fact that it's now supported fully. Perhaps due to lack of awareness, or just general ignorance on how to set it all up. I think some are hesitant because they believe you need ipv6 support (which is untrue). So without further ado, here's a walkthrough on how to do it.

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I figured I should make a Patreon account to hopefully be able to switch my focus away from finding work and towards being able to work on ZeroNet full time. Please help make that a reality!

Here is the link to my Patreon (clearnet).

And here's a link to my discord server for early access/previews/etc.

I plan on working on romhacks/fan translations, possibly more technical and informative blog posts, and videos. Thanks for the support :D

<3 Kaffie

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Learning the Jouyou Kanji in preparation for AJATT

on Sep 05, 2018 · 9 min read ·

tag: japanese learning language kanji

I just wanted to share with everyone the method I'm using to learn the Kanji as part of the first step in the AJATT method of learning Japanese (besides learning the kana of course). Most of what I'm doing stems from the NihongoShark article "Hacking the Kanji", but there's a lot of fluff there and some stuff that's really not important (takes forever to read). I'll be reposting the relevant and important sections here. Feel free to ignore this post if you aren't learning Japanese, or already know the kanji. I won't be including the information on his memory techniques, the motivation strategy, etc. So if you're interested in that... sorry just go check the clearnet link. The following is not my writing or work, but merely edited and reposted for convenience.

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I'm no longer using namecoin.

on Aug 30, 2018 · 1 min read ·

tag: namecoin domains kaffiene

Looks like I'm no longer using namecoin. I'd recommend everyone do the same. Namecoin no longer has a working mac build for the wallet, meaning I'm unable to access my coins or domains. As a result, my domains expired and were scalped by scammers.

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A bit on my worldviews

Someone on patchwork/ssb asked about my worldviews, since I mentioned possibly starting a religion or something. Here's what I ended up writing. Most of it is about my views, how I arrived at them, what I think of life, some religious/spiritual views, etc. It's all good stuff, and I encourage everyone to give it a read, and hopefully explore the worldviews I mentioned if you don't hold them yourself. Or, if you think I'm wrong, feel free to debate me on any of the views.

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I'm not dead, only metaphorically

on Dec 31, 2017 ·

tag: personal life blog

Some people have been wondering where I've been. And the truth is... I pretty much haven't left. I've been running ZeroNet this whole time. I poke my head in from time to time, and mostly just haven't been pushing anything out.

So this post isn't going to be really any tech updates. Just life stuff. Y'all are probably tired of hearing the same excuse 'life stuff', but it's true. For the past year and a half now I've been seeing an endocrinologist, and for the past month or so I've been seeing both a therapist and psychiatrist. Dealing with some medical problems. My therapist thinks that I've got Conversion Disorder. If any of y'all know anything about it, definitely message me!

These problems, unfortunately, get in the way of a lot of work. So I've been a bit stressed and worried about finances (donation addresses are on kaffie.bit if y'all wanna help). Got some work through upwork.com, but again medical problems prevail. And that takes priority over ZeroNet for me, unfortunately.

Things have been looking up though. I've resolved a lot of my issues by now, and hopefully I can get working on some cool stuff. New year new me, right? I've been thinking a lot about the net neutrality repeal here in the US, along with some of the mesh projects that are going on. I ended up poking around to see how progress has gone. And... ZeroNet seems to be almost there! Bootstrapping is apparently now a thing (no more reliance on trackers). Which means IPV4 meshes should be able to run ZeroNet. To put it on CJDNS (my dream 😍), however, we still need IPV6 support. I'd love if someone could go check that out and figure out what all needs to be done.

Sci-hub (currently http://sci-hub.tw/) is a project that needs a lot more love as well. It's unfortunately a centralized service, but it's more or less the only site that provides full free access to scientific studies and research. Something that's very needed. We need a good decentralized solution to this. Perhaps make a ZeroNet sci-hub?

Perhaps 2018 will be the year I finally update Kaffiene's index and get some sort of crawler or auto-indexer done. The alternative search options are... lackluster at best.

All in all there's some interesting stuff going on. ZN has clearly gotten lots of improvements. KopyKate Big is the first successful video platform I've seen on here. Using the big file support. Thunderwave has fixed it's bugs that I saw before and is entirely usable as public, private, and group messaging. Git Center is a viable replacement for 0git and github, so I plan to put up a Kaffiene repository there soon.

So yeah. Don't worry about me too much. I'm not leaving any time soon. Hopefully we can keep pushing the decentralized web forward together, and keep information free.

Happy new year, everyone!

<3 Kaffie

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Fixed ZeroWiki Support in Kaffiene

on Jul 20, 2017 ·

tag: kaffiene update zerowiki

Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_7.24.15_PM.png (819x322)

With the latest ZeroNet update, cross-site file requests are now once again supported. This time requiring permissions from the user. So I quickly got to work and Kaffiene has become the first site using this new feature. Simply visit the site like normal, grant it permission to read from ZeroWiki, and the info box should work as normal.

Given this is a new feature, all the bugs/kinks may not be worked out yet. Please let me know if something goes wrong! Cross-site indexes will be back soon.

<3 Kaffie

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CORS Kaffiene Bug Fix

on Jul 16, 2017
tag: update kaffiene

The latest update to ZeroNet blocks cross-site requests. So a few features of Kaffiene had to be removed. Fetching indexes from other sites (such as CensoredSearch and ZeroName) is no longer possible. ZeroWiki cards no longer can be displayed, due to being unable to fetch the .db file.

The local indexes have broken as well, but I went ahead and migrated them over to the ZeroNet api so those should be working. I also went ahead and updated the ZeroMe users index.

Sad day :(. Some other stuff broke too, like ZeroMovies, and the http://zero/ link testing on Kaffie.bit. I'll fix those in a bit.

- Kaffie

Edit: In the mean time, if you wish to use the ZeroWiki cards feature, you can do so by launching chrome with --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir. That ignores CORS.

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Latest Happenings

Screen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_6.24.45_PM.jpg (873x313)
Thanks to binchan2@zeroid.bit tags have been re-enabled! I've been a bit busy in the past while. Going to San Francisco, some medical worries, spending time with my BF, looking into systemspace.link, etc. I've also been doing a little bit of development! If you don't follow me on ZeroMe, then here's the ZeroNet stuff I've been up to lately:

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Fixing the Banlist

on May 19, 2017
tag: banlist update

In a discussion on ZeroMe the issue of banning by cert_user_id I realized that I had been using this method and simply banned the name "doom1@kaffie.bit". This is not the way to go for bans, as it bans anyone from using the name. Instead, as nofish mentions in this ZeroTalk post you can 'ban' by immediately archiving (deleting) any content of the user. This is done automatically and also cleans up old content/spam they might've posted. In my experiments it appears to the user as a sort of 'shadow ban' in that they can see their new posts, but for everyone else it doesn't show up. So from this point on, until being able to ban by auth_address is available, I'll only be banning in this manner. It keeps things neat and prevents any confusion.

With that said, I've fixed the ban lists for both this blog and KaffieHub.

That's all for now,

<3 Kaffie

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Kaffie.bit and Kaffiene Cleanup

on May 08, 2017 ·
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tag: kaffiene update

Simple update this time. Just went ahead and changed up some stuff to make both Kaffie.bit and Kaffiene a little bit nicer. For Kaffiene I clarified which links are Kaffiene related, and which are just a regular part of the Kaffie network navbar. I also added 0Git/Github links, and moved the python script descriptions over to the readme.

For Kaffie.bit I did a lot of cleanup. There were quite a few test files on the domain that sucked up filesize (such as a tetris attack game that was unlinked, and a video test page). So I removed them. I also replaced the landing page text with some more useful information: my P2P id info so you guys can friend me wherever. I also added a link to my new discord server for P2P web stuff.

Hopefully this changeup will also prompt people to go look at my zero:// protocol stuff. There's a nice test page there to see if you can follow zero:// links as well as zero/ links.

I might change it up further later, but that's it for now.

<3 Kaffie

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Kaffiene ZeroMe Search Update

I went ahead and took some suggestions to improve the ZeroMe search. Namely adding a rank based on the number of followers, as well as adding tools for users to see who follows them. For the first, the number isn't quite accurate, as it just uses SQL's built in count functions, with no real filtering. This means numbers may be a bit higher than they should be. But more or less the number should be where it is (the most extreme differences I saw were about 50-70 off, in users with 600+ followers). The second function will allow you to see the exact amount of followers you have, but only for you. That's the zeromefollow.py script. Run it and pass it whatever auth_address you want to look at, and it will generate a Kaffiene index that is completely searchable and formatted. To use it, just select custom/other and just type in 'followers' or 'followers.txt' (and make sure the generated file matches, which by default it should).


<3 Kaffie

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Panel De Pon (Gamecube) Translation Tools

on Apr 28, 2017
tag: git gaming hacking

It's a non-Kaffiene related update this time. I went ahead and pushed out my code for my Panel De Pon translation onto github. It can extract/build the particular .bin files, decrypts/encodes the sbf files, and the PDPI tool converts pics from the .bif format to .png. Still buggy as hell, but what better way to get working on them than to push to github?

<3 Kaffie

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ZeroWiki Info Cards in Kaffiene

on Apr 27, 2017
tag: kaffiene update zerowiki

Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_11.38.00_PM.png (635x136)

Today's great new feature is automatic and instant (yes you read that right) info cards from ZeroWiki. It pulls the best guessed article from ZeroWiki live straight from your own local copy. Unfortunately this means that, like the off-site indexes, ZeroWiki cards will not be available on proxies. Yeah so you want those awesome little blips while you search, gotta actually download ZeroNet and help seed Kaffiene you lazy bums. I hope that everyone well help contribute to ZeroWiki to help improve the search results of Kaffiene as well as our local knowledge base here on ZeroNet.

For the time being there are a few bugs with the ZeroWiki feature, so if you see any problems, please let me know either here in the comments or on Github. I hope you're all as excited as I am for this feature, as it greatly improves the usability of Kaffiene.

Thank you all for following along and supporting Kaffiene!

<3 Kaffie

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