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It is interesting to see it alive

on Apr 10, 2017 ·

tag: english

It has been online for a week now, and the blog basically contains nothing of interest.
Technically, it's a bunch of webpage templates and an SQlite database of some text, and a bit of javascript to create webpages from the aforementioned stuff. It's, for the record, 369 kilobytes in total.

Now, despite of its highly questionable value it's been hosted by 3 independent nodes. All my updates are mirrored by them, and go live in seconds. I can switch off my machine and it's still online, using the storage of my fellow zeronetters. It is definitely working, and it's pretty anonymous since all the traffic is based on public keys and TOR. I haven't analysed the real security though; it's been told to be okay.

So… let me say that it seems to be working just fine. Yee-haw!

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Zeronetting is not easy to

on Mar 31, 2017
tag: zeronet testing english

Well it is really not simple to have a zite begin accessible through an external proxy.
This one is right now half-visible (after sitePublish): the layout is there but the content is not, and access is slow as hölle.
But something's happening… at least.

The effect is rather interesting. First, changing/updating the zite caused updates and access become blazing fast (more peers but why?).
Second: updates on the other side (which is from clearnet through a proxy) appeared immediately. Okay, it's buggy, since tags are appeding instead of replacing old ones, so I have same tags half a dozen times now but it's been updated without touching a key.
Which is kind of neat.

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Insert your … here

on Mar 27, 2017 · less than 1 min read ·
1 comment

tag: testing english


Hi there.
This is definitely a blog post, with some unknown type of markup. We'll see.
I hope.
Seems that's markdown or like...

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One way to make people mirror your absofuckinglutely useless site is…

…to lure them to look at it at least once, no matter how and why. This way they will peer it and mirror it and even store its content.
Most of the people can't even figure out that these can be deleted, not to mention the ability to find the delete button.

So, you came to see some porn? Tough luck. :-)

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